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    Ok you know what WordPress is annoying Maybe… 

    Ok, you know what? WordPress is annoying. Maybe Google+ will be a nice change to the weird ass formatting of this site, as has been wonderfully displayed below.


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    Double post

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    I actually have to stop ignoring Google+ to… 

    I actually have to stop ignoring Google+ to do this, but ok. I’m only interested in using one Squad site for discussion, so it’s either I post here or I post there.

    “One must die and one must live.”

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    Ok, I respect Spec Ops: The Line now. Pretty messed up game. I like what they did with it. Looking forward to the Squadcast on this one.

    @beige Did you get a bit of Kojima vibe at certain points there?

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    I don’t necessarily disagree with any of those points but the medium is still young. Games have the ability to tell a story with you right there in it and that strength has yet to be fully realized. Maybe we will see more Journey-like games that blend experience and narrative into something that can be felt instead of told at you in a rigid old school way.

    But yeah, probably not from the mainstream devs. Indie/kickstarter games have the most freedom to be creative like that.

    I still enjoy stories in games, though. Dragon Age 2 was a boring game, but the character interactions and plot were interesting enough to keep me going.

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    @cgrajko @angryjedi So, Beige was saying that game over screens are a part of the experience, is that how you guys felt? Or should I just go in on easy?

    For context, I started it on both difficulties, played maybe the first hour each. I’m pretty good at PC shooters. “Easy” felt like I was playing with hacks (one shot whack-a-mole) and medium was fine, I guess. I wouldn’t mind dying if the firefights were fun, but they are fairly rote. I don’t like the cover controls either.

    How hard do those battles get?

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    That’s a weird announcement, didn’t think Dark Souls was mainstream enough for TV. Regardless, my reaction was one of eager anticipation and a subtle, but palpable dread. Oh, and also splattering of breeches (gross).

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    @unmanneddrone I’m so with you on that one, they all look like Warcraft 3 (for obvious reasons). Not that I’m a MOBA patron or anything. That format isn’t for me. Demigod was indeed cool, though.

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    @angryjedi “Mrs. RocGaude” picked our names from a hat and emailed us. Don’t know if she wants to do that again or if someone else wants to.

    Do we have the same amount of people who want to participate?

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    Anyone try the Ni No Kuni demo? My snap impression (without knowing much beforehand) is that it’s Ghibli + Harry Potter + Pokemon + Final Fantasy.

    I’ll probably buy it, but I found myself wishing it was less Final Fantasy and more animated film. I like Olly, Drippy and Marr-Mite. I don’t like reading unvoiced text underneath them.

    Video games.

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    Sold! I will “subject” myself to this bullshit forthwith!

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    @impynickers Thanks for the thoughts on BG:EE, I wasn’t really sure what to expect from that thing.

    It sounds weird to have that extremely old design sprinkled with modern accoutrements. Did they update the pathfinding? If there’s one thing that constantly annoyed me about that series, it’s telling the group to go one way, and having half the group take the longest most ridiculous route possible.

    Anyway, going off of your experience, this version probably won’t give people who already played the game any real urgency to rebuy/replay it, but for anyone new that wants to see what this whole Baldur’s Gate thing is all about, this is probably the version to go with… unless you don’t mind dicking around with mods.

    I still want to do a second playthrough with this GoG version I bought and haven’t used yet, I never did get to see how Tales of the Sword Coast ended. Damn you scratched cd!

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    Holy shit…that’s an insane deal! I probably paid close to 150 dollars for all those games and expansions. They all get the Bowley stamp of approval except Red Faction: Armageddon, which I totally skipped.

    @angryjedi To be fair, Trackmania, in general. is pretty awesome, and I’m not even a car/racing guy.

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    Planetside 2 > ShootMania

    Kerbal Space Program > Farming Simulator 2013


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    I bought nothing!

    Well, I did put 5 dollars into Planetside 2 for a cert bonus and so that my jump trooper could look a little more badass when he’s getting mowed down. I guess that counts?

    @beige Absolution sounds great! I coincidentally installed Blood Money last week. This’ll be my first time with Agent 47. I’m looking forward to casing the joint, walking in, hitting the mark, and walking out without anyone ever knowing I was there. That is, conceptually, how I want to play a game like this.

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    @feenwager Don’t let them fool you, P4 still has the same grinding, easier or not. Tartarus is replaced with similarly bland dungeons, but the theme changes at least. Personally, I liked the characters/relationships better in that game, and murder mysteries are fun, but I think the overall plot (and ending) of P3 was my favorite of the two.

    Edit: Isn’t there an anime? I guess you could skip the grinding and watch that?

    @impynickers @unmanneddrone Yeah, they really do a horrible job of explaining ANYTHING in that game, so you run around saying “WTF am I doing” and “WhereTF am I going?” for a few hours.

    But man, I played Planetside 2 for an absurd amount of time this holiday weekend. I knew the only MMO that still had a chance to hook me was an FPSMMO, and well…here we are 30 something hours in.

    The battles are just incredible, every day in Esamir is like Hoth. *Holds on to dove* I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships flying into drop pod rain over Mani Biodome. I watched phalanx cannons glitter in the dark as two entire armies tore themselves apart. All these moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

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    @unmanneddrone True, those games never did quite get there. They may have, if the market didn’t die on the vine. The new Steel Battalion looked impressive, but apparently it was a shit game. Never did try the old one with that crazy controller.

    Wish I was old enough to jump into one of those Battletech pods back in the day. They did have a mech game at the local arcade, where you sat down in a semi-enclosed cabinet and had some controls to push, but I’ll be damned if I can remember the name.

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    @redswir1 That’s because that’s what Hawken is. Really, you can reduce any mech sim down to: “It’s a shooter, but you’re a mech instead of a guy”. A lot of people feel that way.

    Here’s the thing though, the older games, such as Mechwarrior, were more immersion and simulation than they were shooter. It can still devolve into circle strafing, but it’s about the cockpit, the heavy footsteps, towering over everything else on the battlefield, ridiculously devastating weapons, heat management, weapon groups, torso twisting while walking a different direction, taking massive amounts of damage, massive missile volleys arcing across the sky, lasers cutting through smoke, overriding automatic shutdown and firing everything you’ve got despite every klaxon and warning light telling you your reactor is about to go critical, the inevitable mushroom cloud from said reactor going critical, I could go on and on.

    If you ask me, a mech battle should be more like two warships broadsiding each other, you know? A slug fest. Two armored up, horribly beweaponed warmachines reducing themselves to boiling slags of armor, dragging limbs behind them. Robot Jox. If you don’t FEEL like you’re a piloting a a 100 ft tall walking tank, then you’re doing it wrong.

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    Planetside 2 = Battlefield X 1000

    The scene: Big fucking snow planet. Hoth. The distant sun is slowly going down and casting huge rays of sunlight over the biggest game map I’ve ever played on. There is a small, functional outpost maybe two or three football (American) field lengths away from a towering central base, several stories high. This big. My faction holds the outpost, and it has been under assault by another faction, which happens to hold the aforementioned gigantic central base.

    I’m at the outpost in a MAX suit (power armor) trying to defend the place. It’s not going too well. APCs are showing up and spilling out troops by the dozen, and the troops are all over the place. Jump jets, grenades, lasers, bodies.

    Suddenly, hundreds (not an overestimation) of players, teammates, start spawning at the outpost to defend it. Our faction was dominating half of the map. The main push had been taking place further South. They must have won, and were redirecting forces to this place.

    The enemies running around the outpost get wiped out by floods of allied troops. Vehicles start pouring out of the place, APCs, ATVs, tanks, dropships, fighters, MAX suits, and the entire force makes a move toward the super fortress 300? yards away over a no man’s land of snow.

    There’s little resistance. Our troops make it all the way to the huge support structures at the base and get mowed down by a huge wave of defending enemy reinforcements. The push gets decapitated right there, everyone is cut off, people run away, I get stuck with some other guys in a nook in the superstructure. They die to grenades, I’m screwed, my suit takes a rocket to the face.

    I respawn back at the outpost, grab another MAX suit with a minigun and an anti-air attachment, and follow the rest of the stream of troops back into no man’s land. By then, clear lines had been drawn. Friendly forces were strung out along a small ridge in the topography and clustered behind large outcrops, popping in and out to take shots. People had set up and were manning a string of machine gun turrets, tanks were duking it out long distance, trying to flank, and recklessly crashing through the battle lines only to blow up 5 seconds later. Overhead, dropships taking off were being shot down by friendly fighters, and those fighters were being shot down by enemy ones, and then the enemy fighters were being shot down by ground forces. COMPLETE BEDLAM.

    Anyway, to make a long story shorter, we tip the scales enough to fight around the base of the fortress. All the while, massive defensive guns fire at us from the upper decks. The enemy really digs in and fights us for every inch we take here, but we keep moving forward. Fighting breaks out in the support buildings near the back of the base, window to window, door to door. Eventually, we push into the first megafloor of the fortress, with fighting taking place over multiple levels, on stairways, from balconies, people taking cover behind computer banks. Just ridiculous amounts of troops and gunfire and explosions.

    Then my game crashes, yay PC gaming. : /

    I get back in to see the fortress taken and troops rolling out in a column to take the next slice of map.

    The actual shooting guys part of the game isn’t the best, and is fairly generic in how it looks, but man, you can’t see this scale of battle anywhere else.

    Did I mention it’s free to play?

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    @angryjedi That is awesome and you guys are awesome. The “suffer in silence” part got to me, especially as a guy. I could’ve used something like this when I was 15. You and I have talked before, but I’m still dead set on defeating social anxiety. Those first steps man… still working up to it. Hope abounds.

    Have you tried getting a hold of Jeff Green for that site? He has written about his depression in the past, Wil Wheaton as well. I remember Mike Krahulik used to write about his problems with anxiety too.

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    Holy shit, Star Citizen is nearing 6 mil. Not too surprised, there were a significant amount of 30+ year old backers sounding off in the “How old are you?” thread on their site. That’s a lot of old 90’s pilots, with disposable income in hand, desperately wanting to dust off their flight suits and get back in the cockpit again. To SPACE! You old farts! Getch yer goggles.

    @cptcarnage Awesome! You’re crazier than I am. Now I can dock my Hornet on your ship and walk around. God…if they deliver even half of what they’re promising…

    @angryjedi @unmanneddrone I could make a case for a buyer’s guide kind of review, like one of those “Is there value in getting this console right now? Yes/No” reviews, based on the price, the experience of using it, and the software available. But yeah, attaching a number is pretty fucking stupid. It’s not too dissimilar from the MMO review problem.

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    @rocgaude Didn’t touch it for months for whatever reason, then burned through RE4 for Halloween. Hoping for a good Uncharted deal this holiday. SotC/Ico HD would be nice to pick up as well.

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    @redswir1 Sure, I’m interested, just need to see what they’re offering. It’ll have to be pretty compelling because early adoption isn’t really my thing, and I still have a lot of PS3 games to enjoy while this current PC slides further into obsolescence.

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    Edit: In the nicest, most indifferent way possible.

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    Damn, the Star Citizen fundraiser + kickstarter is nearing 4.5 million. I’m resisting the urge to double my pledge and get a Constellation for the squad. No, “Wingnut” level will have to do. The good news is Squadron 42 got extended to 45 missions. Fuck. Yes.

    @redswir1 No, I just paid for a full tour and cut the lines when it opened. Maybe not worth 6 dollars, but was fun while it lasted. Demoman 4 life.

    @angryjedi I have no creative skills to contribute to a project like that at the moment, but good luck, man.

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    As long as Chef Boyardee is doing the music.

    Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden, the only FF style rpg I’ve ever completed. Can lightning strike twice?

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    @mjpilon Sounds like advice from my Assassin’s Creed pamphlet. Yeah, I’m picking up thermoses (Why?) and pages if they’re in front of me, but I generally try to get from dark woods section A to location B as quickly as possible. I stop for hidden chests.

    I can’t get enough of the fake episodic nature of this game. There’s something inside of me that gets excited the instant “Previously on Alan Wake” is uttered, and the recap gets going. This is a great format. I can take the game in chunks, digest it, and come back to it later. Built in stopping points with cliff hangers as opposed to one long unbroken narrative that you quit out of when you’ve had enough. Or, maybe I’m down with this because of all of those childhood years being conditioned by television. “Previously on X-men”

    The PC version has the DLC (except American Nightmare) baked in to the game, so nothing to worry about there. Just hope the story holds up til the end.

  • bowlisimo 3:25 am on November 15, 2012 Permalink

    Oh man, screw GTA, I just finished the 4th chapter of Alan Wake (one chapter per night). Mature story! Love the way it’s presented. Been listening to the Poet and the Muse nonstop for the last half hour.

    Do not like shitty dodge maneuver, and could use 15 min less running around the woods every chapter, but oh well.

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    WILL NOT BUY UNLESS: “Does not require FRAPS to finish game” is on the box. Also, “Fucking with Windows compatibility settings no longer required to merely launch game” would be nice as well. Thank you.

    Meh, all I know is that I still want to try Red Dead R, LA Noire, and Sleepy Dogs, and I can’t bear playing open world games back to back. So, I guess I’ll see you in the bargin bin, GTAV.

    BTW, If you haven’t played Saints Row the Third, you should play Saints Row the Third.

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    I found that interesting, but I can see it not being very useful if you’re looking for information. Jeff Gerstmann’s review on Giant Bomb is much more utilitarian. The one on Kotaku reads like one of those editorial pieces that you read a week or two later “Looking back on Black Ops 2” or whatever.

    Neither is better, it just depends on what you’re looking for. As someone who doesn’t plan on playing CoD, reading a review of the experience is more interesting, but that changes with the game. Right now, I’d rather read how broken the PC port of AC3 is or isn’t.

    @mjpilon Shit, I guess I need to play Spec Ops now. That description sounds like it fits Dragon Age 2 as well. Boring game, excellent story. It’s too bad, really.

    @cgrajko Welcome to the happiness club. It wears off, after a time, but you’ll never forget it. Journey is my GOTY.

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    @redswir1 You won’t regret getting either game. They are both solid for clicking monsters and getting loot. They also both have really boring stories.

  • bowlisimo 2:13 am on November 8, 2012 Permalink

    Whoa, Metro 2033. These guys get what atmosphere is. Consider myself immersed in underground Russian drudgery. Gone “hardcore ranger” mode, too. I have like 15 crappy bullets scattered across 3 shitty guns. I love it. Only wish they subtitled all the random conversations so I could go back to all Russian all the time.

    The Eastern European flavor is strong with this one.

  • bowlisimo 4:46 pm on November 5, 2012 Permalink

    I also want to hear what the squad says about AC3. I’m hearing some mixed feelings, as well as some rumblings about a Mass Effect 3 level WTF ending. I will not be happy if this is the case. Then again, a lot of people disliked Revelations, and I ended up loving it, so let’s hope.

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    On the subject of games @unmanneddrone fervently recommends that no one will ever play ( 😀 I kid, I kid), let’s talk AIRMECH, real quick.

    Never played Herzog Zwei, but it looks like the idea for Airmech is certainly rooted there. It’s a lighthearted, Western take on transforming mecha, mixed with some DOTA dna, along with some simple real-time resource and army building mechanics. Super easy to play, and kind of feels like opening up the toy box as a kid, and mashing Transformers and army tanks together, while making machine gun and explosion sounds.

    I’d categorize the game as a fun time waster, though it does have depth, and a ton of options for your specific Airmech/Pilot and what kind of army you field, but since it’s free to play, a lot of the good stuff is locked behind points. I’m also not really into competing online, so I’ll skirmish the AI when I feel like flying around. Get in, blow up the AI, get out. Fun, but that’s about it.

    Not really a hard sell, because it’s free to play (although still in beta). Do you think you’d like a stealth bomber that transforms into a mech with blade hands, or a flying saucer that turns into a War of the Worlds tripod? Howabout airdropping army tanks? Well, then you should take a look at Airmech.

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    Quick RE4 Halloween game update: Got over the poor first impression and got into a groove (as was foretold by the Squad) while Sandy made landfall. I have definitely learned how to work within the system, move the way they want me to move, and manage the weird situations they’ve thrown me into. And really, it’s that groove that is the only thing that I’m enjoying about this game. “What the hell are they going to throw at me next (can I survive it with these shitty controls)?” and “Should I upgrade this gun or wait?” has been the RE4 experience for me.

    The rest of the time I eyeroll at the bad dialogue. I don’t give a damn about this “story”, I don’t like Leon, Ashley, or Luis. The MERCHANT is the most interesting character in the game so far. “What, THAT GUN? That gun is not just about the shootin’ but it’s about the reloadin'”. Why does he have shops full of guns everywhere, and why is he so damn awesome, buying all my shit at a high price? This is the only thing I’m actually interested in. On second thought, terminator Rasputin man had potential, too.

    Favorite things: Shooting projectiles out of the air like it’s Time Crisis or something. Killing a miniboss in two hits with a magnum. Easy Puzzles. Also, bolt action rifle.

    My least favorite things: Agile monsters vs tank controlled main character. At least a sidestep or strafe movement would be appreciated. Ashley escort from afar sections. Ashley.

    Started chapter 4, hopefully I get a chance to stick it to that gross little Napoleon guy.

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    @beige I don’t know what that is, but I’m happy for you!

    Can I make an unofficial query into what games the Squad has kickstarted/crowdfunded in 2012, the year of hope for old fogey gamers? Just how desperate and naive are we exactly? I’ve been very picky, personally. Interestingly enough, Star Citizen, the game I want the most and put the most cash into, is the game I have the most doubt about. Squadron 42 will be great, but that whole open space thing sounds like a huge, problematic development time sink.

    Wasteland 2
    Project Eternity
    Star Citizen

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    @cgrajko Excellent. Excellent. Optimal conditions for the Amnesia experience. Feel the fear flow through you. Beige said this to me, and now I’m telling you: your nerves will steel themselves the farther you push yourself into that place. Keep going!

    @redswir1 @unmanneddrone I really like the look of that game. Heard about it a while ago. I don’t know why, but I haven’t been on a grognard kick for a long time, hell, I barely even touched Empire/Napoleon Total War or Civ V. WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?

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    I promise I won’t incessantly bitch about everything. Thanks for the help. A shotgun and two grenades later… (and a lot of running away and turning around)

  • bowlisimo 6:58 pm on October 22, 2012 Permalink

    @redswir1 Started RE4. Gaaaah, the controls! Ok, I expected them to be awful. What I didn’t expect was dying over and over again 15 minutes into the game.

    You know when you first get to the village, and there are a bunch of dirty villagers moving back and forth saying “mierda!” every 5 seconds? That part. My guess is they want me to stealth, but if their idea of stealth is to conspicuously stroll through the village without even being able to duck my head or sneaky crouch walk, I’m very disappointed.

    Speaking of disappointed, in the opening, I feel like they missed a big opportunity to go the Lovecraft route. What I mean is, they didn’t even try to lure me in and creep me out with suspiciously shifty village folk that turn on me once I’ve started asking too many questions. No, instead in the first 5 minutes I get “raaaaa, I will murder you with this axe!” Tension, there is none.

    I know you said this is more Aliens than Alien, but even Aliens had a TON of tension and a big build up to that eventual “LET’S ROOOCK!” firefight.

    RE4 and I are off on the wrong foot. -50 cool game points for shitty opening.

  • bowlisimo 1:23 am on October 20, 2012 Permalink

    @feenwager It begins…human nature catches up with unfettered good will.

  • bowlisimo 1:18 am on October 17, 2012 Permalink

    @unmanneddrone Ugh, I want Nexus to succeed, but I can only back so many games. I’m in bed with Brian Fargo and Chris Avellone for starters. This week I doubled down on Chris Roberts riding a golden starship of hope. I AM BUT JUST ONE MAN. Seriously, bad timing Nexus 2.

    @beige 6 fucking pages? For FTL!? Eh, I guess I’m really not that surprised. 🙂

  • bowlisimo 10:34 pm on October 16, 2012 Permalink

    @shingro Perfect. Nice and dramatic. The ace in the hole always dies in the end, but the team can carry themselves now, they no longer need Lady Grey. She lives on in their memories and in the life of every newborn baby that grows up in an alien free world.

    See, and then you have Beige’s story, which just makes me anxious, like watching one those guys that spin plates on top of sticks.

  • bowlisimo 1:12 pm on October 16, 2012 Permalink

    @shingro That’s a great story, and it’s the only XCOM story so far that hasn’t given me anxiety.

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    @beige I want to listen to that link, but my earbuds are broken, and my backup earbuds, that only had one working ear piece, are also broken. My kingdom for durable earbuds that can stand up to my abuse!

    Oh, I was listening to the Virtuous mission intro music while Felix Baumgartner was standing up on top of the world, getting ready to make his record breaking jump yesterday. “Spread your wings and fly, God be with you.”

    EDIT: And what naming convention did you end up using for your XCOM squad?

    @squad Anyone get in on The Great Origin Robbery last weekend? I wasn’t going to buy them, but I’ll definitely play The Saboteur and Dragon Age 2/Awakening for zero dollars. Thanks, EA! I’m a terrible person.

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    Ok, I just pledged at the Freelancer level. Always said I’d back a space flight sim if it ever went the crowdfunding route, so it’s time to put my money where my mouth is. Maybe I’ll have a new rig by the time this game comes out (or IF it does). It’s a weird notion to swat away $60 finished games that I can play right now, only to pay twice the price at the chance that one I really want will be good years from now. Don’t make sense of it, just let it wash over you.

    Star Citizen features a dynamic economy and an open world. Roberts describes it as a mash up of Freelancer and Privateer, two of his previous games, and a Wing Commander game. The single-player mode can be played offline or co-op with friends in a similar fashion to the way players impact each other’s games in Demon’s Souls, he said.

    The story revolves around a political drama inspired by the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. But players will be most concerned with Squadron 42, a sort of sci-fi French Foreign Legion. 42 has a reputation for always pulling through even during the most difficult of missions, and your goal is to get accepted into its ranks.

    Sounds like a good start to me. Also Kotaku was wrong, it’s not Free-to-play. “Not a subscription but not free-to-play; rather a hybrid of these two business models. Much like ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2, you will purchase the PC game and pay no recurring subscription charges.”

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    @mjpilon I forgot about that! Go for it! Turn off the lights, immerse yourself in tension and fear (and relief), cower outside of a room for a while, whip open doors, or slowly peek in, whatever works for you, and keep going forward. Also acceptable, is turning off the game to deal with those horrible feelings… just as long as you go back.

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    @beige I hope you’ve seen the Star Citizen/Squadron 42 – Chris Roberts news by now? I welled up with tears of happiness after watching that video.

    Taking a step back though, it sounds very ambitious. If I understand correctly, Star Citizen is a free to play, more cockpit oriented, Eve Online/Freelancer game with a (singleplayer?) story campaign inside of that called Squadron 42, that will also have multiplayer hooks. Hmm, it sounds like 2014 might be a bit optimistic.

    To be honest, I’d rather have an engrossing singleplayer experience and storyline, but my guess is you still can’t get investors for a set of missions and a concourse. On top of that, this game won’t even get those investors until it meets a crowdfunded amount FIRST.

    But whatever, I dub 2012 “the year of hope”, where mechs, isometric party-based rpgs, and now space sims are possibilities again.

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    @cgrajko Please do! Make it a Halloween challenge? Amnesia will test your will to continue on like no other horror game out there.

    I think my personal Halloween game will be RE4 (PSN), and whatever crazy hijinks TF2 gets up to.

  • bowlisimo 11:45 pm on October 9, 2012 Permalink

    @redswir1 I’ve watched the quick look, so I’m only going by what I’ve seen. It’s not the steampunk that is turning me off, I think it’s the unappealing combination of a weird looking protagonist that runs around with a knife and a crossbow, is weirdly magical, possesses things, hacks shit, and phases around like Nightcrawler, in a boring looking dystopian world with music that is too minimalistic and horrific (at times) for the setting and my tastes.

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