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  • bowlisimo 5:49 pm on July 27, 2012 Permalink
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    Jesus, watching that is like watching a montage of my misspent youth.

    :50 to 1:50 being the most memorable. Ehhh, I wouldn’t give it back if I could, who am I kidding.

    Nice to see the aptly named DOS game “Ninja” briefly make an appearance.

  • cptcarnage 5:32 pm on July 27, 2012 Permalink
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    Neat little video about the evolution of PC gaming, how many can you name?

  • unmanneddrone 2:03 pm on July 17, 2012 Permalink |
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    Salvation Prophecy (PC) – Review 

    One man. One vision. Firedance Games’ debut title fights an intergalactic war on all fronts.

    (More …)

  • unmanneddrone 7:18 am on July 14, 2012 Permalink |
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    SunAge (PC) – Review 

    It took ten years of development for an indie studio to create a classical RTS. Are the fruits worth picking?

    (More …)

  • RedSwirl 7:20 pm on July 9, 2012 Permalink
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    @cptcarnage My problem is that I still need a computer to work on, and I can’t do that on a TV. I still need something with a screen two feet from my face. My choices are either get a laptop and turn my current system into an HTPC, or get a new gaming HTPC and relegate my old one to a work desktop. I’m choosing the latter because a new gaming HTPC would probably be less expensive than a powerful laptop, and because my Q6600 probably won’t be as useful a year from now. Don’t know if I’m gonna be able to do anything on account of joblessness though. My ultimate hope would be able to play a lot of the games coming out later this year on an HTPC. I’m also holding back on a lot of my current games (like Skyrim) until I can play them on such a setup.

    @shingro I’m gonna be practicing my Soul Calibur V all month. Anyone else on the Squad play it on PSN?

  • cptcarnage 4:01 pm on July 9, 2012 Permalink
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    @redswir1Thats pretty much what I’m planning to do with my old PC, its a core 2 2.66 with a gtx280. If I can get it running stably (It probably needs a new power supply have to cycle it once to get it to boot) I’ll move it into the den and hook it up to the tv. It runs Skyrim relatively well and its more then suitable for a media pc.

  • Mohammad AlHuraiz 3:08 pm on July 7, 2012 Permalink
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    @angryjedi I was curious about the Secret World for the exactly same reasons. I’d probably go for it if it plays nothing like WoW.

  • Pete Davison 2:42 pm on July 7, 2012 Permalink
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    Hello everyone,

    Just thought I’d share the fact that I have picked up a copy of The Secret World (or World of Lovecraft as I have decided I am going to refer to it). Reports from the front to follow.

    I’m all for the “set-top PC” model. Works great for me, even if my tower case is a little bit obtrusive if we’re being honest. If I thought about it a bit harder I could probably secrete it somewhere more discreet, but it works fine for me. Easy access to YouTube, Netflix, and indeed all the video on the Internet. Console ports work great with an Xbox 360 pad, PC-specific games work well too (though in the case of some, you have to sit a little bit closer in order to be able to actually read the text).

    It’s also basically the way around the “I Just Can’t Play Games On PC” argument. If your PC is effectively fulfilling the role of a console, no problem.

  • Mohammad AlHuraiz 10:03 am on July 7, 2012 Permalink
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    @bluesforbuddha My brother is planning to build an “emulator box” PC for his TV, he’s been showing me tons of small cases for that purpose. He already built a “smaller” PC for LAN parties and such, I can ask him for you if you want.

    http://www.silverstonetek.com/product.php?pid=291&area=en he has this one but there’s a smaller case too:

    silver stone has a few others too.

    edit update: brother asks what size are you looking for?

  • RedSwirl 10:42 pm on July 6, 2012 Permalink
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    @bluesforbuddha @bowlisimo Yeah I’m trying to go the Pete route too – a home theater PC for enjoying Steam, MKV videos, and streaming on my television. Instead of trying to find nefarious ways of getting streaming sites and downloaded videos to work on my consoles I think the best solution is to just hook up the goddamn computer to your TV. Right off the bat you get Hulu for free, and you don’t have to worry about using apps for HBO Go or YouTube or any other streaming service.

    The other reason is that while I love the advantages of PC gaming, I actually found myself missing the “feel” (I guess) of console gaming – sitting on front of a TV on a couch with a controller in-hand. Why not have both? I even tried it with my current system and the results were kind of mind-blowing.

    My 5-year-old current desktop can actually run Crysis 2 in 1080p at 60fps if I turn it down to DirectX 9, and it feels like a fucking next gen game. People probably roll their eyes now whenever a videophile complains about how most console games only render in 720p at 30fps, but finally seeing a video game like Crysis run at full 1080p on a TV kinda made me think (so this is what HD console gaming would be like).

    Thing is, if I go with a new system, this year I’ll probably still go for a sub-$200 card, possibly even just another HD6850. That card is $150 right now and is more than adequate for just about anything save Crysis 2 at DX11, The Witcher 2 maxed out (and even that will still run on high settings), and Battlefield 3.

  • bowlisimo 8:07 pm on July 6, 2012 Permalink
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    @redswir1 We’re in the same boat, except I have a job and I’m still not looking forward to dropping over a grand on a new rig. In fact, I think I may take a break from high end pc games for a little while. Yeah, we’ll see how well that goes. Dwarf Fortress don’t need no stinking 500 dollar graphics card.

  • RedSwirl 7:51 pm on July 6, 2012 Permalink
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    @cptcarnage Ugh. Thinking about doing the upgrade myself this year but I don’t think I’ll be able to afford a card as high-end as the 680. My current setup will also be turning 5 this year but I upgraded to an HD6850 last year and that might do fine until next year when another mid-range card will probably offer enough of a jump. The problem for me is upgrading to a new CPU and RAM, still being jobless and all.

    As for Gold, only reason I even need it anymore is Gears 3. @cgrajko Yeah Sony needs to get off their asses on HBO Go support.

  • cptcarnage 5:14 pm on July 6, 2012 Permalink
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    Defiantly an expensive day for me :-/

    Just finished ordering my new PC. My old one’s starting to act funky, and at 5 yrs old its getting a bit tired. I’m coming from a 2.66ghz core 2 w/6gb ram and a GTX 280 to a brand spankin new i5 3570k (3.8ghz) 16gb ram and a GTX 680. Even threw in a 256gb SSD for good measure. All told tax in it was just a hair over $2k :-/ cheaper then my original system though by about a grand not that that is very comforting.

    Looking forward to running Witcher 2 at the settings it deserves.

    On another note, my XBL Gold is coming up this month for renewal and I’m finding it hard to justify paying the 60 bones to keep it going. I just don’t see the need for it since I don’t really play that much online. Would it be particularly crippling to just get rid of it?

  • Mohammad AlHuraiz 7:45 am on July 6, 2012 Permalink
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    This video was floating around youtube, with the help of the Playstation Suite (sony’s Vita, mobile and tablet SDK) you can remotely play PC games from your PC. I managed to get the Suite running both my PC and Vita, but it appears that the developer didn’t post the remote play progam anywhere. Now I’m not sure if Sony would ever green light this thing to the public, but the fact that it exists and that the device has that capability got me all excited.

  • unmanneddrone 5:46 am on July 5, 2012 Permalink |
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    Get Your Mouse To Mars – A Dark Colony Retrospective 

    From the RTS Golden Age, a forgotten title left an unsung legacy.

    (More …)

    • bowlisimo 8:17 pm on July 5, 2012 Permalink

      Interesting, never heard of it. Looking at the screenshot up there, it looks like it clearly falls on the C&C RTS tech path of using a giant sidebar to build units, which was pretty handy back in the day.

      Was it Starcraft that overshadowed this game? Or was it Total Annihilation? Or was it that RTS games were a dime a dozen in the mid-late 90’s, and this one just didn’t differentiate itself enough from the pack to be remembered? The first Age of Empires came out the same year, was very different and is still remembered today despite Starcraft’s long, dark umbra.

      Either way, I’m definitely glad that mirrored faction idea is a thing of the past. Also, I wonder if that day/night cycle was Blizzard’s inspiration for a similar cycle in Warcraft 3.

    • unmanneddrone 10:36 pm on July 5, 2012 Permalink

      An old school RTS appreciation thread sprang up on NeoGAF after someone was trying to remember Warzone 2100…and Dark Colony was mentioned by a fair few folks (undoubtedly genre heavies and obsessed with curios).

      I think it might have been a culmination of all the things you mentioned, the glut especially, but Dark Colony certainly had a lot going for it – symmetry notwithstanding.

      In regards to Age of Empires, thematically it cast its own shadow and enjoyed a position outside of the sphere of its pulpy fantasy/sci-fi contemporaries. Not to mention it had the Microsoft backing…in DC’s case, SSI probably didn’t have the marketing swathe – being a publisher primarily of neckbeard entertainment. Sort of like if Matrix Games wanted to tussle with the big boys.

      The late 90s/early 2000s were my favourite times for the genre. So many interesting and ultimately forgotten titles to sift through. Force 21, The Gladiators, Submarine Titans, Conquest: Frontier Wars, those strange Homeworld B-tiers in Starmaggedon and Offworld Resource Base etc. etc.

      I’ll rustle up another retrospective on a far newer title that I think you’d enjoy, or at least be intrigued to read about.

    • bowlisimo 4:33 am on July 6, 2012 Permalink

      You’re clearly more versed in the genre than I am. Haven’t heard of most of those games. As a teenager without a lot of dough, I pretty much stuck to Blizzard, Westwood, and Ensemble, with a few deviations here and there.

      Yeah, the Age of Empires formula was pretty strong on its own for a while, begat several series like Empire Earth, Rise of Nations, and then went out with a whimper. Its only surviving heir is the facebook game, I guess? Kind of a shame, but Total War satisfies that niche for me now. Tried playing my .01 cent copy of Age 3 last month… yuck.

      On that note, I kind of want to see a graph that shows the entire history, starting from Dune (or whatever), everything that arose from it, and all of the subsequent evolutions that spawned from them up to present day (if they made it). I wonder how that would look. Probably way more complicated than I’m imagining.

    • unmanneddrone 5:31 am on July 6, 2012 Permalink

      Most of my investigations came after the fact, both via bargain-binning and second-hand stores. Dark Colony was a second-hand pick-up of curiosity. Turned out to be a fond favourite.

      I hear Age of Empires 3 is a great multiplayer game, if anything. I didn’t have the massive love affair with the second and, arguably, greatest in Age of Kings, but it certainly has a wide following all these years later. Ever play Galactic Battlegrounds, the Star Wars reskinning? Not bad.

      Would love to see that graph as well, with all the moments of mechanical inception. As far as I know, Eugen Systems’ first ‘big’ title (that’s The Gladiators) was possibly the point of divergence for the Dawn of War squad-based RTT idea. You’ve got other titles prior that feed into the idea, but it’s the closest common ancestor I can find.

  • RedSwirl 3:17 am on May 25, 2012 Permalink
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    @sinfony Thanks. What you said is pretty much what I’ve been hearing for the last couple years – any further upgrades I do would probably be held back by the CPU pretty soon. Since this is a pre-built Dell, I’m pretty sure a new mobo basically means a new system.

    I’ve already been rocking the 360 pad for a while. If I can pull this off I might actually start playing singleplayer shooters with it. RAGE and especially Crysis 2 felt smoother than ever. I have a Bluetooth keyboard but my current PC has no Bluetooth. An adapter and a Bluetooth mouse might be less expensive I guess.

    I’m still really impressed with how well this thing has held up though. In my experience, usually by a computer’s fifth birthday it’s been reduced to a barely-creaking-along word processor. So far, literally the only applications I’ve seen bring this system to its knees are Crysis before I upgraded to the HD6850, and Crysis 2 when the DX11 is cranked up. This thing even maintains The Witcher 2 at 1080p30. Technically, my only pressing concern is that I’m running out of hard drive space (which I’ve also upgraded once). For some reason to me it seems like desktop updating has gotten less urgent since around 2005. My dad was able to keep a work desktop around from 2004 to last year, and the only reason he decided to upgrade was because he ran out of hard drive space.

    So, even if I do replace this desktop this year, I know I’ll still be able to keep the other one around for a while.

  • RedSwirl 12:08 am on May 25, 2012 Permalink
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    I know a couple people in here have experience with enjoying Windows PCs from the comfort of your couch on a TV, and I think I’ve hit a crossroads here depending on whether or not my current joint is up-to-snuff. I know @angryjedi and @bowlisimo can help me out here.

    My original plan was to get a new desktop and set it up as an HTPC for videos and gaming, and then somewhere down the line get a new laptop (preferably a MacBook) for work. I currently use one desktop for both.

    I just found out however that I can already connect my current desktop to my TV and pretty much convert it into an HTPC if I can just get my hands on a wireless USB mouse and keyboard (the system doesn’t have bluetooth).

    It’s a five-year-old system with the following specs:
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 3.2GHz
    3GB RAM
    HD6850 1GB VRAM (I added this a year ago)
    Vista 32bit

    I just tried it out a bit on the TV and it seems to be powerful enough to run almost all PC games in 1080p. The sole exception is The Witcher 2 on which it can still maintain 30 frames per second in 1080p (and probably Crysis). I just tried running RAGE and Skyrim and they book look and run clean as hell. Are those specs gonna be enough though when next gen console games start raising the bar?


    Option 1: Keep my current desktop as an HTPC and compliment it with a MacBook Pro this year.

    Option 2: Get a new desktop as an HTPC for next gen gaming, keep the old desktop as a work system, and get the MacBook Pro much later down the line.

    Also, I’d like some suggestions for a wireless USB mouse and keyboard regardless.

  • RedSwirl 2:14 am on December 16, 2011 Permalink
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    Yo @angryjedi what item did you give to the guard in Dunghill to convince him you were an adventurer?

  • Pete Davison 5:20 pm on December 11, 2011 Permalink
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    @mjpilon The Play and Charge kit doesn’t work for connecting a wireless Xbox controller to a PC, particularly if you have an Xbox in the nearby vicinity. You need the official wireless USB thingy.

    Wired controllers work with no problems, though.

    Anyone around for DunDef later tonight then?

  • mjpilon 4:20 pm on December 11, 2011 Permalink
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    Okay, I’ve gone through the mix twice… so I’ll give this the 1st full try. Here’s my 10 “Purely a gut feeling” guesses – feel free to laugh at my selections as desired:

    1. Skin of the Night – M83 -> @unmanneddrone
    2. Deep End – The Swollen Members -> @RedSwirl
    3. One Night in Bangkok – Murray Head -> @bowlisimo
    4. Melacolie – Kassin @RampantBicycle
    5. Royal We – The Silversun Pickups -> @Sinfony
    8. The Message – Grand Master Flash -> @RedSwirl
    10. Martin Marcus and Malcom – The Jazzistics -> @beige
    15. Sunglasses at Night – Corey Hart -> @Impynickers
    16. Traveling – Utada Hikaru -> @Shinogu
    19. Fire it up – Black Label Society -> @Feenwager
    24. I’m Jim Morrison I’m Dead – Mogwai -> @Sinfony

    Overall, like @beige, I agree that this mix was very subdued compared to our previous installment with a few exceptions which were inspired choices. Bravo for Corey Hart, Grand Master Flash and Murray Head. Much ❤ to the Squad. I love the level of awesomeness that permeates this wonderful collection of people. 😀

    Now, back to gaming. In a splurge moment over the weekend (thanks to Costco), I got a copy of Windows 7 which I have now boot camped to my MBP. Everything is set up for me to now be able to play my PC-only Steam games (so I'll be getting into the Dungeon Defenders train soon enough!). One thing I'm trying to work out is gamepad use -. I have wireless xbox controllers which I would like to use but I am seeing conflicting info on the web in how to do so. Does anybody here use the "play and charge" kit which apparently may or may not allow you to do so? Or are you using another method? Any help/ advice is appreciated.

  • unmanneddrone 12:03 am on October 31, 2011 Permalink
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    @bowlisimo Yeah, it’s interesting…the preorder and get access to the beta thing is, in my opinion, good for the goose, but not always good for the gander. I’ve a sneaking suspicion that’s primarily one of the reasons Elemental turned out the way it did – a vested interest doesn’t always make for good community-led QA and folks inducted so much closer to the development cycle seemingly aren’t as willing to stand up and say “oi, what’s this garbage?!”. Minecraft is a bit of a different story…it’s just a collection of tools at the end of the day and, while it bores the pantaloons off my very person, I can understand and appreciate its clever (non) marketing and filling of a niche.

    Playing a ton of Starbase Orion on iOS and there’s an example of smart development and another take on the ‘buy in’ process. Strong core game delivered, with fan feedback and suggestions being sorted and implemented through incremental updates. Helps that it’s got asynchronous multi – which I’ve been played a little too much of. Either the greatest or the most damning indictment that I was standing in the supermarket yesterday conquering star systems, designing ships, delegating build focuses and leaving messages for whoever I was playing with when they logging in again to take their turn.

    In any case, I think there’s a danger in the pre-order/beta access for 4X games due to dilution of intent or focus, as many folks want different things from a genre that can overwhelm at even the most basic of levels. The MoO series is not about diplomacy to any degree…the Space Empires series is very much about diplomacy (I’d argue one of the best diplomatic models in the genre, despite the utterly indie production values)…SotS franchise = your empire is there to fuel ship design and production….and so on and so on.

    Issues really are how much the developer can retain the original vision without fans feeling like their input and suggestions being marginalised. A real balancing act when it comes to your investors also being your audience and consumers. We all want the product to succeed, but a developer mustn’t feel like the trust placed upon him by early-birds is being broken by retaining vision…and on the same token, an early-bird should have – in my opinion – at least be considered part of the QA system and stand up when something feels busted or moving in a direction he or she is worried about.

    Funnily enough, though, most 4X games these days come out busted. Star Ruler was a mess, Distant Worlds was in a terrible state, Space Empires 5 was buggy in everything bar the diplomatic model…the issue with Kerberos and SotS is that, for such a small team, they appear to eschew the air of an indie developer somehow.

  • bowlisimo 3:54 pm on October 30, 2011 Permalink
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    Sorry to hear that, UMD. After you dropped the “Nexus” bomb, I started to get a little more curious, but not so much now. Seems like there are a few of those disingenuous, rotten “alpha posing as finished game because we ran out of time and money” releases every year. Yay PC gaming?

    Just thinking out loud, but I wonder how some of these less mainstream games would do were they to follow a Minecraft-like development, where players are essentially investors, instead of a more traditional route.

    Anyway, if it makes you feel any better, my friend preordered Elemental: War of Magic last year…

  • bowlisimo 7:15 pm on October 5, 2011 Permalink
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    Yay PC gaming?

    : /

    @beige The amount of bosses I have left in Demon’s Souls collectively give me a hernia every time you say something cool about Dark Souls.

  • bowlisimo 1:49 pm on August 25, 2011 Permalink
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    @shingro I’m starting to get the hang of the cover system. Also, much like you, I’m going stealth, which has been satisfying. The stun gun is a favorite, especially when blindfiring it into a dude’s chest as he’s walking into the room. I’m usually not the patient Solid Snake type, but I’m having fun with it. 0 casualties, 0 alarms so far.

    I hope Mass Effect takes notes on the hacking mini game. I like the exaggerated Hollywood style of hacking where you can see the red bad guy line tracing your nodes on a hacking-is-actually-not-this-cool graphical display. I like a world where you can inject a worm into a door keypad.

    @redswir1 @impynickers I know nothing about Windows 8, doesn’t sound too useful. Man, the whole “Microsoft not giving a shit about gaming on its own operating system” is a bit of a bummer, isn’t it? Hello, my name is Bowlisimo, you killed the Mechwarrior franchise, prepare to die.

    I’m not an economist, but if high-end gaming is all a desktop PC is good for these days, and people are rapidly moving to more convenient, more portable devices that do most other things better, I’m not so sure gamers buying a PC every 3-5 years is enough to keep everyone involved in business. Am I wrong?

  • bowlisimo 3:35 am on August 24, 2011 Permalink
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    @shingro Good call on the patch, I guess Steam forgot that part until I verified the cache. Everything’s working fine now.

    @Feen Yeah, even on PC it’s not a looker (especially the cinematic sequences, what the hell), yet it still looks cool. Feels very old school as well. Voice work sounds ok to me, you should play Gemini Rue sometime…

    @Beige Listen closely when you walk into Sarif’s office, there’s a quick musical homage to one of the UNATCO themes. Good stuff. The music is right up my alley all around, actually.

    Anyway, prologue done, liking the world they set up a lot. Looking forward to really getting into it tomorrow.

  • bowlisimo 2:27 am on August 24, 2011 Permalink
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    Piracy? DRM? Whatever. I’m pretty sure THIS is the real reason why companies hate developing PC games.

    Mine crashes before the first logo finishes animating. Yay PC gaming.

  • bowlisimo 2:27 pm on August 22, 2011 Permalink
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    @cgrajko I think @redswir1 put it best, Amnesia = “No way I’m going in there: the game”. Every time you fearfully peek around a corner or hang out in front of a door while you psych yourself up to open it, that’s the game’s atmospheric magic succeeding. But keep going! Your nerves will naturally steel themselves over time. The experience of your descent and having made it through, despite your instincts, will stick with you. I guarantee the conclusion won’t dazzle and amaze, but that really isn’t the point.

    @impynickers Grats on building a new PC, long may it kick the shit out of games. Coming up on the 4th year of my rig, which is like 60 in hardware years. Crossing my fingers on Deus Ex:HR. Please, little dual core, stay strong!

    @unmanneddrone *Ambient temperature, 87.2 degrees. All systems optimal* Owlboy looks cool and kinda nostalgic for Genesis/SNES. Demo downloaded. Nothing much to report on X3:TC, been conscripted to fight the Kha’ak (facepalm). Starting to realize giant slow moving death ship is bad for escorting. R&D has begun on a less potent, but faster frigate-like alternative.

  • impynickers 7:03 pm on August 21, 2011 Permalink
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    @angryjedi Good job man. Live the dream.

    @Redswirl I concur with your statement’s about DX:HR. I teased myself with the build when it was leaked, but forced myself to stop playing after the game proved itself to me. I think once you start exploring the city, you get a sense that this game is a real sincere effort to both charm DX fans and make things more contemporary (in a good way). It had done both those things beautifully from what I saw, and got me really excited for this tuesday.

    So my 7 year old single core PC melted about 2 weeks ago (She was a survivor *tear*).
    I guess all the overclocking and modificationery caught up wth it. The Witcher 2 may have been the nail in the coffin. So I embarked on the grande adventure of building a brand new bad ass computer for about $750 CAD. The value I got for that money was INSANE compared to my last build. The beast is now slaying games left and right. A new legacy is born. Now I need to get my head around Windows7.

  • bowlisimo 4:08 pm on May 19, 2011 Permalink
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    @shingro @redswirl I put together the papercraft Geralt (harder than it looks), installed The Witcher (1) to start the second playthrough, aaaaand played Mount & Blade 1755 all night instead. High five?

    @impynickers Yeah, the Witcher 2 is giving me the same “my rig might not run this shit well” feeling that I haven’t had for a long time. I knew it would happen this year, just not so soon.

  • bowlisimo 4:01 pm on March 21, 2011 Permalink
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    @angryjedi Nice writeup. I wrote a big reply here and then deleted it. Suffice it to say, 2010 was the year I stopped worrying and bought a 360 controller.

    @unmanneddrone Thanks for the heads up, but I’m not really in the market for any games at the moment. Though, I’ll have to make a mental note of Achtung Panzer. Expensive hobby is expensive, going through the backlog for the time being.

    Speaking of which, last weekend was Max Payne weekend. First time playing them and you know, as old as they are, they are really fun to run through. For some reason, bullet time never gets old to me, and I love the tongue-in-cheek, over the top graphic novel, noir style in all its photoshop filter looking glory. I mean, I can’t help but smile/laugh at this shit, “He was trying to buy more sand for his hour glass, but I wasn’t selling any…”. It’s eye rolling and awesome in a completely fitting way. It’s too bad they didn’t use the original gaunt-ass smirking Payne (Sam Lake) from the first game for the second.

  • Pete Davison 1:38 pm on March 21, 2011 Permalink
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    PC Gamers (and anyone who feels strongly on the subject): I wrote this over at GamePro last week and it’s attracted a ton of comments. Go pay a visit and feel free to weigh in on the subject.

  • Shingro 4:58 am on March 12, 2011 Permalink
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    @bowlisimo yeah, that’s why I tend to consult misc internet experts like that link who have already done most of the research and judge their suggestions from my knowledge. Getting a ‘lead’ detective style I suppose.

    Honestly, I kinda find the shopping for computer components kinda neat that way, a bit like kitting out a 6th level D&D Wizard, “alright this is for the big critters, hmm, maybe this one for invisible critters, only hmmm.. they’re both lvl 2s…” and you shuffle and balance things.

    @feenwager Yeah maybe a little =P The argument I tend to hear is it’s more expensive to do computer then console, but that’s not all that much more expensive or less expensive then getting a PS3 depending on whether you need an HDTV or not. I know a guy building a 2000$ machine, my *car* doesn’t cost that much. I dunno… I tend to spend vastly more time in front of the computer for a number of reasons, so I figure it’s worth it comparatively…

    … it is worth it… right? Right?! D:

  • bowlisimo 3:23 am on March 12, 2011 Permalink
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    Buying components for PCs still sucks. Installing is easy, picking out the right thing is not. It’s simultaneously one of the greatest strengths and weaknesses of the platform.

    Me every 3 years: “Ok time to get a graphics card, Geforce or Radeon? Geforce I guess, is that still good? Yep, there’s still a bunch of different models with a bunch of different arbitrary numbers on them. GT, GTS, GTX? what the hell is the difference? Why is that one 200 dollars more, it’s not that much faster? Whatever, I’ll go mid range like usual. Well, my motherboard still supports this card’s interface, but the standard has moved on a bit and it won’t run as fast as it could. Whatever. All right, this one has X gigs of vram, that sounds like enough, do I need a lot? Latest direct X? Latest pixel shader? Oh wait, can my power supply handle this thing? It’s YYY watts, but I need XX amps on the 12+ volt rail. What is a 12+ volt rail anyway? Nevermind, it won’t fit my case size. God damn it, PC gaming.

    Edit: And you can pretty much do that for every component you want to buy.

  • Shingro 1:22 am on March 12, 2011 Permalink
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    @Impynickers @redswirl I’m actually waiting on the parts for my new computer as we speak, it’s going to be a fairly mighty machine which plays everything at Highish settings and is pretty future proof as far as the next 3-4 years is concerned… Cost? 450$ if I get all 80$ of mail in rebates

    It’s far easier now to build a mighty machine due to the stall in software’s demands on hardware. PC developers know they have enough trouble as it is getting a game out and profitable without splitting their audience to the “build your own computer” crowd. I don’t forsee things *requiring* even a dual core if the company can help it, and I just got a x3 core (with a secret 4th core, play the zelda “discovery” noise!) for 88$

    so yeah, that fortunately means that even a layman can go to something like http://www.hardware-revolution.com/budget-gaming-pc-q4-2010/ and come away pretty strong, doubly so if you are on your favorite hardware person’s mailing list (newegg for me, even beat out comparison sites like Pricewatch (which is also excellent for finding cheap prices for anything with a chip in it)

  • RedSwirl 1:18 am on March 12, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: PC Gaming   

    @impynickers Damn. Then again, CPU technology has not progressed by a leap and a bound since 2004. My dad’s last desktop, also bought in 2004, is a dual-core 3.2GHz with 1GB of RAM. With a simple RAM and GPU upgrade it probably run most of today’s games respectably.

  • impynickers 8:10 pm on March 11, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: PC Gaming   

    You know what I love? That ATI went through the trouble of creating an AGP version of the 1GB Radeon HD 4650 graphics card. It was 120 bucks, and has extended to life of my computer so incredibly. That and the 2 gigs of ram (The capacity for my motherboard). There are only a relatively small number of games that really wont run without more than one core in your processor. I have a 3.0 ghz single core, and can run games like Mass Effect 2 of full settings without even a small dip in performance. While some games like the Shogun 2 demo lag like a sunnovabitch. I find though that I can play just about anything I need on the PC.

  • RedSwirl 5:22 pm on March 11, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: PC Gaming   

    @RocGuade We could launch into a whole discussion about how the increased console focused has actually made PC gaming less complicated and less expensive. This is the only upgrade I’ve had to make in three years, and even it wasn’t absolutely necessary – I probably still could’ve played most every game since they’re all console ports these days. Just not the super-PC-optimized joints like Crysis, The Witcher 2, and Battlefield 3.

    I think it’s literally gotten to the point where anyone with a recent Dell can just slap in a $200 video card and they’re good to go.

    You could also argue that patching and installing on consoles (the PS3 at least) has actually become more of a hassle than with Steam.

  • RocGaude 4:43 pm on March 11, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: PC Gaming   

    @redswir1 @sinfony It’s not a “Crysis hate” issue or a “Mac love” issue. I’m simply not willing to devote time and resources to “maintain” a PC gaming habit anymore. The endless patches, hardware tweaks, video card upgrades, frame rate worries, bugs that make the games unplayable, not being able to play something until I upgrade, etc. Blergh.

    Yes, I had to give up on the experience of playing gems like The Witcher, Dawn of War 2, and most RPGs that will always play, mod, and look better on the PC then consoles…but that’s OK. Consoles are getting a lot better and my free time is getting scarcer, anyway. I’m doing just fine. Really.

    • twitch *
  • RedSwirl 2:04 am on March 11, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: PC Gaming   

    @RocGaude So you can’t play Crysis at all?

  • RocGaude 10:31 pm on March 10, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: PC Gaming   

    @redswir1 That’s why I’m a Mac & gaming console owner today.

  • RocGaude 9:22 pm on September 5, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: , , PC Gaming   

    @feenwager I did that after installing all of the SP2 updates. I then tried to update to SP3 but it gave me some bogus thing about not having enough space to install it (after later research, I discovered that I had to perform a registry edit to make it work).

    Anyway, after rebooting to Windows, none of my USB ports worked. Lame.

  • RocGaude 5:11 pm on September 5, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: , PC Gaming   

    OK, scratch the boot camp idea for now. I spent all of my Saturday morning installing and updating WinXP only to have it boot up with dead USB ports and not recognizing my wireless Apple keyboard and mouse. Screw this. This is why I left PC gaming to begin with.

    I applied for that “$30 Win7 for students” deal and if I get the approval, I’ll just use that. I’m going to play games on a console today because they ALWAYS FUCKING WORK. There, now I feel better.

    However, I did manage to buy the Company of Heroes pack for $12. Guess I haven’t totally given up.

  • zegolf 4:23 pm on September 3, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: , , PC Gaming   

    @Rocgaude @Sinfony I went with Ol’ Reliable XP as well, for my bootcamp. It’s small and works. No reason to upgrade if it’s just for gaming.

    And speaking of gaming, 30 days worth of sales over at http://www.direct2drive.com/ plus some $6 games! Hooray!

  • RocGaude 4:00 pm on September 3, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: , PC Gaming   

    Finally getting the chance to properly install Windows XP onto my iMac this weekend. Installing a mass of Win-only games that I’ve bought over the last few years but haven’t had the chance play because of my wimpy ass laptop. These include:

    The Witcher
    Vampire: Bloodlines
    Company of Heroes (buying this weekend)
    Neverwinter Nights 2 Gold
    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series

    So, yeah…I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

  • zegolf 1:03 pm on July 20, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: PC Gaming   

    Hey Folks,

    Quick couple of questions. Since some of you are PC gamers, I’m (maybe wrongly) making the assumption that you’ve built PC rigs. I’m trying to upgrade my graphics card, but there’s just so many damn numbers that I can’t decipher what’s good, and what sucks. I’m not looking to break the bank, just don’t want Beat Hazard to stutter on minimal graphics. I’ve found, what I believe to be, a decent card here – http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161315

    Was hoping to get some opinions on that. With Alien Swarm being decently graphics intensive, I’d like to be able to play it smoothly, and not have issues running it at a higher resolution. I appreicate any input.

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