The Feenwager Challenge

(starting March 6th)

The illustrious @feenwager has presented a challenge worthy of our efforts: to eradicate our “piles of shame” for good.

Here’s what some of us are prepared to do:

  1. Make a list of games that you REALLY want to play (not the fluff that sounded like a good idea during the Steam and/or GameStop sales).
  2. Play through the games WITHOUT ADDING TO YOUR PILE (except for the big games that you will be playing through without the risk of them collecting dust).
  3. OPTIONAL (but highly recommended): Team up with another Squaddie or two who shares a game on your list and knock it out in unison.
  4. OPTIONAL: Post about your thoughts on each game as a “field report” on the Squawkbox. We’d love to know why we should or shouldn’t play this thing.
  5. Breathe a sigh of relief as you cross off each title.
  6. Enjoy the camaraderie that only the Squad can provide.

If you’re in, post your list in the comments field. Feel free to cross off each game once your time with it has ended. You can add to your list until March 6th.

Let’s do this.