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  • Mohammad AlHuraiz 12:02 am on July 16, 2012 Permalink
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    For a month I’ve been contemplating whether or not I should get the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and I caved just a few hours ago and bought it. The port is a lot better than what I expected, I still haven’t tried out MGS 3 (which is the one I was worried about the most, that game required pressure controls that the PS2 and PS3, which was the main reason why I didn’t bother with the 3DS port), so there’s still a part of me that’s worried. Good thing is that the collection comes with the VR missions of the enhanced version of MGS 2 alongside a remade version of the first VR mission (which I’m not sure if it was on the enhanced version of MGS2). The VR Missions really needed to be on a portable one way or another, and I’m glad it did. If you already own the PS3 version of the collection, you can “transfar” your progress wirelessly to carry on wherever, which is a nice feature too.

    I also downloaded Pinball Arcade, being a bit of a pinball nerd. Having virtual, old pinball machines of my childhood memories tucked in a handheld is something I quite like. I also like the fact that if you get the Vita version you get the PS3 version for free, it also works vice versa and the leaderboards are cross platform. It has a small feature which I thought was nice of them to have was that if you hold the Vita verticall, you can play with vertical screen set up (2 bottom corners of the front touch screen work as the controls for the flippers), it is very uncomfortable to hold the Vita in that placement, but I’m still glad that its there.

    That’s enough of my Vita shenanigans, before I try to go back to bed I’ll leave you with a reading of 50 Shades of Gray by the voice of Duke Nukem:

    P.S. I also heard there are rumors going around about a 3DS Solatorobo sequel, my prayers have been answered!

  • bowlisimo 9:33 pm on January 5, 2012 Permalink
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    @angryjedi Thanks for the podcast, amigo

    @beige On MGS3, since you asked, it doesn’t really get any better than that, does it? Other games can do the motorcycle chase and Shagohod fight better, but do they have a very poignant, emotionally charged face off against your mentor in a field of flowers? The Snake Eater instrumental kicking in 5 minutes before the air strike? Ohh man. Actually having to pull the trigger myself and not just watch it happen in a cutscene? You’re not even mad at her, it’s just the mission. One must die and one must live. CQC was the only thing that made sense in that battle.

    Then Ocelot jumps aboard your escape plane-thing and is awesome *finger guns* (I shot my pistol next to his head in that scene). Snake gets to shagohod Eva and OF COURSE she’s Chinese and takes the Philosopher’s Legacy microfiche, even James Bond would fall for that. But, at least she leaves you with an explanation and a great scene where Big Boss snubs shaking the hands of the top brass (The Patriots?), then, all disenfranchised with government, he walks out to salute his dead mentor’s grave, a reviled traitor, and also secretly the greatest hero ever who averted nuclear war through sacrificing her own life.

    So, to answer your question, MGS3’s endgame and resolution was thrilling, bad ass, touching and completely satisfying. For all the weird shit, Kojima totally nailed that one. I’m a little mad that I got OCD about shooting frogs and then ended up not getting the achievement anyway (RAAAAGE, although I did get 0 kills). I really need to go through that again and let loose.

  • bowlisimo 4:33 pm on December 23, 2011 Permalink
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    @beige You would have loved to see the huge-ass grin I had on my face when this happened in MGS3 last night. Man, they really have good timing with those themes (I was wondering when the hell that was going to play). There’s a lot to be said for knowing when to apply music like that. Bioware has been getting real good with it in Mass Effect, but I can’t think of many games that will slowly play their James Bond theme as you climb a ladder. I just wish the lip synching was better.

    On to The Boss.

  • bowlisimo 4:07 pm on December 21, 2011 Permalink
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    @mjpilon @beige Can either of you explain why I wouldn’t get Riddler bullshit in Arkham Asylum, wouldn’t get flags in AC1, but did get bandages in Super Meat Boy and feathers in AC2, cause I can’t.

    I’m shooting Kerotans in MGS3 and I don’t *really* know why (that game is awesome, btw, maybe that’s why).

  • bowlisimo 7:44 pm on December 12, 2011 Permalink
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    @rocgaude Aww jeaaaah. Watch out.

    @impynickers After sleeping on MGS2’s ending (as much as I could understand anyway), I’m currently wavering on whether or not to call that game effing genius or just a hot mess of ideas and undue levels of complexity, but it’s damn bold either way. Good stuff.

    (Best moment? Snake + Otacon handshake)

    Anyway, “The Kojima Funtime Show”, continues. What’s next? 1964? Fine. Perfect. Here we go poop camo.

  • RedSwirl 6:49 am on November 8, 2011 Permalink
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    @angryjedi Well well, that’s one person to play Modern Warfare 3 with, if I decide to actually get it. Things are looking good though… eventually.

    On the subject of dudebro, so pretty much the entire squad except me passed up Gears 3 right? Well, from your description of Dungeon Defenders, Gears’ Horde 2.0 mode sounds like pretty much the same thing but without the RPG classes. I almost feel like this should have been considered the real game.

    What pisses me off the most is the fact that I can’t play a PC version of Horde 2.0 with a proper server browser (and DirectX 11). That’s the main reason I’m interested in seeing if Modern Warfare 3’s Spec Ops Survival mode is up-to-snuff. Some of the wave missions in Modern Warfare 2 tell me it can be. Maybe the search for such a thing on PC will finally cause me to give the Dungeon Defenders demo a shot.

    My pain pickup for this week though is that Metal Gear Solid HD Collection that I hope every single person didn’t forget about.. For some reason I’m really anxious to play the HD version of Peace Walker on it despite having already put my 40 hours into the PSP version and the fact that the game will even let me transfer my save file.

    Believe it or not that’s one other game that’s caught the co-op bug, except now I with full online people outside of Japan will actually be able to, y’know, play the game the way it was balanced. It kinda sucks that we finally get a Metal Gear with robust online team-based gameplay and it happens in the shadow of COD where no one will notice.

  • Shingro 11:20 pm on August 2, 2011 Permalink
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    @rampant oh god, Thief -_- trying not to kill guards in that game was maddening sometimes. I think the worst one for me was Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater, not because it was very hard once you got the tranq pistol, but because waaaaaaay back at the beginning there are 2 guards on a rope bridge, and I tranqued them successfully, now I SWEAR they were both on the bridge, but one apparently jostled off and fell to his death, so 80% of the game later I’m faced with The Sorrow level which is 8 minutes of walking and *ONE* specter who haunts me about 1/3rd the way through it…. I was horrified, but not in the way I think they intended 😐 never got the will up to do another run through =P

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