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  • unmanneddrone 12:12 am on July 23, 2010 Permalink
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    If this doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, you’re a miserable douche. Scientific fact!

    Onto business…

    @zegolf @beige I certainly don’t think Kinect is going to capture the hardcore crowd, but if Child of Eden is anything to go by, it’ll certainly capture the hipster market and has the propensity to give that strange little subset of camera-controlled games we see in the Eyetoy stable a bit of a boost.

    Move doesn’t seem to ask for ridiculous sweeping motions and leaping about that we associate with motion controls. If anything, we can finally see menu-heavy games not be a burden to play…so grand strategy might be an option. Any further console-based Civ games would benefit largely from emulated mouse-movement. I’ll let you know how RUSE goes when it drops in September.

    By the by, played the demo of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. Man, they’ve taken all the criticisms onboard and it’s glorious. The stylistic choice of grain filtering, artifacting and macroblocking is awesome and unique. The cover system is tight, and gunplay is still that wonderfully inaccurate spray-and-pray model. Works for some. In any case, I doubt our dear snobs will bother with it, but Io Interactive seem to do “mood” a lot better than many other action developers. What’s with Scandinavian developers? Remedy, Io…along with TV shows like Ørnen: En krimi-odyssé, they certainly know how to inject a certain je ne sais quoi into their entertainment.

  • zegolf 2:05 pm on July 22, 2010 Permalink
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    I spoke to a very reliable source (he works marketing for EA, but is a close friend of mine) who said that the biggest issue with motion control, at least with Kinect, was that they’ve essentially removed the urban and college student market. You need a LOT of room to make it work effectively. Great for people with finished basements (or basements, I guess) but tough for college dorms and people living in row homes.

  • unmanneddrone 1:41 pm on July 22, 2010 Permalink
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    Guys, I dunno if anyone can really doubt the fidelity and possibilities of properly-implemented motion controls after watching these new tech demos.

    Very excited at that RTS tech demo…unit selection on console now a pleasure, rather than a chore!

    EDIT: By the by, Lead & Gold is having a free steam weekend, so pounce on that for a bit o’ Western shooty-shoot if you care for it.

  • RocGaude 4:02 pm on June 17, 2010 Permalink
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    I couldn’t have expressed my feelings about gameplay any better then @iscariot83. Well said, man…and so glad that you’re back chatting with us. 🙂

  • iscariot83 3:35 pm on June 17, 2010 Permalink
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    I’m with you guys on the toy aspect of games. I don’t have a lot of free time, but if I want to do something that’s fun, engaging, stretches my brain a little, and gives me a sense of creative problem solving, I’m going to bust out a sketch pad, not a control pad. And yes I know we’re technically talking about a control system that doesn’t involve a physical controller at all, but I couldn’t resist the cheesy sketch/control-pad parallel wordplay thing.

    The point is, I’m not looking for a fun way to kill a few hours. I have a lot of stuff I can do with my time that will be just as enjoyable as a video game, and most of those options give me something to show for my effort. If a game doesn’t give me something that lasts beyond the time I sit on the couch, it doesn’t seem worthwhile.

    I’m not necessarily looking for a great story or narrative, but I want to be emotionally or engaged by video games…usually that means characters and plots, but it could also be some other sort of other ‘aesthetic experience’ like Rez or Flower.

    Of course, there’s exceptions like multiplayer games with friends and family, but I already have Rock Band, Mario Games, a Wii, etc…I don’t really feel like I need to purchase another piece of hardware that I may only use 2 or 3 times per year.

  • iscariot83 9:24 pm on June 15, 2010 Permalink
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    I have to say I was right with the audience when it game to the pricing of the Move controllers. Pleased and kind of relieved to see that the control was only 50 bucks…followed by a disheartened groan when they tacked on the “movement stick” part for another $30. I don’t have a Playstation Eye either, so that’s another $50 dollars.

    It’s going to take a system-seller quality game to convince me to part with that kind of money, (likewise for the $150 rumored price tag on Natal) and though there’s been some cool stuff shown, none of it is worth the cost of entry that Sony and MS are asking for.

    Maybe in a couple of years after developers get their hands dirty they’ll find some great ways to integrate this stuff, but until then I think I’ll be fine just dusting off the wii every couple of months.

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