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    @angryjedi Hey Pete. Not sure if I’m doing this wrong. : / Waiting on you to go in FS. Unless I’ve boned it somehow and me doing my turns hasn’t registered properly or something?

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    @bowlisimo & @angryjedi

    Hey guys…apparently we’re all being migrated to Server UK 1. You can start games on UK 2 any longer and all stats are being synch’d and migrated over to UK 1.

    Just keeping you lads in the loop.

    Pete…turn is in. Waiting on you. 🙂

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    @cmwhittington And thanks for the timely sub, sir.

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    @bowl Word.

    @Angryjedi I’ll make a game and send it to you tonight. I’m commuting to Toronto for four of the five days this week. : / So I’ll only be updating in the evening in my world. (Bed time in your world) It will give you time to buy some tissue to wipe your nose and dry your eyes after I’m done destroying you.

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    Howdy Lads.

    IF someone drops out of the Frozen Synapse tourney and you need a body, I’ll jump in. 🙂

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    @beige Fuck…that just enticed me to double dip. Now I’ll be playing that on my PSP…after Tactics Ogre and FF IX of course.

    As I get older, I like my RPGs complicated and arbitrary. Vagrant Story embodies that.

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    You people and your reasonable points and rational…ness.

    I’ll be over here in the corner, gesticulating wildly, inventing curse words and getting my crazy on at the GameFAQs forums. 😉

    I’ve cooled down. Bioware is going there way…I’m going another. I used my pre-order money to help soften the blow of buyer’s remorse on a tournament stick for MvC3. Which is awesome because I’m terrible at it…but still awesome.

    I’m getting my RPG and strat game need filled with Tactics Ogre and FF IX, both of which I still own on the PS1 and never completed.

    I used to be such an RPG whore and now, I can barely tolerate JRPGs, strat-RPGs are nearly extinct on home consoles and western developed RPGs really seem to be headed in a direction I don’t particularly resonate with.

    Portables it is.

    I’m an old man.

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    I really enjoyed Mass Effect and I really enjoyed Mass Effect 2, despite the sequel being fairly significant departure from the original. So is DA:2 similar to ME:2? Yes, but only in that it’s a fairly significant departure from the original. Beyond that, I was never embarassed by the dialogue in ME:2 but DA:2 gave my psyche dysentery. Despite the fact that they sought to improve the combat, I couldn’t help but feel that it felt pretty anemic. There’s plenty of flashy explosions and geysers of blood but I can’t shake that the whole experience felt hollow and that I felt completely disconnected from the combat.

    Maybe it’s me? I can be a horrible fuckin’ fanboy at times and it’s unusual for Bioware to tank something as hard as I feel like they did.

    I actually went and cancelled my pre-order today. I used that money towards scoring a tournament stick for MvC3. 😀

    I still feel strange though. Really high profile western developed RPG…a Bioware RPG…and I’m not buying it. Strange times…

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    Wow. Played the demo last night. I’m going to try to not spew vile venomous vileness all over everything in my response to it.

    Unsophisticated, verging on embarassing dialogue.

    Cut scenes that choke on the engine and stutter.

    Combat where the attempt was to make it “more responsive” yet felt to me like I was actually in less control, particularly due to the fact that the combat has no “weight” to it.

    Tits. Lots of big tits. (I suppose that could be a bulletpoint on the back of the box. I’m sure it will appeal to the new Dragon Age demographic because if I want tits, I’ll just turn to the internet.)

    I’m not exactly a graphics-whore…I’m pretty sure I’m not but the demo started out with ominous music and a camera that was lingering on a flaming brazier/sconce/torch on a wall. It’s 2011 and someone at Bioware thought it was smart to zoom in and linger on a brazier/sconce/torch that looks like something that is about two steps better looking than Minecraft.

    So yeah, I’ll be cancelling my pre-order today. Disappointing.

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    @redswir1 The “peekers” as I calls them. Playing on Zealot…in the dark…three bars of health (which doesn’t matter because even with a full bar they one shot you), and with headphones on.

    The first time I saw one peeking around the corner at me…it did serious psychological damage to me. Definitely wins Necromorph of the Year from me.

    @feenwager Controls that get in the way of you doing what you need to do to survive…I tend to consider a staple of survival horror. I was weened on and fell in love with Resident Evil on the PS One so I kindof expect to get screwed by controls. : /

    For me…in the endgame was the speed that the necromorphs come at you. Like…holy shit. The two legged, long-tailed necromorphs that leap at you. They were downright floaty in Dead Space 1…and not just in zero G. In Dead Space 2, it’s like the bastards have rocket boosters and they hit like trucks.

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    @beige /agreed. This would make a far more interesting television series than it would a movie.

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    @feenwager Yep…after the “deja vu” part of the game. (You’ll know what I mean if you’ve played it), the difficulty spikes hard. My first playthrough was on Zealot and I made it all the way to the end with a fully upgraded Plasma Cutter and partially upgraded Rivet Gun.

    I won’t spoil the last few chapters but I managed to make it through, mostly by screaming and running away like a girl.

    The final boss…I actually had to lower the difficulty level as I guess I gimped myself by just bringing the two weapons I mentioned previously.

    It definitely gets difficult but I actually enjoyed it. Ammo management, using stasis and generally having a health bar in the orange to red range is status quo for the end game and I wouldn’t change a thing. Playing on Survivalist or Zealot will definitely increase the anxiety you feel; which for me, increased my enjoyment of the game.

    Going through a second time in New Game+, even playing on Zealot level again is like a walk in the park now because you know the fights and their are no surprises. Still fun…but people are really diminishing the survival horror experience by playing on Normal or Easy.

    Unless you don’t want to give yourself an ulcer…in which case, power through on the difficulty level you want. 🙂

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    Argh. Read about Beige’s Nier experience makes me want to go back for the third and fourth ending…but man, even getting the third ending is SUCH a grind.

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    Just gimme a time and I am in for some multiplayer stabbery.

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    I didn’t hate TFU2 but I definitely didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the first one and the gameplay isn’t compelling enough to make me want to grind through the challenges like I did with the first. It all felt a bit “dumbed down” and I didn’t feel as “over-powered” as I did in the first one. It’s definitely a purchase I regret.

    Enslaved though…Time for some crazy talk but Enslaved might very well be my game of the year at this point. I loved everything about it, except the unskippable cut scenes which I have to watch when I’m grinding through it to find every last tech orb. I know…GOTY? When Red Dead Redemption came out and…well…something else I’m forgetting but yeah…Enslaved is definitely 2010’s darling as far as I’m concerned. The ending, although a bit anemic didn’t bother me. I just didn’t want the game to end. They really could have fleshed out the relationship between Monkey and Trip more and made the transition from “You fuckin’ bitch, you enslaved me!” to “Hey, listen to me and I’ll take care of you.” a bit more slowly. I found myself caring about these characters despite the rushed and sloppy handling of their relationship. Enslaved was SO far off my radar and that might be why I loved it as much as I did but it really left me wanting more and I loved every minute of it.

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    Alright…so I picked up kinect yesterday and I can say right now…zero buyer’s remorse. Which is entirely odd. I felt some when I bought a 360. I felt much when I bought a Wii. I would have felt a great deal had I not won my PS3. So not feeling any when I buy Kinect, when I am definitely not the target demographic and definitely not the “guy” who wants to “interact” with his games; it’s all quite surprising.

    Let’s get the negative things out of the way.

    Voice commands. I’m in Canada so there isn’t a whole lot of functionality for us beyond “playing games” so there really isn’t much of a reason to use it beyond, “Hey, look what I can do with my Xbox!” It’s bulletproof though. It worked flawlessly and there was zero calibration involved. The one function I want…power on and power off, isn’t there. I’m sure there’s a reason (most likely a lame one as opposed to something compelling), but coming into the room and saying “Xbox…Power On” is totally sexy and completely worth the price of admission…at least I think so.

    Sunlight. I set up Kinect upstairs first where there was more room and I wasn’t blown away by the “Kinect” experience. It wasn’t until I took it downstairs to my man-cave and set it up, that everything started working great and I realized that sunlight somehow screws up the IR sensor of the Kinect bar. Then when I was setting up Kinect ID (Kinect recognizes you and loads your profile automatically), it actually clued me in about the sunlight thing. (Could have read the manual I guess?)

    Space. You will need it. You won’t need as much as what some people on the interblag are saying but…you want about an 8′ by 4′ space. It’s still a bit tight and I found I was a bit cramped with some more advanced Dance Central moves.

    Profile confusion – This might just be me because I’m an achievement whore but for those of you that have played any 360 multiplayer games on one t.v. has experience profile confusion. Who is signed in, who isn’t, who is controlling the options, etc. Not a terrible thing, just confusing.

    Kinect Hub – There isn’t a way to get out of the hub and back to the vanilla hub short of picking up the controller which may or may not be nearby. Once again, not terrible but the transition from Kinect back to controller isn’t as seamless as I would like, but most likely others are fine with it.

    So…yeah…those five things. None of them terrible. Not even the sum of their parts is enough to make the entire experience a bad one. You will best know if you have the space for it or the proper lighting conditions and those don’t make Kinect “bad tech”. It just makes Kinect bad for YOU, if you dig?

    Good things…it’s sexy tech and it worked IMMEDIATELY. It’s not particularly confusing to use and I didn’t notice any real “lag” like some guys on GAF complain about. I certainly enjoy using Kinect more than a Wii Mote and that might just be the gaming snob in me, but who knows? The microphone works great on it and I don’t have to use a headset anymore in party chat which is nice.

    I have Kinect Adventures, Kinectimals and Dance Central.

    As revolutionary as it was, the first time I brought home Guitar Hero a couple years back, Dance Central captures that again. By the time I hit the third song in this game, I was in over my head but it’s actually pretty clever. You really need to follow through with every motion and it really just takes practice. I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m “dancing” at the easy levels, but more posing and looking like a huge nob but moving up to medium definitely starts bringing the dance moves together. I think this thing is going to be huge. (I hope this is going to be huge). It’s ridiculously fun and Dance Central alone makes Kinect worth buying…and I suck at it…

    Kinect Adventures is much better than I had expected and has better production values than I would have though a first generation launch title for new hardware would be. It’s polished. It’s fun. It shows off the functionality of Kinect quite well, and people joining in and playing with you is seamless (especially if you have Kinect ID hooked up with person joining in.). My four year old daughter LOVES it and she can play it although she thought I was crazy when I said you don’t play with a controller. She couldn’t wrap her brain around it at first.

    Kinectimals – Cute, seemingly well put together but I don’t have any real grasp of the depth of gameplay. hope to try more of it this weekend.

    I certainly am not encouraging everyone to go out and get Kinect and the way it works, I really don’t see how a game can come out that uses Kinect that becomes a “Day One Mutha Fucka!” purchase for me. It’s really, REALLY sexy tech and it’s pretty damn cool, and so far, zero glitches. I’m really impressed with it.

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    @unmanneddrone REALLY enjoyed what you wrote.

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    @redswirl Swirly old chap. Honestly…because YOU asked, I will give it a shot. Infact I will DL the demo tonight and give it a shot before I get pulled into the swirling hype of Halo Reach. 🙂

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    @rocgaude Thank you sir.

    @feenwager Correct about teh Haloz. There’s no reason to act like the cool kids at the back of the bus (or possibly the strange kid at the front of the bus wearing a “WANG” t shirt?).

    It’s great. I’ve only put about two hours into it but I know polished and excellent when I play it. Halo Reach is both of those.

    There should be a law that makes all FPS developers use Bungie’s AI and Matchmaking Software.

    As for the people that play it…oh god. Last night, between hearing a kid screaming over his mic in hysterics, probably because he’s up WAY past his bedtime, and two guys actually discussing a recipe for venison stew…well…I was glad to have the mute feature for headsets.

    There was a distinct lack of racist and homophobic comments though…they must have all been asleep, or maybe they’re all still playing CoD?

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    Me! Me!
    My turn! My turn!

    I edited the list some as there are some games that are so far off my radar…I can’t even speculat.

    Dragon Quest IX – Bought and will continue to grind, grind, grind. I’m beginning to be sold on the argument that RPGs should only be on portable systems.

    Persona 3 Portable – See above comment

    Halo Reach – Bought it…dig it. Hate that I dig it because I’m a bit of a gaming snob and find some displeasure in taking part in something “the greater unwashed” enjoy so much BUT…I dig it. Whereas Starcraft II was more good than fun for me. Halo Reach is good AND fun for me.

    Sid Meier’s Civilization V – Pre-installed it last night. ❤ Steam. Divorce incoming.

    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow — I'm hoping for something good. Not sure just how much input Kojima had on this and I'm not sure if I'm psychologically prepared for a Kojima "story".

    The Sly Collection — Will be great. Won't be buying. Played them all before.

    Enslaved: Odyssey to the West — Sortof following it but really…blergh.

    Fallout: New Vegas — Looks good…QUITE good, but I won't buy it until I'm done Fallout 3 and all the DLC. Give it a year or three.

    Vanquish — Japanese developed Gears of War. Pass.

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II – Really enjoyed the first one despite it's problems. If I have $60 burning a hole in my pocket…

    Fable III — No, never, ever, ever. Fable II was a broken mess for me when I played it. I won't get suckered into it again. It could be a brilliant game that I miss out on, but there's going to be a number of "brilliant" ones to play so missing out out potentially getting fucked by Lionhead …again. And not the nice kind of fuck.

    Tron Evolution — I want this to be great. I suppose it's nice to want things.

    Gran Turismo 5 — I'm over uber realistic racers.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops — Never, ever, ever. Can't support teh Activisionz…

    Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood — Appears to be quite brilliant. Will buy.

    Valkyria Chronicles 2 – Buying this weekend.

    The New Professor Layton and the Maniac Timebenders (or sumthin) – Will buy.

    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit — Newp. Nope. Narp.

    LittleBigPlanet 2 — Not the creative type. I love to play games and I'd love to make them but I can never get what's in my head…out of my head.

    Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions — I looooove Spider Man. The only thing I love more than Spider Man is Spider Man 2099. I WANT to own this game but apparently it's a bit shallow and a bit glitchy. It's also Activision. So…doubtful purchase. If a wife of mine were willing to buy it for Christmas though…

    R.U.S.E — Been on my radar for quite some team. Looks compelling but with CIV 5 looming…I just don't know if i'll grab it despite it's awesomeness. It is #1 on my "Most Likely to be an Impulse Buy during an Xmas STEAM sale." list.

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. — Over Kingdom Hearts since the whole 357/2+6-dimwit title thing. Seriously. The original was great, they lost me after that.

    PS3 MOVE (and games) — Maybe…if Sorcery was out at launch…would have been a buy.

    Dance Central + Kinect – Maybe maybe maybe…depends on how much buyer's remorse I want to feel after.

    Final Fantasy XIV — JRPG MMO…no, not after being told about how the beta has been.

    Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock — Never ever in a million fuckin' years.

    Dead Rising 2 — will buy. NEED to beat DR 1 first, but that should be soonish.

    Front Mission Evolved — Turn Based? Day One. Action? Day Never.

    Super Scribblenauts — I don't care how great this one is. They lost me forever with the first one.

    KINECT (and games) — Kinect & games WITHOUT Dance Central, no way.

    DJ Hero 2 — DO want but won't buy. See Activision clause.

    Kirby’s Epic Yarn – for my daughter, quite possibly.

    Rock Band 3 – Over the "instrument thing" (Seems exceptional though)

    Tony Hawk Shred — This could be co-developed by Bungie & Blizzard with Warren Spector advising and I would still rather punch myself in the crotch than even watch a preview of this game.

    Mindjack — Who?

    True Crime — Never.

    Disney’s Epic Mickey – Too scary for my daughter and if it's got waggle, count me the fuck out. COULD be pretty exceptional though.

    James Bond: Goldeneye 007 — I've played this, thanks.

    James Bond: Blood Stone — No

    The Conduit 2 — Double no.

    Fist of the North Star — Ten times no.

    DC Universe Online — If I can play it on the console…and it's not a fail-fest like Champions Online was…maybe?

    God of War: Ghost of Sparta — Newp. I like my action games on the big screen, and if not, with inscrutable controls (See Montster Hunter)

    Donkey Kong Country Returns – Negative

    Driver: San Francisco — Never

    Splatterhouse — A fine example of what might be wrong with the gaming industry.

    Gears of War 3 – Most likely although I'm a bit cold on it right now. First time a new trailer comes out with some emo song attached to it, I will probably be slobbering for it. I'm that much of a whore.

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    @zegolf this is actually bad news. I shudder to think what other websites are following this and plan to pick up where Whiskey Media left off. Admittedly, not all sites can rely on the Bombcast as leverage to make some money but this whole thing is completely baffling to me. Really? 5000 people kicked out fifty bucks? Seriously? I can think of actual…you know, “causes” that can’t get 5000 people to donate anything.

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    @beige I agree with the Radiolab, This American Life strategy. I have donated and not because I was strongarmed into doing so at the risk of only receiving half of what I once received for free. I donated because I love what they produce and I don’t want to see it go away.

    I don’t think the GB crew has any say in what business model is being used. I think the bus is being driven solely by Whiskey Media.

    @bowlisimo I dig the random tangents and the Bombcast is generally the only podcast I listen to where I laugh out loud at times when listening. I certainly don’t want to squash it all, but of late, it has been more “rambling” and less “quirky conversation”.

    Also…I love Gerstmann, like…love.

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    @rocgaude 100% agree. If 1UP had said, “If you want to keep this rolling…please subscribe.” I would have subscribed without even thinking about it. Maybe the influx of cash might have kept more of the talent there for a bit longer.

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    Emphasis on “crap”. I can appreciate their desire to be more profitable and I was actually two steps into signing up when I realized (atleast I believe this to be the truth) that this whole thing is being driven by Whiskey Media. They are basically holding the Bombcast ransom in order to promote their other sites. As a business, they are 100% allowed to do this. As a consumer, I’m 100% allowed to think it’s fucked.

    It’s not sound business to start charging for something that has been free for close to three years.

    A smart business decision would involve offering more content (the type of content that most of the userbase wants) at a price.

    Love Giantbomb, but they’ve pretty much lost me on this one. I know the numbers. “Less than a dollar per podcast for the entire year…” , “Think of all the enjoyment you’ve received in the past…”

    I get it. I really do, but if I did end up paying, I couldn’t help but feel like I’m getting fucked. It’s Whiskey Media’s job to make sure I don’t feel like I’m getting fucked, even when I am. They’re not doing a particularly good job at the moment.

    If I DO pay for a podcast, I would certainly expect more talk about the actual playing of games and less talk about energy drinks, what Vinnie did on the weekend and drunken rampaging by Leigh Alexander…

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    Works now, sir.

    Atleast it does for me. :/

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    I just can’t help but think in today’s age, a company, especially one that profits from gaming as much as Microsoft does that maybe that perception would have died. You would think that a company such as Microsoft would do what it could to squash that perception rather than perpetuate it with another demographic that pretty much believes most gamers are basement-dwelling, socially awkward, pizza pop eating misfits.

    When it could have been presented as, “Yes, this product is tied to gaming, something that some of you might already think you understand and think you don’t want to be a part of. We’re thinking that after our presentation today, you will see that gaming is something that everyone can enjoy and participate in ways that only Kinect can offer.”

    Sensitive? Maybe.

    I probably should have been more clear. If jokes like this are being said, this isn’t the first time the joke is being made.

    I work at a cellular company and opinions form about particular consumer groups so it’s entirely possible that some executives at Microsoft feel this way. It’s incredibly stupid to say it in a public though. It’s also incredibly stupid to alienate one particular demographic (in this case, one that Microsoft has clearly profited off of) in order to curry favour with the “new hotness” as far as demographics go.

    I don’t like giving my money to stupid companies.

    Microsoft is looking less and less intelligent with this new blunder.

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    This is interesting…


    The price hike had me irritated.

    Now I’m pissed.

    Looks like I’ll be letting my XBL gold membership die this year after all.

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    I wish I could go back to the first time I laid eyes on Christina Hendricks. The episode of Firefly with her in it is full of win. Well done for those of you that didn’t know her until now. .

    well…know ABOUT her.

    I haven’t watched Mad Men despite a number of people telling me it’s brilliant.

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    Nah…I definitely do not belong in that group. I am fine with paying for services. Microsoft IS a company and they’re in the business “to do business”. For me, the service has not really evolved in a direction that has increased it’s functionality for me (and for most of the users IMO), so I’m having difficulty swallowing a price hike.

    I think it might also be that living in Canada, I regularly get fucked by my ISP (Rogers) as they constantly raise their prices simply because they can as it’s a captive market. I’m tired of the business model swinging the other way.

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    @redswirl :/ I never even thought about games being released playing a contributing role in a decision like this. Dirty.

  • bigdaddygamebot 11:42 pm on August 30, 2010 Permalink

    I’d love to see what the reason is behind it other than “mo money”. Are they trying to offset a loss on each Kinect sold? Are they still losing money on the 360? Do they REALLY believe that what they offer is SO unique that they can actually risk alienating some people by hiking up the price? I certainly find it curious.

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    @zegolf Awesome. :/ It’s like they’re trying to drive away users. It’s not like the PSN pay-associated alternative is wildly compelling either. If someone uses their 360 as the primary interface for using Facebook, they deserve a punch between the legs. Last FM in Canada; wut? Twitter; seriously? Kinect? Fuck Kinect.

    It seems like a service I use a number of times a week is getting a hike based purely on all the peripheral shit that doesn’t matter to me. I’m on XBL gold to play games. It’s a gaming service. It was established as such. Give me and other users the chance to opt out of all the bullshittery that they’ve included and keep the price static and methinks they would be surprised just how much people value the additional functionality that they’re offering.

    I’ll need to yell at some soccer moms today for fucking up my hobby.

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    @scribl You’re violent sir. Maybe the mercenaries you’re executing have that job to feed their three children? I prefer the stealth method, sneaking past them and slipping diaper coupons into their ammo packs as I silently ghost past them like a benevolent…silent…ghost of…something-something.

    Of course, that usually fails, I get discovered, much cursing ensues and I shoot them in their faces.

    But I try to be nice about it.

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    @feenwager +1 for truth – The only love they get from me is ATB and that’s through iTunes. I haven’t been to 1Up in ages…which is crazy considering how much of a staple it used to be in my life.

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    @scribl SC:C’s co-op can be pretty fun if you have the difficulty high enough and you really push the whole, never get detected “thing” with your co-op partner.

    Plus…the end, which I found tres cool.

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    @ red swirl SC Conviction for a double saw buck is a steal

    I tells ya. The universe should just listen to us all of the time. Everything would be so much better. There would certainly be more bacon to go around…

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    Had loads of fun last night playing MNC, guys. If we could somehow manage a group of ten to have 5 V 5 matches in private…dreamy.

    Looking forward to doing it again.

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    @zegolf Don’t recall where I read it but I thought events from DA:O will be referenced in DA:2? I suppose I fall outside of the DLC hate because I’ve been waiting for the Shadowbroker DLC to come out before going back to ME2 a third time. No doubt I’ll buy some of the other fiddly bits of DLC for it as well.

    The same goes for the Morrigan DLC. I’m interested in finding out what happened regarding her running off and hiding with “evil god-baby”.

    I’ll be quite stoked if the DLC is affected by the decisions made in your playthrough. I played it twice and took very different paths regarding her each time so it would be nice if the content plays different.

    The only time DLC being released really bothers me is when it’s close to launch and smells of being content already on the disc that gets unlocked (Capcom) or smells of things deliberately left out because an executive says, “But we gotta have DLC so this part here isn’t crucial. Leave this out and we’ll release it later.” (Ubisoft)

    If I enjoyed the game, however long it’s been since the game was released doesn’t factor into whether or not I buy it.

  • bigdaddygamebot 5:28 pm on August 25, 2010 Permalink  

    John Davidson is no longer the EIC at Gamepro? :O

    Now I need to stop reading Gamepro again. :/

  • bigdaddygamebot 5:23 pm on August 25, 2010 Permalink

    I’m there too.

    I favor the Gunner class.

    I’ll be the guy shooting faces off people.

  • bigdaddygamebot 5:21 pm on August 25, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: Fight Club   

    @red swirl It’s all good. 🙂 I was toying with doing what you did but something came out shortly thereafter that obliterated the likelihood of returning to it but I don’t recall what that game was.

    <— old and senile.

    Get the a 360, sir. We're a relatively tenacious group about things we organize so we'll be doing it well into the end of 2010 as well. I figure there will be some good bundle deals going into Q4 and SC IV and Tekken 6 are dirt cheap right now.

    Did you know that all the cool kids have 360s? It's true? Succumb to the peer pressure.

  • bigdaddygamebot 1:46 pm on August 25, 2010 Permalink  

    Also, a couple friends from work and three of my twenty-something nephews are in a “Fight Club” of sorts. September will be the first month where we have a few tournaments with a specific fighting game on the 360.

    September is Soul Calibur IV
    October is Tekken 6
    November is possibly SF IV Turbo, Blaz Blue or a repeat of the two prior games

    So far, it’s just been fun getting back into learning to play a fighting game because you know you’ll actually be “competing” of sorts.

    Any and all of you are invited. If interested, let me know. The group on facebook is called “Goutetsu Academy” , I believe.

  • bigdaddygamebot 1:33 pm on August 25, 2010 Permalink  

    @red swirl I’m pretty sure I played through single and multi on realistic? Not sure of the exact terminology as it’s been a while. I didn’t chase after all the mini-challenges or what have you. I’m not the type of guy to have an equation like some folks on the interblag. “If I’m paying X amount of money, I expect X amount of game.”

    I burnt through Splinter Cell Conviction SO fast and I even tried the multiplayer. I had fun while playing it but after beating it there wasn’t exactly a compelling reason to return to it. I beat all of it in less than a week and I couldn’t shake the feeling that I should have waited for a price drop.

    It’s something that I’ve noticed about Ubisoft games that I have purchased/played in say…the last three years? Replayability. They don’t exactly scream from the shelf “Play me more!”.

    @feenwager I’m assuming you’re excluding Demon’s’s Soul’s’s from your “Go outside” comment yes?   If not, pistols at dawn, sir.

  • bigdaddygamebot 5:16 am on August 25, 2010 Permalink  

    @feenwager I definitely regretted purchasing Splinter Cell Conviction at the full retail price. Wish I had waited.

  • bigdaddygamebot 2:47 pm on August 24, 2010 Permalink


    ❤ u

    And I forgot to mention that I STILL enjoyed the whole podcast…which I did. I'm definitely looking forward to what you guys have planned. 🙂

  • bigdaddygamebot 2:05 pm on August 24, 2010 Permalink

    Just listened to the most recent Squadcast.

    Pete…loved the music selections. It’s great to see that you managed to talk Extreme into doing the intro music. 😀

    Hearing the CIV music brought back tonnes of memories.
    Best of all was the song from Bust A Groove. My wife and I played the hell out of that game.

    I REALLY enjoyed Hot Shit/Horseshit. I’m an “absolute” kinda guy and I like it when people draw a line in the sand and say whether something is great or the furthest thing from great.

    The coffee house game discussions make me a bit stabby though. It’s not JUST you guys and the gaming literacy “thing”. It seems like more and more podcasts have more and more discussion about the less than tangible aspects of gaming and all I want to hear about are guys trying to get unlimited 1 UPs in Super Mario Bros or how fucking challenging and awesome it was to try to kill bears with a hunting knife in Red Dead Redemption. Basically discussion that is directly related to the playing of games as opposed to discussion AROUND the playing of games.

    For the record, tackling the “are you a well-gamed gamer” question. For me…it’s definitely there. I certainly don’t have a list of games that I feel people need to have played in order to have a valid opinion about gaming but hearing someone mention Faxanadu or Crystalis certainly earns them mad street cred and I AM more likely to listen to what they have to say.

    Sorry about putting myself in the “horseshit” category.

    I still think you guys are great…except Feen. He’s a jerk.

  • bigdaddygamebot 2:36 pm on August 23, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: froze,   

    Wednesday works for me regarding MNC, but I can also swing Thursday. Either is good.

    @unmanneddrone Frozen Synapse, yes, yes indeed. I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy it and the Squad is a GREAT excuse.

  • bigdaddygamebot 1:21 pm on August 23, 2010 Permalink

    @Scribl You’re not playing with the right groups, man. If people use a strategy, the games can be really, REALLY fast. Embarassingly so. I played a fair amount on the weekend and played a number of matches where we dominated but also got absolutely dominated in a few others as well. If people playing, know what to do and when to do it…and where regarding choke points for the bots, etc…the games can be pretty darn quick.

  • bigdaddygamebot 1:00 am on August 21, 2010 Permalink

    We need to do this. Mostly because I’m actually passable at a competitive shooter for the first time in like…ever.

    So…I’m willing to make a list of people and dates and times, etc to try to get something organized.

    What say you lot?

    Just looking for a “thumbs up” or a “give’r”

  • bigdaddygamebot 4:51 pm on August 12, 2010 Permalink  

    @Beige Man…you make it Thursday night, same time and I’m in. Or Tuesday and I’m in. I’m all booked for Wednesday night. Not to say that it hinges on me of course…I’m prolly gonna dominate all of you anyway.


    …especially Roc…he’s a little baby.

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