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    @redswirl It’s hard to say what the quintessential cyberpunk game is…I’d say Deus Ex belongs to a clutch of titles that showcase the styling of this beloved geek-chic subset. Don’t forget the incredible Dreamweb from way back. I’d put that up there as a much more pure cyberpunk experience – taking its cues from the defining authors much more heavily. But, you’re right that Deus Ex is steeped in the thematics and aesthetics of cyberpunk or post-cyberpunk fiction and ideas.

    For me, the top three would be the original System Shock, Dreamweb, Syndicate and Deus Ex. A shortlist would include Uplink, Hacker Evolution, a slightly tenuous Omikron: The Nomad Soul and a little-known Aussie-made sandbox RPG called The Creed – think an open-ended RPG-lite Syndicate Wars – one that shipped with an incredibly deep mission creator; user-generated NPC logic chains and parameters, dialog options, the works. It’s existed on the PC in certain titles henceforth, but The Creed certainly blew my young idiotic mind back in 1998.

    Certainly looking forward to Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

    In regards to @angryjedi’s always-enjoyable Whatchyabeenplayin’, let me throw down.

    Frozen Synapse @mjpilon and myself opened fire on each other for the first round of the tourney and by some stroke of luck, the deciding round had two bazookas on each team. Luckily, my rockets found some masonry to detonate against and bathed opponents in the warm wash of a high-explosive shockwave. HOWEVER, I must duck out of the tourney due to continued internet woes – woes that will now be fixed via the installation of fresh, faultless, flawless fabulous fibre-optics on the 20th of August. Thus, my worthy opponent, I had thee the baton and encourage you to make wurst from your bested opponents. Godspeed, @mjpilon.

    Alpha Protocol Oh how I wish I had the time to marathon games like the old days. Alpha Protocol would be done and dusted by now, but for what it’s worth, still enjoying it immensely. Rather janky in places, and certain areas feature some of the most pedestrian level design and furnishings I’ve seen in the modern gaming era, but you play for the conversations, and that’s what I’m enjoying most. And when the action sequences are this unreliable in terms of stealth mechanics (enemies either oblivious, or somehow they know you’re there from a mile away), I eschewed the stealth agent run and got busy with the Assault rifle proficiencies. Having a blast. I’ll keep the stealth antics for a more reliable system…like DE:HR or something. Or….

    Hitman Blood Money Doing another run on this in anticipation of the SoS mission. You really cannot beat Io Interactive for urban flavour. They craft the darkest and most delightful missions and scenarios. Looking forward to reading/hearing Squaddies’ thoughts on the game who’ve never played it prior. Contracts still reigns supreme for me, but Blood Money is definitely the most inventive and varied.

    Men of War: Assault Squad / RUSE Always going back and forth between these two. Nabbed the DLC packs for RUSE over the Steam Sales, so nuclear artillery, the Japanese faction and a nice selection of maps are now things to play with. Sad to see only one Pacific map, but the game at its heart really isn’t a grognardian RTS…it’s a beautiful real-time boardgame. Men of War…well…you know how I feel about that glorious RTT experience. Outside of the incredible physics and sheer danger enemies present, nothing beats taking direct control of an infantry flamethrower and flanking around a barn to hose a nest of German artillery with Yankee chilli-sauce. @beige and @bowlisimo, I do hope you fellows end up owning this one down the line. It’s great fun and terrific co-op.

    Supreme Commander 2 And finally, ol’ SupCom2. After fighting and besting an aggravating problem involving my Mobility Radeon and for some reason, it turning off geometry instancing (hideous graphical glitching thereafter), I’ve been continually enjoying just skirmishing against the computer. There are so many wonderful units and options within. Going back to what @bowlisimo said about the Chris Taylor titles being quite soulless, I’m in complete agreement…right up until SupCom2. I REMAIN IN A CONSTANT EROTIC TRYST WITH THIS TITLE. It’s a military science-fiction hardware lover’s wet dream. Dropships on automated deployment runs loading freshly-constructed ground units in batches of fifty, ferrying them to the front from the designated marshalling yards. Mobile shield generators flaring with every enemy shot made. Gargantuan experimental units thundering up out from their construction scaffolds and beginning their lumbering trek towards their rally point. Artillery raining down in salvoes of hundreds of shells, leaving the shattered hulks of quadruped gun platforms smoking and blackened. And need I remind the reader of an entire naval force crawling up the beach on newly-researched legs, their cannons brought to bear on the defenders?

    What’s more, SupCom2 has one of the best strategic zooms this side of AI Wars or, to a lesser extent (perhaps, more aptly, to a different extent), RUSE.

    It might look like a Michael Bay effort compared to the nuanced subtleties of Starcraft, but I would argue it’s as enjoyable and deep in its own way – just on a much grander scale. Amazing options in the tech tree to really direct what kind of force you’d like to build. More enjoyable for me, at least. Here’s a rather finely-soundtracked 4v4 video that sums it all up perfectly.

    How I wish these were marathon sessions, but home duties and scribble sessions dig into the gaming time. So, a mission here, a quarter-skirmish there, you know how it goes.

    I shall leave it there. I’ll be offline at home until the 20th, but will browse via phone and hopefully drop a few comments when I’m at work. Keep it up, Squaddies.

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    @bowlisimo Sir, good stuff with the FS Tourney groundwork. I’m away at the inlaws, but I’ll try and log in and see how it’s all coming along between now and Sunday.

    My last little piece of hardsell is via Gamersgate’s Ubisoft Week, as for the next 24 hours, they’ve got RUSE for an unbelievable price of 8 US clams. Nab it there, copy the serial key into Steam and BAM, good to go. Instead of that Ubisoft DRM business, the devs went with Steamworks. Smart folks.

    Go on. Operational-level WWII RTS gaming has never been this classy, easy and enjoyable. Your only other option for such a thing is the Airborne Assault games, really. That or tragic misfires like Order of War.

    Also note that Anno 1404 Gold/Dawn of Discovery will be on sale on Sunday…just a little piece of insider goodness for all you city-builder fans.

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    Some great Steam deals today, and a good effort by you, @RedSwirl, waiting for that final price drop on FS.

    It’s been a good sale thus far for strategy titles in general. Men of War: AS for 7 smackers yesterday or the day before, RUSE for a tenner today, as is Supreme Commander 2. Surely a few Squaddies would find those interesting.

    Another suggestion for @feenwager would be Hitman: Blood Money. Bit trial and error’y, but remarkably satisfying. Filled to the brim with dark humour and a terrific sense of place. For some reason, and maybe coming under fire for being somewhat contrarian, but where the NPCs of Assassin’s Creed felt like automaton, the Hitman world’s citizenry seemed far more alive. And Agent 47…I mean, you cannot find a more bad-arse bad-arse than him.

    Available on PC, 360.

    Oh, and I’ll throw in Mini Ninjas, too. The game for people who like Zelda-esque romps, but want something a little different. Funnily enough, I read it was a game IO Interactive made because their usual fare was far too dark, depressing and violent to take home and play with their young families. Highly recommend Mini Ninjas.

    Available on PC, Mac, PS3, 360.

    Happy 4th of July, US comrades.

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    @sinfony Damn straight it was Shift! Great sense of speed, best cockpit view, with the sound design and acoustics finest in the genre. The only think stopping me from picking up Shift 2 for the moment is having nabbed Dirt 2 on PC. Shift 2 certainly looks excellent, the crowning achievement being the driver view shifting into corners…amazing what such a simply mechanic can do to enhance the thrill of driving.

    @bowlisimo Don’t be ashamed of watching Pro League! I do wish other strategy games received the same treatment, though.

    I’m up for Trackmania, but when it comes down to it, I wonder how it’ll go as a Squad Mission…hard to get too chin-strokey with a racing game. Will it be just a mission of lap times and crazy moments? If so, it’d certainly be an easy one to covert simply into the space usually occupied by the topic of a normal Season 2 Squadcast.

    EDIT: Man, I’ve been getting some RUSE on this weekend. Shogun 2 keeps tugging at my sleeve, but there’s something so special about Eugen’s title. Wish more folks took notice of this last year. Ah well.

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    @bowlisimo Just a heads-up if you’re in the market, Gamersgate – as you probably know – are having their five year anniversary sale. Up this week are two terrific games at slashed prices, my GOTY 2010 RUSE for 14 bucks and the very fine Achtung Panzer for a cool 6. I might be speaking to a nonchalant, shrugging man or an interested party. Either way, my picks and recommendations. http://www.gamersgate.com/offers

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    Nice to see Minecraft getting the love. Not my particular cup of tea, but I think it really fills that niche carved by a childhood filled with upturned boxes of Lego and going for broke on a creative surge of construction. I do love simply carving elaborate tunnels through the Earth like I’m rescuing Chilean miners, though. If only other indie titles across the board had as wonderful a success story as Minecraft.

    Finished up Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, in co-op. It was brilliant, the length perfect for co-op on hard, perhaps the best attention to detail this year in terms of level design. I foresee the resident curmudgeon-in-waiting @bowlisimo snickering and rolling orbs in ocular sockets, and indeed it won’t make any new friends. But the sound and level design is top-notch. My limited time in Shanghai was refreshed in the memory banks by this one. The grime, the conveyance of the summer heat and all the stench and smog it brings with it. From the seedy outer-industrial estates to the overbearing choke of back alleys, clogged with detritus and garbage; from the glorious rendering (Io Interactive do this SO well!) of an airport apron – replete with taxiing 747s – to the grotesque decadence of a corrupt party official’s business lodgings, it’s a feast of the senses. The shooting is much tighter than the first game, but it’s still not what the Uncharted folk would be interested in. The narrative isn’t as grand as Dead Men, but it’s going for a more “slice of the moment” experience, one that simply charts the two protagonists as everything falls apart for them once again and they must do what they have to in order to get the hell out of Shanghai.

    If you pick it up, put it on hard, grab a friend and get going.

    A quick word on RUSE if anyone is interested. Will soon have the Move controller rocking up on my door, but for the time being, it’s been the standard controller. Whether it’s on PC or the consoles, no doubt – like Master M. Minotti stated on the recent EBP – it’s a tough gig when you release in the same year as Starcraft 2 and Civ V. However, so far it’s so far removed from those two heavyweights that any sort of “but why would you need anything else in the genre?” jab holds little water, if any. Definitely a title that is easy to get into for newcomers but deep enough to satisfy the veterans. Also, probably one of the very few games that the “you need to play it – and maybe play it multiplayer” to see what Eugen were going for in terms of gameplay. It doesn’t kick you in the jewels within the first few minutes of gameplay, there’s no fog of war per se but, again, what you see might not be what you find kampfgruppen moving upon.

    So, if you’re looking for a much more relaxed poker-like RTS without having to buy into the “hardcore time investment” image, something I feel is a paradigm built around Starcraft in the interum between Brood War and the sequel, then a hearty recommendation for this one.

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    @bowlisimo Hey now, I don’t expect folks to ride my train when it comes to particular games. I’ve just had RUSE at the forefront of my most-anticipated since its announcement and it has delivered in spades what I was looking for. Indeed, the Giant Bomb quicklook was a horrible display, but then again, most RTSs in single player rarely showcase the options, and especially by a site where Starcraft is essentially the only strategy game that gets mentioned. However, it’s not for everyone, and a single player demo isn’t going to sell a fellow on it.

    But, if you do end up ever playing it multiplayer, it’ll showcase just how ruse-centric the game is. Sure, play it like your traditional econ-based RTS, but throwing poker-like feints and bluffs into the mix is where the fun is. Anyway, I’ll not mention it further. My original post was more about the kneejerkists and blinkered fools who claim to be open-minded and deep within the medium, but undermine themselves by snarling without justification.

    @beige It’s got a superb standard gamepad control scheme, playing with that the moment.

    EDIT: Couldn’t help it. Going to leave these vids here and THAT will be all.

    RUSE Primer Part 01 – Training Area – http://bit.ly/bkrgEc
    RUSE Primer Part 02 – Unit Management – http://bit.ly/bXswSZ
    RUSE Primer Part 03 – Unit Tips & Tricks – http://bit.ly/bg3JT5
    RUSE Primer Part 04 – Ruse Card Tips & Tricks – http://bit.ly/a2bMAe

    Certainly not really a traditional econ RTS.

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    Thanks so much for your hard work, gentlemen. Very excited to listen to the SoS on the drive to work today, so brilliant timing, Pete! Can’t wait!

    I know I’ve been waffling on about RUSE for a while, but check this “RUSE Experience” website they’ve developed. It’s terrific! Incredible production values, you get to swing around an engagement in this quasi-3D way with location-specific sound triggers. If The Curfew and technology like this website came together, I think ol’ @feenwager would be satisfied, rather than coping with “My First Performance”-level stuff. Granted, the only caveat is the narrator in parts. Shame it wasn’t someone from the earlier trailers. But hey.


    Take a chance and enjoy!

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    Morning/Afternoon/Evening commanders. I wish the SoS honchos all the best in recording another sterling episode of season 2. Speaking of Metroid Other M, Master M. Minotti seemed quite taken with it in his review and his extrapolated musings on the most recent EBP, despite it having its quirks. Metroid’s never really been my thing, but I can see why it’s garnered such a fanbase over the years.

    And this just in, another Move demonstration, for those who’re interested.

    If this guy thinks it’s better than the DS3 controller, then it must be pretty smooth. No problems had here with controlling in the traditional sense.

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    Just wanted throw down my two kroner on the RUSE PS3 demo for those who’re interested. Possibly a lot more succinctly than the “lost levels” edition that didn’t make it to the Squawkbox shelf last night.

    So Playstation Plus made itself useful the other day by telling me it wasn’t a complete waste of money. The RUSE demo was up for download in PAL land for subscribers, so I was on that like US marshalls welcoming home Polanski.

    Now, throwing brevity to the wind, the good and the bad.

    • Controls are brilliant. Finally, after years of waiting, forgiving, working with the handicapped and constrained control setups, RUSE has ushered in a logical interface where nothing is sacrificed. I never once felt like “Y’know, a mouse would really go well right about now”, and that’s using a Dualshock of all things. Because RUSE is a slower-paced affair, there isn’t the need for triple-digit APM manoeuvres and the control implementation is a hallmark for console strategy.
    • The gameplay itself is a perfect middle-ground between a Hearts of Iron-esque grand strategy and Company of Heroes. Think of it as an arcade version of the Airborne Assault series. A sumptuous operational-level strategic romp that, I think, would be a great game for those who enjoy the notion of realtime strategy gaming, but don’t particularly like that “twelve rack jambo slide into four slot bingo rush” idea of super-fast build-boom gaming. There’s really no micro-management to speak of, which is a blessing in my opinion. Also, there seems to be a great abstraction of force with the lean but useful array of units and abilities. Sure, some temporal discrepancies, such as Pershing tanks being available at the Battle of Monte Cassino, but unlike a lot of RTS games where match-ups are kind of hard to gauge unless you’re a veteran or a micro-manager, RUSE does it a little differently. Upon selecting your units, your subsequent delegation to attack an enemy will immediately show the threat level of the encounter.

    This is augmented by any number of factors, as well as the ruses themselves.

    One thing I’ve had to adjust to is the sheer distance and ranges of fire. We’re talking naval bombardment firing kilometres inland from the coastal region, the gorgeous pyrotechnics of Calliope rocket artillery sitting behind a vast forest and sending barrages over the countryside towards enemies within a town many kilometres away, tanks copping AT rounds across large open fields. It’s got that Company of Heroes sense of explosions and steel, but it’s a much more graceful and ponderous beast.

    If you like boardgames or tabletop wargames, such as (Advanced) Squad Leader, you might get a kick out of the zoomed unit stacks, at an interaction height that really does make it feel like you’re in a command HQ, pushing counters around a map – the intended stylistic choice by the devs. I found it the best level to play at, whereby the abstraction of force is there, but accessible at a fundamental semiotic level – as opposed to your usual clutch of confusing NATO markers in things like War Plan Pacific or Hearts of Iron.

    One thing I’m super excited about are the ruses themselves. Deploying specific sector-wide actions, like a Blitz ruse to increase speed or a decryption ruse to show all enemy unit types within that sector, are great to play around with. However, it’ll be in multiplayer against a human opponent where the ruses will shine. You can’t get that dynamic sense of a gambit against an AI, let alone the ebb and flow of two opponents bouncing forces and ruses at each other. Poker meets WWII strategy.

    • The story itself and characters gives a lot more flavour to the experience than I was expecting. Playing a young up-and-coming American commander, there’s a narrative ballast here that’s just not found elsewhere. It’s essentially picking the best parts of the Patton/Montgomery vs. Rommel relationship and reworking it into a glorious and rollicking wartime tale not so much recounting the clash of ideology, but the tournament of minds between Sheridan and the german commander, Von Richter.
    • The bad, or at least lukewarm, is the slightly muddy textures, some minor pop-in and tearing that can happen at a close zoom level. RUSE won’t win any awards on PS3 for graphical fidelity, but if you’re playing it at the abstracted level – rather than a Starcraft or Company of Heroes level – you’ll be seeing a beautiful game.

    So, cannot wait for when this drops in a couple of weeks. Had it pre-ordered for, what, a year?! Giant Bomb’s quick-look certainly sold the game short, by the by. Anyway, if you’re looking for a strategy game that doesn’t kick you in the nuts straight out of the gate, swaps micro for glorious macro, then keep an eye on RUSE. It’s classy. Almost…too classy.

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    @feenwager You’re a good man. I’ll do my best to warp space-time for some convenient Dungeon Defenders match-ups when it drops, even if it means my Missus discovering two severed arms in the living room, the smell of bacon and a crackling in the air.

    And I just wrote this long rundown of the RUSE demo…and my connection with the Squawk timed out, I got shunted off the page and BAM, a casual half-hour’s ramblings were cast into oblivion. And Bethesda ain’t answering my calls. Oh well, that’s what you get for taking your time on a Friday eve. It’ll be Notepad from now on for big musings.

    In any case, I’ll ruminate upon it further and list some @beige-style good/bad things this weekend. But it’s fantastic. Ugly at times, but fantastic. Laid-back pace, which is a nice change from a lot of RTS games. Anyway, may you folks have a fast and fluid Friday. My recon suggests little resistance will be meet on a push for the weekend.

    @beige Oh boy! SoS descending onto PSN. My headset is so primed, they’ve called in the bombsquad. *sleazy late night commercial voice* Pylon_Command…add me, add me nowww. Seriously though, have a good day. Those Sasaki haters be damned.

    EDIT: Paging Pete “Joe Danger” Davison. New patch for Joe Danger brings Youtube uploading, custom soundtrack option, more tracks and multiplayer events, plus new tools for the editor. For free. That’s how you do it!

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    Morning all!

    @mcstabwithlies Up for Frozen Synapse when you grab it. I hear the first single player campaign section is being trialled at Mode 7 HQ…should be very cyberpunk’ey.

    @angryjedi Yeah, a nice big bouncy DD lifestyle! I guess I was referring to “Direct Download”, after getting roasted by some panty-waist keyboard warrior on GAF for daring to make the mistake of listing Lead & Gold as DLC, rather than DD. After that, it kinda stuck. But stick with the buxom luvverlies, by all means.

    @beige Thanks for the MNC rundown. Love hearing After Action Reports, in any way, shape or form.

    Hoping there’s a few Squaddies who’re willing to pick up Dungeon Defenders on PSN down the line, it’d be nice to get in on the action with the SoS in any capacity. Also, Playstation Plus finally paid for itself last night after leaving me feeling like its a colossal waste of time – the RUSE demo was available for subscribers. And when I get home tonight, I hope to write a short snippet here on just how amazing it is! Graphically, no prize-winner, but console realtime strategy has a coming-of-age tale within this WWII romp.

    Have a great night/day, folks.

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    The first relatively decent offscreen gameplay vid of RUSE has popped out of Gamescom with the Move controller, which is thrilling…in that old school W.E. Johns “Biggles” kind of way.

    If you’re interested – http://bit.ly/cpFYNm

    A revolution, gentlemen. A subtle, beautiful coup.

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    @scribl The vid is true. But I was thinking more along the lines of it being such a rehearsed and honed set of gameplay manoeuvres…things like builds and that, where people jump out of the gate and start slapping down installations for econ, boom, all that jazz. Starcraft, to me, seems to have a lot in common with fighting games in multiplayer. The counters, the offensive capabilities, even movement down to a fine art. I’m not attacking the APM or even targeting it as something wrong…more that, outside of Multiwinia…the pace of Starcraft – even on an hobby level – is kinda overbearing for this geezer.

    Hence why I’m hanging out for RUSE. Very much looking forward to a slower, grander scope in my RTS, and the operational level “sector by sector” gameplay hits some sort of majestic chord with me. I’m with Jeff and wish I could be part of the SC2 buzz, but factors both hardware and heart prevent such an occurrence for the time being.

    Great vid, by the by. Was that you?

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    If this doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, you’re a miserable douche. Scientific fact!

    Onto business…

    @zegolf @beige I certainly don’t think Kinect is going to capture the hardcore crowd, but if Child of Eden is anything to go by, it’ll certainly capture the hipster market and has the propensity to give that strange little subset of camera-controlled games we see in the Eyetoy stable a bit of a boost.

    Move doesn’t seem to ask for ridiculous sweeping motions and leaping about that we associate with motion controls. If anything, we can finally see menu-heavy games not be a burden to play…so grand strategy might be an option. Any further console-based Civ games would benefit largely from emulated mouse-movement. I’ll let you know how RUSE goes when it drops in September.

    By the by, played the demo of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. Man, they’ve taken all the criticisms onboard and it’s glorious. The stylistic choice of grain filtering, artifacting and macroblocking is awesome and unique. The cover system is tight, and gunplay is still that wonderfully inaccurate spray-and-pray model. Works for some. In any case, I doubt our dear snobs will bother with it, but Io Interactive seem to do “mood” a lot better than many other action developers. What’s with Scandinavian developers? Remedy, Io…along with TV shows like Ørnen: En krimi-odyssé, they certainly know how to inject a certain je ne sais quoi into their entertainment.

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    Wow! If ever there was a nice and intelligent argument for motion controls, strategy gaming is it. R.U.S.E. is the reason I’m getting Move, and it sounds like Eugen Systems have really worked hard since the beta. You know, a *real* beta, rather than a glorified piece of marketing.


    If anyone cares to check it out, the devs have done a nice new vid and unveiled a free multiplayer Steam weekend for the 15th of July. Furthermore, if anyone is considering Move and has a penchant for strategy, perhaps R.U.S.E. is what you’re looking for. Cannot wait for September.

    It looks gorgeous!

    EDIT: This just in from Gamespot, it sounds awesome!

    “Though Move support was added to R.U.S.E. long after development was under way, it has been tightly integrated into the game’s mechanics. The Move controller acts as a pointer, allowing you to highlight a group of troops, issue commands to them, or navigate menus in much the same way a mouse is used in PC real-time strategy games.

    Gestures have also been implemented; a swift swipe to right of the screen brings up the menu where you can select your troops with the pointer or via the analogue stick on the navigation controller. Zooming also gets the gesture treatment, where pushing toward the screen zooms into the map, while pulling backward zooms out.

    The light-up ball doesn’t get left out of the action either; it turns red when you’re hovering over enemy troops and green when selecting your own. Most commands can be performed using just the main controller, though Girard informed us that the navigation controller makes some commands easier to access, giving you quick shortcuts to the most frequently used ones.”

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    @RocGaude RDR put on a massive back-order that would have been shipped…hell…I dunno, sometime in the next few months (my cost-cutting measures meant an Asian version from Play-Asia). I sadly cancelled it under the realisation that I’d heard everyone say everything they possibly could about the game so a lot of the surprise was spoiled (my own fault for not skipping through all the drivetime podcasts I listen to) and also to transfer it over to a RUSE preorder for PS3.

    Maybe down the trail, though. If things didn’t take so long to get here, I wouldn’t have cancelled…although, things being what they are, I dunno how much time one has for a huge sandbox – especially in the coming months. I’ve let Squad Leader down!

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