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    @bluesforbuddha Everything that you say about P4A makes me want it even more than I want it right now. The only issue is that I’m not about to play a game like that without a new joystick, and I can’t afford a new joystick for a little bit. But, when I do, I’m going to gorge myself on Street Fighter IV AE and P4A. Does anyone else play Street Fighter here? I used to have a mean Cammy in SFIV, and I’ve been jonesing to get my fighting game on.

    I’m looking forward to the story mode for P4A since, like you, I love those characters and can’t wait to spend some more time with them. I’ve also heard that Labrys is a worthy addition to the Persona universe, which I was a bit worried about. I have been trying to stay spoiler free, though, so I guess I’ll make my own judgment when I finally pick all of that stuff up. Also @bluesforbuddha, I heard that Mitsuru is a charge character. Is that true? If so, that is a shame, because I just do not possess the patience for dealing with that shit. I guess I’ll find another main, but Mitsuru is my favorite character of those on the roster. Maybe Kanji will match my playstyle…

    I know I mentioned it here at some point in time, but Mortal Kombat 9 is both incredibly competent and incredibly entertaining. The fighting system isn’t anywhere near as deep as Arc Sys or Capcom 2D fighters, but it isn’t as clunky as MK games were for a while there. Also, the DLC is both spot-on and incredibly fun. Freddy Krueger could have been dumb as hell, but he’s a ton of fun to play with and matches the tongue-in-cheek tone of the game really well. And, finally, the game plays super well with just a regular controller, so it’s the kind of thing you can fuck around with without investing in a stick.

    I have no idea how I got sidetracked talking about MK…

    LA Noire is down for the count as is Quest for Glory IV (let the podcasting commence…). I don’t have a ton to say about LA Noire, but I’m curious as to why people who fold origami in media go psycho and do horrible things. Maybe I should keep my origami folding to myself lest anyone think I’m going to become a serial killer/arsonist/whatever else…

    I came home from work on Thursday and my (much) better half had a stack of new games sitting on the couch based on the Squad’s recommendations. She picked up Red Dead Redemption, Assassin’s Creed II, and SSX. (The last one wasn’t a recommendation, but I played the demo to death and wanted to give it a shot.) AC2 managed to make itself fun outside of assassination missions, which is something the first one didn’t get right. It’s a shame, too, because the crusades are such an underutilized time period in games, as is the crazy philosophy of Hassan-I-Sabbah. I periodically flirt with the idea of getting “Nothing is true. Everything is permitted” as a tattoo.

    Red Dead is a lot of fun, but I’m trying not to get too OCD about it. There is already after only a few hours of play a ton of stuff to do, and it sends my brain into that overdrive where I get overwhelmed by choice and ultimately end up doing nothing. I don’t give a fuck about playing horseshoes, for instance, but I still play it for some reason.

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    So, I have a bit of a Feenwager Challenge update: LA Noire is the first Rockstar game I’ve found enjoyable since GTA: Vice City, and I mostly like that game for the soundtrack and the 80’s charm. I pulled up the map today and realized that I live only 4 blocks west of the western most point on Wilshire on the map. I know I mentioned it earlier, but it’s so cool to see the town you live in so lovingly constructed. I remember @bluesforbuddha making a similar comment when Scott Pilgrim lovingly recreated some of the hipper parts of Toronto, but it is a really cool feeling.

    According to a case list I pulled up, I’m about halfway through the game, which is a shame. It’s gone by too fast, and there is way too much DLC.


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    @rampantbicycle Thank you for the incredibly detailed post. We started up LA Noire last night and are having a good time with that. I have also made notes to pick up both AC2 and Red Dead Redemption when we finish LA Noire.

    I had started LA Noire a while back, but I’m having a much better time with it now that I’ve started over. I like the mission structure to the game, and I also like that I can force someone else to drive from location to location. I’m not in it for the sandboxy stuff so much as I am for sleuthing. (Though, living in LA makes the game interesting to drive around in. There is a shot of the Pantages Theater at the beginning of the game, and she and I were at that exact intersection for dinner an hour before we booted the game up.)

    @redswir1 Half-Life 2 is a good suggestion. I wish I still had my copy of The Orange Box for 360. Speaking of which, I seem to have a black home somewhere that’s eating games. Both Mass Effect games are missing as is The Orange Box. Creepy… (Alright, they probably got lost in the mail when I moved to LA from NJ and I didn’t notice until now.)

    I’m not sure the first Mass Effect is really worth revisiting. I might pick up the PS3 version of ME2 solely because it has the interactive comic that lets you skip the first Mass Effect. Every time I think about replaying it, I remember having to drive the stupid tank and lose all will to play it again. Though, I must admit that I do enjoy ****ME1 SPOILER*** leaving Ashley the space racist to die a terrible death.

    I forgot where I was going with this, but what’s important is that I said mean things about Ashley. Also, Thane was really dreamy. Did anyone else romance him in ME2?

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    Finished the LA Noire DLC yesterday and like @Feenwager, there are elements which kind of fall apart when doing cases individually outside the overall narrative of the story.

    I accidently completed the cases out of order (i.e I completed Nicholson Nickelplating before A Slip of the Tongue), so I went from hearing cops badmouthing Cole back to Cole being a golden boy and a hero. That was kind of weird and really took my out of the experience so to speak.. although it was funny to hear Cole’s little admission about liking blondes to his partner in Traffic while driving somewhere in the A Slip of the Tongue DLC. I enjoyed the size and scope of the Nicholson case particularly as I was going through it – although most of it (without revealing anything) felt relatively pointless in the end. Searching for clues in particular during that missions was quite the hassle. Anyway, I’ll still play Reefer Madness when it comes out since I paid for it already but I’m sure I’ll pay for more if any comes out.

    And finally, may I be the first Squaddie to wish a very happy birthday to one of our fearless leaders @rocgaude !!! May you enjoy this day – quite possibly the best day of the year, for reason which may or not may be associated to my birthday as well 😉 – to the fullest. Cheers!

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    @bluesforbuddha You… liked LA Noire? I only played the first disc (360 version), but god.. the writing was so bad. I hate Phelps. He’s one of the most obnoxious protagonists I’ve ever had the displeasure of playing as.

    I love that it’s basically a high-budget adventure game, but all the cases I’ve played basically solve themselves. You don’t really have to put any thought into it. Even if you get some questions wrong (which is inevitable with the miserably vague Lie/Doubt/Truth system), it doesn’t actually matter.

    Blah. I might go back and finish it, just so I don’t have to attach a disclaimer any time I talk about it, but I really, really disliked what I played of LA Noire.

    Guess I’ll have to go through the LA Noire posts here to see what you guys thought.

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    Just completed L.A Noire and yeah, I’m with @feenwager @beige and @rocgaude in the “good game but not GOTY” side of the equation.

    I enjoyed the cop procedural mechanics although my apparent lack of ability in properly reading the facial expression and, at times, using evidence properly killed me in the questioning. Blowing the questions, even as I still pieced together the cases adequately, really made me feel like I was missing parts of the story arcs each time. Even towards the end-game, I was finished cases with a 55-65% success rate. I think the lack of context for what Phelps has in mind with ‘truth’, ‘doubt’ and ‘lie’ in each interrogation really hampers at times.

    The overarching story was quite engaging and for the most part, well done and in keeping with what most people think of as ‘noire’. Like @beige mentioned previously in his posts, there are some plot holes that could have used some patching. There is one particularly plot jump forward on the Arson desk that doesn’t play well to me as it is too much of a coincidence to me…. although it may have been referenced early in the game but I don’t remember it at all….

    Anyway, enjoyable throughout… I may play a bit of free roam but I’ll probably move on to the next game on my list until the new cases are available (I purchased the Rockstar pass this evening). I may finally get to Alan Wake….

    Also thanks all for the recommendations….. I’m no closer but that’s alright

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    I sent back LA Noire this week after running into what I’m assuming is a glitch that prevented me from moving forward in the A Walk in Elysian Fields case. I just have no tolerance for that shit and will finish it when the patch finally drops. That mixed with my wife’s loss of interest in the game based on it’s constantly somber tone sealed it’s fate.

    I’m also in the “good…maybe revolutionary, but not GOTY” camp that @bluesforbuddha and @feenwager reside in. It’s a cozy place.

    …and yesterday’s news of The Witcher 2 coming to the 360 makes me all smiles. Expect my participation in that conversation in early ’12.

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    @rampantbicycle Thanks for your detailed thoughts. I only asked as much because you’re the Queen of Mystery Narrative, so it seems, so who better to ask on the merits of LA Noire than yourself?!

    What’s more, only in the SoS could you find a wall of text “on” a game, without it being “about” the game. It’s what I love, and sadly miss in the greater gaming media. Hope I don’t come off sounding like a stodgy old curmudgeon, despite a predilection for mechanic over the fictive elements.

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    @unmanneddrone I confess to some surprise at your interest. 😉 But sure, I’ll de-lurk to talk about LA Noire.

    Normally I pass on a lot of what I have to say to Mark, so much of what I have to say you’ve heard before. And then, there are some things I would love to say that would require me to spoil the living shit out of the game, so I’d better not.

    I am something of a student of literary genres, being a Book Person. Noir happens to be one of the subgenres I have actually studied formally – I have written papers and researched and everything – which means I will cheerfully bore the ears right off all of you if permitted to. I will say that the noir-ness in LA Noire leans more toward Ellroy than the wave of writers who pioneered the genre – Chandler, Hammett, and so on. This is unsurprising, as what seems to have happened is that someone fell madly in love with LA Confidential and decided that flavor desperately needed to be a game. The game is so terribly reminiscent of the film that Mark was legitimately surprised when certain events did not transpire as they do on the silver screen.

    This said, despite owing more to the second generation of noir writers than the first, the game is reasonably true to genre. So, a mark in its favor there. I’d hoped for something a bit older-school, but I was overall fairly pleased.

    There is one moderate-to-tremendous story fail. Your mileage may vary. I felt cheated of scenes we could have had – should have had. I am not speaking of the unanswered questions left when the curtain falls – some of those are often to be expected in stories of this kind.

    I also feel that the developers missed a bit of a trick in not providing more meat in their beautiful and meticulous Los Angeles. Books have been written on how deeply intertwined noir as a genre is with Los Angeles (especially!), New York, and to a much lesser extent Chicago – so much so that imagining noir stories in other places can be quite difficult to do.

    Excellent noir stories do exist set in other locations, indeed other nations – Georges Simenon took a break from writing cozy Maigret mysteries to produce some of arguably the grimmest of all noir novels in various European settings, and in more recent years Japan has brought us Natsuo Kirino and her deadly-dark Out. And of course there is Scandinavia, which everyone is suddenly making a fuss about thanks to Stieg Larsson, as though there were not many excellent writers who have been giving us fine sordid stories of the far north for decades.

    But I digress. Considering how integral the milieu of Los Angeles is to our conception of “noir-ness,” I would have liked more richness in its portrayal.

    I cannot speak for the combat, or the driving; I wasn’t at the helm. I will say that the facial expressions were more obvious than I was expecting, but not necessarily all that useful for actually determining the truth or falsehood of a given statement. The interrogation system was an interesting idea, but I think it needs work; too often we were saying “Choose ‘lie’ and see what Cole says” because we just weren’t sure what the game thought our character was thinking. (There are reasons I dislike dialogue systems that don’t tell me exactly what my character will be saying if I choose an option.)

    I think the use of evidence system could have been a little more robust, too. The game expects you to make a particular connection, and with that connection a particular point. Sometimes you can use multiple points of evidence to make that point, but not often enough – so there are occasions where if you aren’t thinking along exactly the same lines as the developers you can still fail even though you had in mind an argument that was perfectly valid. I did not expect that in 2011 I would still be having flashbacks to the guess-the-verb problems of the old-school text adventures. 🙂

    The mystery genre as a whole is famous for being rather cliched, but mystery scenarios can be surprisingly hard to write. Particularly if they are meant to be played through rather than read or watched. A film or a book has the advantage of being able to keep the “camera” on all the important things; unless the writer or director is “cheating” you will have all the clues you need to work things out. In a playable mystery one has to be able to rely on the player to find the necessary stuff and make the necessary conclusions, and that’s hard. (Some really rather fantastic articles have been written about designing mystery scenarios for tabletop RPGs, perhaps the most difficult of all contexts to guide players through, and if there’s interest I’ll try and dig them up sometime. ;)) One can easily see places where LA Noire’s scenario designers built redundancy into many of the important bits of information, in case a botched interrogation or missed clue leaves you puzzling. We did not need this, being pathological completionists, but it was good to see that it was there.

    I also really liked playing spot-the-plot-homage with other familiar noir stories, and the cameos from real life personalities like Mickey Cohen and Johnny Stompanato. And Ray Pinker. Who is a real person, perhaps best known for his work on the Black Dahlia case. Bit of a stealth cameo, that. How many players will know?

    LA Noire was an interesting and for the most part enjoyable experiment, and I think it will be interesting to see how it is built on in the future, since it seems to be selling well. I can’t mention one of the things I’d like to see in future installments, since that would be a tremendous spoiler, but I’m still hoping for something a bit more vintage-flavored next time. Perhaps something with a more movie-studio-centric plot or two. That could be fun.

    I apologize for the wall of text, everyone!

    Oh yes, and by the way, because this was my thought back when Mark said it and it’s still my thought now: There is something deeply wrong in our society when we have no problem with seeing brutalized, dead naked women in our video games, but a living woman who is even a little bit naked and looks like she might be enjoying it is reason to flip out. We’re okay with showing me her head wounds and the boot-marks on her chest, but not even a little teasing glimpse of her breasts while she’s alive?


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    @beige From what I understand, your entire FS game archive is able to be accessed through the match history section of your profile. In fact, anyone’s archived matches can be accessed. A lot to glean from said matches…I still haven’t gotten a bead on you or @bowlisimo‘s style of play yet!

    Super happy it’s done so well, though. Minecraft is one thing, but to see over 500 people now on the servers, not counting offline challengers and challengees? Great stuff.

    By the by, any chance of @rampantbicycle stopping by to give her thoughts on LA Noire?

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    @feenwager Oof, that’s not good. I suppose there’s always Dungeon Siege 3 to fall back upon, if you need your hack-n-slash console fix that isn’t named Torchlight.

    What’s wrong with Daggerdale?

    @beige Thanks for the insights into ol’ LA Noire. I’ll get to it someday. I was also curious to hear the Minottis state they don’t think it has much GOTY punch. Granted, a tough year in terms of competition, but surely there’s enough there to warrant some awards – not that any limp-wristed gamer award legitimises artistic credibility.

    @bowlisimo It’s looking like Waco now. Do your best, Branch Davidian.

    @Shingro Yeah, I cannot stand giant robot anime fare, hence why Patlabor is so beloved. All Japanese robot cartoons, with the exception of Patlabor and perhaps Gasaraki, make me yawn with their toy-manufacture-driven designs. I need something that I can count on will break down or get an oil leak. Something that with blow out a few actuators and have a few guys standing around in white coveralls poke about before trucking it back to the pit. I want machines, not metaphors.

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    LA Noirians, a few questions:

    • Heavy Rain and LA Noire…mutually exclusive, or do they share some interesting mechanic/narrative overlap? Obviously, you fellows shredded Heavy Rain quite soundly in the old Squad mission on some levels, but are there some areas where Heavy Rain does a better job than Noire?
    • In comparison to certain PC adventure games (Still Life series etc.), are the investigative mechanics similar/dissimilar?
    • After hearing those rapscallion Minotti boys suggest the “tell” notion in interrogation isn’t as subtle as it should be, given the animation fidelity, how do you guys find it? Is it at the right level? Is it entirely reliable? Are there deficits?
    • Finally, with this tech, what type of story/genre/game would be benefited with such mapping and animation techniques?

    @RedSwirl Big hugs and bro-fists, friend. Indeed, anime and manga (I do prefer Mamoru Oshii’s more serious, contemplative tones in the Patlabor movies than the TV series, but they’re all great – even the maligned Wasted XIII and that strange Mini Patlabor hilarity) that illustrates day-to-day trials and tribulations of doing a job gets a big thumbs up. I don’t need much more, honestly.

    Cheers for the recommendation on Vinland Saga.

    @bowlisimo Wow, our Dark Extermination match is looking kinda gruelling, sir. It’s tit-for-tat thus far, with two MGs a piece ‘raising rabbits in Montana’. Dare I say it, but your shotgunner fills me with unease…Sweeping rooms against such an adversary with an MG? I cannot say I relish this task.

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    I also just made it to the Vice desk. After 30+ years, it finally dawned on me that “Vice” meant drugs (aka, a human vice). This was just like the other forehead-smacking moment I had about Phoenix Down.

    Loving the game with a capital L. Any time I feel like I’ve put a lot of time into a game, reach the mid point, and still want more, that’s a great sign. Didn’t feel that way about Portal 2. I wanted to button that one up right around the end of the 2nd segment.

    I’m not sure how I feel about the authenticity/speed of gameplay trade-off regarding the telephone segments yet. I know that that’s how getting info was done in the 40’s but, come on, let’s move this thing along, Rockstar…I’ve got perps to brow beat.

    @angryjedi Best of luck on the interview, chum. I’d love to see you hit that “next level” of industry access.

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    I’m about 3/4 through the homicide desk, and I’m at about 90% right/wrong ratio for the interview questions. It definitely took me a bit of time to get the cadence the game was going for, but I think I’ve got it now.

    I had the same thought as @beige about the “does this need to be an open world?” deal, and I think I came to a similar conclusion. That is, why not? If they’re willing to put in the effort to design it, at least it’s there if you want to tool around and enjoy the sites. Also, it removes the “it’s only an 8 hour game from Rockstar…AHHHH THE SKY IS FALLING” reviews from the equation.

    Ultimately, I feel it’s a big, “open” world where DLC can be bolted in at a later date. Depending on how the story wraps up, I think I’m ok with that. I wouldn’t mind buying a case or three every few months and jumping back into the Noire world.

    As for the side-quests, I’m treating Streets Of LA as it’s own game; one I intend to play after I”m done with LA Noire.

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    @feenwager I agree on both of your points. The side mission stuff isn’t convincing enough to pull me off of the main story thread. Regarding the question system, as frustrating as it is to get them wrong when you know what’s going on, when you actually answer of them correctly in a case and nail a 5 star rating, it feels pretty awesome 😀

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    Also, as much as I like the game, I have no desire to do any side stuff. I’m quite content following the main story.

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    I hate that I get so many of these damned interview questions wrong, even when I know what’s going on.

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    @beige After reading that, I’m undecided as to whether extensive knowledge of the genre going in is a plus or a minus. On one hand you’re getting all the nods and references like a champ, which always adds to the experience, but on the other it seems like having the case pretty much figured out before you’ve even had a chance to put two and two together, would detract from the experience, at least for me.

    I can imagine that Policeman isn’t used anymore for the same reason Stewardess isn’t.

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    I did play Crysis 2 and thoroughly enjoyed it on 360. It really took the parts I love about many action games and compiled it into a thinking mans shooter. I have my beefs with the character development, but it was still probably the best shooter I have played in some time.
    As for LA Noire there is some ace attorney in there, of sorts for sure. Maybe just because there aren’t many games in the genre to compare it to. L.A Noire definitely is catering to a different crowd, but with that I would have hoped the R* zombies would have been surprised and intruiged. If @beige has unveiled a true representation of the games reception … I have lost a little bit of my hope for the industry.

    What might win back some hope is if Witcher 2 manages to reach a larger audience. I know they have plans for console releases at some point, so that may be the time. I was complaining yesterday about how the game would probably be unplayable on my system, and I was almost correct. Luckily almost. The game will run on low settings only hiccuping in some of the more intense visual scenes.
    You know why I don’t care? The game is AMAZING. I may be riding a cloud of excitement into your thought bubbles here folks, but I feel that this game is the continuation of a legacy of PC RPG’s we have been waiting for. The original Witcher was a brilliant diamond in the rough.
    Witcher 2 is rough no longer, it is refined well beyond what i imagined. This is demonstrated in an insane production value and cinematic presentation, aswell as a clean interface that really aids the flow of the gameplay. On top of it the scope and complexity of all the games elements are just daunting.

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    Man am I the only one who passed up LA for The Witcher 2? I mean with this my 2011 backlog actually still isn’t that big (this, Crysis 2, Pokemon B/W, Dragon Age II) so I still might be able to slide it in sometime in July or something. Just tell me: does the moniker “Ace Attorney with guns” really fit this game that well?

    Platform choice has become all fucked up for me. Shooters? PC. Fighting games? PS3. My multiplatform 360 purchases have all been game-by-game cases.

    Assassin’s Creed games- crap PS3 ports, PC versions didn’t come out day & date, draconian PC DRM.
    Red Dead – crap PS3 port, no PC version
    NFS Hot Pursuit – More XBL friends actually playing it
    Bayonetta – really crap PS3 port
    SC Conviction – draconian PC DRM.

    Anyway, I actually haven’t started TW2 yet because the first game was still good enough for me to take my time beating, which I did last night near ass-o’clock. It kinda took me a while to figure out why I enjoyed the game so much too: it’s really playable.

    By “playable” I mean it does very little to get in your way of actually enjoying the game. All of the tutorial prompts are pretty much gone by the beginning of Chapter 2, and the game almost never takes control away from the player. That’s become almost like a superpower for console games these days.

    So even in the final chapter I’m like “go out and kill five more Bruxae and bring back a head for 1600 gold? Sure, cool, I can do that.” Most of the time when I’m this late I’m just burning through a game to get through it (ex: Red Dead) but in TW1’s case I was actually able to sit down and enjoy it.

    Lastly, so none of you guys checked out Crysis 2? I personally loved the first one for, again, being one of the only games these days to not shove me down a COD-knockoff rollercoaster (even when it got linear I didn’t feel constricted). I’ve been worried hearing that the sequel is a bit different. Well, it’s $30 on Amazon today (PC download) and you guys have become one of my main word-of-mouth sources. Do it?

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    @beige Watched the GB quick-look yesterday, which is about as close to that game as I’ll get for a long time, but maaaan, it looks fucking amazing, the detective work and character interaction especially. From the 30 or so minutes I saw, it’s obvious that the open-ish world (which apparently is skippable – smart) is there to serve immersion and to sell the authenticity of the era to people who really want to drink it in. The fact that you can’t blow it up, that you can’t gun down bystanders, and that if you drive around like a maniac you have to pay for all that collateral damage you cause really drives that point home. I’m impressed, aaaand absolutely bummed that it’s not PC bound. I’d play the whole game in monochrome.

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    Excellent show guy’s.

    Pacing is critical for me, I find that if a game keeps leading me on for hours on end with little to no story I will put the game down and walk away (FFXII and FFXIII are in this category sadly). I just don’t have time to play a game for 4 hours straight to make any significant headway. A game that I have recently picked back up that has nailed pacing to a T is Enslaved. Action and platforming are split perfectly and I can pick the game up play 45 minutes and get a decent chunk of story from it before putting it back down again. Likeability of the characters doesn’t hurt either.

    On the difficulty front, I’ve always been a normal guy. I just never saw the point of needlessly making the game harder for a few achievements/rewards and as Jeff said, there’s no point when you can just YouTube the extra cut scenes/bonuses at a later date.

    When a game frustrates me I usually put it down and I rarely come back to it. Meat Boy is the exception to this as after the cool down I am usually able to complete the obstacle that flummoxed me for 40 minutes in less than 10 tries.

    As for the DLC shenanigans it pains me that I actually considered buying Dragon Age 2 JUST for the preorder bonus goodies even though I haven’t finished DA:O. I am a sucker for that sort of thing and if it enhances the base game I find it very tempting to grab it and play it later. Collectors editions also play into this, I like the nicknacks but the in-game content is usually pretty cool.

    LA Noire is probably the most disappointing culprit in this situation. In a game where story is everything they are cutting out parts piecemeal and giving them to different retailers?! I find that appalling. They are actually denying content from their customers because they didn’t preorder/buy the game at GameStop/Walmart. I don’t mind different costumes/guns/etc but this is too much.

    Don’t get me wrong I will be preordering it GameStop as I have a good report with the manager/employee’s there and they typically give me preorder bonus cards even if I don’t preorder a game. But the Walmart bonus sounds intriguing, a car theft ring or something to that effect.

    Bonuses should be bonuses and not critical to the game itself. Its sad to see things going that way.

    Though I do appreciate the preorder bonus for Portal 2, $5 off is not too shabby

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    @beige @shingro Unfortunately I know squat about Japanese mythology. Although, I do know what Kamikaze means, and I did watch Samurai Jack, so…yeah that doesn’t really help. Even so, when taken in as its own whimsical universe, Okami is still a charmer. The “god of walls” is a cat that got stuck on top of a humongous tower and he gives you a wall climbing technique? All right, sure, why not?

    @rocgaude Go figure, there’s a blog about art books. Not usually my domain, but I’ve been on an art tear lately. That is a deep expensive rabbit hole, by the way. Damn.

    @unmanneddrone I wouldn’t hold your breath for PC L.A. Noire. At least not for a long while. They haven’t even done Red Dead Redemption yet.

    Man, I have to say, that facial technology really makes a huge difference. It’s 2011, time for the stilted expressions of melted wax face people to phase out of video games, at least the ones trying to be realistic.

  • unmanneddrone 10:56 pm on February 9, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: LA Noire   

    Kinda hoping there’s a slick PC release of LA Noire to come out of this, but otherwise, PS3. Fingers crossed it’s “all that”.

  • cptcarnage 9:12 pm on February 9, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: LA Noire   

    I know… call me sold. Only question now PS3 or 360 😉 odd they demoed on a ps3 in that vid.

  • Shingro 9:10 pm on February 9, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: LA Noire   

    a blend of alchohol, jazz and corruption would make a damn fine pie.

    Mmmm pie…

  • RedSwirl 6:53 pm on February 9, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: LA Noire   


  • unmanneddrone 9:16 am on January 22, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: LA Noire   

    @RedSwirl Here’s one for you, if you don’t mind dipping into the world of abandonware. Blue Force. It was actually written by Jim Walls, formerly the designer of the Police Quest series. It’s not quite as hard as some of the Police Quest games, but it’s probably my favourite “real life”, non-Revolution Software titles. Also one of my first non-LucasArts adventure games (not counting Granny’s Garden!). http://bit.ly/eYvjmw

    It’ll give you a good taste of the Police Quest games.

  • RedSwirl 3:37 pm on December 18, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: LA Noire,   

    After finishing Red Dead, next possible setting for Rockstar open world game after LA Norie: Samurai times?

    I’d at least like to see them try. Maybe a collab with Capcom since they have a certain relationship with that company.

  • zegolf 3:37 pm on November 12, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: LA Noire   

    Amazon already has LA Noire available for pre-order, with a $10 pre-order bonus, for those interested parties.


  • unmanneddrone 1:20 pm on November 12, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: , LA Noire   

    @angryjedi Me too! Bully/CCE is my favourite Rockstar game by far, followed by The Warriors (best 3D brawler…not that the realm is chockers with them). Bully was just filled to the brim with intrigue, which is something hopefully recreated in LA Noire.

  • Pete Davison 1:00 pm on November 12, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: , LA Noire   

    @unmanneddrone Bully/Canis Canem Edit is, to date, probably my favourite Rockstar game. The smaller scale worked hugely in its favour; you got to a stage where you started to recognise all the individual people wandering around town. That’s awesome.

  • unmanneddrone 6:46 am on November 12, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: LA Noire   

    I doubt this will game will be as big as RDR or GTA, given the context. I also doubt it’ll be as shooty-shoot as @RedSwirl is suggesting. If all goes according to plan, it could very well be the next Bully – a more limited audience, but ultimately one of the more interesting and accomplished games in the Rockstar stables.

  • RedSwirl 12:02 am on November 12, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: LA Noire   

    I’m probably on board for LA Noire just for the very concept of a classic-style detective story in a video game.

    @beige said on Twitter that he’d like for it to turn out to be a classic-style adventure game where you maybe have to pull a gun two or three times throughout the entire thing. I’m not sure we’re gonna get that, this being Rockstar. It’s likely gonna be another violent, mass market romp with great writing.

    Still, this being Rockstar, after seeing how well Red Dead did, It won’t surprise me when this game also makes it big. The best case scenario would be this actually being a classic-style adventure game on modern tech that sells big and resurrects the genre into mainstream gaming.

    Even if that means we one day end up getting dozens of crappy cash-in adventure games based on whatever the hottest book is right now, if we get one or two LA Noires or Heavy Rains out of that then I’m good.

    My only problem though is the fact that they have to call it “LA Noire”, like HEY LOOK AT US, WE’RE MAKING A NOIRE DETECTIVE STORY IN A VIDEO GAME.

  • unmanneddrone 11:03 pm on November 11, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: LA Noire, Legend of Jerry,   

    @beige Should be a wild and detailed ride, this LA Noire. I think what the devs have done with motion capture is get eye manipulation right – going by the trailer at least. Outside of Andy Serkis’ work, to see furrowing of brows, proper flexing and rises of the cheek and extra-ocular socket muscles for – say – narrowing of the eyes…goes a long way. Probably one reason why I haven’t picked up Heavy Rain yet. Those eyes. Those damn dead eyes in their oases of seemingly muscular laxity. But I should down the line. Won’t get my Millennium fix anywhere else.

    But LA Noire. A hoot.

    @bowlisimo Man, Jerry has – unofficially – turned up in the Two Worlds 2 savannah area. But, if we’re to go by this picture (http://bit.ly/9J65kF), he’s cameo’d in almost every single Euro-RPG that offered horses. Forget Alyx, forget Trip, forget every offsider. Jerry is the companion for the ages.

    “I swear to God, Jerry! I swear to God!”

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