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  • feenwager 4:12 pm on February 29, 2012 Permalink
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    I’m such a predictable gamer. I’ve been telling you guys how much I’m enjoying Reckoning for a month now. I’ve spent almost 50 hours with it, but the minute it’s “over” all of the air goes out of the world. I thought I would fire it up today and just waste some time cleaning up some side quests.

    Nope. Don’t care. I grabbed a couple low hanging achievements, but even though there are probably 50 more quests I could find, I just can’t be bothered.

  • feenwager 12:19 am on February 28, 2012 Permalink
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    @angryjedi definitely sounds up my alley. Maybe that’s going to be the first Japanese game I play in over a year.

    Quick update on Reckoning. I’m 41 hours in, and if I wasn’t about to seriously ramp up my pursuit of the main plot, my guess is there is at least another 40 hours there. Keep in mind I’m fast-traveling at every opportunity, too.

  • feenwager 5:08 pm on February 25, 2012 Permalink
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    @unmanneddrone Don’t mind if I do!

    • I’m at 36 hours, and my character has just hit level 30. There is a cap at 40, so I’ve started to think about moving toward the finish line. I have a feeling there is easily over 100 hours of “stuff” to do, but I’m the kind of person that can’t get up the energy once the character progression has stopped.
    • By my guess, I’ve probably completed just around half of the main quest, and I’ve completed four faction quests (each which has about 20 or so nodes, and you get to make some type of choice at the end of them). There is at least one more faction line out there for me.
    • I’m still earning new powers and moves, which is keeping combat interesting. Lots of hitting “X”, of course, but mostly that’s because I’m questing in lesser areas where the bad guys aren’t worth unleashing the full arsenal.
    • Here’s one of the best things about the game I can say: I’m taking a detour off of the main quest to do some quests in a particular city, because the setting and environment are interesting to me as much as to clear them from my quest log.
    • Said quest log says I’ve completed 101 quests, and most quests have about 4 nodes. I’ve got 26 side quests in my log, and 16 Tasks. I’ve also got about 30% of the map uncleared, so…

    So far, Reckoning is my favorite game of 2012. Is it early? Of course it is. But I can easily say that it’s right up there with games like Darksiders and ME2 that got previous years started off right.

  • feenwager 6:35 am on February 19, 2012 Permalink
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    A few more words on why I’m enjoying KoA: Reckoning so much, and then I’ll shut up about it until I’m finished.

    • It’s the right game at the right time, for me. I was in the mood for a 3rd person, quest-based RPG, probably because I’ve been enjoying TOR so much but these days I’ve needed something that I could jump into and out of a bit easier. A pause button is also helpful.
    • I’ve often spoken of games that don’t fight your ability to enjoy them. Fable 2 comes to mind. They’re like dogs in that way, they’re happy when you’re happy. KoA (lousy inventory management system aside) is in this category. It wants you to have fun, to experience what the designers have built. It’s not trying to be impenetrable at all.
    • The lore. Trust me, after the demo this was the last thing I thought I’d be digging about this game. But this thing was clearly put together by people who care. The world makes sense, and although it’s trope-tastic at times, there’s an internal logic at work that goes pretty deep if you want to take the time to learn about the world. All I can say is I care much more about Amalur than I ever did about Tamriel. I’m even starting to be interested by a few of the supporting characters. Yes, I wish the dialogue mechanics were better, but this is a first time developer, I’m guessing they had to pick their battles.
    • You know how when you play games, your history of games flashes before you? No? Maybe this is just me. My point is that the games going through my head as I’m playing this are things like Ultima and Baldur’s Gate, things with which I have a very strong positive association. I feel very much the same as I did about Darksiders. A team has spent a bunch of money to make a big AAA game in a time when this is not an easy thing to do for an unproven team with a new IP. I feel good about supporting it.
    • There is a TON of stuff to do. Ton.

    K. I’ll be quiet about it now.

  • Mike Minotti 8:36 pm on February 17, 2012 Permalink
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    I haven’t done much of the main quest yet. Honestly, I’ve been doing mostly side-quests independent of the factions. The House of Ballads has definitely been the most interesting quest chain I’ve done, but I’m only halfway through it at the moment.

  • feenwager 11:36 pm on February 16, 2012 Permalink
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    @unmanneddrone the world has a nice, consistent look, but overall it’s the usual forest, swamp, desert kind of stuff. Not sure what else a developer can really do, other than make these things look as good as possible, right? Overally, I have no complaints about the art style in the environments. I do wish there was a greater variety of enemies, though.

    @tolkoto are you talking about the main storyline for KoA or the side/faction stuff? I haven’t done enough of the main plot to have a strong opinion about it, but I have enjoyed both faction quests I’ve done, and I’ve found a good amount of the side quests to be pretty interesting. Certainly better than the usual “kill 10 wolves” we get. I will agree with you that I would love more interesting characters, but I think BioWare has a trademark on those.

  • unmanneddrone 10:54 pm on February 16, 2012 Permalink
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    For anyone who wants to know more, in the Verhoeven sense, Three Moves Ahead have just released their Jagged Alliance 2 retrospective. Next week is their look at Back in Action, so it’ll be a good double-header to see where pundits stand.

    @feenwager What’s the variety of landscapes and environments like within Amalur? Anything stand out hugely, or is it more a matter of vibrant colour palette?

  • Mike Minotti 8:56 pm on February 16, 2012 Permalink
    Tags: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword   

    I’m having fun playing Amalur, but I have the same problem with it that I have with the Elder Scrolls games. I have all these fun mechanics and a cool world to explore, but they fail to fill that world with interesting characters or well told stories.

    Going back a bit, I don’t buy that the Zelda series needs a major re-haul. I actually called Skyward Sword my game of the year, and I was really impressed with some of the changes they made to the formula. I also thought there was a lot more effort taken in building up a cast of supporting characters, and it was also one of the few Zelda games where Link actually had an interesting, meaningful relationship with Zelda.

    I thought that the series was feeling stale with Twilight Princess, but I really think that was just due to that game trying to be Super Ocarina of Time. More horse riding, same art design (just prettier), and only major difference, the whole wolf thing, was pretty weak. But I’m willing to look back at Twilight Princess as just being a mild disappointment instead of a start of a trend.

  • feenwager 6:55 pm on February 16, 2012 Permalink
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    20 hour report on Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning.

    I spent the last 10 hours on a quest that takes place entirely in an elevator, where I fucked the shit out of a girl in a wheelchair named Esther.

    You guys would love it.

  • unmanneddrone 2:36 pm on February 13, 2012 Permalink
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    @shingro When you barrelled in here waving some VN about, I never thought I’d take the challenge, but here we are!

    @impynickers A great choice in sleds. No Assegai in 2048, sadly, or EG-X, but we’ll let it slide on account of timeline. In any case, the different variants of Feisar, AG-Systems, Auricom, Qirex and Pir-Hana more than make up for it. @shingro might enjoy the fact AG-Systems has the cutest Japanese onboard AI drive computer. You can just imagine what it sounds like when a token disembodied female voice in such an accent reports “Loket-to” after bombing over a offense pad. Turns out I’m a Qirex man this time around. Just has that EG-X responsiveness with the Assegai/Triakis/Gotecki 45 breadth. Even more bizarre? It’s phenomenal in first-person view.

    @beige Goddamn, new Spec-Ops: The Line sounds like it’ll be the antidote to the HOO-RA dudebro military shooter set – at least the ones that seem to revel in the cliche. Check this preview.

    I say “seemingly” because moral decisions unfolded so subtly, I had no idea they were even there until I spoke to a fellow previewer who played the game less linearly. Words can barely convey how gut-wrenching it was to oblige a surviving group of charred and dismembered soldiers begging to be put out of their misery after I’d just willfully obliterated their squad with a white phosphorus mortar. Had I been aware that there was another choice, I definitely would’ve taken it.

    Honestly, I’ve never witnessed a game capture the pain and power of modern warfare quite like Spec Ops: The Line.

    We’ll see if that holds out. It reads they took out co-op play because it “lightened the experience”. Brave move, Yager. Love it. Talk of it being the Bioshock of military man-shoots.

    @feenwager Keep me informed of this Amalur business. As much as you did say there were tropes ahoy, it does sound like it’d make it worthwhile down the track.

    Oh, and real-time tactical game of the year just dropped in pre-order beta form. Oh yes, lovelies, Wargame: European Escalation. Microarmor meets World in Conflict. With supply. If DEFCON gets the paranoia of the Cold War right, Wargame gets Ralph Peters’ vision of a conventional Cold War spot on. So much hardware. So many options. More to come on that.

  • feenwager 2:52 pm on February 12, 2012 Permalink
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    KoA: Reckoning 10 hour report.

    It’s a good game, probably better even than the buzz it has. As you dive in, it turns out there really is a lot of flavor and background to offset some of the initial generic impression you get. Here’s the thing, though: it’s buried in non-essential dialogue options that most people (including me about 60% of the time) won’t bother listening to. In truth, this was probably a good design decision, as the depth is there if you want, but it’s completely optional.

    The beauty lies in the character you get to build. You quickly start to feel like a badass, and isn’t that what games do best? I’m enthused to level up because I’ve got a upgrade path mapped out in my head and I can’t wait to get/upgrade some of these abilities and earn new combat moves (because they’re actually useful). The game is relatively easy (so far) on Normal, so you masochists out there will probably want to bump that up to Hard or Difficult or whatever they call it.

    So what have I been doing for 10 hours? Mostly getting used to the way the game plays. I’ve done exactly 3 “Main” quests, about 17 Side quests, a few “Tasks” (which are basically the same as side quests, but some are repeatable, and most involve finding things strewn across the land), and one entire Faction quest. The main story is still pretty murky to me, but I really liked the faction quest I did, as I got some cool loot and a chance to make a (hopefully important) decision at the end of it.

    If you’ve skipped down to the bottom of this, I’ll (sort of) answer what you’re thinking:

    I haven’t tried Skyrim yet, but yes…KoA is better than Oblivion.

  • feenwager 2:03 am on February 9, 2012 Permalink
    Tags: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning   

    5.5 hours worth of KoA:Reckoning thoughts:

    1 part Fable, 1 part God Of War, 2 parts every fantasy RPG you’ve ever played. If that sounds good to you, there’s a lot to like here. The environments are artistically pleasant, and everything has the feel of being crafted, as opposed to procedurally generated.

    The story has lots of towns and races and people with unnecessary apostrophes, and I’m not sure I know what’s going on. To be fair, my character doesn’t either, so that may be intentional at this point. The lone dark spots are the utter generic nature of, well…everything and some unpleasant menus and genre conventions (boo to limited inventory slots and item degradation. Boo, I say)

    The loot, sweet progression system (want to be a brawler AND a thief? Go for it), and deep, action game combat are what you’ll want to come to the party for. I can’t overstate how good the combat is, it’s truly up there with the best action games. You’ll actually look forward to combat, in a way I haven’t felt since Fable 2. Imagine that game’s system, but much deeper.

    Definite thumbs up so far.

  • bowlisimo 6:55 pm on January 27, 2012 Permalink
    Tags: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Sol: Exodus   

    @beige Try the Steam demo, my impressions were that it looks and plays like a well polished game, but it felt too much like Dungeon Siege’s off-brand type of fantasy. I just didn’t care for it. Maybe if I just gave it more time? I’ll be happy to rescind these comments and give it another try if people playing the full game say it’s great.

    Anyone try out Sol: Exodus? That game snuck out on Steam a few days ago. A space sim that isn’t in the X series actually got released in 2012.

  • bowlisimo 6:35 pm on January 18, 2012 Permalink
    Tags: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning   

    @feenwager I agree with your Kingdoms of Amalur demo assessment, by the way. “By the book” is one way to put it, “uninteresting” is another. It’s a nice looking game and seems very polished, but I just didn’t give a god damn about anything that was happening. It also has the silent protagonist thing going on, which seems weird to me now, even though I put up with it in Dragon Age: Origins. I dunno, I have a feeling that game isn’t going to sell well at 60$.

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