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  • Mohammad AlHuraiz 10:16 am on September 27, 2012 Permalink
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    Hello Squaddies,
    The Silent Hill: Book of Memories demo is out on PSVita’s PSN for those waiting to try something new

  • RedSwirl 5:14 am on May 10, 2012 Permalink
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    Jesus Christ. 20 minutes with Silent Hill Downpour (GameFly took its sweet-ass time on this one) and I almost wanna buy it just for feeling like an actual goddamn adventure game. When I turn off the gameplay tips and action prompts I can actually like, explore the environment freely and solve puzzles and shit. It may end up being a terrible Silent Hill game, but it still feels like a breath of fresh air compared to most of what we’ve gotten on consoles this gen.

    @angryjedi How much would it cost for you to grab another copy of Last Window over there? I’m down to the point of arranging something over paypal but I don’t know if you can switch from dollars to pounts or whatever. Worth $30 on a 92% positive Amazon seller?

  • ckim 8:28 pm on March 29, 2012 Permalink
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    @bluesforbuddha That’s just not right… How the hell can someone ruin SH2 like that and still sleep at night?

    In other news, I came across this amazing interview with the environment designer for Mirror’s Edge: http://www.edge-online.com/features/mirror’s-edge-building-impossible

    For what it’s worth, this is the same person who designed the environments in Dear Esther, and it seems like it’s the kind of stuff that’s in the general wheelhouse of folks here.

    I have been playing some games so expect a field report on Nier and Uncharted in the next few days.

  • bowlisimo 8:08 pm on March 29, 2012 Permalink
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    I feel like you needed to get in when it was new to enjoy Silent Hill. Too bad the HD collection sucks (allegedly), if there ever was a second chance for me, that’d be it.

    I’m more interested in what the Dear Esther team does with Amnesia. From what I’ve seen in D.E., that team can sure craft them some atmosphere, but is it possible for that game to strike twice when it’s basically a known commodity?

    @redswir1 Man, someone put The Thing on that graphic, what a terrible, awful game. Why did I ever think that would be fun? Waste of 5 bucks.

  • ckim 6:49 pm on March 29, 2012 Permalink
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    Jeez @bluesforbuddha , I do believe that you just sold me on a copy of Silent Hill: Downpour some time in the nebulous future. It sounds like everything I like about Silent Hill, so it’s nice to hear that it’s a return to form of sorts.

    Also, in Silent Hill news, I hear the HD remake is having a lot of issues with not being very good. That’s a massive bummer, because I haven’t played 2 or 3 in quite some time.

  • RedSwirl 5:49 pm on March 29, 2012 Permalink
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    WTF @bluesforbuddha You probably need to write game reviews for one of these websites or something. That did a better job of convincing me to drop the game in the GameFly Que than anything “professional” I’ve read on it. You go PS3 or 360?

    Edit: Which one of these is it?

  • rampantbicycle 5:17 pm on March 29, 2012 Permalink
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    A couple of things…

    1) I wish it to be known for the EBP listeners that I did not at any time “shriek” in response to the Mass Effect 3 ending. That is a scurrilous exaggeration, which I forgive only on the grounds that it gives me a reason to use the word “scurrilous.” Great word.

    2) Downpour is an interesting beast. Mark has already said most of what there is to say on the topic, but my two small and insignificant cents:

    The game experience is a weird combination of a very Western sort of treatment of character and a very “old-school-Japanese-Silent-Hills” treatment of challenges. Can’t figure out how to do something? We’ll wait. And wait. And wait. And if you miss an item, too bad. They HAVE given the very tiniest of Fudd Flag nods – some items will glow a little bit if you’re close to them – but they really haven’t bothered to give you a “Here is an obvious entrance/exit” or “Here is an obvious item” signifier. To which I say: Good for you, fellows. As long as you don’t mind if I keep GameFAQs handy, we shall get along famously.

    Murphy is more of a character than some previous protagonists, in that he reacts to things more visibly/vocally…and also, strangely, less of one in that we know so little of his motivations and history. Within the first two minutes we knew why James was there, and what might drive him to stay. Murphy is in Silent Hill by happenstance, and desires only to leave. The reasons why are obvious if you play…but I think I preferred the Silent Hill that drew the previous protagonists in almost in spite of themselves, the one that didn’t need to rely on contrivances like those seen in Downpour to keep them there. The protagonists of most previous titles in the series are called to explore this place. I’m not getting that feeling yet about Murphy but we’ll see if that changes before they’re done with him.

    The town itself seems more realistic – so many tchotchkes and weapons and little details of environment! – but something seems a little “off” about its attitude to me so far. That seems strange to say of a place like Silent Hill. (I do love the mailman, though. Is he more like Laura from SH2, having a different experience? Or is he something else? Guide? Monster? Civilian? Fellow target? Either way, his scenes so far are almost hilarious, there’s such a “…what?” feel to them.)

    Setpieces – there have been a couple – are a little over-the-top, but so far we’ve been more amused than annoyed by this. (Mine train, anyone?)

    The “mythology” is referenced but so far not heavily relied upon.

    Definitely more of a recommendation for those that already enjoy the series than for new folks. If you’re new, or intend to play only one title from the series, the game you want is back there with Silent Hill 2.

  • RedSwirl 8:50 pm on March 28, 2012 Permalink
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    Okay, done with ME3. @bluesforbuddha, I’m waiting for those Downpour impressions.

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