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  • Pete Davison 11:54 pm on July 14, 2012 Permalink
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    @wrdsmth Rest assured Rampant and I are more than aware of the wider picture of “Brony” culture. In fact, there’s a very interesting study being done into it at present — the third phase is live right here if anyone wants to participate. (Don’t worry, it’s anonymous, though unlike previous phases this part focuses exclusively on those who identify as “Bronies” rather than providing a separate survey for people who do not.)

    Here’s a (long!) YouTube vid of a recent panel regarding the findings from the second phase.

    It’s certainly a very interesting phenomenon. I wouldn’t call myself a particularly “hardcore” Brony — I like the show, have a couple of T-shirts and am very interested in the recently-announced comic — but that’s about it. I don’t do fan art, I don’t write fanfic and I don’t participate in the wider Brony community. And I have zero interest (though a morbid curiosity that will probably never be sated) in “Rule 34” content.

    Anyway. Let’s not get bogged down in this. @pepperized, no-one is trying to impress you. Some of us like it, others do not. Live and let live without judgement — words to live by here at the Squad.

  • Wrds 3:10 pm on July 14, 2012 Permalink
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    @pepperized There’s nothing to judge, its just something people like. That’s all it should be.

    That being said, its not for me either. I do find some of the fan created content entertaining though.

    And @rampantbicycle there’s a lot more to the brony phenomenon than just a bunch of guys loving a children’s cartoon, with varying levels of intrigue each warranting different levels of concern or not. That’s a subject I don’t care enough about to get into though. I just hope you’re more aware of it than you let on in that post. Maybe you did, and I just haven’t been around to see the whole conversation.

    I know I only pop my head in once in a blue moon, hope you’re all doing well.

  • Pepperized 2:47 pm on July 14, 2012 Permalink
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    I’m with @bowlisimo on this one, I haven’t watched MLP, don’t intend to. The reason? Because there is nothing within it that makes me want to watch it. Rainbows and that crap isn’t for me. To be perfectly honest I thought it was a fad and to this day I’m supprised it is still popular.

    Though I won’t judge you for it, you aren’t impressing me.

  • RedSwirl 5:40 pm on July 13, 2012 Permalink
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    After watching the pilot episode I’ll admit MLP is a well-written show, but the only thing you’re gonna see me getting into is the mash-up trailers:

  • rampantbicycle 3:56 pm on July 13, 2012 Permalink
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    (mounts soapbox)

    As a member of what was once the target audience for the ORIGINAL My Little Pony, allow me to state that the reboot is many orders of magnitude better than the original. Fun, colorful, well-written and funny; my one regret is that Faust was not permitted to make the series as adventurey as she originally hoped (The Suits put their feet down and made the show more a slice of life deal than it was apparently planned to be.)

    I think one of the things I like about it is that it is refreshingly light on irony. I don’t know if it qualifies as part of “The New Sincerity” or not, but it is somehow really good to see more things being released that don’t rely on snark for their power or entertainment value. I love me some snark as much as the next girl, but sometimes it’s just nice to see something being unapologetically what it is and loved for it.

    The “brony” phenomenon is something of which I generally approve – it provides a context for male viewers to admit they like something that falls well outside of “traditionally acceptable” male viewing turf. (In my opinion, gender-segregated viewing choices should die in a fire anyway. I am allowed to love giant robots if I want, and the boys I know are also allowed to love sweet, earnest shows with relationships at the center of many plotlines.) I regret that we need to do things like give it a name and such rather than any dude in the world just being able to say “Oh yeah, I watch that show,” but I understand the kind of defensive impulse that does things like create a “screw you guys, we’re making a culture out of this” reaction instead.

    If you train as a librarian (as I have), or if you work in a bookstore or video rental establishment for any extended period of time, you will eventually most likely come to the conclusion that much of the world has different reading/viewing tastes from yours. Often, you will be asked to make recommendations for someone who loves things you absolutely hate, and it is essential that you be able to do this with poise and class. Reader’s advisory goddess Betty Rosenberg once proposed the maxim “Never apologize for your reading tastes,” and this is very true no matter what medium you are “reading.” You love what you love, and nobody has the right to mock you for loving something they deem inferior. Lots of people will hate on you for the stuff you love anyway, but they fall into the category of what you’d call “douchebags.” 😉

    There are a lot of people out there right now who are loving Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey. These are not “good” books by any critical definition, but there are documented instances of books like these turning nonreaders into readers. I don’t like them, but if they bring more people to a place where they find they rather love to read, then I am sure as hell not going to discourage that by hating on either series in the ways I’ve seen lots of people do.

    The difference here is that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is legitimately good. The only reason anyone feels they need to apologize for loving it is that they fear social censure for admitting their fondness for it – for reasons of age, gender, whatever. This is both sad and unnecessary. Someday when I am nominated JRPG protagonist one of the changes I bring to the world will be that everyone is able to love what they love fearlessly. 😛

    So…yeah. TL;DR version: IT IS OKAY to like My Little Pony. It’s actually quite good. So let yourself love it if you think you might. 😉

    (tucks soapbox away)

  • Shingro 11:06 pm on July 12, 2012 Permalink
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    @angryjedi Oh no question, having seen a few episodes (and someone even broadcast full episodes onto the ceiling of ACEN 2012 =P) I’d certainly set it as one of the Great Works of Cartooning alongside things like the Batman Animated Series. Super solid, strong character personalities, enjoyable on it’s own merits for a variety of ages and such, and most importantly… bringing the goddamn WHIMSY with the force of a thousand suns. Even if it’s not top on my list of things I gotta watch (it’s a looooong list, and I haven’t made progress on it for ages 😦 ) It’s on there somewhere, even if I don’t ascribe to the fandom per se.

    Thought it’s true, I tend to have some pushback against ‘Aversion Fads’ because this thing about hating certain things on the internet (Beiber (and all boybands before him), furries, and it seems that there’s some contingent trying to make it stick on MLP.) because it’s cool(?!) or someone told you to do so is some real highschool maturity level horseshit. =P or at least that’s my opinion on the matter. So I’m unfairly predisposed towards giving a friendly nod towards it even if it wasn’t bringing back civility and irrational happiness to bros.

    Besides, I still find a fair amount of moe tropes adorable and awesome. Who am I going to throw stones at seriously? 😉

  • Pete Davison 10:03 pm on July 12, 2012 Permalink
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    @bowlisimo Dude, I’ve been rocking a Fluttershy profile pic for months on Facebook and you’ve only just noticed I’m a Brony? Hah.

    @shingro I like MLP for exactly the same reasons I like JRPGs. Colour, strong characters, emotional engagement, cuteness. The fact that the opening episodes for both seasons are practically JRPGs in themselves helps, too.

    I won’t go off on one about how great MLP is but I will say you should give it a chance if you haven’t. You might be pleasantly surprised, particularly if you’ve ever enjoyed Lauren Faust’s past work.

  • Shingro 9:52 pm on July 12, 2012 Permalink
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    @angryjedi Oh man, I missed that on stream, how great! I fully appreciate people of fandom making a thing for love of their fandom =)

    …… besides, the world needs a bit more sweetness and light culture, I suspect this is the nerve MLP touched for some.

    Mmmmmm Steam sale has begun huh?

    …. Tempted to try HoMM6, I’ve been a long standing fan of HoMM and King’s Bounty… but it’s still not compelling enough to me for $25… which is CRAZY, you’d think I only had mobile games as reference… ah well :/

    I’ll think on it

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