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  • ckim 8:09 pm on April 6, 2012 Permalink
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    @redswir1 I am apparently your antithesis, and I’m afraid of what will happen to the universe if we get too close to each other.

    The POV in Fallout 3 and Dragon Age is what made it impossible for me to enjoy those games. After playing the original Fallout games numerous times, the third (or first) person view just felt really, really wrong to me. I got lost wandering around in Fallout all the damn time, and because of the POV, I was never able to orient myself and really get immersed in the experience. I am going to try again with New Vegas, since I want to have like 9 of Chris Avellone’s babies, but I know it’s going to be tough for me.

    In other news, my girlfriend was so enamored with the first Uncharted that she came home with a copy of the second yesterday, and we played it for several hours. I’m pretty amazed by how good it looks. The backgrounds in particular are stunning, and while it’s not the prettiest game I’ve ever seen, it may be the prettiest console game I’ve seen. (Maybe Final Fantasy 13…)

  • RedSwirl 3:36 pm on November 11, 2011 Permalink
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    Uncharted 3 is at least as good as Uncharted 2, I’m just not sure if it’s actually better than that game. It’s really an iteration but still an amazing game.

    Visually, I think Naughty Dog hit the PS3’s ceiling with UC2. UC3 does visually amaze in a lot of new ways, but mostly because of different settings and thus different art assets with graphics generally just as good as UC2. And by “just as good as UC 2,” I mean freaking insane.

  • unmanneddrone 1:09 am on November 25, 2010 Permalink
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    @RedSwirl You’re an addict, sir! A twitching, opportunistic, uncontrollable addict! And I would have done exactly the same, had I been in your shoes and packing the right hardware. It’s not often we get contemporary Western RPGs, so I say you’ve chosen wisely.

    In regards to the Marky Mark business and the Uncharted film…I don’t mean to be negative, but can anyone really see this movie being anything but average? Nathan Fillion wouldn’t have saved it, and I’m shocked people are so excited by the prospect of yet another game-to-cinema project. At best, as stated on @feenwager‘s FB, it’ll be on par with National Treasure. At worst, we’ll be looking at something comparable to Indy riding out a nuclear blast in a refrigerator. Uncharted 2 had great character interplay, a nice rollicking story, but I fear there’s too much of a balancing act of hitting the chords of the gameplay/narrative combo in the game and what needs to be achieved on the celluloid side of things to prevent a “been there done that, but nice fan service” affair. Prince of Persia seemed to have everything going for it, but fared rather poorly!

    I’ll be happy to eat my words, though.

    Oh, and I have a very dishonourable, dog-like revenge against the hardened @angryjedi SWAT team. May I present “Nuke to a Knifefight”, or How I learned to stop worrying and love the Bazooka. http://bit.ly/gRpXlQ

    One thing’s for sure, had Pete’s Bazooka survived that encounter (in my experience, a CQC Bazooka face-off is as efficient as a waxen teabag until you can connect a rocket with a wall – hence the gamble rush), I would have been looking at at least two of my men going home in boxes within the first two turns.

    EDIT: Following in the glory of @angryjedi’s brother’s classy showcase of racing kindness, @poimandre has stepped up to the plate and kindly ordered me a copy of Nail’d! Racer inundation! I hope sometime in the new year a few squaddies with a lingering predilection for high-speed offroad insanity join in on the craziness. Here’s a taste of the Polish underdog.

  • mjpilon 5:04 pm on November 18, 2010 Permalink
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    For reviews, I have found myself relying on Giant Bomb – be it the Quick Looks, the actual reviews and the bombcast – as well as other podcasts and word of mouth from people I trust (a.k.a the Squad).

    I have also noticed in my case a general decrease in the use of written reviews. I have been reading the EGM and EGMi since they launched and I find myself completely ignoring the reviews for some reason despite a number of reviewers I know and like (Klepec, Pfister,…)

    In other news, I finally got through Uncharted 2. Pretty much as advertised although I must say, the stickiness of the cover mechanic really frustrated me at times as did the bullet-absorbing enemies. The final couple of chapters went in a direction I didn’t particularly enjoy story-wise and the final boss battle was not enjoyable mechanically as I never did like the shooting behind while running mechanic. It led to me taking lots of damage as I had to wait around stationary for the boss to get where I needed him to be. Regardless, it was a great experience overall.

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