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    @unmanneddrone Understood. I always have a silly game like TF2 or Battlefield installed to be able to mindlessly decompress. “Sometimes you just need to chainsaw some orks” is damn right. Also, even if you end up not enjoying DE:HR, don’t feel bad about it. I don’t want anyone feeling pressured to like something. In fact, come here and proudly state why it sucked. ❤ Squad.

    X3, I may go back to if I ever find myself craving SPACE! in a lull again. I'll probably just mod the game and forgo useless achievements to make it a less brutal time sink. I was just at a point where I had gotten much of the X experience that there is to offer, my fleet was devastating everything, and the piss poor UI got harder and harder to manage the more stuff you owned (I really hope they address that in the new game). There's sooooo much in X3:TC, but it's tailored to be the least accessible game ever.

    Sorry about being an mp3 deadbeat, I'll send it in now.

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    @feenwager I feel like I’m not really qualified to make grand claims on it, as I’m still futzing about in Detroit. I’m sure glad I’ve got it, but possibly due to where I am at this point in gamingdom/scheduling, it’s a prickly sell at the end of the day where I’m not so much in need of a good story, just a bit of cathartic comfort food.

    @bowlisimo I don’t want to state I’m not enjoying my time with Human Revolution, sir. I’m having a good time. But for reasons stated, it’s like eating deer sashimi and truffles when sausages and gravy would hit the spot. I feel like I’m setting fire to @beige’s unwritten mandate/gaming literacy right here.

    I’ve very much enjoyed your X3 journey, though! Just looking at your steam playtime counter…you’ve achieved galactic powerbroker status in trade and private security. Not many keep plucking that elusive, high-hanging fruit.

    What’s next on the agenda, though?

    EDIT: Might put a deadline on track submissions for the SoS Music Mix. 25th of September, if you would be so kind.

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    Ouch. Well, I personally had a blast with it. Only played the original a few years ago so there wasn’t any ingrained nostalgia or fan-level expectation to get in the way. But yeah, it’ll definitely go down as a flawed experience even for the people who enjoyed it, especially come GOTY time.

    Also, much to everyone’s relief, I’m putting an end to the space trading. I got to a line of missions where the game wanted me to stockpile astronomical amounts of resources that would take RL months (months!!!) to complete. If there’s anything I hate about video games, it’s grinding. So yeah, that about wraps it up for X3.

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    I don’t have anything new and amazing to give you guys, 70% of my mp3s are film score / video game related, so I’ll just give you something chill instead. @shingro It’s ok man, I have a secret K-pop music folder.

    And now, a message from your SPACE!-CEO,

    You know, the universe is a horrible place to do business. Let your guard down for an instant, and all of a sudden pirates are jackin’ your trade ships and Xenon are fuckin’ your factories. Hard work isn’t enough anymore, it takes the constant vigilance of men in spaceships with guns. We’re not only CEO’s, we’re admirals! A legitimate businessman cannot hope to make the kind of bank required to fuel and rearm ships of war alongside maintaining a trade fleet, it’s preposterous, and something even entire governments struggle to do!

    So we here at Praxus are flipping the script on the bad guys. We’re going off the reservation, so to speak, and we’re getting our hands dirty. Three mammoth haulers were called in from three separate directions to the edge of Earth space, each containing an important cargo piece. Individually, they were innocuous, but joined together they became Praxus’ latest endeavor, The Prohibition Space Complex.

    Praxus Bootleggers LLC, combined with Praxus Dankest Nugs Division, will become the first of MANY mega-hubs to supply primo “space fuel” and “space weed” throughout the galaxy, all under the indifferent gaze of Earth’s territories… otherwise we’d probably be shot for this.

    Just send your information along a focused c-beam aimed at the Heretic’s End system, and we’ll like, totally hook you up with free samples, man.

    Aldous Bowley XXXXIII
    Space!-CEO Praxus Mining Inc.
    Praxus makes perfect!

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    @bowlisimo I think it was on the G4 video review of X3: Reunion that had Morgan Webb sum up her disdain at the state of tepid alien dogfighting AI with “What’s a girl got to do to get a bit of hard Kha’ak around here?!”. I let that one pass, found it smirk-worthy. Keep me informed. I’ve come to the conclusion I really need to hold off on my X3 adventures because it’s not a game where I can truly put a lot of time into each time I play, so those long sessions where you can really drive credit into your account with direction have to wait until the kid gets a little older and can fend for herself on the hillsides of Sparta.

    @cgrajko I’d very much be interested in your view of Owlboy, sir. More pixel love.

    Squaddies with a penchant for fiddling about in Dubya-dubya Two. Men of War Collector’s Edition/Pack thing is 15 smackers on Gamersgate. That’s the original MoW, the Soviet Marine-centric single player spin-off Red Tide and the fantastic made-for-coop Assault Squad in one pack.

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    @cgrajko I think @redswir1 put it best, Amnesia = “No way I’m going in there: the game”. Every time you fearfully peek around a corner or hang out in front of a door while you psych yourself up to open it, that’s the game’s atmospheric magic succeeding. But keep going! Your nerves will naturally steel themselves over time. The experience of your descent and having made it through, despite your instincts, will stick with you. I guarantee the conclusion won’t dazzle and amaze, but that really isn’t the point.

    @impynickers Grats on building a new PC, long may it kick the shit out of games. Coming up on the 4th year of my rig, which is like 60 in hardware years. Crossing my fingers on Deus Ex:HR. Please, little dual core, stay strong!

    @unmanneddrone *Ambient temperature, 87.2 degrees. All systems optimal* Owlboy looks cool and kinda nostalgic for Genesis/SNES. Demo downloaded. Nothing much to report on X3:TC, been conscripted to fight the Kha’ak (facepalm). Starting to realize giant slow moving death ship is bad for escorting. R&D has begun on a less potent, but faster frigate-like alternative.

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    @bowlisimo Having played for about an hour and then spent about as much time watching the tutorial videos you kindly linked, and now having watched the video of your EnormoCruiser, I must say that I expect to spend quite a bit of time plying the shipping lanes. Looks and feels like exactly the kind of game that consumes me. Of course, it’ll take me forever to make any progress, given my extremely limited gaming time.

    By the way, the aforementioned videos begin here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p73C60btBi8. Well worth a watch before you start in.

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    @cgrajko Yes, absolutely. That’s the best way to play it. In fact, go in cold. Don’t watch the video @redswir1 posted. The less you know about what is ahead, the better the effect the game has (which is arguably the whole point).

    @beige Watch The Sword of Praxus completely shred this late to the party Xenon battle group in 1080p. Sorry about the Chatty Cathy computer lady.

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    Unfortunately, this is true (edit: although they go overboard sensationalizing it). The From Dust PC port is rough. You’d think that game is a no-brainer for mouse control, but they apparently didn’t give a shit, and it’s awkward. Imagine, if you will, remotely controlling an Xbox stick with a mouse, that’s what it feels like. Then they only give you a really small square to move the mouse in before it will decide to scroll, so it constantly happens unintentionally, unlike an RTS where you have to hit the edge of the screen. They’ve also locked the game at 30fps (fine, whatever) and omitted any kind of graphics config. The end result is that on a 1080p monitor it looks shittier than it should and controls weird. Add to that having to log on to Uplay and a game that will crash because it is super sensitive to drivers, and you have a shitty-ass port.

    I’ll endeavor to persevere, as always, because the game is actually cool, but all they really had to do was take a look at how any modern RTS controls and emulate that. Oh well.

    Also, godspeed to @Sinfony, for he has embarked upon the X3:TC journey, let’s see how much space trading he can take.

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    @unmanneddrone Finished installing weapons on the destroyer, dubbed “Sword of Praxus” until I can think of something more Halo-y. A full 20 photon pulse cannons + ion cannons on the bow and broadsides to go head to head with the galaxy’s best, cluster flak + flak artillery on the ventral and dorsal turrets to shred fighters, and a smorgasbord of high energy plasma + concussion impulse weapons on the stern. It’s a friggen process and a half, but I’ll be damned if you don’t appreciate the ship by the time it’s battle ready.

    Speaking of which, to stretch her legs, I risked a blind jump, with a few of my corvettes and fighters, into a Xenon sector. We came out of the gate into a ball of fighters between a Xenon carrier and a frigate. Instant fireworks. I don’t know what’s more satisfying, flying by your very own giant, station sized ship as it plunges headlong into an enemy fleet, or watching it absolutely massacre and rain down hell on everything on its maiden voyage. I forsee great things for this ship.

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    Just got back from bagging some more peaks in the White Mountains, sorry for the delay in the FS tourney. Mode 7 keeps saying they’re releasing the patch soon.

    Does anyone care if we wait til this tournament patch, or would you rather just get on with it? I’d actually like to see UMD play and not forfeit due to internet problems. Let me know.

    @unmanneddrone You want it, you got it. Dropped 70 million credits on the biggest Argon ship I could find. Praxus Mining Inc. has now begun to outfit its very own M2 Titan Class Destroyer,to be pressed into service as soon as we’re no longer in the poor house.

    +50 cool points if you get the reference in the above video I made (1080p!).

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    Also, the mysterious bad guys in this game are called the Kha’ak (cock).

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    @beige Ours as in ours. Sol System. Don’t you recognize the 7th planet? Maybe I should have posted this? By the way, that’s an enormous space station that blows you up if you get too close to Earth. I had to earn the right to even get that close.

    You can’t own planets in this game, and I don’t think you can technically own sectors either, but you can certainly build a horrible death fleet and take over one. There’s also some virtually empty ones that you can set up shop in and call your own. I’m saving up for a giant capital ship before I do anything like that. The pirate/xenon raids are getting rough to deal with.

    Man, I don’t know if you have the time for this game. I’m like 100 hours deep and there’s so much I want to do.

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    Our solar system is fucking awesome. IT’S SO BLUUUUUUE!

    Wish you were here,

    (P.S. No, there’s no life on it…)

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    A message to investors from your Space!-CEO:

    Hello, investors!

    We just wanted to let you know that we here at Praxus Mining Inc. feel that ore is a bore, and that crystal is the new Teladianium. So to thank you for all your money, we’ve completely blown it all in the risky construction of high tech crystal fabricators. What are they for? Haha, we have no idea! These things are a real liability though, folks, we’re talking tens of millions of your credits down the tube, and that’s not all!

    Two words. Super. Freighters. The entire trade fleet has received a completely unnecessary overhaul with newer, faster, better OTAS designs. Old and stupid meet sexy and new. Now, some of you may be asking, “What the fuck, you took all our money and bought glowing dildo ships?” That’s right, market research has shown an increase in sales when wares are delivered by ships with a phallic chassis. Genius, I know.

    We spared no expense, because the future AND the party starts here, with Praxus.

    Aldous Bowley XXXXIII
    Space!-CEO Praxus Mining Inc.
    Praxus makes perfect!

    Did you know: Praxus pilots have aided in reconnecting Earth with its long lost colony, Aldrin. It’s true. More and more pilots are hired every day! Sign up now and receive discount salvage insurance for the whole family!

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    An extremely proud moment at Praxus Mining Inc. (Praxus makes perfect!™), four mines have opened for drilling in new sectors with competitive prices, and a recent multimillion credit venture with Argon Shipyards has produced Praxus’ very own Centaur class corvette. Fully armed and equipped with state of the art technology, she stands ready to protect all of the company’s investments from ever increasing pirate and xenon attacks. Invest now!

    @Feenwager The Witcher’s plot is complex, but by the end I wouldn’t say it’s murky. Most of the questions raised by the plot are answered and the rest continue on in the sequel (which is just as complex. Good luck remembering kingdoms and what kings and sorcerer/esses belong to which).

    Amen to traversing the environment. Fuck the swamp.

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    Thanks for the heads up @bigdaddygamebot. You heard the man, all games will now be played on the UK1 server.

    @unmanneddrone I’m much less organized than an accountant, my wacky spending binges probably put me closer to Richard Pryor in Brewster’s Millions.

    Cahoona’s (love that name) seem kind of weak in this universe, but regardless, I didn’t come to space to BBQ. I came to rip ore from asteroids, like a real spaceman would! To that end, I’m starting to make headway. My commercial agents finally leveled up enough to buy & sell using their jump drives! That was exciting. I’m not a father, but I can only imagine it’s similar to watching your kid ride a bike for the first time. One even ducked into a station to avoid a pirate raid in the sector. I’m so proud!

    Also, I thought this was funny. These are the kind of problems space traders have.

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    @bowlisimo Indeed! Sitting in the cockpit with the accountant’s hat and wondering “I should goddamn be rolling in it now.” If X2 is anything to go by, expanding into alien territories (spice up those Cahoonas…I think it’s the Paranids who pay a pretty penny for such a product) is the dangerous gamble every trader must make at some point. And hell, once you’ve got a few capital ships with a few wings of fighters at your command…who’s to say the competition can’t be…uh…dealt with, to put it politely, on a larger scale?!

    Love these stories, Bowls. Keep ’em coming. There’s not been much on my gaming plate of late, so just to read of your deep space trading exploits is gratifying.

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    @unmanneddrone It’s really insane how complex and deep the X3TC rabbit hole is, or I guess one of those giant African ant colonies would be a better analogy.

    When last we spoke, I was trading small time and making peanuts. Since then, I managed to start up my mining biz, Praxus Mining Inc. in two separate sectors and have sunk literally millions of space bucks into this venture.

    There’s the pricey ore/silicon L mining facilities themselves, then there’s paying for transport of the facilities on a mammoth hauler to their destination (unless you happen to have 28,000,000 credits to buy your own). There’s the initial capital in resources to get each facility up and running, as well as the operational budget you must sink hundreds of thousands into so it can buy more when it runs out. Then you need to purchase ships, shiny new cargo freighters, kitted out with shields and defensive weaponry, that will form the backbone of your infrastructure for a pretty penny. Without ships selling your product and ships buying resources to make more, your station will languish, wondering why you ever willed it into existence.

    I’ve spent money on expensive ship software and jumpdrives, hired CAGs (commercial agents) to represent my ore facilities, trained several pilots to trade all over Argon space and beyond, and have seeded much of the trackless wastes of the universe with satellites. All this money invested, all these credits flying through my interstellar bank account, like shit through a goose, and I’m STILL making peanuts off of it.

    I guess when they said “you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet”, Egosoft took the phrase and ran with it. Thank god I can still blow stuff up for money!

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    @bowlisimo Brother, with that kind of cash in the kitty, you’re well and truly set to start your factory career. The lower end of the commodity spectrum seems to be the place to kick off, only because it’s easier to chain up the commodity rung from there. Solar plants, Cattle ranches, Ore mines etc., once you’ve got them going, the sky is the limit. After you’ve become a tycoon, the mighty Station purchase awaits. Full disclosure, I’m using a lot of my X2 experience here, only for the fact I’ve not played X3 for nearly as long. Consider my X3 advice from an “enthusiast”, rather than an “expert”.

    In the mood for some Cahoona meatsteaks now.

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    @beige Oh man, I don’t know how to answer that. It’s so unlike me to dive into an economy like this instead of doing the absolute minimum required to pile a bunch of lasers onto a ship and go fightin’ around the universe (which you can do, btw). I didn’t get into EVE because I didn’t want to lolmine asteroids, but here I am.

    I can say that X3:TC has been a really chill, mostly uneventful game so far, probably because I chose to start in a secure sector and focus on trade while avoiding any plot whatsoever. It has been a nice way to start because the learning curve is steep.

    After plugging in the joystick, flying was about the only intuitive thing about this game. The interface is complicated, there are a lot of nested menus, and you’ll probably take one look at a trade menu and go, “what the fuck is all this shit FOR!? and how the hell do I buy something!?” The only way to get any better at it is to wade in and find out the hard way that your ship doesn’t come with a freight scanner while you’re on a mission to scan cargo, or realize your cargo can’t take passengers until you buy a life support module for your cargo hold, OR realize that the 3 extra sets of shields in your cargo bay you just sold, WERE YOUR SHIP’S SHIELDS! It’s crazy, man.

    The economy is exceptionally deep though, and I’ve only just begun to get a good grasp on trading. There’s a smug sense of satisfaction to docking a hauler, that you’ve remotely sent off into some sector loaded to the brim with microchips that cost half of your fortune, at a station that’s devoid of them, and selling the whole load at the highest price and having all those space bucks come rolling in. It’s even better when you beat the NPC traders. What’s holding it together is the fact that it’s in SPACE (and SPACE looks great in X3), I think it’s safe to say that if this were a Walmart trading sim, I’d never play it.

    So, yeah, I am still enjoying it. I can see the forest for the trees, or the fleet of space stations and mammoth ships for the lonely cargo haulers. I set out to have the experience of building a space trading empire from the ground up and that’s exactly what I’m getting from X3… and I STILL feel like I’m in the kiddie pool. O.o

    I’m not so sure this would be great co-pilot material for Lynette, it’s a sloooooooooow burn, and there is a lot of down time as you make your way around sectors and stations. You can speed up time to 1000% (if you have the component installed! ) as if it were a flight sim, or get a jumpdrive, which certainly helps, but there can still be a whole lot of nothin’ going on for the early game. Micromanaging 5 separate ships has certainly started to get a little busy, so I can imagine it gets way more interesting.

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    @Beige I was annoyed by the chatter and all I did was watch the GB quicklook.

    @unmanneddrone X3: How many space bucks should I save up before I start to invest in stations? I’m like ~30 hours in, about 2 million rich, have 4 stripped down, shieldless, freighters that I’m remotely trading with, a Nova Vanguard that I got on-the-cheap and armed to the teeth, and have all of Argon space (some of Boron) mapped and being watched over by satellites. I think I want to get into ore mining (cause that’s what you do in space), how do I transition? Or should I pay the ridiculous amount of money to turn my freighters into sector traders?

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    @bowlisimo Well, all I can say is, without fighter escorts, keep your remote and automated traders in Argon space for the early game. Once you get a factory up and running, losing a ship or two won’t feel like you’ve just woken up in a bath full of ice in a dingy apartment bathroom, with a mysterious slit near where your kidney is. Or was.

    I liken the early game with remote trading to a retrenched Wall Street shark, living out of his car and moving from town to town. It ain’t glamorous, but the hunger is insatiable.

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    I guess everyone is done with Christine Love? Yes to Hitman, and I’m also in for Frozen Synapse, at least to help fill out the bracket. I haven’t played it in a month.They ever merge those servers?

    @beige Supposedly there is. There was an intro movie talking about rampant terraforming A.I. messing up the galaxy a millennium ago and cutting off Earth yadda yadda, but I’ll be damned if any of that is apparent from the outset. I was dropped into a ship pointed at a distant flight school instructor that I had to fly over and talk to, instead of the other way around. That’s about all the direction I was given. I picked “humble merchant” though, so I suppose if you picked one of the harder characters, you’d start closer to the action. I figured I’d build up a modest trading empire and combat fleet before tackling any of the story.

    @unmanneddrone Worked in some ore and silicon wafer (which sounds delicious) trading last night. Realized quickly that I didn’t really have the capacity to make a lot of profit from that, but still made headway. Also, accidentally got into some illegal rum running. It turns out “space fuel” is code for “space hooch”, oops! The profits were huge, but the buyers were sparse, and I had to drop some of the cargo when the space police scanned my ship. Nuts. I didn’t count on space prohibition.

    Later on I started dropping satellites in the various sectors, like you mentioned, and came across an alien selling his super freighter for half the cost of the ones being sold at the shipyard. Sure, it doesn’t have any shields, or any upgrades to speak of, but double the capacity, and half off! So, the alien parked it in the middle of nowhere and left in his space suit (lol), and I piloted my new lumbering acquisition into the nearest station to be outfitted. Hopefully tonight I can get this baby out and make some real scratch while I keep doing the milk runs with the smaller hauler. Any advice on remote trading?

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    @bowlisimo Excellent. Excellent! If you’re in the market for cheap ore, Emperor Mines usually has a facility offering units for 50 credits a pop. It’s worth investing in satellites and getting the best trade and navigation software; dump a satellite or three in sectors like Ore Belt, Red Light etc. and have some tasty remote market browsing options. I always love a good sale on Cahoona meatsteaks.

    Goddamn, such a good game. You’re right, some folks might find it hideously boring, but there’s much satisfaction to be had for space trader junkies.

    I want more @bowlisimo trader stories.

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    Played a ton of X3 last night. Decided to follow Pete’s footsteps and jumped straight into cargo hauling. With the help of some online tutorials, I sold off the extra scout ship they gave me at the outset and invested heavily in tuning up the engines and onboard software package of my other ship, the boxy, extremely effing SLOW freighter (now dubbed “The Longshoreman”).

    After some aimless wandering, I decided to set up shop in a system known as Power Circle, due to its large solar power arrays and asteroid mining facilities. The power plants collected energy harnessed from the sun and stored it condensed in cells, which were then used as power at other stations and facilities. In this system, it was the ore miners that needed it, so that’s where I jumped in, buying low and selling high. There’s a lot of competition out there though, and I was beat to the punch often by more enterprising traders in larger, faster ships. It ain’t easy being the small fish.

    Yeah, she’s small and maneuvers like a space whale, but The Longshoreman can take a beating… which she did, when the autopilot, enroute to an array, decided it would be “sweet” to sideswipe a small asteroid. Had to save credits to fill the hold with the next shipment of energy cells, so rather than pay exorbitant repair prices, I parked out in the void and went on an EVA in a spacesuit (an awesome thing about this game) and patched her hull up the poor man’s way, by hand, with the repair laser.

    That’s pretty much where I left off, saving up to add a second freighter to my fleet to remotely trade with, and double my income. So, yeah. X3 is brutal, and crazy, and austere, and great, and most likely sounds ridiculously boring to a lot of people. I’m still in the shallow end, too. O.o

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    @feenwager I have a feeling DNF will be bargain binned before the end of the year. I’m predicting 5 dollars by the time the Steam Holiday sale rolls around, if not sooner. Unless my perception that people aren’t really buying it is way off.

    @squad X3: Terran Conflict! Holy fuck! They dropped me in a space ship in the middle of THE GALAXY, with an unarmed scout ship, a freighter, and zero direction! Not even the space debt that Pete had to deal with. Just nothin’. You picked “humble merchant”. GO!

    Of course, I haven’t read the manual, but the joystick has been dusted off (yes!), and I’m poised to plunge straight into mineral scanners and power converters. Space is BIG, guys, this game has a ton of potential. I’m excited.

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    @RedSwirl Welcome to the hard sell club, my friend. Arma II…the interconnected systems at play, the ability to mobilise and direct the full spectrum of conventional armed forces is mind-blowing. It’s a shame Call of Duty and Homo Sapien Dudebrous has really turned a lot of people off from the potential intricacies of the modern military shooter. Set to anything other than easy and your Bohemia-crafted shooter is a mind-blowing maze of possibilities under extreme odds.

    I’ve never actually played a Call of Duty game, full disclosure (as they say). Raised on your dear OG Ghost Recons and OpFlash rough diamonds, enjoying the thinking man’s modern shooter in Full Spectrum Warrior/Ten Hammers, I can admit to being irked when people throw the more cerebral of the bunch with the cock-eyed ADHD Bro-fuelled roller coasters.

    @angryjedi You should be able to run X3:TC on decent settings once you get your new rig, although it’s sometimes a bit wonky due to lumpy optimisation, so adjust graphical settings as you see fit. System requirements as follows:

    • Microsoft ® Windows ® XP (SP-2), Vista SP1™
    • Pentium® IV or AMD® equivalent at 2.0 GHz
    • 1 GB RAM
    • 256 MB 3D DirectX 9 Compatible video card (not onboard) with Pixel Shader 1.1 support
    • Soundcard (Surround Sound support recommended)
    • 10 GB free hard disk space
    • DVD-ROM Drive
    • Mouse and Keyboard or Joystick (optional support for force-feedback) or Gamepad

    As much as one might want to be a completionist, skip X3: Reunion. Terran Conflict is a Director’s Cut of sorts, slotting in the best mods from Reunion and adding more functionality. Let us continue to all revel in our SPACE FEVER.

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    With @angryjedi on this one. Sony, like many corporations, go naval broadside and generally make a mess of situations…and when their platform was compromised, why wouldn’t you turn your turrets on the perpetrator and fire righteous litigation like God was on your side?! Forget the high ideals of the alleged responsible, you’ve got to consider your business partners. All these developers and publishers peering in through the door with anxious looks, asking if “you’re gonna be fine, right? We’re all good?”.

    And these entitled sons of bitches in their basements decide to speak on my behalf, or at least use that as pithy camouflage. Shutting down a global network, because they’re “for the consumer”. Generally, consumers, uh, consume. As in, goods and services need to be available.

    The homebrew scene for any system, bar the GP2X, Pandora etc., is miniscule, almost insignificant. How dare this be used as a justification for what has followed. In the end, the majority of “jailbroken” system wouldn’t have packed simply region-free jigs for Blurays and home-made XMB clocks, it’d have PS3 game images galore. None paid for. I will blame the man who opens the gate as much as the kid who downloads the torrent. You want to develop software? Go open source. Write your linux kernels – oh, but that’s a contentious point! “We did have Linux on the system before, and Sony took it away?!” Move on. Want to code for the machine? Apply for a job at Sony.

    I cannot stand it when utopia ideals are used as obfuscation for self-serving ego-stroking. If I were still listening to Rage Against The Machine and reading the Green Left newspaper – like any teen should, I believe – I might have more sympathy, but as it stands and a fellow who does everything by the book when it comes to gaming, to have my ability to enjoy the services I’ve paid for castrated on account of something that wouldn’t have affected me otherwise…I harbour only disdain and annoyance at this crusade.

    I also harbour annoyance at the reaction I’m reading up and down twitter. Nobody, bar @angryjedi, shares this opinion, it seems. Sony, who otherwise would have been enjoying a nice new age of Steam on their system, cross-platform co-op, people getting down with Mortal Kombat online, is hauled over the coals for not having sufficient security in place to fend off a brute force intrusion that even the Department of Defence might have an issue effectively countering. People are talking about identity theft, credit card details might have leaked, “I hate Sony for allowing this to happen” yadda yadda yadda.

    The fact is, if these basement clowns are truly the digital white knights they claim to be, the details aren’t what’s important. But if something DOES go down, even one out of the million-plus PSN users with details on the servers, then I’ll sit back and reaffirm my stance that these cyberpunk masturbators are simply the sly and shady characters they always were.

    @Shingro Fair point, but as a consumer, I’m well within my rights to say “fuck those guys” because there’s an error message on my PS3 that shouldn’t be there. It might be a layman’s view, but I’m hardline when my consumer rights have been compromised. If anything, I commiserate with Sony. Everything should be running smoothly and I should be playing Under Siege this week. Instead, the isthmus is below the waves and we’re left standing on the beach of kneejerk hooplah, where the corporation who suffered the breach is denigrated as though its completely their fault and the global user base makes angry faces on the shoreline.

    @bowlisimo X is such a hard thing to describe or sell to folks. With Mount & Blade, there’s such immediacy to your actions and you do start being able to hold your own. The slow, slightly helpless beginning to an X game does lack a certain punch, but it depends on how you measure progress. You get to the point in an X game where you’re setting marine training regimes for your boarding frigates, adjusting the onboard tracking modules for your point defence systems on capital ships, have automated cargo and trade lanes between your network of fabricators and colossal space stations. And so on.

    So, I dunno…I guess if you look at it as a sandbox strategy game, where it’s all about finding a niche and using ingenuity to build an upswing, there’s a lot to love. It’s technical, vast and rewarding, but has the propensity to feel dull if you’re unclear what to do or where to go.

    Also, as a man I can safely assume to be a sci-fi veteran, the series has always had superb celestial design. From the ships to installations, to system detritus and so on, there’s lots of ogle.

  • unmanneddrone 3:23 pm on April 26, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: , , , X3: Terran Conflict   

    @bowlisimo You know, man, to be honest, I couldn’t tell you much about the campaigns of either X2 or 3 – primarily because they’re so open from the get-go. I’ve not played much of 3, simply because I was waiting for the right rig to play it on in all its classical sci-fi glory. I guess if you enjoy self-actualised milestones and goals, these games provide that sense of accomplishment above and beyond (oooh, contextual reference!) what most sandbox games do. It’s a long, long, tough climb to the top, and there’s many ways to get many places. Space Rangers was great in that it was chock-a-block with humour and variety. If there’s one thing that X suffers from, it’s a slight lack of personality when set against particular peers. However, it makes up for that by being the deepest spacefarer sim out there.

    I suppose that’s the most apt descriptor of what X is…it’s about spacefaring.

    Bowley, sir, if you’ve not checked out Distant Worlds, there’s one I’d recommend…it’s a commerce and infrastructure-heavy 4X strategy out of, all places, New Zealand. Super indie, but some of the most intricate governance I’ve seen in a space strat. Lots of interesting interplay between empires, traders, etc. Diplomacy is a bit of a non-event, but otherwise, immense. As a Sins fan, you may very well dig its pace. Other than that, Star Ruler is another indie gem. Think Sins meets GalCiv? I dunno. I secretly call it the unofficial Terran Trade Authority game. Because, goddamn it, we need an official TTA game.

  • unmanneddrone 1:43 pm on April 26, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: , X3: Terran Conflict,   

    @angryjedi Terrific stuff! Ah X…you niche, niche glorious thing. We want more tales of interstellar trade and hijinx.

    @beige Not wrong on King’s Bounty! I’ll be there with X3:TC when we’re ready to punch the throttle into the inky maw. I’ve got X2 installed with some good scripts/mods, so that’ll keep me busy for the moment.

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