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  • George 1:10 pm on August 17, 2010 Permalink  

    Gonna go through the backlog over the weekend. Might have to throw in “Suck a million cocks, Capcom.”

  • George 12:11 pm on August 17, 2010 Permalink  

    Oh man, I’ll be refreshing that feed like a muhfucka tomorrow.

    Speaking of expletives, I need to make a soundboard of all our greatest verbal outbursts. Even if it only means a vast library of text message alerts.

    In other news, my studio is slowly growing into a legitimate creative endeavor, and we’re putting together some pretty rad, hopefully Squad-approved stuff. Rest assured, y’all get first dibs.

  • George 6:32 pm on August 16, 2010 Permalink  

    Uh, hey guys… *sheepish grin*

    Sorry I’ve been so far out of the loop. Bummer I missed out on Episode 1, but then I was in Rome so I don’t feel TOO bad about it. Throwing my hat into the ring for Episode 2, though! So excited to see the Squad getting back in the saddle. Also, I promise to come here more often. 😛

  • George 12:45 am on June 15, 2010 Permalink  

    Screw it, I’m going back to writing novels.

  • George 7:53 pm on June 14, 2010 Permalink

    BLEH. Now I’m all curmudgeonly like Feen.

    So far, the only thing that’s really excited me is the wild extrapolations I made in my imagination after watching the Child of Eden trailer. Even the trailer itself was obtuse and communicated nothing. Oh, and the set pieces in Halo Reach seem neat.

    MGS Rising? Okay, cool, I guess. It just strikes me as Bulletstorm with a sword. “HAY GUYS LOOK YOU CAN BRUTALLY MURDER THIS DUDE FROM ANY ANGLE IN SPACE.” And? I can code that in OpenGL inside of a month. Why do I want to kill so many people? Will the dialogue make me care?

    Hey, I bet Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood will be totally sweet, except wait, I can’t play it because I’ll be thwarted by DRM every time my spotty internet connection goes haywire. Not even going to bother, just like I didn’t bother with AC2.

    All the other stuff, Kinect and everything else, is incomprehensible to me. I’m not against any of it, I just don’t CARE. I don’t care about swinging lightsabers or slicing up furniture or flailing around an empty room. Make me feel an emotion. Make me happy, sad, inspired, vengeful, ANYTHING. Anything but this empty Pavlovian carrot-dangling.

    Okay, I’m done. Sorry guys, had to let that out somewhere. 😀

  • George 4:08 pm on June 14, 2010 Permalink  

    It’ll be like playing an FPS that doesn’t allow inverted controls… 😛

  • George 4:06 pm on June 14, 2010 Permalink  

    @A.J. I have no problem with 3D becoming the norm. I do, however, have a problem with the knowledge that it will eventually be mandatory and there will no longer BE any 2D displays on the market. That’s the day I fall off the edge of the entertainment world and miss out on everything from that point forward. I just hope that 3D will always be optional.

  • George 3:35 pm on June 14, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: backinthesaddle, , ilovemimik, ,   

    The Squawkbox lives!

    Re: motion controls, I’m not sure I’d ever feel compelled to play a game that revolved entirely around the kind of motion that Microsoft thinks we want. BUT, you bet your ass I’d make a game that used one or two isolated incidents of motion control to shock or surprise the player, in the fashion of Metal Gear Solid’s “back of the box” codec moment, Psycho Mantis’ mind reading, or the hidden voice responses in Manhunt 2 (plug a headset into your PS2 and the game can hear you breathing).

    Imagine a traditional action game played with a controller, but in a climactic moment during the final struggle your partner, squadmate or (cough) romantic interest (what?) is thrown to the edge of a cliff, and the game says “Quick! Don’t let her fall!” In the grip of a properly orchestrated dramatic moment, you lunge forward, grab her hand and pull her up to continue the fight. And that would be the only moment in the entire game when motion controls are used. Would I develop, manufacture and market motion controls just to do that? No. But if someone else is already building them, I’ll gladly take advantage of anything that broadens my opportunities for messing with a player’s mind. 😛

    And speaking of disabilities, someone tell the people making 3D movies and games that somewhere around 17% of us are physiologically unable to see their fancy new eye candy and would rather not be left out in the cold, thanks.

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