Games of Shame. You know you have them. They sit in your closet, collecting dust: little jewels that you always tell yourself that you are going to play, but never get around to. Well, that’s all about to change, soldier. You’ve been drafted to join the Squadron of Shame. Here, we paratroop into the bargain bins and rescue the unappreciated games that deserve to be saved. From there we battle through the trenches as a Squad. At the end of the day, we take a moment to break down what made the whole experience worth fighting for by sharing war stories, reflections and cigars.

But the fight isn’t just on the front of retro games: any game deemed “fit for duty” by Command can be put on the pile. At the end of the day, the reason we fight isn’t just to discover new experiences; it’s to answer that simple and fundamental question: “why do we play?”

Now suit up. The pile awaits.

A History Lesson

Formed on the 1up Radio forums back in days of yore following an abortive attempt from the 1up Yours crew to tackle their own personal “piles of shame”, the Squadron of Shame is devoted to rescuing the underdog, underappreciated or simply forgotten games from the bargain bins of society.

We’re a ragtag group of gamers from all over the world, and we know that games aren’t just for kids any more. We seek out fascinating experiences and then share them with our Squadmates in the hope that we can spread some love for underappreciated titles.

The Squawkbox

The Squadron of Shame Squawkbox is a freeform discussion area where Squaddies and friends alike can kick back and discuss their favourite gaming-related topics in as much length as they like.

You’ll never be criticised for a wall of text here (unless you forget to use paragraphs, of course), so if you’ve got a thought or two on games that are underappreciated, unloved and awesome, feel free to jump in and say hey. We always love to meet new people and talk their virtual ears off.

You’ll need a account to post here. It’s free to sign up.

Squad Missions

Missions are where we began as a Squad, and it’s something we’re going to be doing a lot more once again going forward. A Squad Mission is where we pick a game and play it through together, posting our experiences on a dedicated thread. Think of it like a “gaming book club”.

Feel free to jump in and share a war story or two if we’re taking on a title that you’re a fan of — or indeed a title that you hated, loathed and detested!

The Squadron of Shame SquadCast

The SquadCast has grown, changed and evolved over the years into one of the most in-depth, thought-provoking and mature — not to mention entertaining — video game discussion shows there is. Each episode, we take on a particular game, genre or topic and stroke our chins vigorously as we try to get to the bottom of the subject in our own distinctive way. Over the years we’ve covered topics as diverse as Silent Hill 2, the Commodore 64, and Eastern European disease survival RPG Pathologic, so you can expect plenty more discussion of the most compelling, interesting and/or unusual gaming experiences there are in our upcoming episodes.

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We love to talk at length here, so this special section is made for archiving the more lengthy treatises that our members post. Anything goes here, ranging from conventional reviews of titles we think are “shameworthy” to impassioned opinion pieces about why men with beards are an under-represented demographic when it comes to video game protagonists. Trusted “Squad Roster” members may post and feature their work here themselves, but anyone is free to post their own “article” on the Squawkbox. If this proves to be popular, watch this space for submission guidelines.