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  • unmanneddrone 1:02 am on September 29, 2011 Permalink
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    @beige I think, between now and then, @bowlisimo would back me up in saying you really should hit up Mount & Blade, given your desire for Dark Souls. Life comes just as cheaply in Warband, or a patched-up Fire and Sword. Dare I say it, I think you’d even enjoy the massive online battles.

    As stated prior, there are few things more rewarding that cleaving an armoured knight from his warhorse with a deftly-swung polearm. There’s a real art to Mount & Blade combat…Bowley will attest to that.

    EDIT: And Tiny Tower was a grating experience within half an hour. It had all the trappings of busy work disguised as gameplay. I’ve played enough browser-based space empire builders to know a yawn-fest when I see one. I know Pete dug it, but when you put something like Mega Mall Story or Yoot Tower next to Tiny Tower, the reverberating sound of an empty 44-gallon drum is easy to pinpoint.

    Also, you’ve probably already seen them, but I highly recommend the following things to watch:

    In order, a fascinating look at cinema through the lens of psychoanalysis. A Cold War reimagining of Moby Dick. A pre-HAL atomic tale of objective human geopolitical interplay and surgical rationale.

  • unmanneddrone 1:09 am on November 25, 2010 Permalink
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    @RedSwirl You’re an addict, sir! A twitching, opportunistic, uncontrollable addict! And I would have done exactly the same, had I been in your shoes and packing the right hardware. It’s not often we get contemporary Western RPGs, so I say you’ve chosen wisely.

    In regards to the Marky Mark business and the Uncharted film…I don’t mean to be negative, but can anyone really see this movie being anything but average? Nathan Fillion wouldn’t have saved it, and I’m shocked people are so excited by the prospect of yet another game-to-cinema project. At best, as stated on @feenwager‘s FB, it’ll be on par with National Treasure. At worst, we’ll be looking at something comparable to Indy riding out a nuclear blast in a refrigerator. Uncharted 2 had great character interplay, a nice rollicking story, but I fear there’s too much of a balancing act of hitting the chords of the gameplay/narrative combo in the game and what needs to be achieved on the celluloid side of things to prevent a “been there done that, but nice fan service” affair. Prince of Persia seemed to have everything going for it, but fared rather poorly!

    I’ll be happy to eat my words, though.

    Oh, and I have a very dishonourable, dog-like revenge against the hardened @angryjedi SWAT team. May I present “Nuke to a Knifefight”, or How I learned to stop worrying and love the Bazooka. http://bit.ly/gRpXlQ

    One thing’s for sure, had Pete’s Bazooka survived that encounter (in my experience, a CQC Bazooka face-off is as efficient as a waxen teabag until you can connect a rocket with a wall – hence the gamble rush), I would have been looking at at least two of my men going home in boxes within the first two turns.

    EDIT: Following in the glory of @angryjedi’s brother’s classy showcase of racing kindness, @poimandre has stepped up to the plate and kindly ordered me a copy of Nail’d! Racer inundation! I hope sometime in the new year a few squaddies with a lingering predilection for high-speed offroad insanity join in on the craziness. Here’s a taste of the Polish underdog.

  • unmanneddrone 9:36 am on November 20, 2010 Permalink
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    Bit late to the party here, and not within the games medium…but Inception was viewed. Gonna disagree with a lot of the fans. Despite it being great that a big Hollywood picture such as this was composed of something other than the usual tripe, Inception was for me a rather boring film. I shouldn’t have to preface it by saying ‘yeah, I got it’, but there you go. In any case, style over substance, needed editing, flimsy integrating of pedestrian action amidst a realm where it could have been so much more (Dark City got this right, with its high-concept action/battles integrated into the main body with aplomb) and seemed to take itself far too seriously for something whose premise was merely mentioned once. Nolan as a director does great work, but this was a bit of an over-indulgent wank. One only needs to look at something like Cronenberg’s eXistenZ to see the same idea of layered realities handled with a bit more pizazz. Maybe the success is telling of what cinema-goers have been putting up with for the last few years.

    If you’re familiar with any of Gaspar Noe’s work (I Stand Alone, Irreversible), you’ll know the man doesn’t make the lightest of movies. While the subjects tackled in his newest aren’t any easier than in his previous two, Enter The Void is without a doubt the most ambitious movie in recent memory.

    I won’t spoil the plot for anyone (probably no one outside of @beige, and even then…) who’s interested, but in the hands of any other director, it would have been prime wanker territory (Richard Linklater, case in point), as it’s a disturbing yet utterly transcendent psychedelic melodrama of sorts filmed primarily in first-person and sometimes close third-person, with stunning transitions and incredible visual technology. Granted, there are elements of Enter The Void that I don’t find all that glorious – elements of the narrative, sometimes languishing a little too long in parts and particular motivations a little questionable when put under the microscope, but as a whole, it’s this decade’s most lofty and wonderous accomplishment.

    I might be an optimist with games, but even @feenwager would be shocked at my cynicism with cinema, thus to have Enter The Void resonate on such a level is surprising and satisfying. Closest living relative? 2001: A Space Odyssey, but very VERY far removed. (English language film, for those wondering)

    French Trailer – http://bit.ly/doaoLH International Trailer – http://bit.ly/9oII2P

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