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  • RedSwirl 7:16 pm on September 12, 2011 Permalink
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    @bluesforbuddha Okay, I’m still in Detroit 2, but starting this game literally two weeks after finishing DX1, it’s failings in the face of that game are minor if not negligible in my experience.

    For starters, I’m glad I haven’t seen anyone here yet bemoan the loss of the heavy stat-building. I didn’t hate having to upgrade my proficiency with sniper rifles and knives in DX1, but I don’t miss it either. Same goes for body part-specific damage.

    Story/world-wise, okay, so Human Revolution doesn’t throw you book passages or quote Voltaire (that I know of yet). Honestly, how that whole thing ended up is kinda what disappointed me about the original game (and by extension HR). Maybe I expected the wrong thing, but when the original game jumped off of such inspired sources, having The Illuminati and your other usual conspiracy crap show up was a let-down. At least I can say that DX1 had a cliche story that carried itself well. Overall I actually think HR felt slightly more grounded in terms of writing.

    Gameplay – I have absolutely no problem with HR a lot of the time basically becoming Metal Gear Solid 2… 2. Hell, I thought it was actually an extremely good Metal Gear game. As for the linearity, that might be a subjective thing.

    Thinking back, yeah I guess the environments in the original DX were more open-ended, each place being essentially a mini-sandbox – a working facility that could be penetrated from multiple sides. In comparison HR’s areas like Tai-Yong Medical are technically linear paths, but they are really REALLY wide linear paths that coil in and around themselves. Yeah I guess it would have been really cool to see the more straight-up open approach with today’s graphics, but I am not at all disappointed with what we got.

    On that though, it should be noted that Eidos originally did want to make HR much bigger than it turned out to be. They were going to do upper Hengsha. They were going to do a lot more with Montreal for instance. Something tells me that they originally didn’t plan to have Picus evacuated. I imagine they were probably going to take an approach similar to how the original DX handled VersaLife.

    @impynickers I think we can all agree on how tightly-bound games have become today with anti-frustration features and focus-testing. However, the ironic part of that I’m seeing is that in today’s AAA market, basically two genres have survived and they stand at extremes of one another: Shooters and WRPGs.

    The Halo and Call of Duty gamer taking over is kind of an inevitability of the console market. Consoles were built for people who just want to press buttons and make shit happen. PCs are sort of the polar opposite – much of the time for people who want to manage and watch shit happen (or play around with systems, fuck I don’t know). My point is that those things have started to merge now that the guys who used to make WRPGs took over the console game.

    The idea of what you guys were playing 15 years ago is now being revealed to the people who at that time only knew of Street Fighter II and Tecmo Bowl. From that perspective, console gaming is getting simpler and simultaneously complex in new ways. Despite all that we’re talking about, would you really have expected a game like Human Revolution or Fallout 3 to even have been made for consoles 15 years ago?

  • RedSwirl 3:23 am on August 19, 2011 Permalink
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    @Shingro http://www.1up.com/do/blogEntry?bId=9086439

  • Shingro 3:08 am on August 19, 2011 Permalink
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    I’ll back both of them and also say that if you are having any doubts about playing or continuing to play it watch the video red posted, consider that it’s fairly late in the game… and ask yourself what sort of game could do that to a cadre of dudes on skype.

    but yeah, it sounds like you have some idea of what to expect… keep us posted 8)

    Also: @redswir1 Does your pickup of the DE:HR ‘demo’ mean your done with DE 1? What did you think?

  • unmanneddrone 8:26 am on August 3, 2011 Permalink
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    @redswirl It’s hard to say what the quintessential cyberpunk game is…I’d say Deus Ex belongs to a clutch of titles that showcase the styling of this beloved geek-chic subset. Don’t forget the incredible Dreamweb from way back. I’d put that up there as a much more pure cyberpunk experience – taking its cues from the defining authors much more heavily. But, you’re right that Deus Ex is steeped in the thematics and aesthetics of cyberpunk or post-cyberpunk fiction and ideas.

    For me, the top three would be the original System Shock, Dreamweb, Syndicate and Deus Ex. A shortlist would include Uplink, Hacker Evolution, a slightly tenuous Omikron: The Nomad Soul and a little-known Aussie-made sandbox RPG called The Creed – think an open-ended RPG-lite Syndicate Wars – one that shipped with an incredibly deep mission creator; user-generated NPC logic chains and parameters, dialog options, the works. It’s existed on the PC in certain titles henceforth, but The Creed certainly blew my young idiotic mind back in 1998.

    Certainly looking forward to Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

    In regards to @angryjedi’s always-enjoyable Whatchyabeenplayin’, let me throw down.

    Frozen Synapse @mjpilon and myself opened fire on each other for the first round of the tourney and by some stroke of luck, the deciding round had two bazookas on each team. Luckily, my rockets found some masonry to detonate against and bathed opponents in the warm wash of a high-explosive shockwave. HOWEVER, I must duck out of the tourney due to continued internet woes – woes that will now be fixed via the installation of fresh, faultless, flawless fabulous fibre-optics on the 20th of August. Thus, my worthy opponent, I had thee the baton and encourage you to make wurst from your bested opponents. Godspeed, @mjpilon.

    Alpha Protocol Oh how I wish I had the time to marathon games like the old days. Alpha Protocol would be done and dusted by now, but for what it’s worth, still enjoying it immensely. Rather janky in places, and certain areas feature some of the most pedestrian level design and furnishings I’ve seen in the modern gaming era, but you play for the conversations, and that’s what I’m enjoying most. And when the action sequences are this unreliable in terms of stealth mechanics (enemies either oblivious, or somehow they know you’re there from a mile away), I eschewed the stealth agent run and got busy with the Assault rifle proficiencies. Having a blast. I’ll keep the stealth antics for a more reliable system…like DE:HR or something. Or….

    Hitman Blood Money Doing another run on this in anticipation of the SoS mission. You really cannot beat Io Interactive for urban flavour. They craft the darkest and most delightful missions and scenarios. Looking forward to reading/hearing Squaddies’ thoughts on the game who’ve never played it prior. Contracts still reigns supreme for me, but Blood Money is definitely the most inventive and varied.

    Men of War: Assault Squad / RUSE Always going back and forth between these two. Nabbed the DLC packs for RUSE over the Steam Sales, so nuclear artillery, the Japanese faction and a nice selection of maps are now things to play with. Sad to see only one Pacific map, but the game at its heart really isn’t a grognardian RTS…it’s a beautiful real-time boardgame. Men of War…well…you know how I feel about that glorious RTT experience. Outside of the incredible physics and sheer danger enemies present, nothing beats taking direct control of an infantry flamethrower and flanking around a barn to hose a nest of German artillery with Yankee chilli-sauce. @beige and @bowlisimo, I do hope you fellows end up owning this one down the line. It’s great fun and terrific co-op.

    Supreme Commander 2 And finally, ol’ SupCom2. After fighting and besting an aggravating problem involving my Mobility Radeon and for some reason, it turning off geometry instancing (hideous graphical glitching thereafter), I’ve been continually enjoying just skirmishing against the computer. There are so many wonderful units and options within. Going back to what @bowlisimo said about the Chris Taylor titles being quite soulless, I’m in complete agreement…right up until SupCom2. I REMAIN IN A CONSTANT EROTIC TRYST WITH THIS TITLE. It’s a military science-fiction hardware lover’s wet dream. Dropships on automated deployment runs loading freshly-constructed ground units in batches of fifty, ferrying them to the front from the designated marshalling yards. Mobile shield generators flaring with every enemy shot made. Gargantuan experimental units thundering up out from their construction scaffolds and beginning their lumbering trek towards their rally point. Artillery raining down in salvoes of hundreds of shells, leaving the shattered hulks of quadruped gun platforms smoking and blackened. And need I remind the reader of an entire naval force crawling up the beach on newly-researched legs, their cannons brought to bear on the defenders?

    What’s more, SupCom2 has one of the best strategic zooms this side of AI Wars or, to a lesser extent (perhaps, more aptly, to a different extent), RUSE.

    It might look like a Michael Bay effort compared to the nuanced subtleties of Starcraft, but I would argue it’s as enjoyable and deep in its own way – just on a much grander scale. Amazing options in the tech tree to really direct what kind of force you’d like to build. More enjoyable for me, at least. Here’s a rather finely-soundtracked 4v4 video that sums it all up perfectly.

    How I wish these were marathon sessions, but home duties and scribble sessions dig into the gaming time. So, a mission here, a quarter-skirmish there, you know how it goes.

    I shall leave it there. I’ll be offline at home until the 20th, but will browse via phone and hopefully drop a few comments when I’m at work. Keep it up, Squaddies.

  • RedSwirl 3:46 am on August 3, 2011 Permalink
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    So, basically, Deus Ex is a Ghost in the Shell game. I mean, you could transplant the setting, characters, and most of the story elements to Japan, and it’s Ghost in the Shell.

    Okay that’s probably simplifying it a bit, but I can see that Deus Ex is pretty much the quintessential Cyberpunk video game. It and GitS probably worked off of many of the same influences like Neuromancer for instance. Whatever the case is, it’s unlikely that this game wasn’t at least slightly influenced by GitS.

  • rampantbicycle 7:26 pm on August 2, 2011 Permalink
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    @Shingro – Liking Persona 4 is not a good reason to assign someone to review Catherine. The only things these games really share are a connection to the Shin Megami Tensei universe, their staff, and (I hope) an art style – the experience of playing them is completely different. So…yeah, that sucks, rather.

    @RedSwirl – Most of what I’d recommend for Deus Ex players has already been said. Explore, explore, explore; it will pay off with more than just XP, though that’s certainly a plus. I am probably the only person who thinks it’s much more awesome if you play it by killing as few things as possible, but this is an oddity I bring to many games I play. I feel so much more stylish using nonlethal methods.

    @Everybody who’s been talking about From Dust – Be advised it’s not a “god game” in the way Black and White is a god game. I think it’s more appropriately considered as something like “Puzzles. With Physics!”

    It is really very relaxing, though, and I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as we have.

  • impynickers 6:33 pm on August 2, 2011 Permalink
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    @Redswirl In terms of mods, enbseries for DeusEx will add a ton of graphical effects if you were thinking the visuals were too flat. The downside with that is if you have the urge to tweak the graphics to perfection, it might be very time consuming … though you don’t have to tweak anything to see improvement.
    I have yet to find an HD texture pack that I am satisfied with. Most of the ones I have tried make game objects contrast harshly against the existing environment.
    In terms of total conversions, you won’t find a more dedicated fan service than ‘The Nameless mod’. Fun stuff.

    @Bowlisimo From Dust has definitely peaked my interest. It had me busting out a copy of Populous: The Beginning. It is basically a gorgeous physics injected version of that from what I understand. The concept has me hella pumped. I love god games. One of many genre’s I want to see more of.

    So I bought Vampire-Bloodlines. I dig! I basically ignored it on release, but its got a perfume of Deus Ex about it. I had played the previous game in the series Vampire-Redemption and it was completely different.
    I did have to download a widescreen patcher to get the game to display widescreen resolutions, but no biggie. I also have tested the fore-mentioned enbseries with it, and it adds some sweet graphical effects.
    I have never been exposed to the pen and paper series it is based on, but I dig the setting and the dynamics between the different vampire clans. Coolness.

  • Shingro 4:05 pm on August 2, 2011 Permalink
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    @redswir1 letsee…

    1. for what it matters, in the first mission people will treat unconscious soldiers as dead for judging you (and someone WILL judge you regardless of how you do it)
    2. Explore like mad, they’re particularly fond of sunken ships and floating crates off the wharf, Also you can often find codes/emails/keys that will save you lockpicking/hacking tools.
    3. Swimming is useless and priced accordingly, you don’t actually need any levels in it to do most everything you could want
    4. Melee strength augment is a power hog, only there when activated and in my opinion, not very useful considering a headshot taser knocks a guy down regardless. For my money the extra entry/exit/exploring options of lifting strength is more fun.
    5. all forms of grenades are hilarious, keep them.
    6. ATMs aren’t just decoration, hack them for cashes, I believe there’s one ‘reserve’ per map and you can access the same one regardless of which terminal you use. thus, getting ‘ATM hacking’ from the very start can boost your cashes pretty well.
    7. there’s a notes section somewhere in your inventory that keeps track of passwords and to some extent emails, I know that’s not exactly a tip, but I’d forgotten about it
    8 Try to keep something legitimately explosive on hand to deal with robots, it’s easy to get into the “bio warrior tranq machine” headspace and then be totally screwed when a Roomba aggroes you
    9. There is no 9th tip
    10. Door or chest too tough to unlock? Plant a LAM near it and shoot it to blow the front off, it’s often cheaper, especially early when electronics/lockpicking is low.

    Anywho, that’s sorta what I mean, the storyline and the conversations are basically VN territory, in fact that’s ALL a VN is, yet they can hang with games in their compelling strength because of extremely good character/conversation/paths/choice. Which besides the alternate paths thing are pretty much all of Bioware’s strongest points. Could we see a Bioware VN someday? What will their games look like in 2030? As a coutnerpoint, SquareEnix started to stray into tearing out too much gameplay and are starting to pay for it as people feel they’re on a rail. Then again, as anyone whose finished DA2 knows, everyone brings out the rail to some extent or another >_>

  • RedSwirl 3:53 pm on August 2, 2011 Permalink
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    ANYWAY, anybody got tips going into Deux Ex? I’ll listen to the Squadcast on it after I finish the game.

  • impynickers 4:35 am on January 17, 2011 Permalink
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    I can really relate to the game fatigue sentiment right now. I got a stack of games over the holidays, and I just don’t feel like touching any of them right now. What bugs me is this nagging feeling that if I don’t play them now, I never will. New shiny games are on the horizon.
    What have I been doing? Dicking around with Deus Ex mods.

    Its no secret the series gives me the tinglies. Human Revolution may end up being the second coming, or at the very least it might just copy the original formula without fucking it up.
    Until the verdict is released on that, we have the mods.

    First I will champion: The Nameless Mod.
    An amazing undertaking, many years in the making. This is a single player total conversion, with its own quirky Storyline with fully voiced dialogue, many new and awesome weapons such as ‘throwing sporks’. It is very much a game created for fans, and ends up being quite fun. More than anything I am just impressed at the dedication of the creators. There is a lot of love and detail in this mod.

    ENB series, for Deus Ex.
    Has anyone heard of ENB Series and what it is doing to the Unreal engine? Pretty damned remarkable.
    Imagine all your favorite Unreal engine games with modern effects such as bump mapping, advanced lighting, a little bloom, some new water effects. Its still early, but the minute you boot it up you can see the potential.

    Deus Ex: Revision
    Have you ever spent time in Deus ex wondering what the architects were smoking when they built the games locales? There were some markedly strange design decisions, possibly motivated by the technical limitations of the time. Here we have a mod that remixes just about everything, and in many cases creates much more believable environments in the process. I actually really loved some of the redesigns, they will often completely change how you play the game and offer new experiences.

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