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    @redswir1 I reviewed Solatorobo for the squad! I really love the game, I would kill to see a sequel. I do suggest you carry on with the game, I can’t say it’s short (20 hour game where each 10 hours are their own stories), but it is one of those games that will stick to you even after you’ve beaten it and put it back in the shelf.

    @impyknickers yeah, the language in E.Y.E. is made up

    In case you don’t know, the PSOne classics support update for the Vita is up, the emulation but has a pretty inconvenient form of getting the games on it (Oh, Sony…)

    Something that not a lot of people are talking about is that Playstation Mobile games (games that are available on Playstation-certified Android phones) are going to be playable on Vita, I can’t find a way to get the games there but there are a few I would like to finally play on there (Namely the Dead Space mobile game that I keep hearing is pretty good).

    I also recently beat Darksiders 2, in some cases it’s better than the first, but I really do miss the dungeons designed around ruined modern day buildings the first game had, the final boss was pathetic but I guess the ending wasn’t anything to complain about. Looking forward to the next two, I wonder how they play on the next games.

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    @mjpilon Yep. Never got past the beginning of the 5th level in Everyday Shooter. I think it’s pretty widely known that the main problem with that game is that it turns the difficulty up to 9 from pretty much the second level onward.

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    Really LTTP on this one but I must ask: Am I the only one who finds Everyday Shooter ridiculously hard?? The game is driving me nuts at times….

    Also, I really suck at Carcassone, so if anyone has the iOS version and wants an easy mark to practice on, my gamecenter id is mjpilon 😉

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    @mjpilon A tough call. I mean, WipEout is brain-meltingly good, but it’s got a slightly high bar of entry unless you’re willing to learn the ins and outs. Think of it like racing powerboats, because the WipEout craft certainly don’t handle like cars.

    If you want a great Geometry Wars-style twin-stick shooter, big thumbs up to Super Stardust HD. In terms of value for money, you can’t go wrong with an arcade game. Looks and plays a treat. Good modes. One of those games that scratches an itch when you simply want to submerge to a level of pure instinct and reaction.

    Those would be my recommendations, sir.

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    @redswir1 goddamn it I needed to go to bed last night, not read for hours about badasses (though I regret nothing, into the favorites page it goes!)

    Also: People who are following #PSNhack on twitter know that some dude just posted a couple thousand PSNID/Email/Password combinations, you might have been seeing news posts saying “Holy shit, CC database up for sale” I read the entire log of the “criminal message board” (Read: PS3dev EU IRC channel, if you’re interested) The credit card sale talk was all speculation, no evidence of it existing was presented, a fact which has escaped most people in the rush for credit card news. So I wouldn’t start panicking yet. However clearly a ton of usernames passwords and emails are guaranteed out in the wild since they were stored in plaintext, It might be worth checking the list and Ctrl+F ing your user name to make sure someone didn’t just post it all over the internet..

    Here’s some information on what happened to get those news stories all over the Internets http://cathodetan.blogspot.com/2011/04/more-on-psn-fail.html

    News is weird, people seem prepared to believe the worst at this point… wonder how that will affect the investigations.

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    *Prepares to sue Beige* you don’t get much more grim and gritty then western, and I’m still recovering from the Song of Ice and Fire books noooo thank you.

    Yeah that’s a strange story, they say “Yeah we encrypted the data relax” but they don’t mention what type of encryption it was (probably because they wouldn’t want to give anyone who took data any hints… but I mean, Sony wouldn’t be dumb enough to use public key encryption… right? right??) Then one thing they don’t say was encrypted was passwords, which is…. well, totally basic security theory. I’ve read some speculation that one reason they went after Geohotz so hard is that they had all their security as part of the PS3 hardware and when the root key got cracked out went basically their entire security suite.

    Besides the shacknews writer, I’ve got 2 guys on my facebook friends who have reported fraudulent charges… maybe it’s a coincidence, but maybe not so it’s still important to keep an eye on these sort of things. My card gets checked today and probably changed on the weekend

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    Cool piece of luck for me: I recently got a new card, replacing the one that I had set up with Sony. I hadn’t gotten around to updating the number when the whole PSN thing went down. Therefore, whomever has stolen the data has useless stuff from me.

    Except this whole “reset every password you’ve ever had” business. That’s annoying me to no end.

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    @unmanneddrone Pish posh, we’re all squaddies here, we may squabble but in the end we got each other’s back. We could hardly be a competent discussion group is we got prickly about people being passionate, regardless of position.

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    @Shingro I must admit, I was a little cranky this morning, so my initial post was reminiscent of a younger, more vitriolic UMD. Twitter’s aggregated one-sided hoo-ha set me off. Apologies if it read a little…er…thorny.

    Truth be told, my PS3 hasn’t played a game in a good few months!

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    @unmanneddrone On that we can totally agree =)

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    @Shingro It’s a twisted tale. The only thing I can think of to lend credence to Sony’s press release is simply the backlash the company would receive if there was a spate of user/subscriber credit card fraud and identity theft, thus they’d be all over an announcement if they knew how deep the incursion ran at the time. It really is playing with fire to withhold…but you never know.

    Anyway, we’ll see. It’s just a sad time for everything to go pear-shaped. People should be revelling in console Steam-related fun, not sitting there staring at maintenance pop-ups and apologetic emails.

    @bowlisimo Brother, M&B: With Fire & Sword…you looking at getting into this one? I admittedly never picked up Warband, but the original was indeed a hallmark. A very interesting time period to wander about in, to be sure with F&S. Definitely Squad/Cheap-Fu material for anyone else interested, given it’s fifteen buck thereabouts price tag.

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    @unmanneddrone Do I believe them? Hard to say. I’m not honestly against them from the get go, PS3 is the only console I own, and Sony is the only company that is going to licence the crazy Japanese games I love. I *want* to see them survive and thrive. I just know enough to be suspicious of what they’re saying. Can you imagine them NOT saying that to that question regardless of what happened? “You’re right we totally knew and we didn’t tell you, Sue us for-ev-er”

    I am hard pressed to think of the type of intrusion that would pass existing security, convince Sony to sacrifice massive amounts of revenue to pull down their systems but would also flabbergast their entire security team (companies as big as Sony, much less companies involved in major networks like PSN are no slouches when it comes to hiring competent internet security) then require an outside firm and days of study to reveal what they had access to. Usually it’s a matter of “how did they get in, what permissions does entrance in such a manner mean, is consumer data within those permissions” considering that Sony was already on guard for spoofs using the Geohotz key (80% likely it was involved as it’s the newest “shift” on the security board) I’d tend towards believing they know much of that. Maybe they’re desperately trying to do damage control, maybe not. I’m suspicious though that this story ends in “We’ve placed additional shackles around you to keep you safe from your own content”

    All I’m saying is lets not break out the hammer and nails for anyone an hour after the news breaks, stuff like this requires clear thought and careful reasoning and way more data if you’re going to rage against the appropriate party.

    I do agree though, I enjoy debate, deductive reasoning and all, but moral relativism and the proper application of justice is the sort of thing that makes with the swirly eyes @_@ Too heavy for a Tuesday night.

    Besides, I honestly think that when we know for sure we’ll all be on the same page 🙂

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    @RedSwirl As far as I’m concerned, I’d rather the company have all the information on what exactly happened first, before making an announcement. PR snafus going off half-cocked have the propensity to deal greater damage. If you’re with a reputable bank or credit union, identity theft shouldn’t be a problem. Maybe it’s a bigger deal in North America. Certainly not Down Under. I’m simply referring to next to nobody being miffed at the perpetrators of the intrusion.

    @Shingro I appreciate the fact there’s a fair whack of grey in the equation, and the digital age has certainly upped the ante in blurring lines of ownership and rights, but let’s get one thing straight. I’m talking on perhaps an asinine, perfect world level, but if there’s an intrusion or attack into a system that prohibits consumers/subscribers their access, then the intruders are the ones at fault. This is purely about the PSN issue. And let’s not get into semantics about ‘crusade’. Anonymous wrote that churlish, sophomoric declaration upon Sony in the wake of the GeoHotz business, stating their intentions. That’s a crusade. I’m simply saying, as a consumer, why should we bear the brunt of such antics?

    I appreciate your superior understanding and knowledge on the topic, though, regardless of our differing stances. I’m just an average Joe weighing in with his two cents, because I’ve a draining tolerance for high-tech idiocy that, if it weren’t for the snowballing effect of one smug clown, has ended up looking like a highway pile-up. Sure, Sony could have handled it differently, but why shouldn’t they try and lay the smack-down when the threat of their product and services being sliced open lurks just beyond the gates? My two cents.

    On a philosophical level, I don’t hold any level of pure hatred, it’s more annoyance. Techno-anarchistic behaviour in regards to entertainment and leisure is a cheap and pointless little exercise for the most part. Ego and smirking satisfaction. We’ve come a long way since the Finnish Demo Scene cracker groups. At least they held rave parties and good music came out of it.

    Go write some educational software or something, Anonymous. Be of use to society, or at least stick to breaking political subterfuge.

    That’s all I can comment on and the last I’ll say of it.

    EDIT: Actually, I’ll just end with this, from IGN’s Jim Reilly after talking to Sony on the issue:

    “There’s a difference in timing between when we identified there was an intrusion and when we learned of consumers’ data being compromised. We learned there was an intrusion April 19th and subsequently shut the services down. We then brought in outside experts to help us learn how the intrusion occurred and to conduct an investigation to determine the nature and scope of the incident.

    It was necessary to conduct several days of forensic analysis, and it took our experts until yesterday to understand the scope of the breach. We then shared that information with our consumers and announced it publicly this afternoon.”

    Considering the fact they had external security firms going over the intrusion and doing a thorough investigation, if they knew of subscribers/users info being compromised from the get-go, they would have said something. By many of the kneejerk reactions across the internet, Sony should have done a chicken Little and pushed the worst-case scenario button from day one. “The network is down. Your info is all over the internet! You’ve contracted syphilis unwittingly! Your family are gone and you’ll never see them again! Cancel absolutely everything! Weddings, holidays, the works.”

    So much for the “sitting on their hands” theory. Unless you don’t believe them.

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    Another interesting consideration. If it does turn out that this was an exploit simulating gaining dev account permissions with a hacked key, that would likely mean that since the start of PSN any and all developers had permissions to look up your private PSN information. Possibly along with buying habits and suchlike. It may be possible that the hackers could have found internal security holes once they got dev permissions, but this is unlikely considering how long the dev system was already on there for and how much time they had on the network.

    of course, it’s possible devs don’t and people were just stealing a ton of PSN content with a simulated card. Of course then, why say anything about the possibility of theft at all? It will be an interesting week as this unfolds ¬_¬

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    @unmanneddrone which sounds fine in general, but who exactly are you talking about? What should be done, and to who? Blanked hatred is far too dangerous and indiscriminate to be thrown around. I know one of the Weekend Confirmed guys recently admitted to using a NoCD crack on his legitimate software, fuck him too?

    I’m not saying that guys who use their security knowledge to break into a place are without blame they should be certainly punished to the extent of the law, but should we punish the guy who hasn’t broken into anything yet the for the same crime? Having a skill doesn’t mean you should be punished as though you’ve already abused it.

    You mentioned crusades, and what is a crusade but a demand of “Fuck those guys” but what changes exactly to say “no, fuck THOSE crusading guys” you’re just arguing targets at that point. The crusade to fuck the crusaders.

    Again, I’m as angry as the next guy that some douche did a thing that made the company shut its service down, however no one forced Sony to try to hide the fact that consumer information got out, that’s entirely on their heads.

    I personally have more ire for a company who endangers its constituents knowingly withholding information then for a dude who did a thing perhaps not even considering the actions the company would take.

    Don’t get me wrong! As information comes out I’ll be fully willing to curse for hours at whoever it was if they have done terrible things or knowingly endangered people as well.

    It’s just right now none of us know, we don’t know who took what, if anything, or why. Do not ask me to pass judgment on a large group of people for the actions of a single dude in a situation I know nothing about.

    though in things I do know a bit about, I am given to understand that the DDoS was Anonymous’s work using a ton of slave machines to cause the previous outage. This was already handled by their security staff who probably just modified their firewall’s permissions a little to cut the incoming connection requests down to a manageable level, DDoS is as old as the internet and countermeasures are many and varied. Considering the nature of DDoS, Sony would never have shut everything down and pay the cost of an independent contractor (much less the cost of system upgrades) to manage incoming connection spam, much less admitted to losing information, DDoS literally cannot steal information from a system, It isn’t trying to get in, it’s just there to make sure no one else can get in either. This was definitely a security breach of a different nature.

    This was almost certainly an exploit and a serious financial one at that, keep in mind many companies like amazon lose millions per hour of downtime, that’s where the Business Continuation market comes from and Sony *willingly* shut their servers down for days, going on a week! I can’t see this as being related to anything but piracy. They’d never have eaten that sort of cost without something huge at stake, and that stake is likely their status as the only ‘unpiratable’ console. I’m guessing that “free everything from PSN” theory is exactly what’s going on. Sony saw a potential for the PS3 to become as hacked as PSP and they threw every panic switch in the place.

    I might be totally wrong, but I think what is coming is that Sony is going to drop something bad on us legitimate consumers and frame it as “Yeah! Lets get Those Guys” I just hope it isn’t the removal of even more functionality. If we’re lucky we’re getting out of this with a long update on every game we own, as they completely rewrite all the authentication methods and everything will still work when it’s done without any draconian checks on downloading from PSN.

    If we’re UNlucky there will be an authentication mismatch of some kind and some legitimate consumers will lose access to content they already paid for. When changing authentication methods, this is far more common happening then not. I can only pray that the people they hired are damn damn good at their jobs. In tech, almost nothing works exactly as advertised first time.

    Consider this, everything I own is legit, and I’m studying security and by extension authentication and suchlike, but I’m definitely going to wait to get on PSN for a few days just in case they’ve been overzealous and start bricking innocent consumer’s consoles because of some sort of authentication hiccup.

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    @unmanneddrone As far as I’ve seen, people are only pissed at Sony for taking six freaking days to inform us that our personal information is probably at risk.

    I miss the days when Sony just let me manually input my debit card info upon each purchase. Sure it was tedious, but it was also safe. Microsoft can also go to hell for not even letting me easily take my info off of XBL, or even locking it behind a password for that matter. Is it bad if Nintendo’s system actually feels MORE secure in that regard?

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    With @angryjedi on this one. Sony, like many corporations, go naval broadside and generally make a mess of situations…and when their platform was compromised, why wouldn’t you turn your turrets on the perpetrator and fire righteous litigation like God was on your side?! Forget the high ideals of the alleged responsible, you’ve got to consider your business partners. All these developers and publishers peering in through the door with anxious looks, asking if “you’re gonna be fine, right? We’re all good?”.

    And these entitled sons of bitches in their basements decide to speak on my behalf, or at least use that as pithy camouflage. Shutting down a global network, because they’re “for the consumer”. Generally, consumers, uh, consume. As in, goods and services need to be available.

    The homebrew scene for any system, bar the GP2X, Pandora etc., is miniscule, almost insignificant. How dare this be used as a justification for what has followed. In the end, the majority of “jailbroken” system wouldn’t have packed simply region-free jigs for Blurays and home-made XMB clocks, it’d have PS3 game images galore. None paid for. I will blame the man who opens the gate as much as the kid who downloads the torrent. You want to develop software? Go open source. Write your linux kernels – oh, but that’s a contentious point! “We did have Linux on the system before, and Sony took it away?!” Move on. Want to code for the machine? Apply for a job at Sony.

    I cannot stand it when utopia ideals are used as obfuscation for self-serving ego-stroking. If I were still listening to Rage Against The Machine and reading the Green Left newspaper – like any teen should, I believe – I might have more sympathy, but as it stands and a fellow who does everything by the book when it comes to gaming, to have my ability to enjoy the services I’ve paid for castrated on account of something that wouldn’t have affected me otherwise…I harbour only disdain and annoyance at this crusade.

    I also harbour annoyance at the reaction I’m reading up and down twitter. Nobody, bar @angryjedi, shares this opinion, it seems. Sony, who otherwise would have been enjoying a nice new age of Steam on their system, cross-platform co-op, people getting down with Mortal Kombat online, is hauled over the coals for not having sufficient security in place to fend off a brute force intrusion that even the Department of Defence might have an issue effectively countering. People are talking about identity theft, credit card details might have leaked, “I hate Sony for allowing this to happen” yadda yadda yadda.

    The fact is, if these basement clowns are truly the digital white knights they claim to be, the details aren’t what’s important. But if something DOES go down, even one out of the million-plus PSN users with details on the servers, then I’ll sit back and reaffirm my stance that these cyberpunk masturbators are simply the sly and shady characters they always were.

    @Shingro Fair point, but as a consumer, I’m well within my rights to say “fuck those guys” because there’s an error message on my PS3 that shouldn’t be there. It might be a layman’s view, but I’m hardline when my consumer rights have been compromised. If anything, I commiserate with Sony. Everything should be running smoothly and I should be playing Under Siege this week. Instead, the isthmus is below the waves and we’re left standing on the beach of kneejerk hooplah, where the corporation who suffered the breach is denigrated as though its completely their fault and the global user base makes angry faces on the shoreline.

    @bowlisimo X is such a hard thing to describe or sell to folks. With Mount & Blade, there’s such immediacy to your actions and you do start being able to hold your own. The slow, slightly helpless beginning to an X game does lack a certain punch, but it depends on how you measure progress. You get to the point in an X game where you’re setting marine training regimes for your boarding frigates, adjusting the onboard tracking modules for your point defence systems on capital ships, have automated cargo and trade lanes between your network of fabricators and colossal space stations. And so on.

    So, I dunno…I guess if you look at it as a sandbox strategy game, where it’s all about finding a niche and using ingenuity to build an upswing, there’s a lot to love. It’s technical, vast and rewarding, but has the propensity to feel dull if you’re unclear what to do or where to go.

    Also, as a man I can safely assume to be a sci-fi veteran, the series has always had superb celestial design. From the ships to installations, to system detritus and so on, there’s lots of ogle.

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    @angryjedi Yeah, I can agree with that but I always feel weird about “Fuck those guys” who exactly are we talking about? When a gun owner kills a guy is it “Fuck gun owners” or “Fuck that guy”

    As a guy who lives in America I saw my entire country lose it’s collective mind about 10 years ago over the public outrage of “Fuck those guys” (casualties, 1 country(unrelated), many personal freedoms related to wiretapping, search and seizure, and thousands of personal injustices at people whose only crime was sharing a nationality)

    Don’t get me wrong, I understand and to a large extent back the anger you have, as a dude who bought Mokoto DLC for Blazblue I’m feeling it myself and praying I didn’t click “save my information”. However I’m also studying computer security at a college… how much anger will it take before “Fuck those guys” includes me?

    When a gun owner kills a dude we don’t say “Fuck all gun owners” when a priest molests a child we don’t say “Fuck all priests” When a guy who plays violent video games does a bad thing, I wish people didn’t say “Fuck all people who play violent video games” (though we’ve certainly heard that line a few thousand times.)

    “Fuck that guy?” Damn straight “Fuck those guys?” errrr…. I wish we were more… specific… We’re all a part of “Those guys” to someone, and people who didn’t do a bad thing shouldn’t be punished for other people’s actions.

    Honestly we don’t even know who/if there was a “that guy” yet or what they did. If this speculation is true, ( http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/109545-Speculation-About-PSN-Outage-Turns-to-Custom-Firmware ) then it’s not even about a guy breaking in to take people’s information, it’s about dudes loading their PS3s up with downloadable content like it was an all you could eat buffet.

    Let me add that I’m not worried about Pete, Pete as far as I’ve been able to tell, is a cool cat who wouldn’t support any unfair blanket fuckery and not afraid of nobody. You’re not saying “all people past and present who have identified themselves as hackers regardless of individual action should burn in a fire.”

    You’re more upset (near as I can tell) at that aspect of human nature that causes man to turn on man and generally be dickish to one another for little to no reason, and in that I’m 100% in agreement, Life’s hard enough on it’s own, we should be helping each other out with it where we can rather then adding additional miseries.

    but a million Petes with good intentions in that moment of anger shout “fuck those guys” and demand action from a dude higher up goes “who? Those guys?” and with his limited understanding of the distinctions passes a law that harms the wrong guys and we’re all in trouble.

    This sort of thing has happened before.

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    It’s sad to see a game platform so gravely wounded by a security failure. A lot more people would be pissed if this happened to Microsoft.

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    @shingro: Oddly enough, I feel the exact opposite. Yes, Sony fucked up, but when has Sony ever proved it’s not an incompetent retard when it comes to PR handling of disasters? I find myself more angry at the fact that, as you say, There’s Always A Jerk Somewhere.

    There shouldn’t be. But there is.

    Fuck those guys.

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    Okay, I’d like to push this along a different route since there’s a very very unfortunate possibility coming out here. What we know now, is the following

    1. Someone intruded into the PSN network
    2. Sony found out about this and took down PSN without warning or comment
    3. Sony did not tell anyone until many many days after the intrusion that their data might have been compromised

    Yes, I’m angry at the guy who broke in, but lets face it. There’s ALWAYS a guy breaking in. Railing against the guy who broke the rules is as useless as cursing the sun for shining. Welcome to human nature 101, today’s topic: There’s Always a Jerk Somewhere.

    The people we should be angry at are the people who said “Hey Jim, someone broke into our network by using that key to simulate a dev account” “Shit, is the information our users entrusted to us safe?” “dunno, they had access to most of it” “WELL WE CAN’T TELL ANYONE THAT WOULD BE BAD PR, MAYBE WE WON’T HAVE TO SAY.”

    The guy who broke in might have taken something, maybe not, maybe they used it for something, maybe not, maybe they stole some credit card info, maybe not.

    Sony definitely and deliberately did not tell it’s users about danger to their personal information despite knowing the danger existed.

    And now according to this article (Posted originally by pete on facebook) http://www.gamepro.com/article/news/219040/psn-may-be-back-by-wednesday-expert-claims/ It’s suspected that Sony is going to try to change the root key to put the Geohotz genie back in the bottle. Trouble is, all existing software on the market uses this dev key, so are they going to risk the “false positive” antivirus problem and potentially murder existing legitimate software in their attempt to stop further piracy? Surely they wouldn’t be so rash as to risk harming existing legitimate users in their attempt to prevent people from playing pirated ps3 games?

    Well… without even going into their excesses in the whole Geohotz debacle, I guess I’ll just post this

    Yeah,. great… this is going to be wonderful. I can tell you I’m sure as hell not signing onto whatever version of PSN comes up for at least a week until I’m sure whatever overzealous security system they have in place isn’t going to brick my system for having an “unauthorized peripheral” because I have a universal arcade stick for MvC3.

    (PS: ‘Hacker’ is just the term for a dude who knows his way around computer security, it’s like calling someone a locksmith, A locksmith can break into your house or in this case a bank, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you should call for all locksmiths to be rounded up and shot. If you’re interested in why I’d recommend http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hacker_(term) Regardless of how you feel about the semantics or subcultures I’d suggest the bank running the cover-up deserves even more ire.)

    Uhg, I where’d I put that flying poptart cat >_<

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    PS3 owners should probably read this right now if you haven’t heard already.

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    @unmanneddrone I have a question that only you, I feel, can answer for me. I’m wanting to grab some PS1 classics from PSN but want to make sure that they’ll still hold up. I’m eyeballing:

    • Front Mission 3
    • Soviet\Nuclear Strike
    • Final Fantasy Tactics
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    I hear GT5 is simply chock-a-block with content, just tied together with a bit of a piss-poor UI. A shame, considering how much Polyphony are nuts for attention to detail. When it comes to racing game menus, I cannot fault the PSP launch title of Ridge Racers. Oh, the glorious tastefulness of that game. The soft colours, the clean contours and iconography. Ahem.

    In regards to the PS3, I wouldn’t discount GT5 as not compelling and certainly not a game that a large section of “Gamers” aren’t going to pick up. It just doesn’t make sense that GT consumers are solely GT players, especially not with those numbers. Little Big Planet 2 was going to be the big, safe, cross-demographic season release until the push-back. There are the HD rejiggered versions of the Sly games and the Prince of Persia trilogy…but nothing huge outside of GT5.

    I’m quite enamoured by my Move controller, granted when time allows, and can’t wait to see how Under Siege plays with it. Hell, I’m just keen for Under Siege! This week, PAL land, this week! Anyway, being a PS3-only console owner, I’m in no position to judge what’s up or down with the console – outside of seeing Live’s cost good for only Party Chat, which I’d die for on PS3.

    Oh, and I’ve become very appreciative of the iPhone as a gaming platform of late. First Game Dev Story, now Air Tycoon 2…or, a stylish Aerobiz Supersonic clone. One of the great tycoon games of yesteryear, ol’ Aerobiz. I’m running a budget cattle-class carrier out of Sydney. Horrible food, piss-poor service, but at prices you can’t beat.

    Just don’t ask how I manage to keep above the red. *psst* I run an understaffed, overworked maintenance shed and rarely are my planes on the ground long enough for any sort of safety evaluation. To make money, sometimes you’ve gotta go to bed with the devil.

  • unmanneddrone 1:20 am on November 11, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: Crescent Pale Mist, PSN, , , ,   

    @bowlisimo I think the developers are aware of Jerry, so let’s hope they’ve the humour to slot him in somewhere in TW2. And the rabbit part when Jerry is just leaving the city walls? All I could think about was Silent Hill. “There was a rabbit here. It’s gone now.”
    @RocGaude “Legend of Zelda with a penis”. I like that! War strikes me as a fellow who’d sport some sort of big armoured penis, too. Perhaps with chains wrapped around the hilt.
    @beige Good work on the ‘Meat. I don’t know if you’re quite looking to fill the void yet, but outside of the TerRover suggestion, have you seen Crescent Pale Mist on the PSN store? A doujin-shooter mixed with Ninja Gaiden-esque hack and slashery. Best part? 5.99USD. Just came out. Looks utterly intense – http://bit.ly/clKBkm

    And new Squadcast! Good stuff, lads. It will be the soundtrack to my day. Many thanks to @angryjedi for arranging it all up there in his misty tower of audio warlockery.

    EDIT: Just some new info on the PSN RTS/Diablo/Myth spiritual successor Under Siege.


    Releasing in early December after a slight delay from this month, hitting both NA (14th) and Euro/PAL land (8th) for €14.99/£11.99/$19.99. And, while my bloody Move controller will be here FINALLY (Play-Asia’s backorder business and wholesaler mix-up got pre-orders shunted back to the 31st of October *grumble grumble*) within the next week or so, they say – much like RUSE – Under Siege is an utter breeze to control with the Dualshock. From an Edge preview:

    “The game began its development before Sony revealed Move, however, and the surprising upshot is that Seed has made the game play just as well, if not better, with the faithful old Dualshock. While R.U.S.E. demonstrated that, with imagination and ingenuity, an RTS can work well on console, Under Siege takes a reductive approach which goes further. Here, it’s difficult to imagine why you would need a mouse in the first place.”

    Let’s also remember Under Siege is being made by, what, a studio of five Portuguese blokes. They’ve done a sterling job, especially with the user creation tools for maps and missions. It seems the SoS is pretty much an 360 mob these days, but this surely warrants a look-in. So, the summary is:

    • Control scheme specially designed for the DualShock controller/Move Support
    • You can play multiplayer with up to four players online, and two two locally via split screen. You and your friends can play 1v1, 2v2, 3v1 or four players vs the A.I.
    • Video and voice chat in game and in the lobby
    • XMB screenshot and custom music support
    • Video recording
    • Since in Under Siege every map is made in the Editor, it basically means that any kind of multiplayer mode is possible. Currently, the game will ship with some maps of Deathmatch, Capture Point, Capture Treasure, and Survival. There will be more to come, but these will be a surprise.
  • RocGaude 5:53 pm on August 30, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: PSN,   

    @zegolf Consider yourself a certified asshole. 😉

    While I’m not pissed about the price hike, there will need to be a serious overhaul to the UI in order for me to stay that way. For example, you’d think that I’d get less ads if I’m paying for the service. Of course, cable networks don’t abide by that philosophy so it shouldn’t surprise me that Microsoft’s adopting it, as well.

    PSN is looking better and better.

  • unmanneddrone 1:29 am on August 26, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: , , PSN, ,   

    Folks, while you’re “ripping it up like Willy Mason”, this just popped up on the radar…and it certainly goes towards the AngryJedi DD Lifestyle argument! Check this business out! Please excuse the pic spam, but is this not one of the most gorgeous little Torchlight-meets-MNC you’ve seen in a while? Deathspank, Dungeon Defenders, we’re a bit spoiled for choice with the hack-and-slash titles, but adding Tower Defense to the mix?!

    According to Scrawlfx.com (http://bit.ly/9wwyN7)…

    “Trendy Entertainment’s announced a new action-RPG set to debut on PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE Arcade, and PC this fall. Dungeon Defenders utilizes the Unreal Engine 3 and brings up to four players together in a stylish watercolor setting.

    “Dungeon Defenders turns the tower defense genre on its head and adds a degree of depth seldom seen in a digital title,” said Jeremy Stieglitz, development director of Trendy Entertainment. “There is meaty character leveling and customization, awesome loot drops and plenty of team-oriented defensive strategy to manage, but then you have this action-packed wave-based standoff that gets continually more intense. It’s as deep as it is instantly fun.”

    Dungeon Defenders will allow up to four players to play together online or offline as one of four unique classes in fierce battles against waves of enemies across fifteen arenas. It aims to create a “seamless mix” of leveling, looting, and intense combat for “casual and core players alike”.

    It’s out this fall.”



    There’s an alleged pricetag of 10 bones lurking around, too. Under Siege, THIS, plus the aforementioned titles…oh, and Shank, plus the oldies like Fat Princess, Trine, Shadow Complex etc., the AngryJedi DD lifestyle choice is rapidly becoming something incredibly viable for console owners. These are glorious days, squaddies. Glorious days.

  • Pete Davison 4:43 am on August 24, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: , , PSN,   

    @feenwager: Having literally just finished DeathSpank (and yes, I’m aware what time it is… my sleep patterns are all messed up at the minute for various reasons) I’m stoked for a sequel. I won’t spoil anything, but they do make it pretty obvious at the end of the game that there’s more to come. So this sequel is probably less of a surprise to people who have already beaten the first one.

    You’re right about it being a wise choice, marketing-wise. Two $15 downloadable games is definitely going to garner the correct kind of attention for this game. If it were on shelves, it’d be ignored completely.

    I could go off on a lengthy diatribe about why this game works so well, but that’s ideal SquadCast fodder so I’ll save it for the next show.

    I will say this, though: I don’t know about the rest of you, but I haven’t even touched a retail release for about two months now. Any new stuff I’ve got hold of recently has been downloadable. I’m not even sure what’s come out recently. Anything good?

  • unmanneddrone 12:33 am on August 17, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: PSN,   

    Gents! My morning coffee was made all the nicer when happening upon the new gameplay vids from the PSN RTS-Diablo/Myth hybrid Under Siege. Brass tacks, let’s get down to them. Under Siege supports Move pointer controls, online 4 player multiplayer & co-op, 2 player split screen, level creation and uploading, video recording and youtube uploading, vidoe PiP chat, 1080p, 720p with MLAA…etc…etc. However, the gameplay vids shown here seem to be showcasing the traditional Dual-shock input. In any case, it’ll be between 10 and 20 euros.

    Gameplay vid – http://bit.ly/byOvrH

    The big one, the most exciting one, the editor toolset! Within which, you can create any mode of game you care for, including DOTA and whatnot. With global sharing, nonetheless. Forgive my giddiness once again, but this is all sounding glorious. Feature-rich and low cost of entry.

    The official site is now live – http://www.undersiegegame.com/

  • unmanneddrone 8:09 am on June 18, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: , , PSN,   

    Aaaand I jinxed it. No Blur today.

    Just wanted to share a few thoughts. E3 was not only the point where I decided I’d adopt the Move controller as early as possible, but the moment where I would give up an old friend. The PSP is, in my mind, one of the great triumphs of this generation, but its lack of real support outside of a new marketing campaign and a few trailers here and there seems to be the signal where I give up a machine I’ve owned since launch. It’s certainly not a celebrated triumph, though. I’m one of the staunch defenders of the system – and cradle the sleek thing every time it gets slammed (lovingly) on the EBP. But, the time has come.

    If there ever was a company to jump into the handheld market and take on the plumber and co., it had to be Sony. A long history of solidly built portable tech, they certainly set the bar high with the PSP on a number of fronts. Great screen, a fine analog nub (lousy for some folk, granted), removable storage media, multimedia functionality, a well-rounded online multiplayer infrastructure (in many genres, too. The SOCOM squad-strategy title Tactical Strike is, to this day, the most intense and gripping multiplayer I’ve had – like Full Spectrum Warrior, but better), an internet store etc., etc.,

    The strategy of the machine was rather lumpy for a while, certainly in regards to marketing what it was. Strange NA commercials involving squirrels and carpet lint (?!) seemed to do more damage than good, especially when Chris Cunningham’s (unreleased?) commercial tapped into the trendy gamer vibe the machine should have been directed at strongly in the first place (see here: http://bit.ly/9shs8g ).

    In any case, the lack of a decent marketing campaign right out of the gate seemed to help promote the idea that the PSP was nothing but a port machine – and in part, that’s true, especially when it comes to a lot of Japanese RPGs and the more niche titles that find their way to Western localisation through the PSP. That doesn’t discount the slew of unique and interesting titles exclusive to the system.

    But it is time to hang up the hat and put the trade to good use. I’m not sad to see the thing go, but the memories will be cherished. Friday night Killzone Liberation matches with friends, the Ridge Racer rivalries, discovering the machine had its own Crimson Skies game (MACH) and could gameshare to eight players from one UMD, internet bouts of Tactical Strike/Warhammer 40K/Field Commander, the list goes on. I’ll be there with bells on for PSP2, but for the time being, it’s adios to the machine and hola to a curious glowing ball on a stick.

  • unmanneddrone 10:41 pm on June 15, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: , PSN,   

    The price is right for PSN+, so I’ll have to indulge. Seems like a good deal.

  • unmanneddrone 2:05 pm on June 15, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: , , PSN,   

    Folks, any thoughts on the rumoured PSN+ premium online service for the PS3? I suspect I’ll wake up tomorrow and you guys will have flooded the ‘Box with info and opinion.

    @beige Not sure about Nintendo. I suppose there’s always the old standby Zelda. *snooze*

  • unmanneddrone 9:36 am on June 12, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: , PSN   

    @angryjedi: Home again, home again, jiggedy jig. Yeah, highly recommend Joe Danger – the motorcycle stuntman version of Uniracers/less intense Trials HD-Excite Bike mash-up. Simple in concept, a – dare I say it – Nintendo-esque sense of sheer fun, with a ton of content, friend leaderboards, track editor…a complete package. Probably the best PSN game to have come out of late. Charming stuff.

    I’d probably recommend it also to @Chris Whittington. Alex and your fine self would have a hoot in the splitscreen two-player. It’d be great to have a Squadron rivalry going with the leaderboards.

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