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  • bowlisimo 7:21 pm on September 18, 2011 Permalink
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    I forgot how much Wing Commander indulges in your failure. Apparently, I was crapping up mission after mission (it’s not easy to tell) and the fleet fell all the way back to Earth to hold the line, except I thought it was what was SUPPOSED to happen. Well, long story short, everybody died, cue the long “you suck” cutscene where the Kilrathi say “In YO FACE!” and stab Mark Hamil. Not sure I had a chance to pull myself out of the fire, but that’s still pretty awesome.

  • bowlisimo 2:52 pm on September 15, 2011 Permalink
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    @unmanneddrone Never played Prophecy, but I remember it being in the CGW subscription I had at the time. Reading about it now sounds like it eschewed the space opera, characteristic of WC, in favor of more action and added a mysterious invading alien race. Wait, that sounds familiar…

    @beige Star Control 3 on GoG… I love the user reviews, “Just pretend it’s not Star Control”.

    @pete Are there dwarves? If there aren’t any dwarves then this conversation is over.


  • unmanneddrone 10:58 pm on September 14, 2011 Permalink
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    @bowlisimo Malcolm McDowell somehow, through the sheer majesty of being, adds at least twelve awesome modules to whatever he’s doing. Even if it’s being opposite a fat, preachy William Shatner as “an evil doctor”. I must ask, what’re your thoughts on Wing Commander Prophecy? I got that in another strange game pack containing that, Blade Runner and the venerable Dune 2000. (Still doesn’t beat the bizarro three pack of Septerra Core, Gorky 17/Odium and Fly!)

    @angryjedi I’ve just been burning about online with the herd. It’s almost a shame by the very nature of the game that wanton drifting is a luxury more than a necessity. Some of the German players…good Lord…they’re running a razor-thin racing line and any squirrelling is almost a reason to hit backspace and “do ze whole sing again!” Terrific stuff, though.

    EDIT: @feenwager Whoa. I’ve never played a 3DO, but remember feeling strange and disconcerted seeing big rectangular boxes in the rental store that weren’t first run PSX titles or Saturn games. Was it an okay system?

  • bowlisimo 4:28 pm on September 14, 2011 Permalink
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    @angryjedi I bought and played Wing Commander III for like an hour last night with the biggest god damned grin on my face the entire time. I had never played through this one, only II and IV. Man, it’s sooooo good to be back amongst the big fuzzy Kilrathi costumes (<3 Hobbes) and the Mark Hamil walks into room / Mark Hamil walks out of room FMV. It’s kind of crazy how much Starcraft 2 cribbed from Wing Commander, in terms of the inter-mission “walkin’ round the ship, talkin’ to dudes hangin’ at locations” setup. It all still works for me, even the acting and dialogue (with choices!), though cheesy just by virtue of being sci fi video game FMV, is actually pretty great. Malcolm McDowell is the best sophisticated, asshole admiral you’re going to get.

    After playing X3 for 200 hours, the flight combat is… old, but whatever, missiles, turbo boosters, speed matching, power levels, GLORIOUS COCKPITS, and “Taunt Kilrathi” button.

    [Sure, give it a chance]

    Definitely worth it if you’re craving concourses and 1994. Can’t wait for The Price of Freedom.

    [This guy’s a loon]

  • bowlisimo 4:25 pm on September 13, 2011 Permalink
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    @impynickers Uh oh, Wing Commander III is on GoG now, which probably means IV is incoming. I think I may need to time out and relive the pinnacle of FMV…

  • Pete Davison 9:29 am on June 3, 2011 Permalink
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    I LOVED Wing Commander. I loved the story-heavy aspect of it and for that reason even though the space combat was far inferior to LucasArts’ games I always preferred them. Malcolm McDowell in 3 and, particularly, 4 was amazing.

    Never played P2, always wanted to. Hope it’s part of the deal.

  • impynickers 3:04 am on June 3, 2011 Permalink
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    I love that you remember that game. None of my non-internet friends played the Wing Commander games growing up. I showed someone Wing Commander IV … and those FMV’s…. oh my god. I guess you had to be there. I would give Wing Commander III an edge over IV myself. Less shiny, sure, but I liked the story better. I also recommend Privateer 2: The Darkening. It actually still holds up really damn well. Clive Owen, John Hurt, Christopher Walken. More straight forward than the original Privateer, but still with lots of depth, especially compared to the main series Wing Commander games.

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