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  • unmanneddrone 3:40 pm on November 29, 2012 Permalink
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    Oh, yes. Endless Space will be enjoying a free weekend over the next couple of days, and undoubtedly at a greatly reduced price. It has come a long way since release, including a lot in the way of adding personality and ambiance that many felt was missing from the game. New factions added, discovery events etc. etc., huge overhauls. Highly recommend Squaddies with an eye for such a thing check it out over the weekend, given the cost of entry is a few gig and an hour or two to see if it floats boats.

    PC and Mac. Good to go. One of my absolute favourites of the year.

  • Pepperized 3:11 pm on July 14, 2012 Permalink
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    Well anyway,
    Me and my friend decided to pick up Endless Space together, quite a few hours, a family size packet of onion crisps and a two litre Dr.Pepper later, we were impressed! I found it remarkably similar to Civ 5 but I think I enjoyed it more. Thanks guys never would have known about it without you!

  • unmanneddrone 3:40 am on July 11, 2012 Permalink
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    @angryjedi I’m curious as to why The Secret World necessarily needed to be a subscription-based MMO, instead of something like Guild Wars. What’re the components that necessitate such a model? I’m not anti-subscription, it just seems like a bit of a gamble at this point…and having Guild Wars-esque expansion packs seem like a great way to craft fine booster experiences down the line.

    I’d hate to see, especially in the wake of Funcom stock dropping after the CEO stepping down, such an apparently innovative title lose traction on account of the current MMO landscape despite itself.

    @beige Fair points, all of them. I think, as discussed with comrade of the stars @angryjedi, I draw my world-building satisfaction and thus “personality” via the emergent, self-determined narrative of such a minimalist universe. Endless Space was actually one of the main talking points in the most recent Three Moves Ahead podcast on the very topic of world-building, with Rob Zacny coming to the same conclusion as your fine self. For me, personality…or closer, accessible anthropomorphisms…aren’t nearly as exciting as the sheer concepts of terraforming or the notions of fleets quietly thrumming through the starlanes, the outpost developments, finding a bountiful planet locked beneath the dangers of Kessler Syndrome. It’s more the inference of civilisation than actual civilisation.

    And like many of the post MoO2 titles, it does appear to take a few expansions for 4x developers to begin injecting heavy-duty “personality” into their games. GalCiv2 needed two hefty expansions to really ‘world-build’, and some say Sins of a Solar Empire, though not really a 4x game in the classical sense, has finally arrived at the point where you can totally get a feel for factions and for the universe. It’s a big call, especially when it’s a game not inferencing or referencing history. You’d think a fantastical slate would be the easier option, but I daresay it’s far harder to weave in the narrative or personality tenets into non-historical titles. Paradox titles are dry as hell mechanically, but they’ve got more personality under the hood and through the regular historical and player-driven ahistorical timelines than most other games – in the genre and out.

    I’m taking a quiet break from it until the Mac release; have a friend currently in a holding pattern waiting for that release date and we’ll kick off again from there. But magical game.

    I don’t much care for Civ, but gee I’d like to read any squaddies’ opinions and experiences with Gods & Kings.

  • bowlisimo 6:56 pm on July 10, 2012 Permalink
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    @beige Did you read Pete and Alex’s spacefireside chat on Endless Space a few weeks ago? The lack of personality was one of their major criticisms. Kind of bummed to hear reports about that, although I liked the hell out of Sins of a Solar Empire and there wasn’t a whole lot of personality in that either (and the tech tree was also “WTF wheeeee”). Basically, if they get SPACE! right, and the spectacle of space battles to my liking, I’ll be fine. Sounds like they did.

  • unmanneddrone 1:20 pm on July 3, 2012 Permalink
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    A public service announcement, dear friends. Endless Space releases tomorrow (or whenever your clock radio clicks over to the 4th). If you’ve ever wanted to shake the yoke and burden of atmosphere in your Civ session and follow that final shuttle accomplishment to the stars, then Endless Space is it.

    PC and Mac, -10% pre-release price still available on Steam.

    @bowlisimo When I looked up the David the Gnome intro on Youtube, I made an uncontrollable mess on the floor of pure nostalgia and sentimentality. Was sent outside after then watching the intro to Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea and repeating this dreadful act. Have not felt confident to even consider The Mysterious Cities of Gold.

  • unmanneddrone 12:04 am on June 26, 2012 Permalink
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    @angryjedi *shhhhh* Pete, they’ll hear you. You can’t talk that way about RE4!

    @bowlisimo It’s Endless Spaaaaaaace time at any time. Forget awkward shower scenes and curiously budget run animations. Build a dreadnought, conquer worlds. Plus, those cheeky devs at Amplitude have a race called the Sowers. As in…yeah, like that.

  • bowlisimo 8:26 pm on June 25, 2012 Permalink
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    You’re a regular Nostradamus Pete. : ) How’s Endless Space going? That sounds good right about now. No more endings.

    Also, thinking about starting up RE4 since the PS2 is still hooked up. Feels like a weird game to play in the summer though, maybe I’ll try Viva Pinata GFW edition instead. Choices, choices…

  • Pete Davison 3:11 pm on June 20, 2012 Permalink |
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    Squaddies by the Fireside: Endless Space 

    Pete and Alex C settle down for a lengthy chat about Amplitude’s upcoming 4X title.

    (Caution! Extremely lengthy, multi-page post ahead.)

    (More …)

    • bowlisimo 7:05 pm on June 20, 2012 Permalink

      That was a fun format, although it took me like 4 paragraphs to realize it was imaginary (…or was it?)
      You guys should have told me, I’ve got a baller space-conference room at Praxus HQ you could have used. It’s pure white and lined with Teladi holo-walls. The board of directors likes to have ancient Earth leaders serve them pangalactic gargleblasters. Weird, right? I’ve been meaning to talk to them about that. The rehab for our monthly meetings is starting to cut into our bottom line.

      Intrigued by Endless Space, for sure, sounds right up my alley, “but can my aged computer run it?” is the question. Also kind of bummed to hear it lacks a touch of personality and that diplomacy isn’t all there, although I think a lot of space games struggle with those aspects. Actually I feel like all 4X games (at least the ones I have played) struggle with diplomacy the most, even the mighty Civ. It’s all you can do to keep every A.I. from acting completely irrational and dickish.

      As for personality, it’s hard to love an empire of faceless planets. A council is a good start. I really think the planetary council in Alpha Centauri was a nice step in the personality direction, and it gave you reasons to contact faction leaders for more than just trading. There was a nice game of politics there that focused around votes and who you could persuade/buy off to vote your way on issues that affected everyone. I don’t see why there couldn’t be an inter-empire version of this, or maybe that’s too much to deal with. Civ 4/5 have the U.N. council, but it’s little more than a floating GUI with text.

      And did Alex really drop a Star Wars Rebellion reference? Here I thought I was the only one who played that wonderful, but flawed, wrist-crippling strategy game. It definitely had personality, you recruited Star Wars characters for god sakes, but it also sounds like Endless Space has a similar combat system where you watch ships auto-battle with very loose interaction from the player. It worked back then, despite looking like ass, so I can image it still works for Endless Space. I’m down with the spectacle and cinematics. I don’t care about micromanaging battles as much.

      OH, and yes to 4X narrative, however thin.

      Anyway, I’ll probably pick this up the first time it’s on sale.

    • Pete Davison 9:49 pm on June 20, 2012 Permalink

      Good stuff. I’m pretty sure you’ll dig it. As for the personality and diplomacy issues, it’s worth reiterating that the game isn’t “out” yet — the version that’s currently up on Steam is an unfinished beta and the devs freely admit that not everything is implemented yet, with diplomacy being a particularly prominent item on their “To Do” list. So it’s possible there will be some strides forward in that department before it releases for realsies.

    • unmanneddrone 2:41 am on June 21, 2012 Permalink

      I think it’s definitely one of those genres where your own personal drive and direction can conceivably make up for any narrative absence or limited sense of character. That said, I do find ES to be on the more fulfilling end of the spectrum.

      And just as an aside to this Squaddies by the Fireside chat…it’s nice to be able to engage in some of that high-level discussion that is usually reserved for podcasts, as the logistics, timezone and familial duties will always prevent anything further…a man weeps.

      Anyway, Bowley, I echo Pete in saying this is very much your bag.

  • unmanneddrone 2:03 am on June 5, 2012 Permalink
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    For anyone who’s interested, Endless Space has just hit beta. Outside of being utterly magnificent (although diplomacy is kinda busted for the moment), it’s kind of hard to champion 4x games and make them sound as awesome as they actually are, disregarding crowd favourites like Civ. Enough of this E3 business, have a nice Youtube vid from one of the very best reviewers in the business, James Allen of Out of Eight, as he delves into the freshly downloaded beta version.

    Portal To The Stars

    @angryjedi knows what’s up.

  • Pete Davison 8:16 pm on May 15, 2012 Permalink
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    I’d like to second @unmanneddrone‘s enthusiasm for Endless Space. I’ve only played a little so far but I enjoyed it a great deal. I found it very accessible but there’s clearly a lot of depth there, too. The mechanics are very Civ-like, but the audio-visual aesthetic has a touch of Battlestar Galactica about it.

    Further thoughts here.

  • unmanneddrone 1:29 pm on May 15, 2012 Permalink
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    @feenwager After hideously failing your challenge, just because I really don’t want to overwork my ailing machine, all I’ve got in my foreseeable future is Endless Space on PC and Gravity Rush on Vita. Feels…good. I’m sure some indie business will pop up, but that’s about it. Will aim to add Walking Dead to the list at some point. Of course, I’m still battling through Gladiator Begins, and it’s damn tough. @beige, did you pick it up for your commute?

    Endless Space remains oh-so-good, by the way. Oh so very good.

  • unmanneddrone 1:18 am on May 13, 2012 Permalink
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    @angryjedi Magnificent! Given your recent Starbase Orion conquests, I’d say Endless Space is the perfect mix of depth and ease of access! I am thrilled at this point. Cannot wait to converse more on this exciting game.

    Very interested to read your views!

  • Pete Davison 12:31 am on May 13, 2012 Permalink
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    Never mind, I answered my own question. Answer: very. Granted, I am playing on Easy, but I don’t feel like I’m being overwhelmed. (Yet.) Further thoughts to follow on my blog.

  • Pete Davison 3:09 pm on May 12, 2012 Permalink
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    @unmanneddrone How accessible is it for strategy noobs?

  • unmanneddrone 3:08 pm on May 12, 2012 Permalink
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    Totally the wrong time to interest folks in a new strategy game, but by golly if you’ve sense about you and want the next big thing in 4X strategy games, Endless Space is it. And in alpha, no less. I shall collect my thoughts and waffle if warranted at a later date…

    …but for 26 bucks for the Emperor Edition pre-order on Steam, you could do a lot worse. Far worse. Immensely worse.

    In a nutshell, Master of Orion in strategic mechanic, Civ in planetary and system management/development, and combat is a very intriguing hands-off phase-based system directed by delegating “cards”. Oh, and awesome hero cultivation, too. Deep and delicious – and GUI of the year thus far, which is a coup in itself.

    If Sword of the Stars 2 was a mid-bender Lindsay Lohan, Endless Space is Olga Kurylenko.

    Love, my friends. Love.

  • unmanneddrone 4:17 pm on March 7, 2012 Permalink
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    @bowlisimo I can understand that. Really bewildered why the prior Sins titles bought on Impulse couldn’t be registered on Steam.

    Still, there’s always Sins of a Dark Age down the line. Hope that’s not akin to a Total Annihilation: Kingdoms…

    I do have a good feeling about this Endless Space game though. As much as the road to hell is paved with good intentions, they’ve got some summarised sections of their design document on the forum…and it reads like the most delicious of star borne treats. Great backstory, too…will do wonders where GalCiv2 kinda was in deficit.

    Keen (commander).

  • unmanneddrone 1:41 pm on March 7, 2012 Permalink
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    @angryjedi Nabbed, good sir. Nabbed like it was going out of fashion.

    @bowlisimo and anyone else with nipples rendered tungsten-stiff upon the thought of SPAAAACE…ahem…space gaming. Just found another ripper independent 4X space empire builder coming to you out of Paris. Endless Space is the name. Strongly advise checking out this preview and the site itself. Keen as mustard, and it’s still early days.

    Awesome pedigree with the individual devs composing of the team, too. RUSE, Might & Magic, Battlefield, Ghost Recon etc.

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