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  • Shingro 7:23 am on November 1, 2012 Permalink
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    @redswir1 Best way to figure out if you’re interested is to try the demo =) There’s certainly components from different places but it’s really very much it’s own thing.

    You’ve nothing to lose~

    (besides, much as I love the complexity of the old games I really don’t think it’s necessary to play them to play this reboot, in fact, I’d go so far as to say it’d be detrimental to your enjoyment if you do)

    @angryjedi Sounds brilliant, I’m definately going to pick it up, I just gotta get past Youmacon and all the 4th quarter money sinks x_X

  • ckim 11:04 pm on October 28, 2012 Permalink
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    I hate all of you so much for posting stuff about XCOM. I now want this game so bad I can taste it.

  • Shingro 8:10 pm on October 28, 2012 Permalink
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    @unmanneddrone: Yeah… though for the same engine I’m baffled by how casually buggy it can be sometimes, anytime I try to ‘donate’ items to my valkyrie the game hard crashes, the Warrior Maiden’s valhalla ability only reaches back 1 turn instead of 2 (like advertised) it’s kinda awkward but endearing. Hard to say!

    X-com storytime!

    Classic Ironman game, Second Wave options: Damage Roulette, Not Created Equal, New Economy. . Satalites are in all countries (don’t ask me how near that was), everything’s proceeding well. Alien base mission has dropped terror across the globe, the first Ghost armor has come off the production line and everyone’s already in Titan armors. Alien abduction mission, only 2 countries being attacked, the aliens have really let themselves go it seems. construction site, no biggie.

    The main players for this mission are my pair of col. Snipers

    Mary “Zero” Mckay from scotland, gifted sniper with a severe couterance, following eerily in the steps of The Lady Grey… So sure of herself that despite being the most senior of soldiers she only goes in with skeleton armor and raw guts.

    Holly “Lockdown” Hall, a blue eyed, blond haired bonny lass straight from the US of A. The team dotes on her regardless of her staggering kill count and she’s chosen to be the first to deploy with the new ghost armor. She’s their favorite support, always there with a wink and a smile, or a reaction sniper shot and a followup medkit. She likes being a healer.

    between the two of them doubletapping no mission has been too tough, no challenge too great.

    So Holly turns her invis on and skips her way off to high ground, she spots a berzerker, muton and 3 heavy floaters. Alright, my team advances to cover and puts enough fire into the berzerker to draw it out and drop it. the muton freaks out and backs into fog of war no biggie.

    Second turn my sniper pops the head off one of the floaters,they freak out but can’t do much for cover except fly, one down, two damaged severely (damage roulette really hammers me here) Assault uses Run and Gun and dashes underneath one of the floaters and puts a 2 and a 10 damage scatter laser into it’s underside, heavy lasers and a few well placed sniping shots put it away. Last one dashes back and cowers under the hail of plasma. additional moves reveal 2 more mutons and 1 berzerker. Berzerker goes down to the SHIV (19 damage crit!) and related fire.

    this is where things go bad though, the shot revealed my sniper, she’s behind boxed but the cowering heavy floater misses her (total cover behind partial cover!) However, the plasma melts the boxes to slag and suddenly she’s exposed. The muton that fled earlier comes back and the resulting crossfire and a lucky crit between the 3 active mutons ensures that Holly goes down and is bleeding out. Who had the only medkit? Oh right, it was her.

    3 turns until death

    Suddenly with the squad’s darling bleeding out they’re running recklessly into the darkness like rookies, the support, the heavy, everyone is suddenly heedless of consequence. one double tap rounds from Mary kills the offending Heavy Floater that started this mess and the followup shot takes a muton to 1. The coward muton is killed from a Bullet storm from the heavy’s laser gun, the SHIV skids forwards and finishes one of the crossfire mutons. My support takes his extra 3 squares to a wall and lofts an alien grenade to soften the remaining one and kill it’s cover. Assault moves over but can’t reach it.

    2 turns until death.

    My Assault shotguns the last visible muton in the face…. but the mission doesn’t end. Everyone takes full runs towards the last black spot on the map, time is running out, Holly’s rasping breaths echo loudly in their ears, even my protege Lady Grey is far more exposed then ever before in hopes of plying her psychic talents towards getting Holly out of there. The crew have taken some fire at this point from recklessness but the Titan armor is holding, there will surely be a few lengthy hospital stays after this

    1 turn until death.

    I still can’t see the last area, my Assault pops run and gun and does a full move into the heart of darkness. reveals a berzerker and a muton. The muton runs backwards to take cover against a wall, full cover, a serious pain, the berzerker comes straight up to my Assault and bellows in his face. Unfased he stands his ground as an alien grenade tags both the berzerker, the muton and more importantly, the muton’s full cover, as the berzerker charges the new source of pain the assault puts a double scatterlaser shot in his back, first misses, second nets 6 damage or so. Twin heavy laser shots take out the muton, it’s only the berzerker now, Mary steps out of cover and stands naked before the stars just to get line of sight to use a mental power…. 34%, berzerkers are too inflamed to care much about their brain sizzling all that much more… but it scores! 5 more damage down, another missed fire and then a SHIV shot, puts the berzerker, the last thing standing between everyone getting home to *2 points of life remaining*

    Last guy to move is my support, nicknamed “Missionary” he has moved into position last round, he’s got an 80+% chance but there can be no uncertainty… He runs directly up to the hulking berzerker with his light plasma rifle and places the gun directly against the back of it’s head intent on earning his namesake and delivering dear Holly from death’s door.

    he pulls the trigger at 100% to hit

    A single damage point.

    The round ends and the Berzerker’s brutal 13 point counterattack doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as the sound of Holly’s death rattle in the ears of her closest compatriots… they had struggled and risked everything to try to get her out alive. and now that risk was all for naught. There’s no going back. That was the deal for the Ironman. Everyone knew overconfidence was a risk, that new technology can be dangerous without the tactics to back it up. With everything going so well in the overall war how could they be defeated by this? It’s just hard to believe…

    the team casually ends the berzerker’s life and get onto the Skyranger… a regretful Ops man informs the team that operation that in retrospect had been ominously named “Cold Prophet” had been…. carried out

    No one would ever use the term “Success”

  • Shingro 10:46 pm on October 16, 2012 Permalink
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    @bowlisimo …. You mean a crazy person? 😀

    Actually, that’s a pretty good description. If you woke up and you were the guy spinning the plates, your mental cadence might just be an endless stream of profanity as you feel the plates slipping away, but similarly the longer you keep it going without absolute disaster the longer the heady giddyness of “my god I’m actually DOING this! :D” grows and if you pull off the full trick (or at least stabalize the plates) the emotional payoff is pretty high

  • bowlisimo 10:34 pm on October 16, 2012 Permalink
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    @shingro Perfect. Nice and dramatic. The ace in the hole always dies in the end, but the team can carry themselves now, they no longer need Lady Grey. She lives on in their memories and in the life of every newborn baby that grows up in an alien free world.

    See, and then you have Beige’s story, which just makes me anxious, like watching one those guys that spin plates on top of sticks.

  • Shingro 7:40 pm on October 16, 2012 Permalink
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    @beige that’s great XD In X-com the struggles of the man on top are every bit as harrowing as the ones on the ground.

    @bowlisimo The craziness of it is that the story of The Lady Grey actually ended with her buying the farm on the very last mission (characterized by tight corridors and open rooms) but she still got her entire squad out of there. One last sacrifice to save their lives, it was a very fitting arc from the messiah perspective =P.

    Oh, the Obsidian RPG kickstarter is on it’s last 5 hour sprint ( http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/obsidian/project-eternity ) 3.5 million, I hope they haven’t promised themselves into a corner here, because damned if they haven’t hit every single stretch goal so far. Hopefully the reduced scope and requirements of a 2d RPG will let them pull it off.

  • bowlisimo 1:12 pm on October 16, 2012 Permalink
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    @shingro That’s a great story, and it’s the only XCOM story so far that hasn’t given me anxiety.

  • Shingro 3:07 am on October 16, 2012 Permalink
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    One campaign and a bunch of multiplayer later I can’t imagine the game present or future that would topple X-com from my game of the year… It’s just so…. so…. so X-com that it hurts (sometimes quite a bit!) and even more besides. The production values are excellent, the strategy at the micro and macro level are both fully engaging and challenging, It’s just so wonderful.

    This isn’t to say it’s perfect, the research could use some good future skills, launchers, etc. there comes a point where the head of research is just hanging around even without much in the way of labs. The story is fairly light, (though still better then the originals,) even this weakness though becomes a strength with how it makes way for your own stories to be created.

    So, I told you about my sniper that earned the nickname “Lady Grey” (brief correction, she’s actually korean, took a bit until I got a good look at her armor flag.) She saved so many lives and was so clutch on her shots all throughout the game that I started to imagine the other soldiers developing a reverence of her bordering on the religious (I partially blame Beige’s comment on Necromunda since when I was playing that I was also poking aroud 40k lists.)

    When I accidentally triggered a cyberdisk? Critical hit kill from The Lady Grey. Muton berzerker rushing down my lead medic? Doubletap kill from The Lady Grey… it quickly went from “Oh man I hope this hits” to “The Lady Grey calls you to her Hall o__o”

    Her severe countenance on the dropship invoked the feeling on a no-nonsense character who will get the job done come hell or high water, and so combined with her miraculously steady eye and steady hand the soldiers couldn’t help but trust her.

    I could see them exiting the dropship, and maybe a rookie would be freaking out, maybe another soldier would lay a hand on his shoulder and say “Do not fear brother, The Lady Grey has eyes upon us” and thus they did walk into the darkness unafraid.

    Much later, when I unlock the psionics training lab, and my first batch of test subjects go in there was one result I wanted over all others, only one way it could go and leave me satisfied… and the RNG did smile upon me that day. Only one soldier would return as the new peak of human evolution…. the testing pod opens up and it reveals the face….. of The Lady Grey….

    Then the soldiers did fall to their knees to praise the one who would save them all, the one who would save the human race and all hopes rested upon. “We knew…” they would say “We had always known…”

    What a great fist pump moment. and it only got better from there =D Thanks X-com! Thanks for creating a legendary story that will only ever be true for me, through nothing but your RNG, a nickname list and the knowledge of how rare such a scenario is. How many strategy games could claim such a character arc, one that has me hoping to reprise that character through further playthroughs and other games entirely, I certainly know what any named female sniper/archer/psionic/whatever will be named now for years to come.

    Top marks X-com… top top marks… on your weakest element.

    (Oh, and multiplayer is a great 10 minute skirmish with lots of variation.)

  • Shingro 1:17 am on October 12, 2012 Permalink
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    @cgrajko I did always intend to do The Void, dunno how long it’d take to play that though, I’m going to have serious trouble pulling myself away from X-Com

    Speaking of which, I’ve currently worked my way both up to the first alien base, and through about 16 some soldiers, rookies and veterans alike. Many faces have come and gone through the X-Com halls, but only one has ever stayed. A sniper from China, she’s proved herself time and again with a steady hand and impeccable aim, standing strong where others have lost their heads and shortly after their lives. Her transfer papers name her Min Ju Park, but her squadmates know her as…

    “The Lady Grey”

    damn I love this game (even if I’m cruising for a digital bruising, 3 countries have bailed already and all the awesome nicknames in the world won’t stop that c_c

  • bowlisimo 5:18 pm on October 4, 2012 Permalink
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    @shingro Once upon a time @beige created a squad full of squaddies in X-Com: Terror from the Deep. I remember Feen being a heavy, super lobsters or something, and that’s about it. I wonder if that’s still on the old squad group page.

    I couldn’t get into that game from a modern day perspective, and I’m still on the fence about buying the new X-com. I guess I should buckle down and try that demo.

  • Shingro 4:14 pm on October 4, 2012 Permalink
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    So, X-Com comes out in a handful of days, and since a big part of that game is naming your own squaddies, I figured, what better way to name some of them squaddies? So, if you have a moment, please note what class you’d like to be and we’ll see where it goes

    If I remember the classes are: Heavy, Assault, Sniper, Support and then the trees branch from there.

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