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  • unmanneddrone 11:54 am on December 13, 2011 Permalink
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    @shingro A very interesting question, and while the essence was folded into the Gaming Literacy squadcast, deciding or choosing an entry level game for someone either not familiar with gaming or that particular genre is a tasty proposition.

    There’s a question of balance, too. Do you showcase or introduce a comparatively shallow experience, for ease of initiation? Or would there be a benefit to unveiling something a little overwhelming, where exploration of the mechanics/world/choices can lead to far greater levels of initial satisfaction and self-determined discovery?

    Hope your Missus is gaming on with gusto.

    Behold, a new freebie! A corker, if I don’t say so myself…

    The awesome King Arthur’s Gold for PC, Mac and Neckbeard Linux.

    By the fellow who made ol’ Soldat (2D multiplayer counterstrike with jetpacks, if that rings a bell), KAG takes from the Terraria model by mixing crafting and building into siege warfare on a relatively grand scale. Highly recommend this one, been messing about with it casually for a month or so. When a battle is in full swing, it is quite the thing. The three classes include a worker, so while archers and swordsmen race about the battlements, workers build and repair fortifications, dig tunnels, sabotage foundations etc. Really dynamic matches, not your average multiplayer game and buckets of fun.


    And yes, I do believe that’s a Wilhelm scream.

  • rampantbicycle 6:04 pm on November 24, 2011 Permalink
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    @shingro I am told I should recommend horror games to you. So, first, a second for Amnesia. The plot is…well, that’s not the point; go check it out and watch out for that wet basement.

    It is very much too bad that as far as I know the Fatal Frame series is not available for PC, because that’s easily one of my favorite horror franchises. Dripping with atmosphere, and very instructive in the various reasons why having psychic talents in certain parts of the world really sucks. Love them.

    The Argentinians behind Scratches do a decent horror adventure, as well, though you will have the associated Adventure Logic to contend with.

    System Shock 2 is of course an excellent choice – if her tolerance for dated graphics is all right and you can find them, this is where I make my semi-obligatory plug for the Thief series of games, starting with Thief Gold if you can obtain a copy, somewhere. (I have been able to make mine run on Windows 7 as recently as a few months ago. Yes, I was playing it AGAIN. …What?) First Person Sneaking is different from First Person Shooting, so her experience will be best with this if she enjoys the tension rather than the boomsticks. But tension there is. I would call them more “dark fantasy” than “horror,” but you never know.

    If she’s a Lovecraftian, Dark Corners of the Earth does a passable job with the material, including one of my favorite chase sequences ever in any game (people who have played it, you know the one I mean). It is buggy as heck, however, and so patience and fortitude are musts.

    Also Lovecraftian but completely free of graphical errors of any kind is the text-only adventure Anchorhead, which is both nicely put together and can be quite spooky, depending on how helpful your imagination is when it comes to…filling in blanks. For something a little less lengthy, the tiny, creepy Shade is a good alternative with zero Lovecraftian content.

    Having done that, I now observe that you are looking for “conversion” games. Do you mean “games you would give a non-gamer to build their enthusiasm for the hobby?” If so, then I’m happy to provide non-horror recommendations as well, but more information as to her tastes or the areas you’d like to see her give a try would be most helpful.

  • Shingro 1:28 am on November 24, 2011 Permalink
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    Gwah, thanks for the heads up Beige, of course this puts me in a real nasty position, in order to avoid the update I’m going to have to finish the game in it’s original form as I’ve started I’m going to have to finish it COMPLETELY offline D:

    Drat and bother, fortunately(?) Comcast screwed up my transfer of service to my new address so I’m without internet until the 29th… so… I guess I’ll have plenty of time? I hope I can still manage whatever that centipede thing you were talking about without additional help, we’ll see!

    Also, I want to get in on the Dungeon Defendering, but I get a full crash on the demo before I see any game screen, was there an issue fixed in the most recent code? I’d rather not pull the cash trigger on something my home rig isn’t suited for.

    Also: set my girlfriend up with a new computer, preloaded System Shock 2 (she’s a silent hill fan) and Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal. Any other good suggestions for ‘conversion’ games? She’s already a solid shooter and RPG gamer (She’s miles better then me at GoW and loves some JRPGs and suchlike) I’d like to expand her history though…

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