Pay What You Want for PixelJunk Eden, Escape Goat, Noitu Love 2 and Auditorium

Four great games (and an alpha preview) for the price of… whatever you want, really.

Yep, indie bundles are still most definitely a thing. Just as the latest (awesome) Humble Bundle draws to a close, Indie Royale has launched its “June Bug Bundle”. (You should totally grab that Humble Bundle if you haven’t already. It’s amazing.)

The pack includes swing-and-collect ’em up PixelJunk Eden; puzzle-platformer and bad pun Escape Goat; retro craziness Noitu Love 2: Devolution; and light/sound puzzle game Auditorium. The bundle also gives players access to an alpha preview built of gorgeous action-adventure title Iconocolasts. The appearance of Escape Goat in this bundle marks its debut on PC.

At the time of writing, the minimum price is just £2.56 — as usual with Indie Royale bundles, though, beating the minimum causes the price to drop for everyone else. So far the most generous contributor has been VVVVVV developer Terry Cavanagh, who chipped in twenty quid.

Auditorium has a Mac version; all other games are PC only. PixelJunk EdenNoitu Love 2 and Auditorium may all be redeemed on Steam.

The bundle will be available for the next week. Grab your copy here.