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  • unmanneddrone 3:14 pm on March 8, 2012 Permalink
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    I think we’ve all got a soft spot for those characters we craft and direct, grow and foster…from the MLB player we drag off the bench and, through hard work and is there at the world series and a candidate for MVP to Shepherd, bouncing down through three iterations of games and choices made, crew befriended, alien trysts had and enemies dispatched.

    As not really much of an RPG player any more, if at all, it’s great to have that feeling in other genres. This talk of Shogun 2 – veteran units and generals…there is no greater feeling that commanding an army that has been with you since the beginning. Moreover, when there’s a rout or a general dies, or an entire regiment falls, I do admit to feeling a strange pang of sorrow. Real Warfare 2 takes it to the nth degree, because early game recruits are lilly-livered and break at the mere sight of an enemy force, requiring you to charge your commander units around them to steel their resolve and get them back into formation. Taking a group of Polish skirmishers and turning them into hardened, sure-footed warriors has no equal in satisfaction.

    Happened also in Back in Action this eve. Finally cleaned out the university, with Cynthia “Fox” Guzzman the sole survivor of my team. Ira Smythe, a local rebel leader, took a SPAS blast through a window and left Fox on her own. Fox, a combat medic from Newark, had been primarily playing a support role up until this point, but by god did she clean house.

    As soon as Fox got back to Drassen Airport, John “Bull” Peters was hired from the database and will arrive in 32 hours. Guzzman can hit the racks until then, she’s earned it.

    17 hours logged
    13% of Arulco liberated
    2 Mercenaries operational (1 enroute)
    3 Mercenaries deceased

  • unmanneddrone 2:52 pm on December 10, 2011 Permalink
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    @angryjedi I did very much like your Shmup video, Pete. More of those, please.

    For me, it’s been not particularly remarkable. On a very short hiatus from Real Warfare II, on account of upcoming patches and wanting to try it out in multiplayer with a fellow back home. Got an early Chrissie present of Galactic Civilizations 2: Ultimate Edition after it was re-released on Steam and loving it. Played Dread Lords back in the day and, now, with all the expansions, suspect it is the pinnacle of the 4X space empire builder genre. I’d go so far as to say GalCiv2 Ultimate is equal to Civilization in terms of detail and player-driven choice and variables. Certainly helps to have such a comfort blanket when Sword of the Stars 2 was delivered in such a horrid state.

    Was thinking of jumping back into the Precursors, long since abandoned after March. There’s a diamond in the rough if ever there was one. Fantastic piece of Ukrainian overreach, but an honest and hilarious piece of entertainment.

  • unmanneddrone 2:39 am on November 20, 2011 Permalink
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    I loved the French dev scene of the 90s, primarily due to Cryo, Infogrames, Delphine and Adeline. Cryo, mostly. While it’d be an unpopular view, they’d be my favourite adventure game developer. First Cryo game I ever played…nay…experienced (that nebulous notion) was their 1992 debut masterpiece Dune. Oh, how it shaped me as a young fellow, as a gamer, as a scribbler. A formative piece of entertainment, that much I can assure.

    And Eugen are French; those le Dressay brothers just doing their strategic thing and me loving them for it.

    @bowlisimo Keep it on your radar, I say. It’ll go on sale for some ludicrously low price over the holidays, I’m sure. Oh, here’s something you might get a kick out of…a mod for the original Real Warfare was used in creating a fan trailer for the Russian release of M&B: With Fire and Sword.

    @redswir1 I think the one thing that’ll always ensure we get our Eastern Bloc fix is that a lot of the studios specialise in catering to hardcore niches, stuff that would never fly with mainstream slack-jaws. Tank simulators like T-72: Balkans on Fire and the soon-to-be-released Steel Armor: Blaze of War, heavy-duty operational wargames like Achtung Panzer, the strange Icepick Lodge titles. Actually, my first taste of pure Russian madness came in the form of VANGERS: One for the Road…bizarre, but I digress.

    Have a look at Gaijin Entertainment…prominent Russki dev that did try and make the jump to console with IL2 Birds of Prey and Apache Air Assault. Both terrific and unique offerings for the console space, but nobody gave a rat’s ringus. Apache Air Assault was far too hard in the control department for your average Battlefield Blackhawk jockey, and Birds of Prey wasn’t flashy enough. I think the STALKER and Metro sequels on console will be slightly more popular, but they won’t have that widespread appeal that the big American shooters have garnered and kept.

    Me? Steel Armor: Blaze of War would be chosen over any wingnut backslap fuel any day of the week. It might not be as polished, but it’s a damn sight more interesting, far more technical and offers up environments and situations that focus on intricacy and hardware without…I dunno…turning it into something thematically cheap. I’ll take the battlegrounds of lesser-known conflicts like armour clashes in Angola in 1987 than yet another rejigging of the Middle East, and that’s where the Eastern Bloc studios’ strengths lie – being able to pursue these ultra-niche creations to the delight of fervent and supportive fans – fans smaller in number than those of the usual suspects, but it’s a global community and with development costs a fraction of what they are in the West-west, they seem to be sustainable.

    I never want to see the end of these glorious studios and their glorious projects, because it’ll spell dilution towards the same old shit.

    EDIT: I don’t want to come off sounding like a snobby, crotchety old dickhead…I love Battlefield and its combined role concept really brings multiplayer to a new level, but more often than not, these curious little projects out of the Ukraine are invigorating morsels of wonder – especially when set against their contemporaries in the medium.

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    @unmanneddrone If I can’t even understand how Total War works (after trying demos for both Shogun 2 and Medieval 2)… you get the idea. My problem is that firstly my entire RTS experience is stuck somewhere back in 1998 with the Zerg and Tiberium. Secondly, in the world of turn-based strategy I need some kind of bridge between Advance Wars and what you guys are playing.

    Oh, and I don’t know if you guys like these Deal Alerts but this one is pretty irresistible: Vanquish for $5.50 at Best Buy. Basically, Gears but sped up by about 200mph and all handled by the guy who directed Resident Evil 4. I swear Platinum Games has been the Japanese standard bearer on consoles this generation.

  • unmanneddrone 11:08 am on November 19, 2011 Permalink
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    @impynickers @redswir1 @bowlisimo All I need is a new AC!D. iOS, Vita, PS3 whatever…just give unto me MGS fan-service via cards. Lots and lots of cards. I daresay the AC!D series does more for the Kojima fanboys they they care to say. Even a Gillian Seed card! Seal of quality right there.

    A sliver of thoughts about Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades.


    Above: Mounted Sergeants survey the aftermath of a skirmish, comrade and foe in equal number. A routed enemy once thought fled has regrouped in the forest on the crest, ready to drive once more against the Teutons.

    This is one hell of a game. Classic Ukraine diamond in the rough, engine runs on the scent of an oily rag that sits quite comfortably at ultra settings on my modest machine. Could be mistaken for a Eastern Bloc Total War, but it’s not really as simple as that.

    Real Warfare 2 is balls-out hard as hell.

    It’s much closer to a tactical simulation than the comparatively arcadey Total War titles. Units have four base characteristics – Current Weapon, Armour, Skill and Unit Level – but on top of that, there’s the Dynamic Characteristics to consider – Group Strength, Wounds, Fatigue, Under Fire, Morale, Formation, Front/Rear/L-R Flanks, Speed, Ground and Discipline. All this feeds into unit responsiveness and the capacity for effective combat. Outrageously intricate and wonderfully exhausting to play.

    So far, I’ve arrived at the Teutonic settler fortress of Toruń and have become a Komtur, charged with securing peace and ridding the surrounding lands of brigand armies. So much for a light beginning – three battles in, all of which I’ve redone a few times each to get a feel for what I’m doing wrong, and I’ve been routed, had militia flee, unexpectedly flanked by enemy reserve cavalry…how the hell these barbarous wretches scraped together a cavalry regiment, I will never know.

    This would have to be one of the fiercest strategic A.I. that I’ve encountered in a long time. Merciless. What a way to finish off the year. Glorious!

    Below: Lithuanian Mercenaries charge the incline towards a Teutonic patrol, entrenched at the hilltop. The Teutonic archer regiments are yet to loose their arrows.


  • unmanneddrone 1:54 am on November 12, 2011 Permalink
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    I can never keep away from the Squawk campfire for too long. Off to the inlaws today, which puts an AP round straight through the idea of Wargaming into the late hours of Saturday night.

    Thanks for Uncharted thoughts, though. Perhaps its also a hell of a time to drop. Big FPS franchises coming out (forgive me) guns blazing, this tiny indie project known as Skyrim being delivered, a savagely competitive time to slice stime whatever way.

    I’ve decided on the last big purchase for the year after much deliberation; the target – on account of loving the first two games in the nebulous-though-unsung franchise – will be Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades. Savage and merciless sandbox empire-level RTT set amidst the Teutonic push against the Pagan forces of Prussia in the XIII Century. @bowlisimo might get a kick out of it…the strategic layer is essentially the same as Mount & Blade, where you roll from place to place with your army; combating brigand armies, recruiting troops, waging war etc., whilst conducting diplomacy and trade. The tactical battles are governed by 15 variables that go into calculating a unit’s attack, morale, and ranged attributes, including terrain position and defensive bonuses.

    So pretty damn keen. According to James Allen of Out of Eight, the AI is outright brutal. Just the way we expect it, coming out of the Ukraine.

    Take two, have a good weekend, folks! Make it a good one.

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