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  • mjpilon 2:30 pm on December 21, 2011 Permalink
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    As a small change of pace from Chrono Trigger (about 4 hours in and loving in so far), I got through De Blob 2 over the weekend. Ever since I watched the Giant Bomb quick look, I had always wanted to try it and I got a chance when it arrived in the mail from GameAccess (guess my hope for Saints Row 3 or Rayman Origins were squashed by Holiday vacations). Anyway, it’s a game that isn’t challenging in the least but still a enjoyable experience – mostly from a visual and audio point of view with some good humor bits sprinkled in.

    As I went through the game, I was struck by something Patrick Klepek mentioned on last week’s BombCast regarding his play-through of Rayman Origins – how at some point the desire to collect all the side stuff falls off and you just decide to get through the game. I had that experience with this game. For about the 1st half, I went through each level and got EVERYTHING. Eventually, I got tired of putting in that effort and just went through level picking up what I could as I went about the main game objectives. Now, there was a time where I would compulsively go for 100% completion of platforming games of this nature but I find myself today no longer willing to do so. While at first I put it down to “this game probably isn’t worth that kind of effort”, I recognized that this feeling occurs for me even for the so-called AAA games (Batman, Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted, Super Meat Boy, Mario). I guess the combination of too many games and too little time has changed me…. or maybe, in this infamous words of Roger Murtaugh: “I’m too old for this shit “. 😉

    What say you my fellow Squaddies? I think some of you still partake in the 100%-ness, so maybe you can shed some light on how things have/ have not changed for you over the years…

    Also, the Steam sale is really REALLY testing my resolve. I get the impression I will splurge heavily post-Secret Santa clearing out my wishlist :p

  • bowlisimo 5:30 am on December 17, 2011 Permalink
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    @cptcarnage @beige And you thought you were done after those “The Kid” levels… howabout doing that first piece of shit level backwards, and more!

  • bowlisimo 8:04 pm on November 21, 2011 Permalink
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    @beige 80k for engineering? Didn’t you and your old man move boulders with your bare hands, wooden planks, and physics?

    @angryjedi I’m kind of having a similar feeling towards Zelda these days, though it’s mostly because of the existence of the Wii and the fact that I don’t care for it. It basically forced me to say “Indy, let it go…” to my nostalgia for Link, Mario, et al. Wind Waker was the last I played and probably my last real hurrah in Hyrule. Go forth and enjoy, younger generations, this nearly 30 year old man is maybe getting too old for that Never Never Land. *Goes and plays some other childish game*

    Not that I necessarily want this, but I wonder what Legend of Zelda would be like if it weren’t the good vs evil story it is always is, and is instead tailored to resonate with the average gamer which is apparently now 38 years old:

    Link has a Catherine-level existential crisis and gets dragged through the mud on a journey of failure and self discovery, through the commitment and career dungeons using shit like boomerangs and bombs that represent his own self-sabotage and missed opportunities, as he seeks the courage, the wisdom, and the power to tackle Ganon (a.k.a his looming middle-age) and ultimately come to terms with it. And then he learns that Zelda is pregnant…

  • RocGaude 12:28 am on August 26, 2011 Permalink
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    @feenwager I’m pretty sure we’re tied for lack of patience with game challenge.

    Reading the fresh reviews of Deus Ex: HR made me want to buy it. Reading/listening to the “the Jeffs” (@feenwager and Gerstmann) has convinced me to shelve it for the moment. Besides, I barely have time for my iOS games these days. Pretty much won’t become a regular on XBL until Skyrim.

    …howEVER, we just got Bulletstorm in. I’m totally in the mood for Tony Hawk with guns, whips, and boots to the face. We’ll see how this goes.

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