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  • RedSwirl 8:30 pm on September 4, 2012 Permalink
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    @bowlisimo That kid was probably Chico – a supporting character from Peace Walker and one of the people Snake was talking about in the trailer. Yeah, it seems like story-wise this game is the sequel to PW.

    Yes PW is available on PS3 and 360 now. It was on the HD Collection, and everything in that just recently got re-released individually on PSN and XBLA. Strangely, on PSN the PS3 version is $20 but the PSP one is still $30. Anyway, in my opinion one of the better Metal Gear games, especially now that it’s in 1080p, solid 60 frames per second, and an actual modern control system with two analog sticks. Definitely the most content-rich Metal Gear game, I’m talking 40-plus hours here. But yeah, those vehicle boss fights were definitely balanced for co-op.

  • bowlisimo 8:27 pm on September 4, 2012 Permalink
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    It’s on the HD Collection for the PS3, not sure outside of that. Let me know if you play it. I’ll join your game and spam “You’re pretty good…” while you attach balloons to people. Seriously though, those vehicle battles sucked to play alone.

  • bowlisimo 4:05 pm on January 9, 2012 Permalink
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    “Eroge” wasn’t in my vocabulary until I read the Squawkbox this morning. I’m cool with disabled anime girl game, just as long we don’t discuss erotic furry games next. Geek hierarchy.

    @redswir1 I’m starting to see what you meant when you said Peace Walker’s difficulty was balanced for multiple players. This chapter 5 vehicle battle stuff is tedious, it takes forever by yourself (destroying or capturing). Is this even worth doing? I was enjoying the crazy story and animation up until now, but the credits rolled already. How many times can I run through that banana plantation with a slightly different objective?

  • bowlisimo 4:55 pm on January 6, 2012 Permalink
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    @unmanneddrone I’m having fun with Peace Walker’s mechanics. It’s similar but different, right? Still nutty and still cool. CQC got changed a bit from MGS3 (chaining is nice), I don’t know why you can’t crawl all of a sudden or aim when prone, and the bite-sized nature of many of the missions stands out when you’re playing it on a PS3, but none of that has been a problem. Like you, I’ve also found the building of Outer Heaven, research and troop stuff more engrossing than I thought it would. Only in a Kojima game would you run around attaching helium balloons to everyone as a means of recruiting. It’s so dumb, but also great. I also like being able to capture vehicles and throw them in battles in Outer Ops and slowly piecing together my own Metal Gear is rad. I do wish it was more than just Atari sprites fighting each other, but I have to keep telling myself this was a PSP game.

    I can’t really speak to it, but knowing your art style, I can easily guess why you like the design. It’s anachronistic, clean and cool. A guy has a metal hand, Big Boss is running around with armor plating, and there are older looking mechs with all kinds of intricate working mechanisms and metallic technological topography. I really like the suits, especially the sneaking suit, paired with clear futuristic defensive shield and MSF markings.

    I dunno, it’s Metal Gear. I accidentally recruited Hideo Kojima from one of the interactive cutscenes. He’s one of the “top men” in my intel team and his bio says “70% of my life is movies, you decide what to do with the other 30%.” … Haha, what?

  • bowlisimo 6:45 pm on January 3, 2012 Permalink
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    On another note, 2011 ended with a Bastion marathon and 2012 continues my Metal Gear Solid-ucation (after the amazing MGS3) with more Big Boss and some Mother Base building in Peace Walker, and at the same time *finally* getting back to Italy to hang with Ezio and the Ass Bros.

    Edit: Anyone want to try Peace Walker coop? It seems like craziness. I mean, cardboard box tank, you guys.

    @feenwager Curious to hear more about SWTOR on the podcast, specifically whether or not you think you’ll be playing it in a month. All reports seem to be that it’s well made, but very much an mmo-ass mmo.

  • RedSwirl 3:50 pm on November 11, 2011 Permalink
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    @unmanneddrone Well then lemme go ahead and break that.

    A while ago I tried hopelessly to champion Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker to the Squad despite being probably the only one here besides @shingro who owns a PSP. That barrier is now gone with the HD Collection which I seriously recommend.

    I especially recommend this to people who loved Metal Gear Solid 3 (like Beige) but maybe passed up PW. Not only does MGS3 look clean as fuck on this disc, but PW also is able to become the game it was supposed to be.

    First of all, the controls actually make gddamned sense. Like MGS4, an entire layer of mechanical confusion is gone and you can play the game like you think it would. Secondly, Peace Walker is easily the most content-rich Metal Gear game. By itself it’s probably worth the $50 price tag of the collection. Even after 45 hours with the game (transferred my PSP save file) I still have a ways to go to unlock all the content. To describe the gameplay briefly, it’s basically the sequel to MGS3, with the management mechanics of Final Fantasy Tactics and a heavy co-op focus. The only thing that looks “old” about PW on this collection are the PSP graphics, and even the menus and 2D art assets have been completely redone in HD.

    Oh, and like 10 minutes of the Rayman Origins demo convinced me that Michael Ancel should be in charge of the next Sonic game. This motherfucker is a 16-bit platformer with today’s graphics. It’s just fun in all the ways those games were. It’s fun to run around and collect shit. It’s fun to find hidden shit. It’s fun to do death-defying leaps to get extra shit, and there’s enough of this in the full game to make it worth a $50 disc?! At least keep an eye out for this one on Black Friday.

  • RedSwirl 4:16 am on November 9, 2011 Permalink
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    If I’m the only one here who actually got Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, much less the coffee-table-size limited edition, then let me tell you that if you get this collection for any main reason, it better be Peace Walker.

    My God has the time passed for Metal Gear Solid 2. It’s hit me like a kick in the teeth how much trouble Japanese developers had breaking into the 3rd dimension before around 2005. Dealing with the controls and fixed camera angles is just painful. MGS2 actually makes a lot more sense when you decide to play it like a top-down 2D shooter, but this game was the franchise’s first shaky attempt to really go into 3D (the first MGS was mechanically an 8-bit game rendered in polygons, and at least felt consistent for that). After about an hour, I’m pretty much done.

    Not really Kojima’s fault though. There really wasn’t a textbook for how to do a 3rd person game with guns on consoles yet, and one wouldn’t even begin to be written for at least another four years. In many ways it feels like the older Resident Evil games. MGS2 is representative of a painful time of transition, when Japan was still trying to figure hot how to DO a 3D action game. I haven’t started MGS3 yet but the last I remember the updated camera in the Subsistence version (which was used in this collection) really helps.

    One reason I hope this collection does well with MGS fans is because I think it’s unfortunate how Peace Walker got passed over on account of being on the wrong platform outside of Japan. I really do think it’s one of the better Metal Gear titles. Now with updated controls and online, it certainly feels like the most modern MGS game.

    Actual “regular” controls, four-player co-op missions, full-blown 3-on-3 versus, and literally 40+ hours worth of content make Peace Walker alone probably enough game for what you’ll pay for the standard edition of this collection. I dare say that the only thing really holding it back are the PSP graphics. I don’t know if any of you would ever have time to give PW a look though…

  • RedSwirl 6:49 am on November 8, 2011 Permalink
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    @angryjedi Well well, that’s one person to play Modern Warfare 3 with, if I decide to actually get it. Things are looking good though… eventually.

    On the subject of dudebro, so pretty much the entire squad except me passed up Gears 3 right? Well, from your description of Dungeon Defenders, Gears’ Horde 2.0 mode sounds like pretty much the same thing but without the RPG classes. I almost feel like this should have been considered the real game.

    What pisses me off the most is the fact that I can’t play a PC version of Horde 2.0 with a proper server browser (and DirectX 11). That’s the main reason I’m interested in seeing if Modern Warfare 3’s Spec Ops Survival mode is up-to-snuff. Some of the wave missions in Modern Warfare 2 tell me it can be. Maybe the search for such a thing on PC will finally cause me to give the Dungeon Defenders demo a shot.

    My pain pickup for this week though is that Metal Gear Solid HD Collection that I hope every single person didn’t forget about.. For some reason I’m really anxious to play the HD version of Peace Walker on it despite having already put my 40 hours into the PSP version and the fact that the game will even let me transfer my save file.

    Believe it or not that’s one other game that’s caught the co-op bug, except now I with full online people outside of Japan will actually be able to, y’know, play the game the way it was balanced. It kinda sucks that we finally get a Metal Gear with robust online team-based gameplay and it happens in the shadow of COD where no one will notice.

  • RedSwirl 7:23 pm on December 12, 2010 Permalink
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    Favorite soundtrack of 2010? Mine is honestly looking like Peace Walker.

  • RedSwirl 11:16 pm on October 3, 2010 Permalink
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    Anyway, this week in the subject of horseshit – games balanced specifically for co-op to the detriment of the singleplayer.

    After you beat Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker the game actually unlocks a shitlload of extra sidequest missions along with an epilogue chapter. Most of these missions were balanced for four-player co-op, and Kojima saw fit to go “one size fits all” with the difficulty. This means missions in positions that are almost hopeless for one player to manage, and bosses that require several times more ammo than Snake can carry on his own.

    What makes this all really damning is the fact that this game’s co-op is local only. Oh yeah you can use Ad-Hoc Party, but you gotta own a PS3 for that, and at that point you might as well be just playing the game on PS3. This is an increasing problem with Japanese games, particularly handhelds like this, Dragon Quest IX and most notoriously Monster Hunter. This is also somewhat true for some of Capcom’s console games like Resident Evil 5 and Lost Planet 2.

    I get it, the Japanese lifestyle is perfect for local multiplayer on handhelds what with their on-the-move lifestyle and population density 10 times that of the United States. My problem is that most of these games would do perfectly fine in the American market with just some tiny-ass adjustments. The fighting game genre went through this same problem like four years ago.

    Circa 2006 fighting games were in serious decline in North America because arcades were dead, but in Japan they were still strong enough to support games like Virtua Fighter 5, so Japanese developers still geared them towards that market. Fast-forward to 2008, and the simple implementation of online play basically revived the entire genre over here in Street Fighter IV, King of Fighters XII, and Soul Calibur IV.

    That’s one thing that needs to happen for games like Peace Walker to work in North America. Hell, MGS Portable Ops and its expansion pack on the PSP had online versus. Konami America themselves even asked if western journalists wanted a PS3 version of Peace Walker distributed over PSN with online play. The same goes for Dragon Quest. Right now only a couple of these co-op-focused portable games actually had the foresight to include online play – Ace Combat Joint Assault and Phantasy Star Portable 2.

    That’s not all though. A game that basically only has a co-op mode to me has always felt like half a product. Yeah that probably just means I have no friends nearby and can never find friends with which to play online at the right time. I mean, that’s why I’ve only played 3 hours total of Left 4 Dead 2 since buying it at launch. Why can’t these games at the very least be like the last couple Splinter Cell games with singleplayer and co-op modes that exist independently in the same package?

    In my opinion Resident Evil 5 would’ve benefited greatly from RE2’s multiple scenario system. One singleplayer story and one co-op story I think would have made for a much more even experience. The same might go for Lost Planet 2.

    Still though, the overall package of Peace Walker is definitely still hot shit. Like I said before, the storyline is one of the least ridiculous in the Metal Gear canon. Technically speaking it’s really tangentially related to the rest of the story, only being a sequel to MGS3 in the sense of Naked Snake finally reconciling within himself what happened with The Boss. Otherwise its just its own story examining the theory of deterrence in the middle of the Cold War.


  • RedSwirl 3:23 am on September 28, 2010 Permalink
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    I’m telling you man, if you have the least bit of fondness or even tolerance for Metal Gear and have access to a PSP somewhere, dust it off for Peace Walker. I’m right up to the final boss and it is truly tragic that so many people passed this game up simply because of what black box it runs on. It is a fantastic game that just happens to be on the PSP.

    I don’t know if I want to call it the best PSP game ever. Almost definitely the most time I’ve ever devoted towards one PSP game completely of my own free will (and honestly, the system hasn’t done that bad this year in terms of releases).

    I’ll just sum stuff here by saying that what’s incredible about this game is how lean the experience feels yet also how much content there is. This game basically cuts the fat off of MGS3 and 4 – leaving pure stealth with great level design, AND THEN packs on shitloads of extra shit to do. Presentation-wise, the art direction totally holds up what looks like impressive last gen graphics, the soundtrack is as pure Metal Gear as you can get, and the storyline is one of the better ones in MGS – more like 1 and 3, less like 2 and 4.

    I don’t know, borrow a PSP off of your mans and them and hook it up to a TV (all of them except the 1000) can do that.

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