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  • RedSwirl 6:49 pm on December 10, 2011 Permalink
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    @bowlisimo The storylines of the Crysis games area really just Predator/The Rock crap. The one thing that always got to me was how the main character is literally no more than a cypher or conduit. Nomad in Crysis at least had a few lines of dialogue, but they go out of their way to make Alcatraz a non-person. What really got to me though? How Alcatraz can never just open a door. He has to kick it down. I think there’s one part here he simply opens a door with his hands in order to sneak in, but I think he broke the handle or something at that part. Gears 3 had the same problem.

    Anyway, visually and thematically I kind of appreciate how Crysis 2 managed to look like a successful merger of Robocop, Terminator, and Predator. I hope you were able to play it in DirectX 11.

    What I Been Playin’ Happy Funtimes!

    Bastion, done (until the DLC drops next week). Excellent combat, art, and what I hope becomes a textbook method of video game narrative. It actually seems to follow in the footsteps of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time in that regard – how the narrator feels like he’s with you every step of the way, adding just the right context to each situation and even having limited reactions to what you do. More games need to do this. Y’know what? As I played Skyward Sword, for some reason I imagined Link narrating the entire adventure in a sort of laid-back, Nathan Drake tone of voice, simultaneously joking and lamenting at his position.

    This is another game that I would gladly restart for plus content if I weren’t dealing with other games. This has happened with Zelda and probably RAGE too when I finish that.

    RAGE continues to be great as I get through the final “area” of the game – Subway Town. This place is the deep, narrow, neon-lit “city” that reminds me of the first 15 minutes of Akira. If it weren’t post-apocalyptic (which Akira is I guess) I would even call it Bladerunner-esque with things like the narrow subway-converted-to-bar and the electronic beep that alerts the store owner when I arrive. I haven’t even driven out into this part of the wasteland yet.

    Afterwards, Deus Ex “Missing Link” DLC, THEN Skyrim.

  • bowlisimo 5:05 pm on December 10, 2011 Permalink
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    @redswir1 Finally got around to finishing Crysis 2. Nutty game, man. The narrative was much stronger, and I thought the direction they took the suit (namely, symbiosis, and the reason why Crysis 1 happened) was an interesting place to go. The squid aliens are, well, still squid aliens (minus the cold) and it was all very “check your brain at the door”, with nano this and nano that, spores, and vague cellular SCIENCE! going on, but enjoyable nonetheless. A good a reason as any to totally mess up New York and throw you around like a ragdoll all day (you really do get your ass kicked a bunch this time).

    Gameplay wise, I agree with you, the first game will feel like a sequel compared to this one. In fact most of Crysis 2 felt like the back 3rd of Crysis 1. Not in a bad way, really, just more obviously linear, where people are constantly yelling at you to go down this street to find guy A or through this sewer to hook up with marine team B. It opens up, but not in the same scale. Maybe that’s just problematic in a city setting as opposed to a big jungle island.

    I will say that I’m a fan of the streamlined suit powers. Only worrying about switching to stealth or armor and having all the other movement stuff activated when I held a button down was the right way to go. I never did like having to switch to maximum strength just to punch a guy, but I do miss hearing the suit say it.

    Anyway, I guess Prophet is a Master Chief-like figure now? “Hey, it’s the suit guy!”, “Go get em, suit guy!”

  • RedSwirl 4:49 pm on May 18, 2011 Permalink
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    @impynickers “Thinking man’s shooter,” I like that. Haven’t seen one of those in a while.

    And yeah, the only two real problems with the first Witcher were the slightly ugly UI design and the fact that the whole brilliant game was built on a shitty engine that it probably outgrew. Those seem to be the main two problems TW2 rectifies from what I’ve seen. That game’s UI is some of the cleanest shit I’ve seen all this gen.

  • impynickers 4:20 pm on May 18, 2011 Permalink
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    I did play Crysis 2 and thoroughly enjoyed it on 360. It really took the parts I love about many action games and compiled it into a thinking mans shooter. I have my beefs with the character development, but it was still probably the best shooter I have played in some time.
    As for LA Noire there is some ace attorney in there, of sorts for sure. Maybe just because there aren’t many games in the genre to compare it to. L.A Noire definitely is catering to a different crowd, but with that I would have hoped the R* zombies would have been surprised and intruiged. If @beige has unveiled a true representation of the games reception … I have lost a little bit of my hope for the industry.

    What might win back some hope is if Witcher 2 manages to reach a larger audience. I know they have plans for console releases at some point, so that may be the time. I was complaining yesterday about how the game would probably be unplayable on my system, and I was almost correct. Luckily almost. The game will run on low settings only hiccuping in some of the more intense visual scenes.
    You know why I don’t care? The game is AMAZING. I may be riding a cloud of excitement into your thought bubbles here folks, but I feel that this game is the continuation of a legacy of PC RPG’s we have been waiting for. The original Witcher was a brilliant diamond in the rough.
    Witcher 2 is rough no longer, it is refined well beyond what i imagined. This is demonstrated in an insane production value and cinematic presentation, aswell as a clean interface that really aids the flow of the gameplay. On top of it the scope and complexity of all the games elements are just daunting.

  • RedSwirl 2:49 pm on May 18, 2011 Permalink
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    Man am I the only one who passed up LA for The Witcher 2? I mean with this my 2011 backlog actually still isn’t that big (this, Crysis 2, Pokemon B/W, Dragon Age II) so I still might be able to slide it in sometime in July or something. Just tell me: does the moniker “Ace Attorney with guns” really fit this game that well?

    Platform choice has become all fucked up for me. Shooters? PC. Fighting games? PS3. My multiplatform 360 purchases have all been game-by-game cases.

    Assassin’s Creed games- crap PS3 ports, PC versions didn’t come out day & date, draconian PC DRM.
    Red Dead – crap PS3 port, no PC version
    NFS Hot Pursuit – More XBL friends actually playing it
    Bayonetta – really crap PS3 port
    SC Conviction – draconian PC DRM.

    Anyway, I actually haven’t started TW2 yet because the first game was still good enough for me to take my time beating, which I did last night near ass-o’clock. It kinda took me a while to figure out why I enjoyed the game so much too: it’s really playable.

    By “playable” I mean it does very little to get in your way of actually enjoying the game. All of the tutorial prompts are pretty much gone by the beginning of Chapter 2, and the game almost never takes control away from the player. That’s become almost like a superpower for console games these days.

    So even in the final chapter I’m like “go out and kill five more Bruxae and bring back a head for 1600 gold? Sure, cool, I can do that.” Most of the time when I’m this late I’m just burning through a game to get through it (ex: Red Dead) but in TW1’s case I was actually able to sit down and enjoy it.

    Lastly, so none of you guys checked out Crysis 2? I personally loved the first one for, again, being one of the only games these days to not shove me down a COD-knockoff rollercoaster (even when it got linear I didn’t feel constricted). I’ve been worried hearing that the sequel is a bit different. Well, it’s $30 on Amazon today (PC download) and you guys have become one of my main word-of-mouth sources. Do it?

  • RedSwirl 1:07 am on March 23, 2011 Permalink
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    I’m actually pretty optimistic on what I’ve heard about Crysis 2 though, PC-graphics-settings-reminiscent-of-PS2-to-PC-ports aside. The reviews and beta videos have assured that I’ll probably jump on that one later this spring.

    In fact, I want all you guys who are tired of scripted war shooters to at least rent C2 or something. Yes the franchise looks like it was designed on assembly line, but what’s under the hood actually stands pretty starkly apart from the rest of the genre. Dare I say, it’s actually something different in first person shooters.

  • RedSwirl 1:05 am on March 14, 2011 Permalink
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    Replaying Crysis and Crysis Warhead have reminded me that I’m not really tired of shooters. I’m just tired of scripted rollercoaster war shooters.

  • RedSwirl 2:33 am on March 11, 2011 Permalink
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    @angryjedi In my opinion Crysis kinda get’s a worse rep than it deserves because it’s engine is the most publicized thing about it. I’ll even admit that Crysis doesn’t really do anything innovative on its own, but it does in fact feature very enjoyable and well-designed gameplay that we still don’t know can be accomplished on consoles.

    **pseudo glowing Crysis defense incoming**

    The main reason Crysis has been one of my favorite modern first person shooters is because of how open-ended it is. The only thing that comes close to it that’s available on consoles is Far Cry 2, and even that is a much shallower game.

    A Call of Duty game might send you on a path through the front door of a base with an AA gun that you blow up on the way. Crysis on the other hand will simply tell you the locations of the three AA guns and the main base on a map spanning a couple square miles, and let you decide in which order to destroy them, and whether you wanna infiltrate the enemy base through the side gate, the harbor, a destructible fence, or the sewers.

    In short, Crysis is a shooter that allows me to use my brain, much more than probably any other recent FPS in fact.

    THAT’s what the PC elitists are worried about in regards to Crysis 2. They’re worried that the game will turn out to be another Call of Duty-esque corridor that holds their hands and tells them where to go to appease console gamers and the consoles themselves which according to Crytek couldn’t handle the level design in the first Crysis.

  • RedSwirl 4:35 am on February 20, 2011 Permalink
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    Just finished off the main quest of Yakuza 3… and I still want to go back for more: sidequests, dating, hitman missions, tournaments, etc. It’s kind of amazing that I’ve spent most of all this time in one small section of a city, but it manages to have enough life and personality to keep me going for 40 hours.

    Several major sections of the game, including the endgame, made me sad that we don’t see more Double Dragon and Streets of Rage-type shit anymore. Kicking the shit out of 25 floors of mobsters all the way up to the big boss never stopped being fun, and we’ve figured out how to do hack n’ slash in 3D with God of War and Devil May Cry. Hand-to-hand combat, co-op, ship it.

    My two surefire purchases for March 2011 are actually Yakuza 4 and Okamiden. Also Crysis 2 IF Crytek releases a singleplayer demo and I like it (that’s what sold me on the first game). I don’t know if I’ll be able to jump right into Y4 after so much of 3, but we’ll see if the three additional playable characters and supposedly better storyline are enough. If I have enough time I might go for 100% (or close to it) on my current Okami playthrough.

    I will probably not be grabbing Dragon Age 2 right away unless the Feb. 22 demo turns out to be off the chain, so I think I can take my time on Awakening. Plus, the new Witcher 2 screenshots outright humiliate DA2. I actually don’t care much about the consolization of the game. If DA2 can bring back the above average writing and character casting of the first game, then I’ll pick it up on a Steam sale somewhere down the line.

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