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  • RedSwirl 7:04 pm on August 24, 2011 Permalink
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    @angryjedi Actually lemme talk about Human Revolution and GameStop. I pre-ordered the PC version there because I happened to have a $50 GameStop coupon on me. GameStop does not carry the Augmented Edition for PC. Furthermore, I was informed that I was the sole pre-order for the PC version of the game at that store. I did get my OnLive card though. Don’t know if I need it.

    @bowlisimo @impynickers I don’t know a whole lot about Windows 8 (anyone mind directing me to a quick primer?), but from what I understand it’s Windows being redesigned for a post-Personal Computer world. I have to admit that at this point there are really only a handful of core activities that I can only do, or just do better, on a conventional computer. High-end PC games are becoming my main reason for owning one.

    I can also say that making my next computer an HTPC would solve a lot of media center-related problems, especially if Windows 8 turns out to be HTPC-optimized or something. I think PC gaming can move along with that though, and by PC gaming, I mean Steam. Steam has already consolized the infrastructure of PC gaming, and let’s not forget the “Big Screen Comfy Couch” mode they announced a while back. If Microsoft had done this with GFWL we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

    Personally I don’t need to be sitting on a couch in front of a TV screen to play video games. It’s nice, but not required for me. If my next computer is an HTPC running Windows 8 or something, I better be able to have a big “Steam” tab in the “Big Screen Comfy Couch” mode.

    Regarding Xbox, or consoles in general, the only console games I even own this generation are either console exclusive games or games that came out first on console. Other than that my PS3 is a video set-top box (Blu-Ray, Netflix, anime fansubs, etc.). Owning an HTPC could eliminate the latter function. So, if anything, the PC isn’t dying, just transforming, at least from my perspective.

    For those who don’t go that route though, what I hope happens is that Windows 8 ends up having an app store that becomes accessible on Xbox – allowing the console to do for our living rooms what the iPhone did for our pockets. I hope Sony steps up to that challenge. Best case scenario: Xbox becomes a conduit for Windows in your living room.

  • impynickers 5:44 pm on August 24, 2011 Permalink
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    @Bowley I am just waiting for the xbox 720 to give full support for mouse and keyboard and give PC Gamers one more reason to jump ship. Things are converging, and the centre’s of focus are the living room and your pocket. Look at Windows 8, something clearly not intended for your typical desktop setup.
    The expandability of PC, and its ability to keep ahead of the curve technologically likely won’t end any time soon. I just see companies like HP paving the way for a larger dedicated company that takes the place of the variety we are used to. That might not be bad for customers in the end, it would possibly bring a unified brand to the PC and make it easier to market.

    @Pete I have my on-live coupon. I should frame it with words inscribed “Screw your face Gamestop”

  • RocGaude 12:04 am on June 1, 2011 Permalink
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    I traded in some games to GameStop yesterday & received more proof that they are retarded:

    Tragedy: Getting $3 for Fallout 3.
    Stupidity (aka “This shit will be free in 5 days, dumb ass.”): Getting $13 for InFamous.

    Now I’m stuck with ~$40 in store credit and all I want to do is buy MS points. I wish I was the majority.

  • bowlisimo 2:32 pm on April 4, 2011 Permalink
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    @Shingro All good points. I’d really be arguing for the sake of arguing here, because other than the few things I bought on Impulse, I have no stake in whether or not Gamestop/EB continues to thrive. I don’t visit or buy from them, and haven’t for years. As a consumer, there’s nothing more I can do.

    Two quick experiences that helps color my usually passive dislike for the company. First, they tried to sell me game insurance. GAME INSURANCE. Second, their practice of gutting new game boxes and then giving you the contents at purchase turned into me paying full price for a game and walking out of the store without the necessary code to install it.

    @beige FINALLY, a nice bowl of borscht for your gaming food snobbery. I love the beginning of that game. Find Strelok…GO! “Wait…what?” You will enjoy the first time you walk into an anomaly, swirl up into the air and explode, without any check points. ENJOY IT!

  • Shingro 3:34 am on April 4, 2011 Permalink
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    I’ll just do a bit of devil’s advocate here to provoke some discussion

    Gamestop is interesting to me, on one hand… business practices are kinda meh. On the other hand it is a place that employs a huge number of gamers, I know two guys who are in various positions in the management whose only skill is “knows video games.” entry level it’s even more pronounced, I can’t honestly curse them when they support so many of my friends who are unskilled save for video game literacy (and a way to ask for preorders)

    So the question is then “how bad is the business bit. That’s the part I have no actual data on, the game industry likes to moan about used game market but they also treat every pirated game is a lost sale, so it’s hard to credit them with unvarnished truth. Of course it does have *an* effect certainly, so the question would then come down to price “how bad is bad enough” Then when you try to figure out how bad it is compared to other used markets it becomes apparent that no other used market is as reviled by its customer base. I don’t think I’ve heard anyone going “MAN, FUCK USED CARS, EVERYONE SHOULD BUY NEW” or tearing the shit out of thrift shops for harming the fashion industry.

    Along that line, how expensive could games be if the only source of the game was the publisher, it’s nice to think it wouldn’t change, but it’s also nice to think there’d never be any exploitive DLC either. “It’s nice to want things” as they say. Maybe not accurate, but something to think on. Similarly, it’s easy to slam them for “this game’s 50 new 45 used” but there’s also games like Valkyria Chronicles, an excellent game for 17.99 or so”

    Regardless of all that, they’re a business that acts like….. every other business anywhere ever. What industry do we hold to as high a standard? Would we really want to wish Gamestop out of existence and leave everything up to Target/Meijers/Walmart?

    [/end devil advocating]

    Honestly for my own part, I just don’t have much personal reason to hate them, even if I don’t love them either. I buy most of my games online directly from the company store (NISA etc.) I’m certainly not going to hate them just because a suit directly related to the industry tells me to. So perhaps I just don’t have the data? Does anyone have some numbers on this? I probably have a spare pitchfork somewhere if there’s really a hideous transgression here beyond the normal business as usual.

    By the way, if we want to have more then a few missions by the end of this year, I’d suggest we gather some suggestions into a poll Olde Squad Style

  • bowlisimo 2:48 am on April 4, 2011 Permalink
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    @rocgaude That was basically my point. You didn’t think I was trying to give Gamestop some slack, were you?
    : D

    @redswirl @unmanneddrone I will give them credit for buying into the future of how games will be sold, but it stops there. They didn’t have the foresight that other companies clearly did, sat back on their exploitative business practices (that screwed both consumer and game company equally), and then, when they finally realized they were going to eventually fall behind, they had to drop an undisclosed wad of cash for someone else’s work to hang on.

    Truth be told, Impulse isn’t THAT amazing of a service anyway, it’s basically STEAM without the community and the extensive games library. They certainly were another place for the indie scene to sell, they had a weekly impulse sales, generally worked great and was unintrusive. Now that Stardock is no longer running the show, I can’t imagine the prices being the same, or the sales being as frequent. They’ll still do that preorder DLC bullshit though, even Valve does that.

    That said, if they pull their shit together somehow, and the price is right over everyone else (maybe some GFW-like 10 cent game deals?), I’ll be a patron every so often. Besides, I’m stuck with Impulse for Sins of a Solar Empire + expansions anyway, so…yeah.

  • RedSwirl 3:20 am on April 3, 2011 Permalink
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    Y’know what, I’m just gonna say it: I actually don’t have a problem with GameStop itself.

    Okay, so the store doesn’t give off an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, but for me personally it’s been a good place to do the business of new games. This could be just me though.

    1) I don’t think I’ve pre-ordered a game since 2008. Same goes for attending midnight launches. Might do it for Zelda.

    2) Saving $5 by buying used two weeks after a game’s launch just never seemed worth it to me. I’ll pull a $3 mint condition copy of Maximo out of the PS2 bargain bin, but I’ve found good deals on new releases everywhere else BUT GameStop. I also don’t trade in because I only spend $60 on games that are worth keeping in the first place. I’ll trade one console for another if and only if it’s perfectly backwards compatible (traded in my Gamecube for my Wii).

    3) The Gamestops near me are staffed by people who aren’t morons about video games and know I don’t give a shit about pre-orders most of the time.

    4) You gotta admit this was a smart way for GS to break back into the business of selling PC games. Sure we may never again see a non-Blizzard PC game on their shelves, but at least they’ve secured their place with the times.

    Also, that comment at the link about GS snubbing indie games comes off as a little apprehensive to me. GS right now mainly deals in retail console games. If they’ve snubbed anything they’ve snubbed retail PC games in general. If you haven’t noticed, retail console games that you would consider “indie” aren’t all that common. They’re mostly in the downloadable space, for which GS sells codes.

  • RocGaude 5:41 pm on September 27, 2010 Permalink
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    This weekend was my son’s birthday and he accumulated enough Gamestop credit to be dangerous. After we checked out, our cashier upgraded our EDGE card to their new “Pro” service. It’s basically Gamestop’s social networking deal that does nothing to disguise the fact that you’re providing them valuable marketing information in exchange for what amounts to pennies on the dollar. It’s almost exactly like Nintendo’s pitiful “Nintendo Club” only a bit more useful.

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