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  • bowlisimo 6:11 pm on May 9, 2012 Permalink
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    Ouch, Bioshock Infinite moved to February 2013.

    @beige I want to. I’d love to hang out with Geralt some more. They’re not all translated, right?

    Also, yes to Diablo III.

  • bowlisimo 5:31 pm on August 1, 2011 Permalink
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    An extremely proud moment at Praxus Mining Inc. (Praxus makes perfect!™), four mines have opened for drilling in new sectors with competitive prices, and a recent multimillion credit venture with Argon Shipyards has produced Praxus’ very own Centaur class corvette. Fully armed and equipped with state of the art technology, she stands ready to protect all of the company’s investments from ever increasing pirate and xenon attacks. Invest now!

    @Feenwager The Witcher’s plot is complex, but by the end I wouldn’t say it’s murky. Most of the questions raised by the plot are answered and the rest continue on in the sequel (which is just as complex. Good luck remembering kingdoms and what kings and sorcerer/esses belong to which).

    Amen to traversing the environment. Fuck the swamp.

  • feenwager 2:49 am on July 31, 2011 Permalink
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    Well, it took forever, but I’ve finally finished The Witcher. A decidedly mixed bag of almost really good storytelling, mixed with almost really good gameplay, but brought down by what I can only assume are translation issues (c’mon, admit that some of the story is still a bit…murky). I also can’t remember a game where the environment was such a chore to traverse.

    It’s funny, but all of the things that Dragon Age 2 took abuse for removing are the things that made me crazy in the Witcher. Exploration is not fun when it’s such a pain in the ass to figure out where exactly you can and can’t walk.

    Overall, I’m glad I played it. On to bigger and better.

  • feenwager 2:06 pm on July 24, 2011 Permalink
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    @allyousguys thanks for nagging me about The Witcher. Finally into Chapter 3 and I see what all the fuss is aboot.

  • bowlisimo 5:56 pm on July 20, 2011 Permalink
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    I think you’d be depriving yourself of some of the greatest sets of choices/consequences you’re going to find in the genre. There are some pretty good revelations too, but you can certainly get that from youtube.

  • feenwager 4:48 pm on July 20, 2011 Permalink
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    Would it make me a bad person if I watched the highlights of The Witcher on YouTube and skipped right to the sequel? What would I be missing?

  • RocGaude 4:07 pm on July 12, 2011 Permalink
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    Let’s do this. Frozen Synapse name: RocGaude

    Now that I have a faster internet connection, I’m going to try to download and install the Witcher one more time. If it doesn’t work this time, I’m just going to read the Squad notes about it and dive into Witcher 2 on the 360.

    I also agree with @redswir1 that we should limit the Hitman mission (should that be the winner) to just Blood Money. Sure, we can refer to the other games but limitations are a task manager’s best friend.

    Don’t worry @bowlisimo, Ms. Love’s mission will live on should you wish to shout in that cavern later on. 😉

  • bowlisimo 2:53 pm on July 12, 2011 Permalink
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    @Feenwager Awesome. It briefly warms my cold heart every time I see your little “Feenwager is now playing The Witcher” Steam popup. That assessment sounds about right. Don’t forget the awful dialogue body motion capping.

    Chapter 2 gets really complicated, though in a good way. Depending on how shrewd you are and how you tackle things, the decisions you make can significantly shape how the events play out.

    You may wish you had that serviceable U.I. back when you get to the sequel. They inexplicably did away with the typical rpg “items in boxes” style and decided to to go with a more annoying list based inventory system not unlike the original Mass Effect, possibly to get it ready for consoles. I hated it, maybe you won’t.

  • feenwager 2:27 pm on July 12, 2011 Permalink
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    @redswir1 I’m running it at pretty high-res, but overall it still feels pretty 2005-ish to me, probably because of all the screen tearing, camera silliness, and clipping.

  • RedSwirl 2:22 pm on July 12, 2011 Permalink
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    @feenwger Just a question, but when would you think The Witcher was made by looking at it? Because it came out in 2007, so it looked kinda shitty even at the time, and even runs badly on modern hardware too. Even my 6850 started to chug in Chapter 3.

  • feenwager 2:17 pm on July 12, 2011 Permalink
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    So, The Witcher: Late to the party thoughts.

    I love these types of games, man I love these types of games. The world needs more WRPG-ness.

    But (you knew that was coming), I don’t think the first game has aged well. The character models are only passable, the voice acting ranges from poor all the way to fair, and even in Chapter 2 I still don’t really have any idea what’s going on. Also, let’s call the interface…serviceable.

    I’m going to stick through it, because I want to play the sequel (much like I trudged through Assassin’s Creed for the same reason), but I won’t be stopping to smell the roses.

    It runs great on my MacBook pro, though. So that’s a plus.

  • RocGaude 5:39 pm on July 6, 2011 Permalink
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    I think @redswir1 hacked @feenwager‘s account and is posting silly inquiries on his behalf.

  • Shingro 3:59 pm on July 6, 2011 Permalink
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    @feen I’d say that’s a wonderful pick for you, and a great game in general. Probably one of the best WRPGs of its time, and you can say that for all entries in the series, how often can you say that?

  • RedSwirl 8:54 pm on June 12, 2011 Permalink
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    @beige Yep. Just checked out the sample to The Last Wish on iBooks. Might be good enough for a quick read.

  • bowlisimo 6:23 pm on May 31, 2011 Permalink
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    @shingro They do a great job, even in the first game, of convincingly portraying Foltest like a king, and an intimidating, yet respectable “lead from the front” type too. None of that wise old man sitting on a throne with a scepter shit. Even Geralt walks on egg shells around the guy, it’s great. That whole monologue about ballistas not hitting the same spot twice? Awesome.

    “Stop deliberating, son, we need to put out the fire in this whorehouse”
    -King Foltest referring to his capital city

  • bowlisimo 12:53 am on May 31, 2011 Permalink
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    @Witcher2people You don’t know how happy I am to hear that. I’m even happier to be finished and once again have a save file. I’m even happier to have found all the great flashback reflection scene art on the internet in high res. I heard they don’t do it the same way in the new game, I’m a little bummed about that.

  • RedSwirl 11:22 pm on May 20, 2011 Permalink
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    @beige 2007 actually.
    @angryjedi What keeps stopping you? What point in the game?

    Oh, and TW2 is still badass.

    EDIT: The next time we all decide to play Left 4 Dead, we should probably grab that Randy Savage mod. RIP.

  • RedSwirl 2:49 pm on May 18, 2011 Permalink
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    Man am I the only one who passed up LA for The Witcher 2? I mean with this my 2011 backlog actually still isn’t that big (this, Crysis 2, Pokemon B/W, Dragon Age II) so I still might be able to slide it in sometime in July or something. Just tell me: does the moniker “Ace Attorney with guns” really fit this game that well?

    Platform choice has become all fucked up for me. Shooters? PC. Fighting games? PS3. My multiplatform 360 purchases have all been game-by-game cases.

    Assassin’s Creed games- crap PS3 ports, PC versions didn’t come out day & date, draconian PC DRM.
    Red Dead – crap PS3 port, no PC version
    NFS Hot Pursuit – More XBL friends actually playing it
    Bayonetta – really crap PS3 port
    SC Conviction – draconian PC DRM.

    Anyway, I actually haven’t started TW2 yet because the first game was still good enough for me to take my time beating, which I did last night near ass-o’clock. It kinda took me a while to figure out why I enjoyed the game so much too: it’s really playable.

    By “playable” I mean it does very little to get in your way of actually enjoying the game. All of the tutorial prompts are pretty much gone by the beginning of Chapter 2, and the game almost never takes control away from the player. That’s become almost like a superpower for console games these days.

    So even in the final chapter I’m like “go out and kill five more Bruxae and bring back a head for 1600 gold? Sure, cool, I can do that.” Most of the time when I’m this late I’m just burning through a game to get through it (ex: Red Dead) but in TW1’s case I was actually able to sit down and enjoy it.

    Lastly, so none of you guys checked out Crysis 2? I personally loved the first one for, again, being one of the only games these days to not shove me down a COD-knockoff rollercoaster (even when it got linear I didn’t feel constricted). I’ve been worried hearing that the sequel is a bit different. Well, it’s $30 on Amazon today (PC download) and you guys have become one of my main word-of-mouth sources. Do it?

  • Shingro 4:57 pm on May 3, 2011 Permalink
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    @unmanneddrone oh man does this mean I get to be Sir Alex at last?! =D

    What? No? Well I guess I could be Al, I already tolerate that from various people. Oh, or just call me Shingro, I am after all a Shingro

    I’d love to take advantage of all this stuff, but I’ve got a trip planned to ACEN on 20-22nd and the next desired game is going to be Catherine (full retail release), so I’m a bit strapped for cash. Still, I can taste the delicious ‘Japanese Nonsense’ flavor from here. =D

    Also, dare I hope? Might it be a mature game? (In terms of “Treating You Like An Adult,” and “Realistic relationship” rather then “Boobies! =D” which also reminds me that I gotta finish last chapter of The Witcher.)

    Seriously though, can anyone think of any games that gave a really solid “realistic” relationship? It seems to go either Romantic Comedy or Fairytail, which isn’t too unexpected as these are both entertaining relationship templates as old as time, still, surely someone gave it a shot in the west? This kinda skirts alongside the Ren-Ai mini mission, but my notes need pruning anyway.

  • bowlisimo 12:45 am on April 6, 2011 Permalink
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    I need to replay The Witcher anyway, I deleted my save files thinking there would never be a sequel, let alone a sequel that actually uses them. Surprise! I don’t really mind, but she ‘aint exactly a short game.

    @beige I remember that bunker entrance well, right down to the spinning backup light. Ole tentacle mouth snuck up on me from behind after I entered that room. It was a genuine shit your pants moment for gaming in 2006.

    Anyway, here’s another reason why Stalker is awesome.

  • Shingro 10:21 pm on April 5, 2011 Permalink
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    Red’s right, we gotta get this poll-ed. I support The Witcher more then STALKER just because of STALKER’s Oblivion Effect. STALKER is so open a world that 3/4 people will wander off and have all their fun in small bite sized moments in totally different sections of the map and never actually finish the game. Then when it comes to talk about it it’ll all come down to themes and personal experience because everyone will have seen different stuff and been different places, then only two guys will have finished it if that. Laugh at me now, but I’ve seen it before.

    Conversely, I’ve never seen The Witcher’s like in any other RPG setting, probably because of its strong basis in a solid already established mythos. Everyone can get through it, guaranteed and due to the nature of the story branches in The Witcher everyone will have a different experience but still be headed towards the end in a timely fashion.

    Lets do this thing, I got both games and I’d like to be part of a mission =)

    Either way, I’m pretty sure one of the two candidates will beat out Trackmania. Sorry Pete, it’s really kind of a side mission or individual segment thing due to it’s lack of themes and suchlike.

  • RedSwirl 9:30 pm on April 5, 2011 Permalink
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    @unmanneddrone I would bruh, but I got decisions to make.

    After I’m done chatting up a couple hostesses in Yakuza 4 I’ll probably see if I can motor through Radiant Historia, which has managed to go almost nine hours without ANY, of the usual JRPG trope bullshit.

    The clock is also ticking on The Witcher, which everyone else also seems to be starting right about now. I WANT to get on STALKER, but we gotta choose man.

  • RedSwirl 3:23 pm on February 7, 2011 Permalink
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    @beige Everybody keeps labeling The Witcher as 2009 when it was actually 2007. Anyway, I ain’t ready yet. I’m actually in the middle of Dragon Age: Awakening right now.

    Anyway, you WILL have to play through 999 more than once. It’s one of those games where you will almost certainly get a shitty “you fuckin’ lost” endings on the first couple tries. On subsequent games you can skip previously-seen text but you will have to re-solve puzzles. It’s very Shadow of Destiny.

    If you read a plot flow FAQ, you have to beat the game at least twice to get the true ending, and let me tell you, most of the “real shit” in the plot is not touched upon until you’re on the path to the true ending. I’ll give you a hint: none of the people on that ship were chosen at random.

  • bowlisimo 5:07 am on February 7, 2011 Permalink
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    Just remember to keep your save file, Red. I deleted The Witcher thinking there would never be another one, now I have to play through the whole thing again. Not a bad thing, but it’s not a short game.

    Not much I want to add that you haven’t heard before. Solid, solid, RPG. Some of the hardest decisions I have been forced to make yet. Your actions do have consequences, and you will feel them, and sometimes you will feel like an asshole. I also love how there really is no “true” or “good” ending in the sense that everyone lives happily ever after. There’s just, what happens as a result of your action/inaction. Live with it.

  • Shingro 2:10 am on February 7, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: the Witcher   

    You know what’s really interesting about The Witcher? It’s combines elements usually attributed to the disparate disciplines of JRPGs and WRPGs, The strongly characterized main hero who has their own story is an often referenced part of the JRPG, then the world setting, theme and combat is so heavily wrpg you might feel you’re in a Renaissance fair.

    Neither of those two elements feel like they were done weakly either. In fact the most gratuitous part of the game is the “Yeah, I tapped that” trading cards, which honestly, I kinda liked as well. I dunno if I’m not supposed to admit that or something, but bah.

    Then on top of all that it feels like the game is treating you like an adult. It’s quite mysterious how they managed to hit on so many cylinders without apparently difficulty. I guess having an established world from the books probably helped a lot? Maybe the trouble the west usually has with RPGs is that few people making games are equally good “I could get a novel published” writers? or at least they’re few and far between (the doctors come to mind.)

  • impynickers 8:53 pm on February 6, 2011 Permalink
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    Also, I love being able to proposition pretty well every woman I see. That is innovative.
    Sometimes it doesn’t pay off, but its always interesting to try.

  • impynickers 8:49 pm on February 6, 2011 Permalink
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    Coincidentally, I have been on a Witcher kick as of late. I picked up the enhanced edition on a steam sale quite some time ago. I had played past the intro and into the first town… fought some demon hounds, lit some candles, then called it a day. I had trouble getting used to the combat system at the time, and I was just generally confused about what i was doing. I think I liked it, but wasn’t hooked until my most recent jaunt through its dreary yet beautiful world.

    This weekend I finally committed so far as to get into the city, and I feel like the game has hit on some extremely interesting notes. I love how most of the story decisions I have made so far haven’t had a clear cut outcome. Your working with limited knowledge, and the outcome can still surprise you.
    Its a refreshing approach, even compared to Bioware whom are the masters of this kind of thing.
    You just get this sense that The Witcher is a really well thought out game in its storytelling.

    The combat system is a strange one, and I understand it much better now. Once you gain access to more weapons and magic, it takes an interesting tactical twist. I keep feeling like there is something I am missing though. It feels like it was meant to be an Action RPG, but it really isn’t. Its got the rhythm based clicking, the occasional need for stance changes, and small doses of magic. Its pretty fun, but it defies my expectations of it based on other games I have played that look similar.

    I am currently in the middle of solving a number of mysteries in the city, interrogating strange characters the likes I have never seen. I am eager to see what comes next.

  • Shingro 2:13 pm on February 5, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: the Witcher   

    Hmmmm. it depends on how you play it I think, if you’re the sort of person who seeks out every single quest available terminator-style it’s going to take you a while, on average though I’d say that it doesn’t take as long as your normal RPG, cutscenes are few and only take maybe a minute, usually less. I was surprised how significantly that cuts down the time requirement and how much meatier the game feels for it.

    I will say it’s a fantastic game, best moral system in any game I’ve ever played, it doesn’t do clear good/evil often, the choices feel much more…. real? There are far fewer setpieces contrived to leave everything up to the player.

    If you start it now, I’d expect you’d be done late feb to early march. So if you want to finish it prior to Witcher 2 you’re got plenty of time yet, this one is actually an old project of mine I got sidetracked off of

  • RedSwirl 7:38 am on February 5, 2011 Permalink
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    So people are starting The Witcher now? I was gonna wait till’ like April-ish. Does the game take that much time that I should start now?

  • RocGaude 1:32 pm on August 14, 2010 Permalink
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    @feenwager I agree with @zegolf. I just bought the Witcher, too, so I have to do it. It’s my duty.

  • RocGaude 9:03 pm on August 6, 2010 Permalink
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    Bought The Witcher but I’m holding off on re-buying DA:O for now. Surely this won’t be the only time it’s on sale.

    @angryjedi I played the Castlevania HD demo and the music and mashed-up presentation gave me a headache. It feels like a Castlevania casserole. Pass.

    Where the hell is @feenwager?

  • RocGaude 2:22 pm on August 6, 2010 Permalink
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    That GamersGate sale is triple-dipped in… 

    That GamersGate sale is triple-dipped in caramel. It’s the perfect time for me to pick up Dragon Age: Origins on the Mac ($20!) and play it as it was originally intended.

    I’ll also grab the Witcher and just boot camp it. Surely it’ll run fine on my new iMac.

    Man, I also still have my copy of Never Winter Nights 2 just waiting for a rig to do it justice. God I love PC RPGs…and being able to play ’em.

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