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  • unmanneddrone 11:41 pm on November 5, 2012 Permalink
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    @bowlisimo Oh, but how the Squad would love both Airmech and Cargo Commander. *sigh*

  • bowlisimo 4:32 pm on November 5, 2012 Permalink
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    On the subject of games @unmanneddrone fervently recommends that no one will ever play ( 😀 I kid, I kid), let’s talk AIRMECH, real quick.

    Never played Herzog Zwei, but it looks like the idea for Airmech is certainly rooted there. It’s a lighthearted, Western take on transforming mecha, mixed with some DOTA dna, along with some simple real-time resource and army building mechanics. Super easy to play, and kind of feels like opening up the toy box as a kid, and mashing Transformers and army tanks together, while making machine gun and explosion sounds.

    I’d categorize the game as a fun time waster, though it does have depth, and a ton of options for your specific Airmech/Pilot and what kind of army you field, but since it’s free to play, a lot of the good stuff is locked behind points. I’m also not really into competing online, so I’ll skirmish the AI when I feel like flying around. Get in, blow up the AI, get out. Fun, but that’s about it.

    Not really a hard sell, because it’s free to play (although still in beta). Do you think you’d like a stealth bomber that transforms into a mech with blade hands, or a flying saucer that turns into a War of the Worlds tripod? Howabout airdropping army tanks? Well, then you should take a look at Airmech.

  • unmanneddrone 1:42 pm on November 2, 2012 Permalink
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    The last I’ll harp on about Cargo Commander, friends, but you can snag it for six dollars. That’s right, six American bones until November 9. All you need to do is follow these steps to success for PC and Mac.

    • Step 02: Use the code GMG25-UAAHK-6AI9S at the checkout for a further 25% off.
    • Step 03: Redeem key on Steam.
    • Step 04: Get to work, commander.

    There’s my Hard Sell of the Month quota met.

  • unmanneddrone 12:45 am on September 10, 2012 Permalink
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    Aren’t we all just touting wares! Get ’em while they’re hot.

  • unmanneddrone 1:16 pm on September 12, 2011 Permalink
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    I’m seeing @beige playing Settlers 7. This is A Good Thing. Looking forward to impressions.


    In other news, I see Gamersgate has the wonderful but semi-flawed Worldshift on sale for a mere 1.99USD. It was billed as an MMORTS, but if you think of it more like…hmmm…instanced Dawn of War? Anyway, made by the wonderful fellows at Black Sea Studios – now a Crytek studio – it’s a terrific game for a small group of friends. Pretty dry and tough for solo fliers, but it’s definitely got a lot going for it. Looks gorgeous, too. Lots of unit customisation in a nice tiered squad setup, with very tight raiding propensities. Not one to go into if you’re expecting fast and fluid DoW combat…it’s a little more chunky and slower-paced, essentially living up a lot to the MMO side of its definition. Anyway, that’s my hard sell for the month. Very low cost of entry; nab a copy and gift one to a friend and see what you reckon. Can be balls-out savage, but a rewarding game to simply do a bit of sci-fi grind within. Not a perfect game by any stretch, but definitely an interesting one.

    Have a video to see if it’s your cup of tea. Incidentally, I’m presently drinking a space cadet raspberry tea. We’re out of Earl Grey and this is barely what one would call a replacement.

  • unmanneddrone 11:10 pm on April 27, 2011 Permalink
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    @RedSwirl Welcome to the hard sell club, my friend. Arma II…the interconnected systems at play, the ability to mobilise and direct the full spectrum of conventional armed forces is mind-blowing. It’s a shame Call of Duty and Homo Sapien Dudebrous has really turned a lot of people off from the potential intricacies of the modern military shooter. Set to anything other than easy and your Bohemia-crafted shooter is a mind-blowing maze of possibilities under extreme odds.

    I’ve never actually played a Call of Duty game, full disclosure (as they say). Raised on your dear OG Ghost Recons and OpFlash rough diamonds, enjoying the thinking man’s modern shooter in Full Spectrum Warrior/Ten Hammers, I can admit to being irked when people throw the more cerebral of the bunch with the cock-eyed ADHD Bro-fuelled roller coasters.

    @angryjedi You should be able to run X3:TC on decent settings once you get your new rig, although it’s sometimes a bit wonky due to lumpy optimisation, so adjust graphical settings as you see fit. System requirements as follows:

    • Microsoft ® Windows ® XP (SP-2), Vista SP1™
    • Pentium® IV or AMD® equivalent at 2.0 GHz
    • 1 GB RAM
    • 256 MB 3D DirectX 9 Compatible video card (not onboard) with Pixel Shader 1.1 support
    • Soundcard (Surround Sound support recommended)
    • 10 GB free hard disk space
    • DVD-ROM Drive
    • Mouse and Keyboard or Joystick (optional support for force-feedback) or Gamepad

    As much as one might want to be a completionist, skip X3: Reunion. Terran Conflict is a Director’s Cut of sorts, slotting in the best mods from Reunion and adding more functionality. Let us continue to all revel in our SPACE FEVER.

  • RocGaude 5:27 pm on April 2, 2011 Permalink
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    @unmanneddrone HAHAHAHA! “Hard Sell of the Month”…I love it. A new tag is born. Don’t ever stop doin’ your thing, brotha. 🙂

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