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  • Pete Davison 11:51 pm on June 1, 2012 Permalink
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    @redswir1 That’s the idea. Don’t quite know how we’ll implement that yet — I’m happy to turn my hand to some editing, or we could have some sort of peer process in play. I don’t know yet. It’ll depend on how much people want to contribute and how much time we all have.

    As for Bayonetta/DMC, I’m not sure. I never got on with the Devil May Cry series, but I adored Bayonetta. Granted, I did only play the first Devil May Cry and got immensely discouraged when I could barely beat the big spider boss thing right at the beginning, but it just felt cheap and unfair, and made me not want to play the rest of the series. Bayonetta, meanwhile, hooked me from the beginning and encouraged me to become gradually more skilful throughout.

    Platinum Games’ stuff is great. Vanquish is a great shooter, for those who haven’t tried it, and Anarchy Reigns was actually looking like a super-interesting multiplayer brawler/shooter/something weird when I previewed it for GamePro last year. No idea when (or even if) that’s coming out, though.

  • RedSwirl 11:44 pm on June 1, 2012 Permalink
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    Can’t edit posts from where I am but whatever,

    @Shingro It’s Kamiya man. What else can I say? Everything I’ve played from him has been A – A+ material. He’s just one of those names man. As far as I’m concerned, Bayonetta pretty much IS Devil May Cry 5.

  • Pete Davison 9:22 pm on June 1, 2012 Permalink
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    @shingro Glad you dug Bayonetta. I love that game a great deal. I think I said back around the time of its original release that the sexuality of the game goes so far beyond “sexy” (read: exploitative) that it just stops being sexy any more and is simply what it is. You’re right, though, it’s pure fun, and unashamed of that fact.

    Also glad to hear that you’re delving into Corpse Party. What a fantastic game that is. And you’re right, crazy Japanese. I really enjoyed it as an exploration of Japanese supernatural mythology as well as an immensely creepy, genuinely horrifying horror experience, too.

    EDIT: May as well post my Corpse Party review in our shiny new Articles section, since we’re talking about it.

  • Shingro 9:16 pm on June 1, 2012 Permalink
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    Finished Bayonetta today, and I gotta say what a crazy and wild ride.

    It’s exactly what I’d want from a Devil May Cry in terms of mechanics and it could get solid marks from me on the combat, weapons, and base mechanics alone. However add into it a half dozen different gameplay types (including space harrier o_O),a store chock full of complete gameplay changers, training mode loading screens, and most importantly an ever increasing set of badass showpieces for Bayonetta to strut her stuff on and it’s about as much fun as anyone could ask for.

    I think my favorite part about Bayonetta (and probably part of the reason no one seems to be able to pin down it’s place in the realm of feminine power) is that it feels like the game is just having so much fun with itself. It seems like it’s entirely comfortable in it’s own skin. I don’t think I ever saw a place where I could even suspect that something was toned down for wider appeal. As a result the game has the strongest possible flavor of what it is. Nothing feels ‘safe’ or focus tested per se. “Lets make this entire level space harrier riding on the back of a ballistic missile?” ‘Great!’ “Maybe this particular demon summon decides it wants to play volleyball with the golem and then flubs the spike?” ‘Wonderful!’ “Hey guys, I dunno, maybe we should tone this part down a bit.”
    “You’re a spy aren’t you…”

    and he was summarily escorted from the building

    Actually the thing that sort of surprises me the most is how much love Asura’s Wrath got for being so ‘new’ in it’s over the top-ness, because Bayonetta does all of the crazyness, makes you feel like just as much of a badass, and on top of it has a wonderful combat system, full combo trees and modifiers for 6+ weapons (I’m missing one somewhere) other game modes, a shooting gallery, and a larger cadre of enemy types and bosses… and on top it it they didn’t need to sell you the ending as DLC!

    You can get somewhat nitpicky, Bayonetta clearly has crazy amounts of fan service (though as you might expect that’s not a negative in my mind), Witch Time might be a tad too strong for how easy it is to get when you’re paying attention. Camera isn’t quiiiite as nimble as I might like (though I didn’t mess with any of the options either, maybe there’s a ‘snap to’ shortcut I didn’t find)

    Regardless of that, it so forthright and ‘complete’ as the maximum possible it could be as an experience and a flavor that I think it’s gotta go in my personal library as one of the great successes of the PS3, and it will be a criminal shame if indeed the second bayonetta game doesn’t see the light of day.

    I know at least that this is where this particular gamestop trade in chain stops, I’m keeping this game in an honored place as my top character action game. Well worth the 13$, well worth 5x that in fact. Considering the ridiculously low price, I’d say if you haven’t prodded at it before, give it a look =)

    Coming Soon: Shingro’s Corner of Dark Knowledge =P After all, I’ve been so busy being a respectable individual I’ve been neglecting my duties pointing out the stuff people should give a chance, but wouldn’t think to go near in a half-dozen years =P Look forwards to it! c_c

    Also: been on a recent horror kick. Ib is an interesting and ominous experience (not complete) and I’ve gone an hour or so into Corpse Party for the PSP. 2d horror does indeed work, and if you ever wanted to use those skills you developed navigating grid-based towns in FF4/6 to dodge certain death, it’s definitely in there. Felt kinda good. a caveat though, it’s MAD japanese, not in language, but in tone and mythos, so expect that.

  • mjpilon 2:04 am on March 12, 2012 Permalink
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    Feenwager Challenge Field Report 2: Bayonetta

    On a relaxing Sunday where I finally had nothing to do for a change, I decided to marathon through the rest of Bayonetta and spent 5 hours doing so. Note that, following my previous attempt to get through it, I decided to swallow my pride and play it on easy. I played enough of it on Normal to experience the combat system and enjoy it but to be honest, my desire to finish Bayonetta had everything to do with wanting to see through the sheer absurdity of the whole thing and boy was I not disappointed.

    I truly cannot tell you what actually happens in the game plot-wise but boy was it a ride….The whole thing plays like some teenage boy’s crazy dream. A beautiful women with a naughty teacher vibe spends a whole game throwing around sexual innuendo while kicking the heck of out enemies with crazy guns and weapons. Once you stop shaking your head at the whole set-up and just roll with it, it’s enjoyable from an absurdest point of view. The boss fights are just huge and crazy to experience. Most of Bayonetta’s one-liners made me laugh when they first pop up and her different special moves (especially her “climax” and “torture” moves) are just ridiculous. In what other game would you have a finishing move where her hair/body suit become limbs that play volleyball with a Golem for a bit before smashing it to bits? Or where break-dancing with guns shooting from your feet is a “normal” move? That’s right… none! :p

    Anywho, the game was a fun romp but nothing I would go back to. I don’t care about my scores for each level so the re-playability is lost on me. It is not a game for everyone – the initial set-up will turn some people off immediately. However, if you fall for the initial scene where a J-Pop version of “Fly to the Moon’ plays while you destroy angel demons in a cemetery (like I did), then this will a game that you enjoy.

    Next up from the Challenge list: AC Revelations. Time to see if I’ve gotten tired of the Ezio storyline yet…

  • unmanneddrone 3:35 am on March 5, 2012 Permalink
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    @mjpilon I’d say finish up Bayonetta first. Especially considering the other two on the shortlist are sandbox’ey experiences and might take a larger chunk of time, even when critical-pathing the main story.

    I think I fall into the same boat as you with the Uncharted series…and funnily enough, the thematically honest parts of Uncharted: Golden Abyss on Vita were the things most critics (and that @ajguy character!) scoffed at, but I appreciated. Everyone talked of pace interruption with the touch and tilt-based modules of GA, but it wasn’t a hugely action-packed shooty-shoot and had a nice intimate and concentrated feel.

    That said, give me a new Syphon Filter, Bend. You’ve done your part.

  • RedSwirl 5:52 am on January 6, 2012 Permalink
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    @mjpilon If you ain’t in Bayonetta then you might just need to get out right now. That’s pretty much the sole reason why it was one of my top games of that year.

    @bowlismo Whoa whoah whoah… you DID sit through the credits of each Metal Gear game right?! RIGHT?!

    Anyway, I don’t know what came over me with these last couple days of Skyrim. I decided to reroll my character and got to nearly level 20 (the same level as my last character) in two days. I think I’m ready to take another “break” though since I’ve arrived at a quest where I’ll have to walk a long goddamn way through the frozen northern wastes where I know about 1,000 sidequests are waiting for me. I really need to find a way to play Bethesda games in small bites instead of life-destroying chunks.

  • mjpilon 4:10 am on January 6, 2012 Permalink
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    First off, Great Squadcast gentlemen! It had been far too long….

    And yes, while we are not really the “typical” audience for military shooters and @feenwager, the “Why are they talking so much about this?” did cross my mind, I believe I speak for most of the listeners when I say we don’t mind such conversation because y’all do it right.

    Regarding asynchronous board games on iPhone/iPad, while I agree that there is something missing without the in-person social interactions, given the distance there is between us, I’ll take it to enjoy some Carcassone and other games that I couldn’t otherwise – someday I will get the best of @RocGaude and @angryjedi ;).

    I would also like to hear more from you all about the brief “lack of quality gaming podcasts” point that was mentioned on the show. Looking at my podcast subs, I am down to (Squadcast excluded): Giant Bombcast, Weekend Confirmed and Totally Rad Show tangentially. Part of that is due to needing to pair down my weekly commitments as well as a number of my favorite shows going dark or personalities no longer being on shows (basically the old 1UP crew). How have the rest of you seen your podcast listens change recently?

    In “Whatchabeenplayin’ news,

    • I received Bayonetta through Game Access two days and decided to jump in. Oh my god…. This game had me with the “Fly to the Moon” rendition during the initial scene of the game. Not too impressed with the gameplay and the camera is certainly not helping but I’ll get through this game if only to hear the rest of the cheezy one-liners and shear absurdity that I expect to come.
    • Working my way through Puzzle Agent from my Squad Santa package. Enjoying most of the puzzles although some of them could have used more detailed explanations. Failed some initially because certain rules weren’t clear. Very odd and quirky story but that seems appropriate for the game. Should be done with it soon.
    • Put some time into Crank and Jamestown from the Humble Bundle. Crank is worth it for the art style but really isn’t that special as a beat ’em up. Kinda happy I didn’t spend 10$ for it on XBLA. Also, way too short for a game – about 2-3 hrs. Jamestown, on the other hand, is a very well-done top-down shooter and well worth your money if you enjoy such games. I’m realizing that I probably won’t get through the whole game but that says more about me and top-down shooters than the quality of the game.
    • I’m also planning to spend some time with Civ 5 shortly to prep for Squad world domination 😉

    More thoughts to come as I work through my Steam library – yay for finally having Windows 7 boot camped on my MBP – and the other games I have sitting here post-holidays: Saints Row 3, Assassin Creed Revelations, Uncharted 3, Ico and SotC HD, Bioshock 2 (One last try before it goes) and Heavy Rain (Started it and then stopped it – need to be in a certain mood to play this it seems…). Nice pile of shame I have lined up 😀

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