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  • unmanneddrone 6:58 am on March 4, 2012 Permalink |

    Squad Music Mix 3: Get Out the Map

    (More …)

    • CMWhittington 10:40 pm on March 4, 2012 Permalink

      Half way through. There are some great cuts in there. Current predictions:

      @sinfony – Caspian & Mastodon
      @bowlisimo – Billy Joel
      @bluesforbuddha – Thin Lizzy
      @shingro & @angryjedi – Anything Japanese or video game related

    • unmanneddrone 12:39 am on March 5, 2012 Permalink

      Crap, I misspelled Mastodon on both the poster and the MP3. This will haunt me.

    • bowlisimo 1:05 am on March 5, 2012 Permalink

      Holy shit, whoever submitted the theme to Last of the Mohicans really threw me for a loop. I had to go to wikipedia to figure out why the hell you had it credited to Dougie Maclean. So, technically the track in the mix is by Trevor Jones from the movie’s original score, but based on The Gael by Dougie Maclean, who, according to a youtube commenter, also based it on a tune that goes all the way back to Vivaldi.

      You learn something new every day.

    • bowlisimo 1:08 am on March 5, 2012 Permalink

      Edit: Nothing to see here.

    • Pete Davison 1:16 am on March 5, 2012 Permalink

      You can.

      EDIT: see?

    • unmanneddrone 2:17 am on March 5, 2012 Permalink

      Bowley, it was a bit of a mess trying to figure out who to attribute what to, so I went back to ol’ Dougie. Don’t tell Trevor.

    • bowlisimo 3:02 am on March 5, 2012 Permalink

      It’s cool. I didn’t even know The Gael existed.

    • beige 2:49 pm on March 5, 2012 Permalink

      Fuck yes to whoever submitted Uncharted Worlds / New Worlds. Like Bowley, I knew this needed to be in there but I didn’t want to be the one to throw it into the pile. Have a lot of coding today so this is a perfect compliment to the day. Will listen, post thoughts later. As always, big ups to Alex C for his hard work.

    • impynickers 10:20 pm on March 5, 2012 Permalink

      and that is why internet sourcing is wrong… doh! The mysterious individual who posted this one must be really sorry. He definitely didn’t get his source from a youtube soundtrack mashup. I am sure he checked the internet to make sure every detail was correct before submitting… yes … that sound like this mysterious person. *Shifty eyes*

      Ok Ok …. so the original song is by Trevor Jones, indeed. I later find out that the song I was listening to on youtube was a mashup of good old Trevor and Dougie. I had come across this a few times, and I hadn’t seen the movie in about 15 years so I couldn’t tell the difference. I feel a dope. That said, the original song is incredible as is.

      I have many appologies. To mr. Drone and the rest for depriving them of the challenge of guessing me. But lets face it…. I have left very little consistent trail from my other submissions. If you can find a link between this piece and anything else I have submitted… I will mail you a cupcake.

    • impynickers 10:21 pm on March 5, 2012 Permalink

      There is however one left outstanding.

    • bowlisimo 12:45 am on March 6, 2012 Permalink

      @impynickers Ahh, that’s the track you meant to submit? The title of that (in your youtube clip) is actually “Promentory”, and there’s another version floating around from the film that has some more bass in it and is superior to the one they put on the cd (IMHO). Take a listen.

      Believe it or not, I used to hum that song in my head on the schoolbus in elementary school. That movie may be one of the major contributors to my fascination with that time period.

      Also, I would have accepted “The Courier” as Get out the map worthy as well.

    • impynickers 1:58 am on March 6, 2012 Permalink

      I knew there had to be another Nujabes fan out there. Haven’t a clue which CD Far Fowl’s is off of, but it is pretty chill. Hmmm… Red …. could it be you?

    • impynickers 2:06 am on March 6, 2012 Permalink

      Well now I just want to watch the crap out of that movie. I suppose that is what I will have to do. Thank you sage of all things last and mohican.

    • mjpilon 3:51 am on March 6, 2012 Permalink

      That Nujabes song is now on permanent play on my iPhone until further notice…. much love to the person you put that in

    • bowlisimo 5:45 am on March 6, 2012 Permalink

      Nujabes is 100% @redswir1

      If it’s not, I’ll be very surprised, especially after he pimped the guy on facebook. Japanese hip hop is pretty cool, it turns out.

    • Shingro 6:58 am on March 6, 2012 Permalink

      @rocgaude Well sure, but can you tell us apart? =P

      Alright! It’s that time again! I think this time I’m going to put my firsthand impressions down as I go through the mix.

      1. The Proposition: I’m desperately curious why this great instrumental was submitted, it sounds forlorn and the drums make me think someone’s doing a stentorian last walk to their execution D:. Good, but I can only think of my desperate curiosity at the impulse behind the submission
      2. Hee! How perfect! A complete shoe in, I’d put money that whoever suggested this theme also submitted this song, am I right? 🙂 (Though the comment about ‘I’m going to love while my love is young and strong’ can only fill me with a powerful regret over my hermit-ness during earlier years, bittersweet.)
      3. I have never ‘gotten’ rap, I guess that’s probably a surprise to no one. I like the rolling notes in the background but this key just doesn’t fit my lock.
      4. I really like those chimes… then it started to RAWK and I kinda got lost in it while I played King’s Bounty, a good sign =) The ending irrevocably makes me think of The Path.
      5. Man, that piano solo is something else, and those breathy voices melt my heart. ❤
      6. "screw 'em… ONWARDS!" Is what I think when I hear this song, it's probably that drum thump and the cadence of the song, well chosen =)
      7. I as admiring the rattly instrument when the drum came in I had a forced flashback to the Matrix. Trippy D: I didn't expect the drum to feature so heavily and so late from the start of the song. I like the celtic-esque pipes and cadence a lot =)
      8. Jolly! I love the lyrics~ it's a thing I'd sing out loud with a goofy smile on my face =D
      9. The way he ends his ns at the end of lyrics is driving me out of my mind because I know it reminds me of another musical styling, but I can't think of it D: She married an en-glish-mannn
      10. Another one I’m really curious what tie this has to the theme of the mix, my traditionally terrible ears cannot really make out the lyrics, maybe that’s it? There’s a really nice wibbly bit on the guitar solo =D having only the very basics of guitar in me, I can’t imagine how he did it, but am impressed o_O
      11. “I’m just a cowboy” ARE YOU? BECAUSE I SUSPECT YOU MAY ALSO BE A MUSICIAN! >:D *staaaare* I… I’m sorry c_c I don’t know what came over me D:
      12. Interesting and unique, does a lot of different things all together at the same time~ the title also makes it a shoe-in
      13. This one immediately makes me think of far off deserts and colored tents, some middle parts of the music has a sort of ‘strain’ to it, certain notes seem to come out then stretch as if pulled from both ends.
      14. So mellow… so… Cowboy! I was lulled so effectively I was pretty shocked when it got epic near the end, coulda almost been battle music o_O.
      15. PIANO! 😀 Footloose and fancy free~ made me smile =)
      16. Guar plains! What a great theme =) so much violin and changes ‘tone’ so much throughout the song, much much love ❤ That stop beat is great too, so varied I can't imagine getting bored listening to this in-game
      17. Respectable! I like a ;_; song every now and again and am a big fan of 'narrative' songs. (Though I will not ever understand why there always seems to be some sort of devil referance… Is it part of some 'slow guitar music' contract? @_@)
      18. I almost expected the crazy guitar and "FOXEH!!!" to blare out after that opening sting Ala Wayne's World. =D long one! I was real worried early this was one of those 'screamin' songs that doesn't let you hear the music much at all, but there's actually a fairly decent amount of range to it o_O

      Time to sleep, I'll finish up tomorrow

    • unmanneddrone 12:28 pm on March 6, 2012 Permalink

      Some great guesses and impressions thus far, fellows. Keep it up.

    • Shingro 11:22 pm on March 6, 2012 Permalink

      Impressions 2: Son of Impressions

      19. Another great instrumental piece that I’d love to know what it means to the person who submitted it
      20. The middle of this song always gets me~ love it.
      21. Snazzy! Makes me want to groove embarrassingly in my seat, which I suppose is exactly the point
      22. Weapons in the band, title, and lyrics! Pretty good, Would like to hear from the person who submitted it as to the theme connection =)
      23. Nice song for the squad in general 😀 Will forevermore make me think of the squad when I hear it.
      24. Mellow! I like it~
      25. Acapella?! D: I’m startled and fairly impressed. Dem tricorn hats XD
      25. A good closer to the album =D

    • mjpilon 3:33 am on March 7, 2012 Permalink

      Okay… here are my surely completely in-accurate predictions based on feel, intuition, guesswork and insanity 😉

      1. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis – @unmanneddrone
      2. Indigo Girls – @rampantbicycle
      3. Aesop Rock – @redswir1
      4. Caspian – @Sinfony
      5. Ken Nakagawa & Akiko Shikata – @angryjedi
      6. Billy Joel – @bowlisimo
      7. Nujabes – @redswir1
      8. Alkaline Trio – @rocgaude
      9. Clutch – @feenwager
      10. Mastadon – @sinfony
      11. Thin Lizzy – @bluesforbuddha
      12. Yasunori Mitsuda – @shingro
      13. Ken Nakagawa & Noriko Mitose – @angryjedi
      14. David Newman – @impynickers
      15. Chuck Berry – Me
      16. Yasunori Mitsuda & Yoko Shimomura – @unmanneddrone
      17. The Boss – @rocgaude
      18. Iris – @feenwager
      19. Dougie MacLean – @impynickers
      20. Nobuo Uematsu – @shingro
      21. Voldmars – @cgrajko
      22. The Sword – @bowlisimo
      23. VAST – @cgrajko
      24. Jack Wall & Sam Hulick – @rampantbicycle
      25. Stan Rogers – @bluesforbuddha
      26. Willie Nelson – Me

      Highlights for me includes Aesop Rock, Nujabes, Clutch, Alkaline Trio, Thin Lizzy, Voldmars and Stan Rogers. A great mix all together. Good job everyone!

    • mjpilon 3:41 am on March 7, 2012 Permalink

      Also Stan Rogers just screams out submission from a Canadian…. Props to my fellow Squaddie Canucks (I hope…) 😉

    • RedSwirl 4:04 pm on March 7, 2012 Permalink

      Impressive guys. Didn’t think I’d revealed any of my Nujabes love to the Squad.

      The reason I chose that track was because to me, it felt like it was symbolizing the end of a very long journey, or something like that. I guess that kind of fit, given that the song is actually from his latest posthumous album: Spiritual State, which came out not too long before I submitted the song.

    • bowlisimo 1:45 am on March 8, 2012 Permalink

      @rocgaude @mjpilon How the hell did you guys peg me on Billy Joel so quickly?

    • sinfony 4:10 pm on March 9, 2012 Permalink

      Seems people think I like Mastodon a bit more than I actually do.

    • unmanneddrone 2:21 pm on March 11, 2012 Permalink

      Fellows, let me know when you want the BIG REVEAL!

    • feenwager 2:31 pm on March 11, 2012 Permalink

      Dew eet!

    • unmanneddrone 3:20 pm on March 11, 2012 Permalink

      I’ll let it go for another day…then I’ll pull back the curtains.

      Also, any guesses as to who submitted the theme?

    • mjpilon 12:24 am on March 12, 2012 Permalink

      I’ve got @bowlisimo for this one….

    • feenwager 12:33 am on March 12, 2012 Permalink

      I had @rampantbicycle pegged as submitting the theme.

    • unmanneddrone 2:50 am on March 12, 2012 Permalink

      Alright comrades, here comes an avalanche of truth!

      Get Out The Map – A @rampantbicycle Theme

      1. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis – @unmanneddrone
      2. Indigo Girls – @rampantbicycle
      3. Aesop Rock – @cgrajko
      4. Caspian – @sinfony
      5. Ken Nakagawa & Akiko Shikata – @shingro
      6. Billy Joel – @bowlisimo
      7. Nujabes – @redswir1
      8. Alkaline Trio – @feenwager
      9. Clutch – @rocgaude
      10. Mastadon – @cgrajko
      11. Thin Lizzy – @feenwager
      12. Yasunori Mitsuda – @rampanybicycle
      13. Ken Nakagawa & Noriko Mitose – @shingro
      14. David Newman – @bowlisimo
      15. Chuck Berry – @mjpilon
      16. Yasunori Mitsuda & Yoko Shimomura – @angryjedi
      17. The Boss – @beige
      18. Iris – @sinfony
      19. Dougie MacLean – @impynickers
      20. Nobuo Uematsu – @angryjedi
      21. Voldmars – @redswir1
      22. The Sword – @rocgaude
      23. VAST – @unmanneddrone
      24. Jack Wall & Sam Hulick – @impynickers
      25. Stan Rogers – @bluesforbuddha
      26. Willie Nelson – @mjpilon

      Thanks to @rampantbicycle for providing a great theme. It certainly catalysed a rather nice blend.

      My submissions, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ “The Proposition #1” and VAST’s “Land of Shame” are not too outlandish. @shingro wanted to know the reason for the opener, and his inference that it sounded like a funeral dirge is not terribly far from the mark, I suppose. It’s a track from the movie of the same name, set in the outback in colonial Australia. The difference between the oft-romanticised Wild West of America and Australia was one of opportunity; America a veritable breadbasket of good agricultural lands and resources. Australia, to this day, remains a desolate and unrelenting land of failure and quiet solemnity. Almost every inland explorer ended up dead. This track, for me, evokes an incredible sense of lonely traversal and uncertain fate.

      And the movie is incredible. Incidentally, the script was written by Cave, and both him and Ellis are part of Grinderman. Little bit of trivia.

      And VAST’s “Land of Shame”? Well. I think we can all work that one out.

    • feenwager 2:54 am on March 12, 2012 Permalink

      Finally! My contributions weren’t so obvious!

    • beige 1:13 pm on March 13, 2012 Permalink

      Ha! You just beat me to the punch Alex, but I had you pegged as Intro Man.

      I knew that my wife was the only person who would have dared submitted the Indigo Girls to a Squad mix (unless someone is hiding an additional X chromosome I don’t know about) and “old yellow map” etc.

      Calin’s inclusion into the mix means that identifying the origin of metal just got more complicated. I had a sense that Willie might also have been from MJ – don’t know why… just a hunch. Billy Joel and Bowley seem correct together as well.

      For my own tracks:
      “My father’s house” is a song that I’ve got several versions of in my music collection. If you asked me “I need a song about the feeling of being utterly lost with no way to find my way back home”… well, there you go. I’m a big fan of the ending, too… like Heart of Darkness you get a Hero Walking Away into a world where nothing will be right again. Love Bruce’s wailing on his acoustic/harmonica there. So raw.

      Stan Rogers? I think it speaks for itself. Since I’m not the only one to submit nautical themed songs for our map compilation I think there’s probably something in the message of manly men singing acapella (!) about freezing to death in the Northwest Passage that is appropriate for this mix. Glad that we had Willie Nelson to cap off the mix though – I was slapping my head as soon as I saw that with a “I shoulda thought of this!” moment.

      In general, the Map Mix was exactly what I was hoping for. Breezy, ramblin’ road music appropriate for cruising down route 66 or wherever with the top down and a diner on the horizon. I’m continually impressed at the Squad’s musical acumen as well as our ability to tailor certain flavors to taste. Your feelings on folk music may vary, but with each one of these down I just get more excited about the next one. Great job everybody!

    • unmanneddrone 1:39 pm on March 13, 2012 Permalink

      Indeed, a fine job on every front. I mentioned this to @mjpilon prior that I do feel a bit self-conscious about providing the opener, but it didn’t really fit anywhere else without kinda killing the flow. If we were to sniff the cork slightly, maybe the title is somewhat thematically fitting…

      …the proposition, Squad, is get off the beaten track – either physically or metaphorically.

      And to follow that up, @rampantbicycle proffers the real kickstart with her fine choice.

      @beige I hope that Springsteen version was alright! Magic stuff.

      In a month or whenever folks’ feel like saying ‘now is the time’, I’ll unveil the next Squaddie-submitted theme and we’ll create another cracking mix.

      This next theme will be rather interesting…

    • cgrajko 6:50 pm on March 13, 2012 Permalink

      First of all, the phrase “get out the map” is way more evocative than it has any right being. @unmanneddrone nailed it: @rampantbicycle had a brilliant choice for the theme.

      My mind went in a lot of different directions when I saw the theme we were using. I initially thought about the type of songs that I would put in a road trip mix, but I worried that would be a bit too obvious for the type of high-brow, ultra-mosaic thinking necessary for The Squad. (Which, I was definitely right about, because there are some brilliant choices here.) So, I thought about the different possibilities for which one would “get out the map,” and I was torn between the idea that we need to get out the map because we’re lost/confused/taking off/etc… and the idea that we’re getting out some bad ass dusty old map to look for treasure (a la The Goonies or something).

      Ultimately, I chose one song for each possibility. The Aesop Rock song, “Skip Town,” was the first one that I decided had to be one of my two choices regardless of whatever else I chose or which direction I wanted to head. A lot of the lyrics here are based around the idea of transition and providing gravity for various moments in time. There isn’t a narrative, per se, it’s more of a post-modern exploration of what it means to travel and be in the mental space in which you need to travel. (As a sidenote, I love the way this guy uses language. He seems to repurpose and invert common phrases in really clever ways, and it makes me want to take a super active role when I’m listening.) I also assumed that a lot of people would include tracks that evoke the desert and wide open spaces, so I wanted something with a bit more of an urban, cityscape feel to it. The image on the cover for the mix is almost exactly what I envisioned when I chose this track.

      The Mastodon track was designed to evoke the idea of an epic adventure. The drums in the slower parts felt very Indiana Jones/Uncharted to me, and made me feel like I needed to have the map out in order to navigate my way through hostile territory. The spoken word part is actually a bit of a cop-out for me, as it ties it up a little too nice, thematically, but Blood Mountain, the album this track came from, is a concept album based around a journey. (To be fair, like three of Mastodon’s albums are about journeys: Leviathan is about Moby Dick, Blood Mountain is about an epic adventure to find a crystal skull, and Crack the Skye is about astral travel tied with Rasputin era Russian mysticism.)

      If anyone’s curious, I had some more folk/acoustic tinged songs that did not make the cut for one reason or another. I was going to submit “Road to Joy” or “Another Travelin’ Song” by Bright Eyes, but I ultimately decided not to submit either. I also almost submitted “Freddie Freeloader” by Miles Davis, but I figured that was a bit cliche and probably a bit too long.

    • mjpilon 3:23 am on March 14, 2012 Permalink

      My selections:

      To be honest, I had a heck of a time finding songs for this theme initially. In my mind, “get out the map” brought up Indiana Jones, Uncharted or some tropical adventure. I searched my music library for songs that evoke those franchises/ images but came up blank. Note that for these mixes, I try to stick to songs I actually have and avoid soundtrack music – I feel that is almost too easy depending on the theme, so I like the effort required to find other tracks to evoke the themes.

      After nothing came up, I froze for a while trying to find what I was looking. Then, my iPhone shuffle brought me to Route 66. Ding Ding Ding! Suddenly my view of the theme switched and it went to road trip and car rides. Nothing like this classic Chuck Berry hit to evoke that feeling. Just love this song. Suddenly, a bunch of songs came to mine although none as amazing as @Feenwager’s Movin’ Right Along (that song has been my go-to for about a week now…. and I am now looking for copies of the Muppet movies to watch as result). I ended up picking “On My Road Again’ because let’s be honest, it just HAD to be there and I guessed most of the Squad would avoid such an obvious choice.

      Just for fun, I consider C. W. McCall’s “Convoy” as a cheesy alternative for the mix but figured it was hard to drop either Willie Nelson or Chuck Berry just to ham it up some 😉

    • beige 1:26 pm on March 14, 2012 Permalink

      I came close to both ‘convoy’ and ‘truckin’ by the Grateful Dead except for the fact that ultimately neither of those are actually in my music collection. Try to stick to things that are actually representative.

      Movin’ right along was Jeff? Fucking fantastic.

    • RedSwirl 12:16 pm on March 15, 2012 Permalink

      Now that we all know, I don’t think I have to point out the pretty obvious title to my Voldmars track. Strangely though, both of my submissions, to me, each feels like the end of its own journey, each one a different journey.

      In the case of the Voldmars track, kind of like a hip hop version of Dorothy triumphantly dancing her way home with the gang… or some weird shit like that. The song also reminds me of a racing movie that recently came out and I don’t really know why. So there.

    • Shingro 4:32 pm on March 15, 2012 Permalink

      Ah, so much good music.

      For myself I was stumped for ages since I’d just submitted Utada Hikaru’s “Traveling” to the previous mix which would have been a shoe in for this. So weeks down the line I suddenly had that ‘oh man, video game themed board ‘get out the map’ Map musics! And from there it suddenly became incredibly hard to decide.

      In the end I cut things down to the music that I would actually ‘get out the map’ just to hear (enter that zone, go to the overworld, etc.) Chrono Trigger’s Corridors of Time is one such theme, Persona 3 and 4’s map music is another (Signs of Love, When the Moon’s Reaching out to the Stars, Etc.)

      The theme that plays in Croche’s Heart of Gaea is my easily my absolute favorite (Even if I liked Luca’s route better =P) That heartbeat at the start, and the wild piano solo, then the breathy vocals in Hymnos afterwards, for ages walking to work in the winter snow that song gave me the shivers =) (pretty sure that was the song at least, it does get a tad cold up here >_>)

      If I stuck to that theme my second would have easily been The World Ends with You’s Deja Vu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tF_Q6nL1AoI I loved it enough to set that to main map music and I’ve played through TWEWY at least 3 times now

      … but I started thinking theoretical again, and wanted to add a theme that really transported me to another place when I heard it and since I was already in Ar Tonelico 2 land my favorite character in there MirJakuri’s theme whenever you visited her in camp put me in mind of strange Arabian, desert locations with sand and tents and whatnot. Like her the theme is strange and somewhat alien yet unique and interesting. So I had to include it as well

    • Shingro 4:33 pm on March 15, 2012 Permalink

      Also, I’m greatly amused that @mjpilon managed to exactly switch all of Pete and my music selections =D

    • mjpilon 4:24 am on March 16, 2012 Permalink

      At least I got close…. I am right? :p

  • unmanneddrone 4:05 am on December 8, 2011 Permalink

    DOWNLOAD Many thanks for all the submissions A… 



    Many thanks for all the submissions. A very interesting volume to put together. Sit back, relax and catch those dying rays. I’ll let you know when I’ve recouped to compile the next – probably next month! As for now, let the guessing game begin! Also, I double-checked to see I had everyone’s tracks, and it seems like it’s worked out. @redswirl, I used one track from your early submission and a track from the resubmission – hope that was okay.

  • unmanneddrone 5:35 am on September 25, 2011 Permalink

    Sooner rather than later dear friends I’ve got… 


    Sooner, rather than later, dear friends. I’ve got this hosted at the moment from my Dropbox, but we’ll get another hosting situation sorted out ASAP if need be. Enjoy the fruits of your discerning tastes!

    HERE (237MB)

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