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  • bowlisimo 4:34 pm on October 22, 2011 Permalink
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    @beige/rampant First, lol at the Anor Londo song. Second, what @Pete said. We’re going to try some co-op Dungeon Defenders at some point today. If you’re around, leave a message here or on Steam. @squad This goes for anyone else who has it, of course.

    @rocgaude No theme this time? Just upload whatever? Also, I partially apologize for the Demon’s/Dark Spam lately. It’s one of those games that, if you’re playing it, you just REALLY have to talk about it with other people.

    @redswir1 I don’t want to alarm you, but there’s a point in this game where there’s like 7 Taurus demons chilling out in front of an area…

    @Shingro Oh no! That guy was so obviously Yurt 2.0, I freed him and then had an insanely long low level battle in the church tower that used every last resource I could muster. I’m sure you haven’t seen the last of him. Keep tabs on those friendly NPCs…

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    Back in the game.

    Decided to put Demon’s Souls down until permanent black tendency ended.

    Beat Taurus Demon finally. Took me too many deaths and too much grinding before I realized he was weak to fire.

    All these other games coming around like Rage, and Battlefield 3 and all that crap and I just want to play Dark Souls… well at least until Uncharted comes out. That’s gonna be the game to squash all this DS talk right?

    EDIT: Wait What?!

    “Drift Items

    Drift Items are enemies spawned from dropped equipment. Dropped equipment has a chance to become a vagrant and appear other peoples’ worlds. The longer items are on the ground, the more powerful the Drift Item. The more powerful the Drift Item, the higher chance it will drop better items than what spawned it.”

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    @rampantbicycle not at all, if there was ONE boss to have a plush of, it’d probably be Sif. =P Heck, about 60% of the art on Danbooru is of Sif, not quite as adorable though, to be fair, the artists were probably in the “recently savaged” camp so they tended to go more epic and badassery with it (http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/index?searchDefault=Search&page=1&tags=Dark_souls I forget how to link apparently -_-)

    Also: That was a fantastic video XD I’m really eager to get in there but I work tomarrow and the next day pretty much all day :\ so… alas, I’ll have to wait on the Trapland funrides

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    Gentlemen. Those of you playing Dark Souls may enjoy this. (Beware: language definitely NSFW!)

    Okay, I am also posting this because Mark just lost his second batch of 10,000 souls or more this evening. it helped defuse his rage somewhat.

    @Shingro That Sif is adorable! I…. Is it wrong that this kind of makes me want a cuddly plush version of this boss?

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    It’s time for (a brief)

    When we last left our hero, Nyx was camped above the smithy (such as it was) There were benches but she’d rather stand…. for some reason…
    (Nyx) 😀
    But we’re not picking up there
    (Nyx) :<
    Suffice to say, a random summon sign taught me the value of extra people to take boss attentions, especially as a frail-boned mages, the Gargoyles fell, I found a damn fine sword on one of the fencers or maybe kite shield users? It’s called a Balder Side-Sword, B rank scaling, a dex req of 14 and a blade which is as long as half of infinity. Assuming that higher pre-reqs = better I took swift and decisive advantage of the blacksmith and boosted it to +5, There was also a pretty decent moment where I walked into undertown after wandering for ages and having a giant stock of souls figuring with my new sword and shiny new armor I was immortal

    then came the backstabbing theives

    I was very careful retrieving my body >_>

    still, I picked my way down, laden with souls and humanity, found the fog door and…. hang on, what’s this ground message…

    “Try Humanity”

    …. *look at souls* 12k

    ………..* look at humanity* 13

    ………………. I better go >_>

    • *humanize*
    • *Summon posse*
    • *Demon falls on first try*

    Whistling a jaunty tune I walked back from the dragon bridge and suddenly
    (Red Dragon) BLARG! I AM DED!!
    What? Wait, What? I’m pretty sure that shouldn’t…
    -*+10000 souls!

    Another great moment was after the bell tower I would set out my summon sigil and explore, so I found this guy locked away with a “Beware of miscreant” sign in front of him “Oh man, this is probably one of those Doom Assassins I’ve heard so much about from Demon Souls, I better not let him out… but no harm in talking to him right?

    • *I walk up and hit x*
    • *This is, in fact, not the talk command in this case*
    • *door swings open*

    OH GOD WHAT DO I DO D: POWER!! Argh, can’t… what’s done is done, this thing is in fact been done….

    • …. *mouth thins, hand tightens on sword
      “I… I have to kill him here, if I don’t kill him here something horrible is going to happen, I just know it I’m going to lose every one of my NPCs and I’ll have only myself to blame… I… I should…”

    What!? No! Nooooooooo….*plip*
    -*we fight a gargoyle and win, yaaay, now I’ll be returned to that cell so I can do *clench teeth*
    What Must Be Done

    • *return teleport
    • *he is gone*

    D:<<_> I dunno, I guess I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now :\

    This wasn’t traumatic enough for the tag “The Corruption of Shingro” though, that’ll be next time

    Next time: The Depths

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    @beige @bowley @cptcarnage Excellent! I’m free all weekend so any time is good for me, though the evening (UK time) will work best as the girlfriend is going out. Hit me up on Steam tomorrow and we’ll set it up.

    Dark Souls talk is inspiring. I want to play, but I have too much other stuff on my plate at the mo. I will finish Xenoblade before I take on anything else of that level of magnitude. I’d totally listen to a podcast on the subject, however

  • Shingro 9:07 pm on October 21, 2011 Permalink
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    @beige Danbooru is the easiest, though like many “near anything goes” image upload sites you get ~50% results which are porn (depending on subject, Dark Souls not so much, though they do love their spider girl and lord of the beasts(? I’ve encountered neither of them so far.) Also if you use Safebooru instead it’ll filter all those (tagged properly) out

    I snagged this

    from here
    http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/1011850/dark_souls-fukuwan-great_grey_wolf_sif-lowres-musi in commemoration of your Great Grey Wolf Sif fight, which actually finishes off the current set of adorable Dark Souls submissions there (except maybe Nito crushing a poor Pyromancer’s PS3) it’ll grow naturally =P

    There’s also pixiv if you want stuff straight from japan, but you can’t get the most out of it unless you can search with japanese tags depending, Dark Souls and a few other english-titled things come up just fine though, milage may vary, also: it’s even more ‘anything goes’ then Danbooru, so caution (some thing don’t really need translation though… http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=22202056 )

    Also: I’d love to chime in~ Dark Souls is a perfect game for the squad considering how much buzz and acclaim it’s gotten despite being ‘a throwback to an earlier era’ as common knowledge dictates. Good stuff to look into!

    Also: Will have another Happy Funtime adventure up later today, probably as I wait with a summon sign out in front of some boss or another

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    @feenwager & @unmanneddrone thank you guys for the welcome, I can tell this is a community that I will really enjoy being a part of.

    @beige *Raises Hand* I am 100% fine with hearing you talk for 2 hours about the souls games. A couple people playing off of each other would be nice, but I always enjoy your opinion and I just cannot get enough of hearing talk about these games right now so I say go for it =)

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    @beige Yeah that’s the place. “Riiiiight” was the correct response. “When did I exit Dark Souls and enter sandy dreamscape?” could be another.

    @Pete All right I’m in, my PC hasn’t done anything lately except load the Dark Souls wiki and route sound from the PS3 to my headphones, anyway.

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    @beige Hmm. I think I totally walked right by painting world. Going to have to go back and find that. You know what else I walked right by? The Hollow. It’s behind not one, but two invisible dirt walls down in the Blight Town swamp. It starts out like Wizards and Warriors and opens WAY up into some crazy Tolkien shit. I broke my guy’s legs a few times getting down there and joined the Dragon covenant. Your head gets replaced with a dragon’s. I ran around like Big Bird for a while, blew some fire, and then quit. Twas a silly covenant. It is awesome that you can invade any poor bastard that happens to be holding on to a dragon scale. I’m too chicken-shit to actually do that, but it’s still cool.

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    By the way, it sucks having most of Dark Souls already spoiled to you (like most of the bosses and other demons) while you’re still in the first area of the game. Is it my fault that I got into Demon’s Souls so late and now have to play catch up?

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    Ooookay, I went ahead and went through that fog bank since I was incapable at finding my way out any other way… and what I saw… I don’t… I mean… there were these teeth and…


    You know what? Maybe it’s best if I used a picture

    okay, it looked something like this *scribbles*

    So naturally I did the first thing that came to mind…

    I poked it with a stick

    Then I remember something like this… *scribble*scribble*scratch*

    And then I woke up at the campfire without a dime to my name 😐

    oh, and better yet, I just discovered (did not know this before) that if you die at a boss? Your bloodstain stays inside the boss arena -____-

    I should I have known the moment my thought process went “what could possibly go wrong! =D” that Dark Souls as an entity could not let a thought process like that stand. Shoulda waited for the SoS Dark Souls vetrens to drop some knowledge on me >_> Whoops!

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    @beige The irony of course is yes, after the golem I could have turned right and had myself a nice meal of bread and cheese and knocked down a pint with the blacksmith to boot >_> something I discovered once I headed that way. Since I rented the game I’ve been playing like mad in my free time, my escapades of the last few hours involve getting trapped lower and lower in the Depths and burning through the entirety of my now-considerable spell resources searching for a bonfire or an exit, instead I found a merchant, the Omni-Rat, maybe a pyromancy instructor(?) and no less then 3 fog banks I’ve been too terrified to use while I’ve got THIRTEEN humanity banked and no goddamn idea where the hell I am. Seriously, I think I fell about 12 stories *DOWN* and came out on the battlements of some crazy sunken city? I don’t even know what hell =P. In fact, as we type I’m listening to the flame crackles of a nearby torch as I stand huddled inside a stairwell with my summoning sign outside one of the fog banks that has a few “Weakness: Lightning” signs outside it, figuring if someone summons me and we go through, I’ll have a better idea if I can handle it or not

    Don’t worry about the stories though, the serial shall continue regardless of whether it’s completely current or not. A lot happens in this game! D: Just don’t want to spam the boards =P

  • cptcarnage 6:57 pm on October 20, 2011 Permalink
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    And here I am still making my cautious way through the Undead Burg.

    I be SLACKIN!

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    lol… Shingro went into this game like Hello Kitty, and he’s going to come out raspy and war weary, like Marcus Fenix.

    Either that or we’ll see him months down the road, submitting sad music to UMD’s squad mixes, and rocking himself back and forth in an empty room while faceless servants bring him food that he’s lost all interest in eating. His thousand yard stare will gaze over empty fields of cracked dirt, and children will weep at the sight of his rolled over black, Dark Souls scarred eyeballs.

    @shingro FYI, If you revert to human form at a bonfire you use a lot, and then kindle it (which uses 1 humanity), you will get 10 estus flasks every time you use it instead of the usual 5. Later on you will get a rite that will allow you to up this amount.

    @beige You can pull those big armored Knights out one by one, if you get more than one coming after you, good luck. Remember that one chest in Sen’s Fortress? Yeah, don’t forget about that. Keep illusory walls in mind, but they should be player marked. Some lightning resist wouldn’t be a bad idea for some sections.

    The most annoying part I’ve already detailed, the archers. When you find yourself on ledges with two archers shooting big-ass arrows at you, it’s time to be careful, but quick. Don’t try to block the arrows on the way up, they just push you the fuck off. Once you make it all the way to the window sill, only one archer on the right can hit you. You have to book it over to him and GET IN HIS FACE so he stops firing, otherwise… well, practice your Goofy yelp. Who knows, you could get lucky.

    Edit: Ornstein and Smough are doable by yourself (with lots of running away), but I think it was much more of a fun fight coop with someone at relatively the same skill/gear level.

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    Wow this game… Uh, man I don’t even know where to start x_X

    Well, when we last left our hero, he was trapped in the asylum

    Oh hey! Fog! Lets see what can be seen!
    “Man that guy sure looks small from this ledge way up here…”
    -*Chibishingro dangles string over enormously obeese demon with tiny tiny vestigial wings*
    “oh jeeze, you gotta fight him anyway I don’t think teasing him is a very go-”

    • *crushing death, swift and merciless

    So I get through, Catch my Corvus Air flight, explore, try to fight a black knight (fail) and skeletons (succeed) and generally make a mess and fall off ledges (sometimes on purpose!)

    “Hmmm… you know, Pyromancer’s nice, but it lacks…. something… just can’t put my finger on it… I think I’ll try sorcerer just to see what’s different exactly, I mean, they’re both magic classes so I can’t imagine it’s all that different…”

    Alright, so lets meet Nyx *poik*
    (Nyx) 😀
    “You’re as close as I can get to cute/happy on these Oblivion sliders in a world of stygian darkness so don’t judge me :/”
    (Nyx) o/“

    okay, dootdedoo, tutorial bit, things here and… oh hey, that skeleton that gave me a pyromancer flame last time gives me a stick now… time to see what this sorcery is all about…
    -peeeew…. pop~

    “This…. How… DO YOU REALIZE WHAT THIS IS?!?” I shout to no one in particular…
    This… This is the GOD of spells, the ready to hand, never betrays, AC ignoring, easily accessible, neigh impossible to miss with, guaranteed damage. It is the little-death that brings total obliteration. It is the Slayer and Savior of mages since the days of Gygax himself!!!

    With this, with this even DARK SOULS ITSELF MUST TAKE NOTE!!!

    … oh, but… yeah, still workin that dagger.

    So stabbed the caretaker demon a few (hundred) times, caught the Corvus express again, and immediately loved the hell out of sorcery, killed myself a black knight through hair raising kiting, forgot how to get to most of the secret stuff I got before, found a crossbow, complained loudly that it didn’t have a sniper mode, wished I had a bow, fought through undead burg, experienced Terrible Regret, loved, lived, and moved on…

    … aaaand then came the undead parish, oooh man, I was situated at the campfire directly underneath the dragon bridge which made for a cute early game poking my head out real quick to get the skeleton’s roasted to the tune of 300 souls.

    so, I keep skirting the edges, fighting the rats, armored zombies, archers, underground passage of berzerkers aaaaand… death… lots of death, I had no humanity so I was trying to stretch 5 Estus flasks all the way from the dragon crawl to the church and while I could always seem to retrieve my souls

    So, I’m going through, earning souls with every run and being very careful with my resources, and then, out of the blue I manage the whole way to the battlements with 2 estus flasks left, so I take a deep breath and try my hand (again) at the kite shield knight


    Oh man, don’t screw this up… heal, align, and…. OH GOD, SUDDEN RAPIER KNIGHT FROM THE SIDE
    -*desperate battle…. SUCCESS*
    … I haven’t been this far, another Kite shielder!
    no flasks left, I go back around since the church scared the hell out of me too much to brave it without a visible campfire and… 2 armored skeletons + crossbow

    • *accidental agro, desperate fight.
    • *SUCCESS*,

    barely any life, I remember from the giant bomb quicklook that after a desperate run through all this place they found a bonfire but where, where is it?! search, search…. there’s a sign on the ground “Golem Ahead” well man I sure as hell don’t want to meet that right now… I barely fought off the whole mob of new skeleton types, I got 1/3rd of my tiny sorcerer health bar, zero missiles left I better search the places I’ve cleared first

    So I’m hunting, poking around the archetcture, and suddenly as I turn the camera angle I see an enormous black mace wielding monster of a creature, 12 feet tall if he was a foot drawing back his mace to crush my unsuspecting skull
    My shield and stamina can’t possibly handle this and there’s no way I’m going to survive much more chip, I roll backwards away from the second swing and frantically start trying to goose my brain into some response more useful than “FSDFHWEALSDFHWADFWERAAAAA DDD:!” in my flailings I change my item slot what HAVE I left in my item slot anyway… shield up as I shift items and carefully roll backwards, I’m being backed across the battlements, as I hit the wooden planking I get to the firebombs I’ve been getting from the throwing skeletons “yes, YES! These are about as good as pyromancy, aren’t they? is there splash damage? No time to worry now… I start chucking them, damage! good, but will I have enough? half life… a third, I have to keep rolling back inches away from his strikes, I take another shot of chip off the shield and I keep rolling back. I cannot take even chip now, I throw my fifth bomb and roll again *zip!* the side passage goes by, “DAMN!” That was my turn, this means I’m in that cul de sac where the armored zombie was, nowhere to go now, two bombs left, I whip the first and hammer on the square button for all I’m worth, it goes off and the Golem-thing dies! HUZZAH! I feel like a king!

    Well then! now I just got to find me a bonfire, I walk around, poke at the church and it’s empty, “Guess I musta cleared everyone, good times! I walk amidst the pews, searching for outs and passage ways and suchlike….

    -*peeeeew… *pop*
    I die
    “WHAT THE F-?!?” swinging the camera around in a future time I discover there’s apparently there’s a wizard or priest or something on the second floor balcony overlooking the church…

    Oh magic missile…. thou givest and thou taskest away ;____;

    Naturally I’m eager to get back, this time when I get to the 3 rat room I don’t kite them across the dangerous ledges “nono” I think “Too easy to fall, this would certainly be the time I’d fall with so much on the line…” So I limber up my shield, block the first rat HA! counterstab! This time however, unlike all the other times it doesn’t stab through to kill the second rat… no, that rat is there, and apparently pissed about all the other times he died, so he, with Ride of the Valkyries playing in his personal soundtrack body slams me backwards 3 feet off the ledge and into oblivion

    I lost maybe 4x the resources I’d ever had in the game, it was *soul crushing*

    had to stop for the night c_c

    but man what a rush =D

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    @beige Haha, that stupid cat. It didn’t even ask a fucking question, let alone a yes/no question. I dunno man, I walked away and the prompt closed, but I doubt that was any better of a solution.

    Speaking of pissing off NPCs, here’s one; don’t accidentally roll into the hole around Frampt, that gnashy brontosaurus head that chills out at Firelink, before talking to him after you retrieve the lord vessel. He called me a bitch and left, even though I did what he asked? It was nice feeding him junk armor while it lasted. Warping around firekeeper bonfires is better.

    Haven’t fought Sif. I opened up that 20,000 soul door pretty early on and used it for some easy soul farming, but anything past the not-Cheshire cat that we pissed off, seemed a little too potent (and also purple tree hugger invasions), so I left it for later and went up Gygax’s fortress and over to Anor Londo instead. I guess I have a wolf with a sword (what?) to go kill now.

    Grats on taking down the Iron Golem, by the way. Did you know that you could do that entire fight with the rock throwing giant still alive? I threw down a white soul sign at the top of tower for anyone who wanted a hand with the Iron Golem, and got summoned by some fool doing the fight with a fireball blasting the area every 5 seconds. Good luck with that!

    Edit: Those “Required Reading” prints look good all framed up.

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    @redswirl Armor didn’t seem to do much in Demon’s Souls, you could roll around naked and win. The more junk you’ve got piled on you, the shittier your stam regen is, which is kind of a big deal if you want to take multiple big hits with a shield. That said, I wore the fluted breast plate and a mix of black leather (to be <50% equip) on and off throughout the entire game until I killed Old King Doran, at which point I took his set (it's really light). The game was basically over by then.

    It seems to be a lot more useful in Dark Souls, the resist stats seem to make a difference this time for one thing, higher poise (less staggering when hit) for another. Add a shield with high stability, maybe 70+, and you'll be tough to topple, but also pretty immobile yourself. There's a giant iron golem boss on top of a tower that knocked me around (and off the tower frequently) while using a smaller shield, but switching to a great shield made a huge difference. All of a sudden my guy would get hit and skid backwards with the shield still up, instead of stagger and drop it.

    @beige Running around in upgraded elite knight + black/hard leather and an eagle shield. I have plenty of better armor, but it's all too heavy and requires "Hagen Das'" ring to not do a fat roll in, waste of a ring slot. All that special shit takes twinkling titanite to upgrade too, which has been rare so far. I'd rather save it for my weapons, like the black knight sword, or Astora's straight sword. Otherwise it's the kind of weak, but fun, +10 longsword with the great magic sword buff if I've got it.

    I love the Belmont build idea. Grab a bunch of throwing daggers too.

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    @beige Unfortunately I don’t. Though there has been a lot of good DkS talk on podcasts lately. Forums seem to be preoccupied with general game questions, builds and pvp, which is apparently ridiculously lopsided towards elemental enchantments (lightning, fire — I can vouch for this). They’re saying that scaling with STR and DEX is so weak now that it doesn’t catch up with the flat damage of elemental weapons until well into 100+ soul level. So people enchant and then put all their points into VIT/END and stop leveling up. On top of that, people are glitching to get millions of souls (nothing new) and using overpowered shit like a ring that makes you translucent and unlock-onable among other things.

    This is all stuff that is supposedly being patched. Almost just feel like waiting, but I don’t have a feel for FROM’s patch cycle length. Meanwhile, here I am using a longsword (I love the combos, versatility and speed), but it probably won’t do much over 300 damage by the time it’s +15 and there are people in the book of the guilty at the same soul level (50s-60s) running around with elemental weapons that do 800+ damage. A lot of it goes right through your shield too. Whatever, I’m hollow most of the time anyway. Going to have brave it to make a human run at Ornstein and Smough, that fight is WAY more fun with a buddy.

    Also, make sure you pee in the mouth of the person who only gave you three days notice before condo hell. That and Dark Souls? Sounds like you’re the one who will need time off in the iron lung by the end.

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    If you haven’t made it to Anor Londo yet, get ready for this cheap 1988 shit:

    Dark Souls: Hey, Bowley, run up this one tile wide sloping roof section, and then run around a tiny window ledge on top of this enormous palace.
    Bowley: Sure, no problem, Dark Souls. This looks pretty coo-
    Dark Souls: ARCHERS!
    Bowley: Upgraded great shield? Come on, you’ve tried this before.
    Bowley: What

    *Castlevania death music*

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    6000+ souls lost, 3 humanity, 1 dragon…. witnessed :\ that’s about it! Consider this a preview -_-

    Also: Interesting that shortly after the squad mix explanations, this goes up o_O http://kotaku.com/5849369/shes-the-queen-of-akihabara-she-loves-nerds-like-you/gallery/1?tag=culture-smash

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    Wall of text… meet awkward silence! oh, you’re already familiar are you? =P

    So, you’ve gotten a game, you want to tell stories, but you have no artistic capabiltiy… thus… google image search and MSPaint present…!

    For our adventures allow me to introduce my tiny avatar, Chibishingro. Heya little buddy! How you doin?
    (Chibishingro) 😀
    Grand, listen… you look like bacon
    (Chibishingro) :<

    So, what I'm doing here is minimal information playthrough, I have no manual (rented) so I looked up controls, but other then that I'm doing this 1992 School Playground style, I'm going to see how long I can make it based solely on misc podcast chatter (Giant bomb, Weekend Confirmed, 8-4) and other anecdotes and stories by individuals.
    So, without further ado, I start the game, ploink my helpless little avatar down into the universe and set him as a pyromancer, there was a lot of waffling between that and sorcerer since it seemed to be closer to the magic heavy focus I tend to like but my plucky little avatar there insisted on fire, so fire he gets. I grab my stuff, wander my way through the destitute zombie passerby (not slaying any of them because I am a GOOD AND ANGELIC PERSON Also: A Helper) and wander my way through a room or two… fight a few zombies, no biggie, I've done my share of Devil May Cry and Shinobi, I'm alright, oh hey two stairways! Wait a minute…

    (-_- ) . o O (Jeff Canatta: I went down and found skeletons and there was horrible terrible rape… Garnet Lee: Oh, you went the wrong way, counter to most dungeon games, most of the time you want to go up)

    haHA! First story success right there! now to step up this and… *step*

    (Chibishingro) Lets talk about this!! D:
    (GIANT GODDAMN BOULDER) (-_-) (|:) (_-_) *SQUISH* (:|) (-_-)
    80% life loss
    WOW uh, well okay, I guess we’ll just… hey wait a minute… I don’t have any healing items :\
    (frail 80 lb zombie) *tremble*
    Well this I can probably handle… even the old man boxing in the Witcher could take this guy.
    Shields up! Mr Crusher, approach at impulse speed!
    (Chibishingro) >:)

    • step… steeeeep*
    • Zombie has used Flurry of Blows!*
    • Chibishingro has been chipped to death*

    Well! Not bad for the tutorial!

    Further exploring found that the gate behind him is locked, the wall behind me had a hole in it where the knight was just relaxing like you do when fatally wounded. He gives me the Estus flasks and a key for the gate, 2 deaths later I found that lower stairway? Yeah that actually leads to a checkpoint… whoops!

    I’m sure it’ll get better once I get my feet…right? Right?!

  • cptcarnage 3:52 pm on October 17, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls,   

    Ok this is nuts, some guy finished Demon’s Souls in just over an hour and Dark Souls in 1h26m…

    Spoiler alert but seriously that is messed up http://gamingbolt.com/dark-souls-beaten-in-1-hour-26-minutes-exemplary-display-of-skill-shown

  • Shingro 1:29 am on October 16, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: , Dark Souls   

    Okay, I called gamestop before I went to work today, called around to see who had demon souls/dark souls and at what prices, I checked the store I worked at and considered employee discounts, I listened to various gaming podcasts of whom their members have been carefully poking and prodding their way through, I considered opening strategies, I got to the end of my shift, did some shopping, went to gamestop, went home, looked down and in my hands….!

    Such is the life of an otaku

    Still! I’m sure the local video store has a copy of Dark Souls I’ll probably rent it here this week and play it like only an obsessed otaku nerd can, stories will be forthcoming =P

    Also I intend to get a few other impressions on some of my specialty stuff out there too, Disgaea 4, Hyperdimension, AT Quoga etc. but we’ll see how full the time is @_@

  • bowlisimo 2:24 am on October 15, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls,   

    @Shingro Dark Souls is more refined, but it’s an iteration and not a huge leap forward. The stats work a bit differently, there’s more weapons and items, some more combat moves, new locations enemies and bosses, broader color palette, death is handled differently (and if you ask me, a little less penalizing) and there are some different mechanics (e.g. humanity).

    The biggest difference is the level structure. I think Beige compared Demon’s Souls to Castlevania III and Dark Souls to Symphony of the Night, which is right on the money. Demon’s Souls has an easier to attack and understand hub world and level system (although you don’t necessarily go through them in a linear fashion), and Dark Souls has a more ambiguous interconnected world with no hub that you have to backtrack through and open up short cuts and what not through progression.

    I’d go with Dark Souls, since that’s what everyone is playing and figuring out right now. The problem is that it’s full price, which will suck if you don’t end up liking it. Demon’s Souls is super cheap in that regard, but most of the people playing it are experts (but avoidable). The servers shutting down in 2012 for Demon’s Souls is another thing to consider.

    Both are awesome games though… if you have the kind of personality that enjoys their unique, very deliberate, unflinching design.

  • Shingro 11:41 pm on October 14, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls, ,   

    Alright! Back from work, my turn!

    Samishi Kunai Mon – UNDER17 / Shingro
    As far as the more denpa-kei music goes this is a sadder one then most, earnest and forthright, very much Lonely Boy Music. Though I recognize the irony of it being sung by someone standing in front of thousands of screaming fans. =P The lead singer of UNDER17 started idol-isms way back when dancing around akihabara with a Power Glove singing “Gura gura guradiasu” which is a song about Gradius =P pretty pro if you ask me, also: that is the voice of a 32 year old woman only slightly modified =P

    Sakuranbo Kiss – Kotoko / Shingro
    You’re My Treasure – Kotoko / Shingro

    You might have remembered my previous post, where I said “man I don’t want to just drop people down the madhouse rabbit hole with something like Kotoko right off the bat, this was followed very closely by a confused look on my face and the thought “Well why not?” skipping enthusiastically through my head… hence the Kotoko picks. I went for songs that really started with the sugar immediately and so strong they’d be distinctive regardless of what they followed. I wanted something with enough english sprinkled in to engage the ear since it’s pretty easy to just totally sign off all the lyrics to “can’t understand” and simple enough that even a little japanese could get you through most of it. It doesn’t hurt that the lyrics (all translated versions of which seems to have disappeared off the internet… :\) are that sort of encouraging, happy ‘ain’t life just grand?!’ lyrics that I really approve of, and You’re my Treasure does a solid portion of it in english, so I wanted to expose that particular element of this musical styling.

    Oh, that and Kotoko does the craziest hyper digital sounding sugar-infused business under the sun or moon =D

    Also: tomorrow I’m considering picking up Dark Souls or Demon souls if I can, I figure I can bring a far different story then most of us do, but still, which should I pursue? I intend to start pretty much blind except the stories I’ve heard here and on misc gaming podcasts, and be extremely light on the internet part of it. How much more refined is Dark souls then demon souls?

  • bowlisimo 6:00 pm on October 13, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls   

    Hope you brought some Deep Woods OFF! or Citronella or something…

    It would have been better if the framerate didn’t tank every time you got some of the background onscreen, those blow dart guys are real assholes too. There’s some weird shit to see and good loot down there, though. Once you’re back in daylight you’ll feel like Andy Dufresne escaping Shawshank’s sewer. Pro-tip, Rusty Iron Ring really helps running around the swamp, instead of wading around it.

    You’ll enjoy Sen’s Fortress, I think. It’s very D&D so far. That’s all I’ll say.

    That and…can’t…win…at pvp…eerrrrrrrrrrrr. Careful walking through the second part of Darkroot Garden alone and in human form. The purple forest covenant players WILL murder you, usually at the worst time.

  • rampantbicycle 7:42 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls   

    @bowlisimo All together, now:

    Dark Souls! Woo-oo-ooo!
    Use ’em or you lose ’em playing Dark Souls! Woo-oo-ooo!
    Tales of death and gloom but then that’s Dark Souls!

    *ahem* Sorry.

  • bowlisimo 6:55 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls   

    @rampant lol

    Assassin’s, Dragons, other pains,
    It’s-a, night-mare.

    Might get spanked by a black knight,
    or die in a giant goat fight,

    Undead Burg, wooo oooo?

  • rampantbicycle 5:37 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls   

    @beige Aww. You left out the part where I began making up little songs about what you were doing to the tune of the theme song from DuckTales.

    “Life is like a hurricane in Undead Burg…”

    I suppose it isn’t very dignified. 😉

  • bowlisimo 5:00 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls   

    @Beige Haha, god, you get a heartfelt, knowing nod and a fist bump for that. What a piece of shit that fight was. There’s no shame in summoning other players. In fact, people are relying on you to summon them to get humanity back. Hell, FROM even let’s you summon NPCs for some fights.

    Before that fight, I had 7 humanity banked up, I was flying high, “I can handle anything that’s behind this door”, I said, “whatever is behind it, it can’t be THAT bad”. So my hubris and I pushed through the fog door, took two steps and got immediately curb stomped by the aforementioned giant goat man + dog offenders. “What…the fuuuuuuck”.

    Then I made the mistake you don’t, DON’T, ever make in the Souls series. I rushed back to my bloodstain and died again to those asshole assassins making some hasty and poorly timed attacks that they punished me dearly for. Bye bye humanity (which isn’t easy to come by), bye bye several thousand souls.

    That out of the way, this is the part where I (with no satisfaction) play “that guy” by telling you that I beat goat demon by myself.

    Maybe I got lucky, but the second time around with nothing to lose I immediately B-lined straight up the stairway, the only sane place to go. This is where having a thrusting weapon (longsword in this case) and a sturdy shield paid off, because my armored knight guy could block the dogs and stab them both as they bottlenecked on the stairs ahead of the Capra demon. Once they were gone, it was a matter of playing ring around the rosy by fighting him a bit until my stamina to block/roll ran out, going up the stairs, waiting for him to follow and fall off, and then dropping onto him with a semi-effective plunging attack. Something I never would have thought to do, if it weren’t for the perfectly placed player message on top of the archway next to the stairs. I +rated the hell out of that one. Anyway, it wasn’t pretty, but it’s done.

    You may end up remembering that fight as “better times” when you and Lynette make that long despairing descent into Blight Town, the framerate sucking, gauntlet of annoying, that’s precariously perched thousands of feet high over a toxic swamp.

  • Shingro 9:16 pm on October 7, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls   

    @bluesforbuddha agreed, stories are always the best part, and DS stories have that extra touch of human drama because they so often involve the crushing of human souls =P

  • cptcarnage 7:07 pm on October 7, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls   

    @bluesforbuddha keep them up I say, its pretty damn awesome!

  • rampantbicycle 5:03 pm on October 7, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls   

    @bowlisimo It’s an interesting experience. Part of the time, I am running the navigation systems, consulting wikis and message boards to see if I can learn anything of relevance to a given area. One of the reasons I’m not so worried about the possibility that we might be doing stuff over again or grinding a long time is that in the early weeks of a Souls game the answer to “Can I tell him anything useful about this?” is most often “Nope.” At least if we are delayed a little the mighty engines of the Internet may have produced something I can actually make myself useful with. Though I am sometimes able to find something like that blue whatsit ring, which I can then direct him to.

    Part of the time, I watch what is going on. I enjoy the design elements and visual quirks in ways that the person manning the controller often cannot, and occasionally remark that Hey There Is A Thing Over There. No, to the left. The other left. Keep turning. More. More. THERE.

    Or “Guy behind you!” Which is typically impossible to get out quickly enough to be of any use, but I try.

    Of course, in a Souls game, I will see these areas and battles over and over and over (and over and over) again. And I do not have the additional compelling element of the gameplay to hold my attention. So I confess that sometimes it will wander, or I will bring a backup task to work on – like transcribing our D&D sessions, which I’m pretty behind on but still devoted to. This makes Mark very grumpy and elicits claims that I never pay attention to what he is doing, which is untrue, as last night’s unfortunate events demonstrate. 😉

    There is also a part of the time where, as he gets increasingly frustrated, he begins to give me challenging looks and say things calculated to get me to snap back, so that we can have an argument. While I acknowledge that this would probably blow off steam, in the interest of domestic harmony I typically refuse to participate in this part of the game, as I feel it is unhealthy. 😉 This drives him a bit insane, which I regret, but not enough to facilitate said arguments.

    During this part of the game I normally spend a lot of time biting my tongue and NOT saying things like “I told you ten minutes ago you should go back and save” or “You really thought From Software would have made this one thing kinder and gentler than any other thing in their game?” or “This might be going better if you .”

    Most of it, though, is navigation and scouring the internet for answers to important questions like “Where is this pendant in game if I don’t take it now?” or “What are the weaknesses of this boss?” or “Where the hell is there a freaking map of this place?” I always do my best to answer, but it’s hard when you’re often juggling 2-3 different wikis, a message board, and several Google searches at once!

    Makes me wonder what one does if one does not have a reference librarian to hand. 😉

    I suppose this makes me roughly equivalent to having The Ship’s Computer as your navigator. Irritatingly cool when you are stressing out, but usually pretty well-informed.

  • RedSwirl 4:20 pm on October 7, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls   

    So I’m the only one who decided to go Xbox on Dark Souls.


  • impynickers 4:18 pm on October 7, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls, Persona 2   

    I must resist this gaping Dark Soul’s vortex. Its powerful stuff.
    So say I got the PS3 version, what level of interaction would I have with all of you desperate lot?

    Also a side note, I don’t know how many of you were looking forward to Persona 2 portable (I was). Turn’s out it came out late last month. I completely lost track of it. Screw off games until I can affort you all.

  • bowlisimo 4:17 pm on October 7, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls,   

    I noticed that. Happy 2nd, D.Souls. Didn’t have to “bounce” the world tendency to free Lord Rydell, yay!

    A little disappointed. Got to the crazy Old Monk boss that pulls a player to fight for him, and I’m pretty sure there was no one around to pull from so I just got the shittiest A.I. ever. Also, Dirty Colossus, Storm King, Maneater(s) down. That last one was tense, I didn’t expect TWO bosses. Any more near-misses on getting blown off the edge and I don’t think my heart could’ve taken it.

    @rampant At least someone is paying attention. What’s it like to backseat drive a Souls game?

  • rampantbicycle 3:12 pm on October 7, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls   

    Dude, I would’ve said something first if it hadn’t seemed so obvious to ME. Yes, undead thing. So what? So is everyone, including the other merchant. Also it was just standing there peacefully, not attacking or making “why can’t I get through this gate to the delicious player character” motions. Also there was a “press X to talk” dialog box right there at the bottom of the screen where all the dialogs show up.

    Dark Souls demands that you take all actions with care, I suppose. And boy, will they ever make you pay for the times when you fail. 🙂

    Ah, well. Look on the bright side! Any time we spend grinding to get 46,000 souls or whatever will be time for the wiki gang to get caught up on maps and the like.

    We just have to not level up until we get this fixed, is all, or the price will go up accordingly…

  • bowlisimo 1:51 pm on October 7, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls,   

    @beige Oh no… did you at least leave a DON’T ATTACK! message on the ground for future travelers? I almost made that mistake, but was saved by those who had been there before.

    Also, try getting homing soul arrowed by Sage Freke and his apprentice every time you go back to the Nexus…

  • RedSwirl 1:03 am on October 7, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls,   

    Oh, and I don’t think I’m going to be specializing in either Demon’s or Dark. Went with knight in the former because it felt safe and I didn’t know what I was doing, and warrior in the latter because I wanted high dexterity but not at too much cost. I could still go back and re-roll a wanderer though. I just wanna be ready for any situation.

    The thing is though, I think I’ve found barely any new equipment in either game. I think I’m coming up on level 30 in Demon’s and for the most part am still using starting equipment with an upgraded shield and Scimitar. People have told me that buying new armor isn’t really worth it.

    On Demon’s’ bosses though, yeah I stupidly tried to go 1-2 after finishing 1-1 (didn’t even die on Phalanx). After Tower Knight one-hit me a couple times (on top of me failing to reach him probably 50 times) I just gave up and had a co-op partner basically kill him for me while I watched. Sort of did the same thing for 2-1 as well. Other than 1-1, 3-1 was the first boss I was actually able to man-up and kill. Surprisingly I only died once fighting 4-1. I think I might have this now after I’ve played enough of Dark this fall.

  • impynickers 7:07 pm on October 6, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls,   

    Man I am starting to get an appetite for some Dark Souls. Damn you all.

    @Feenwager You lucky man! I would like nothing more than to visit another country right now. I havent travelled outside Canada since I was 16. I blame University for taking my money. I don’t care if it is business or pleasure, it just fascinates me to be exposed to another culture.

    @unmanneddrone Glad Rage has treated you right. I am actually digging many parts of it, but alas I am an ATI user … and I guess something just isn’t jiving. I have installed Rage specific drivers that have helped, but have not completely solved the plethora of issues I was experiencing on launch. I have a pretty damn good video card that I just bought recently, and the situation just really frustrates me. I feel as if this issue could have been dealt with, it is fairly widespread among many ATI users. Even a number of nVidia users have problems. Oh well. It will be fixed I have no doubt.
    I definitely love the weapons in rage. Lots of good ones. The buggy is also a ton of fun to drive. I was less a fan of the ATV, it felt wierd driving it.. and bumping into a rock would send you comically flying off into the distance with really strange ragdoll physics. The buggies are where the focus lies though once the game starts going. I actually enjoyed upgrading and going into death races. I always liked the game ‘Death Rally’ from the mid 1990’s, and its kinda like that without the shady sabotage aspects.
    I am trying not to let Rage enrage me. It is a pretty good game. The scarcity of autosaves though… not so good.

  • cptcarnage 6:17 pm on October 6, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls   

    Sweet got into the collectors content, I’ll stick up a link here for the map and the miniguide for those who didnt manage to grab it.

    If you want the vids let me know. http://www.mediafire.com/?3ikiaby6uss0c27

  • RedSwirl 4:52 pm on October 6, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls   

    @beige @bluesforbuddha See, shit like this is why we need to make some kind of page for unscripted video game war stories.

  • bowlisimo 7:15 pm on October 5, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls,   

    Yay PC gaming?

    : /

    @beige The amount of bosses I have left in Demon’s Souls collectively give me a hernia every time you say something cool about Dark Souls.

  • RedSwirl 4:50 pm on October 5, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls   

    @beige @bluesforbuddha Well shit. I might just hang up Demon’s Souls for a minute and roll with the Dark at least until December. A part of me wants to measure this game up against Skyrim and see what the real best RPG of 2011 is going to be.

    Oh, and this little-known DS game called Solatorobo has come up on me out of nowhere. Impressions later.

  • bowlisimo 2:59 pm on October 5, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls, , Ultima Online   

    So…what happens if you didn’t do anything wrong and someone enters you into the book of the guilty just out of spite or to be a dickface?

    That’s good shit, though, Beige. Again, I’m reminded of UO, where a proto version of that self governing social system was in place.

    All players were innocent (blue name tag) until they performed an unlawful action (stealing, looting innocent corpses, killing another innocent player), this turned them into a criminal (gray name tag) and anyone could go after them with impunity. It would wear off after a short while. If you continued to kill innocent players you would eventually permanently turn into a murderer (red name tag) which made you a HUGE target, there was only one or two towns you could go to without guards ganking you, but there was also a counter and an infamy system attached. The more you killed, the more infamous you became until you had the title of “Dread Lord” which people could see, and meant you were a seriously bad mofo. Innocent players could band together to hunt down these players, cut off their heads (like head of: dread lord xXassholed3wdXx in your backpack) which could be turned in to the town officials for some serious bounty gold. I’m pretty sure, like Dark Souls, you had to do some ritual at a shrine out in the middle of nowhere to “do penance” to erase your murder count.

    People learned quickly to defend themselves and not to go out alone. No one carried around any special equipment, it made you a target. Everyone was decked out in cheap armor and easily made weapons, which really leveled the playing field. It was a frightening moment to see a bunch of red names all of a sudden show up on your screen. Enough paying customers complained after getting looted clean time after time to the point where they segregated the world into PVE land and PVP land.

    PVP like that can insanely heighten a game experience, just as long as normal people have some recourse.

    Kind of makes me want to buy Dark Souls sooner rather than later (God damn it…).

  • cptcarnage 12:16 am on October 5, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls   

    Sweet! Went to the Microplay in Newmarket after @bluesforbuddha s problems with eb and Dark Souls and nabbed the collectors edition. First time I’ve bought from them but the owner was an old high school friend so I gave them a shot.

    So begins the journey of the thief, Carnage Storm! Hour in and well I’m impressed. Deaths have been fair to be sure (mostly me being an ass). Time will tell as to if I have the gumption to stick with it.

    Hit me up on PSN if you’d like I’m CptCarnage on there.

  • bowlisimo 7:05 pm on October 4, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls, ,   

    So… you’re saying I should jump ship this far in, or forever be griefed by this guy?

  • Shingro 5:55 pm on October 4, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: ADOM, Dark Souls   

    I gotta say, seeing a lot of the coverage of demon/dark souls that’s been around in the run up to Dark Souls’s release I’ve been kinda interested and pining for some serious old school fantasy stat manager ala Wizardry V, so this seems to be it, on the other hand I’m a bit tagged for money and time especially with Disgaea still un-beat so I thought I’d run a few ADOM characters and suggest it for people looking to scratch their masochistic high stakes ‘learn by punishment’ itch.

    Plus it’s free and downloadable, not bad at all

    Also: That’s a great question, I was wondering the ‘old demon or go to dark first’ question myself

  • cptcarnage 5:53 pm on October 4, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: Dark Souls,   

    @bluesforbuddha your input has me even more intrigued.

    Should I shell out for Dark Souls now or pick up a used copy of Demon’s Souls first?

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