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  • RedSwirl 3:46 am on July 2, 2012 Permalink
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    New Vegas and all DLC packs are officially down for the count after something like 120 hours. Discussion?

    Honestly the thing that started to impress me about the game was how it actually seemed to have a theme going on. I felt like almost every aspect of the game: the mechanics, setting, story, etc., were actually about something. Namely, the game is about civilization.

    Everybody knows Fallout is about how fucked up and anarchic everything is after the apocalypse, but I feel like a lot of people ignore what would theoretically happen centuries after such an event. By that time civilization – states, would probably try to re-emerge, and I like how New Vegas actually tries to examine that and the different philosophies vying for power. You have the two “states”, but in the middle you’ve also got a land of city states and tribes. The “Honest Hearts” DLC I think did an especially good job of examining some of the themes. It’s also kind of weird that I randomly caught that movie The Eagle on TV while playing this game.

    Anyway, guess I’ll get off my ass on Rayman Origins.

  • RocGaude 4:26 pm on July 8, 2011 Permalink
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    @sinfony Thanks for the heads up on Hitman: Blood Money. $7 goes down easy and the PC is the preferred platform for that kind of game, anyway.

    Since I’ve been spending most of my time moving to a new place over the last couple of weeks, I’ve only had internet at work. Since my gaming has to be offline, I took this as a chance to dive into Fallout: New Vegas. I’ve heard many people say “I played it for about 20 hours and just quit with no desire to go back”. Well, I hit that point last night. Trying to dodge artillery fire on the way to visit the Boomers proved to be the fatal straw.

    Once I get internet back at home next week, I’ll finally fire up some Frozen Synapse matches with you good folks.

  • RedSwirl 2:04 am on December 12, 2010 Permalink
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    Okay, at 30 hours I think I can put New Vegas down for now. Just like Fallout 3 I’ll probably finishing this game in on-and-off chunks over the course of the next year.

    I need to get on Red Dead anyway. I’m only just now about to enter that fort for the second time.

  • unmanneddrone 3:38 am on November 27, 2010 Permalink
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    @feenwager Peter Molyneux-contracted hitsquads, maybe? Sounds like a hideous bug, though.

  • feenwager 3:15 am on November 27, 2010 Permalink
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    Welp, apparently I’m not playing New Vegas “correctly” since I’m managing to anger every single faction in the game, and it’s getting to where I can’t go anywhere without being attacked, even by factions that are supposedly neutral. It makes no sense. I think I’m done.

  • Pete Davison 8:45 am on November 22, 2010 Permalink
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    @feenwager: I stopped playing New Vegas because of Deadly Premonition, of all things. Once I’ve beaten that, I’ll return to the Mojave Wasteland; things were just getting interesting in my game. I’d just reached a difficult bit, though, so I was happy to take a break, too.

    Need for Speed has been monopolising a lot of my time over the past few days, though. That shit be addictive. And not just because it’s super-solid, fun arcade racing; the Autolog Recommends thing is a work of evil genius.

    Once I’ve beaten Deadly Premonition and New Vegas, I think I will tackle some of my backlog rather than buying anything new. I’m not playing Brodeo until I’ve at least played ACII, and I don’t really want to play that until I’ve beaten ACI, as flawed as it is. In the meantime, I have Castlevania, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Demon’s Souls, Darksiders, Final Fantasy XIII and a ton of other stuff that needs actually beating.

  • feenwager 6:37 pm on November 21, 2010 Permalink
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    I’ve reached the point in New Vegas where the bugs are hampering my ability to enjoy the game. Hence, it shall be put aside for the time being.

    That said, my track record once I stop playing a game is pretty consistent: I don’t usually pick it back up. We’ll see what happens.

    I’m in love with NFS: HP, though. Love.

    I think I may be tempted to start AC: Brohood in the meantime though, also.

  • cptcarnage 4:24 pm on November 19, 2010 Permalink
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    On the fallout front Cracked has a funny… 

    On the fallout front Cracked has a funny article up on their site:


  • feenwager 2:36 am on November 3, 2010 Permalink
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    Personally, I’m just amazed that some of you cats are playing Fable and Fallout at the same time.

  • RedSwirl 11:40 pm on November 2, 2010 Permalink
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    Who else is trying to string along the NCR and Legion in New Vegas for as long as possible?

    I have great NCR standing and have been doing some odd jobs for them, but The Legion hasn’t yet become hostile to my character – whom I’ve decided is a mercenary (I guess you could call him neutral good).

    That’s what I like about the new faction-based morality system in this game. If your’e careful enough you can play multiple sides to your own advantage. Furthermore, of course, it makes morality something relative instead of binary.

    I’m still not clear though on whether or not there is a “universal” morality system behind it all in New Vegas. When you gain or lose Karma, is it universally or for just one faction?

    Also, just for fun, where would you put all the characters you’ve generated for RPGs on the D&D scale? I’ve tried to play off my first (male) Commander Shepard is a lawful neutral, while my secondary (female) Shepard is a much warmer, neutral good character.

  • cptcarnage 6:36 pm on November 2, 2010 Permalink
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    Had a good time the other night playing Fable 3 with a friend. Its worth noting that the safety switch doesn’t seem to spread to local multi-player so that the interloper cant mess with your world.

    This is the same friend I mentioned earlier that always plays the evil character. It took him 15 minutes to figure out how to turn off friendly fire, then he proceeded to murder no less then 25 villagers..

    We went onto a mission where you are trying to break up the marrige of 2 villagers. As I was wooing her he was trying desperately to incinerate her. At the cusp of the mission he pulled out his pistol and put a round in her head because he thought she was being a bitch. I had also just agreed to marry her for the mission. Needless to say I didn’t take him back to my place to see my wife and kids.

    Later on we tried to marry one and other (he spawned as a female) and that tipped off an argument on where the wedding would be held (he wanted me to spend 5k on a royal wedding) and subsequently where we’d live (I got him a hovel in Bowerstone Market on the cheap).

    I figured we should try for the trans-dimensional birth achievement but he would have nothing to do with it. No condom, no nookie. Well it was late so he ended up leaving and as he was walking out the door he said ‘You are going to rape me aren’t you?’. I wonder what he’s going to say when he finds out we have a daughter.

    On the Fallout front, has anyone else found the Refrigerator with the skeleton in it wearing a fedora?

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