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  • unmanneddrone 12:57 am on October 28, 2012 Permalink
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    @shingro Sounds a hell of a lot like the mileage they’re getting out of the Men of War engine. Cheers for the response.

  • Shingro 10:23 pm on October 27, 2012 Permalink
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    If you think you’ve had your fill I’m going to say no, they’re basically a whole swath of new rebalanced content for exactly the same engine

    … no really… exactly…. the…. same

    Now if you LOVED those games with all your heart and soul then it is a fine purchase decision =P

  • unmanneddrone 12:24 pm on October 27, 2012 Permalink
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    @shingro Worth picking up the new King’s Bounty if you feel you’ve had your fill of Armored Princess/the prior games?

  • Shingro 11:57 pm on October 26, 2012 Permalink
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    Man… Lone survivor is pretty messed up and surreal o_O not exactly “scary” per se, but nice and odd and unsettling. Got into the street, not sure how much longer I gotta go…

    HOWEVER what I DO know is no way in hell I’m marathoning any type of horror game for 8 hours before going to bed =P especially when I have to interact with real humans tomarrow

    otherwise playing King’s Bounty Warriors of the North and it’s everything you would expect. Most of the differences are different mechanics and areas, new critters, new abilties, the tiny dragon became 5 women (maybe? haven’t met them yet) and it’s all the HoMM3 RPG fun you’d expect. more later =)

    Edit: Also in for the Hero U kickstarter!
    Current outstanding projects are: Project Eternity, Shadowrun RPG, Wasteland 2 and formerly Shaker.

  • Shingro 3:05 pm on May 17, 2011 Permalink
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    @beige Interestingly enough, the Paladin is considered the absolute weakest of all the skill trees by miles in number 1, it got significant buffs in Armored Princess due to player outcry. =P

    Trust beige to find the absolute hardest of roads =D

    Nothing wrong with your tactics though, you’ve definitely identified some of the shining stars in the game. I liked sprites so much I got a massive stack of them and blood faeries, Send one into the heart of enemy territory, send another to harry the flank (anyone out of position to be protected) the first one takes massive counter attack, then use Sacrifice to burn away most of the damaged stack give the +units to anyone not at cap through either previous battle damage or current counter attacks

    2nd turn: Use the time rewind to turn the stack of 30 or so remaining berzerkersprites back to their original position, net casualties: gained lvl 3 mage Sacrifice spell worth of units. Hysterical laughter to follow.

    Nice thing about Dryads is that if they summon the ranged plants the enemy *will* try to murder the plants come hell or high water, as a lvl 1 ranged unit it seems to jump to the top of the AI kill list. if not well there’s always the Composting abiltity or whatever it was to take another shot at this. Red Thorns also work out well.

    Focusing mager-ly I tended to res and sacrifice a lot to create a Perpetual Unit Machine. This capability was given to the Paladin in AP who became Res Specialists in addition to their King’s Bounty abilities

    Other fun tricks include Charming enemy units with Succubi and then double casting sacrifice on them to gain more units, Lvl 1 Sacrifice -> Lvl 3 res for ressing unresable units. and suchlike, King’s bounty has crazy amounts of depth and you can approach your work however you see fit.

    But yeah, Team Booty represent! Pity that Demons and elves don’t get along :\ I find it funny how characters can take on a totally separate personality from their initial intent. A friend of mine considered his Persona 3 character as a terrifying compulsive seeker of power who lived in the tower and came out every blue moon.

    Actually along that note, what do you think of your dialog options in that game? He seemed… oddly… flippant? Like when the mage is giving you the shpiel about the box your options go from “Yes okay” to “GODDAMN, GIVE ME THE BOX ALREADY ARRRRGH >:(”

    Oh, that reminds me who did you marry? Did you make any babies? I found most of the babies to have kinda weak stats with some exceptions

  • bowlisimo 3:47 pm on May 16, 2011 Permalink
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    Dude, King’s Bounty seems a little too bountiful. How many hours are you into it now? 100? Overstaying its welcome yet? I haven’t played it because it won’t let me on 64 bit Windows, but I can’t imagine that you’re getting a Persona quality story out of it for all those hours. Hope I’m wrong, though.

  • RedSwirl 9:07 pm on April 14, 2011 Permalink
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    Uh… I semi-randomly picked up King’s Bounty: Armored Princess on a Steam sale a while ago. Haven’t even looked at it since.

  • Shingro 4:32 pm on April 14, 2011 Permalink
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    Ahhh, King’s Bounty… It comes from an alternate universe where HoMM3 became the template for all future iterations of the series. Wonderful fun, fairly balanced between the two extremes of mage/warrior styles of play, (Paladins end up being kinda terrible, but can be used.) Creatures are great fun and due to the mechanic of limited recruitment areas you often end up trying a large set of different types of critters, which neatly takes care of the “always using the same tools until I win or die” fatigue of HoMM games. That experimentation in turn reveals different strategies through the different mechanics.

    King’s Bounty in my mind is the top of that type of game in the modern era, truly a zenith of turn based st…. hey wait a minute…. NO MULTIPLAYER?!

    … ah hell, I guess it’s fine, the fun is in a persistent character and persistent character games don’t gel well with multiplayer, still… it would be great fun even if it was terribly balanced

    Also, a quick idea at the DLC episode that came to mind when Pete mentioned that Phoenix Wright games are to some extent episode based. What would you consider Xenosaga? It was episode 1/2/3 (originally planned for 5) and looking at the games the individual pacing of the segments shifted at very odd times because of having to have the story do both Crisis -> buildup -> climax -> Dénouement for each individual episode, and also for the overarching storyline. Does the necessity of having proper story structure for the macro and micro plots fundamentally harm any story based game and prevent it from ever really being more then a ‘sitcom’ type setup?

    Xenosaga of course was not a good game by many metrics, so it’s hard to say that the idea of it coming out in pieces is what made interest wane to the point it got ‘canceled’ (or at least reduced in narrative scope to 3 episodes)

    Phoenix Wright might be the best example, Phoenix’s story is done at the moment, he had 3 games and now the torch has been passed to Apollo Justice. Also the end of the game shows there to be some sort of meta-narrative, so for them it worked. Could you do that with any game though? If Bioshock was a series of 5 episodes of each ‘level’ of Rapture, would people be talking about it the same way? Could you have an ‘episode 1’ without a climactic battle and wind down of it’s own?

  • unmanneddrone 1:53 pm on April 14, 2011 Permalink
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    @beige It’s very much up your alley. If you want to get your feet wet, the original Men of War is a good place to start. There’s been two standalone expansions, Men of War: Red Tide and the most recent one, Assault Squad. Red Tide is single player only, made by a different company, but is pretty much the full Men of War experience, albeit in much smaller environments with less in the way of big armour engagements. I really wish I lived in the same timezone as you guys, because I’d certainly champion the idea of a few Men of War: Assault Squad…er…Squad co-op missions. Maybe @bowlisimo might be into it down the line, because at its heart, AS isn’t much of a single player campaign – just a series of nation-based skirmish sequences. If you think of it as a true, deep, sandbox RTS wargame, you kinda know what you’re getting yourself into.

    There are some hilarious moments when the physics engine gets slightly tangled. Had a Willy jeep drive over a small pile of bricks, which somehow sent the vehicle and crew up into the air in a graceful 10 metre arc, crashing down through the wall of a Belgian cottage. But hey, with all the awesome physics they’ve put into the engine, the devs really have crafted a masterpiece and these comedic moments are few and far between.

    And Anno 2070? Pretty keen, it must be said. Anno 1401 was terrific.

    Hope King’s Bounty is treating you well!

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