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  • mjpilon 1:43 am on March 2, 2012 Permalink
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    @feenwager This should be a fun challenge especially with so many of us planning to follow through.. It might easier to put the lists elsewhere for “official” purposes but personally I think we need to insure most of the discussion and interaction occurs here on the Box… just seems right to me.

    @Bowlisimo Okay…. I pledge to play Amnesia this coming October. I may need you to keep me honest however.

    @angryjedi @scribl I can definitely understand the sentiment regarding AC. So far, the only one I “kept” up with so to speak was Brotherhood. I played AC2 almost a year after it came out and Revelations is still sitting here. The series still pulls me in, so I’m not tired of it although the reports on Revelations make me wonder if that will change. However, the prospects of AC3 keep me excited over the long term.

    Like @Bowlisimo said though, I would never marathon through them…. that would be insane 😉

  • scribl 1:24 am on March 2, 2012 Permalink
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    @angryjedi Oh, yeah, I can’t say I “care” much either. I played AC2 and Brotherhood to completion, but I have no idea why I stuck with Brotherhood all the way to the end. Skipped Revelations.

    But I’m interested to see if they actually renovate the franchise. According to that GameInformer teaser, AC3 should be a from-the-ground-up sequel, not just another rehash. We’ll see!

  • Pete Davison 9:52 pm on March 1, 2012 Permalink
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    Assassin’s Creed: officially don’t care any more. There, I said it. Too many games in too short a time frame has left me feeling like I can never catch up, and I don’t feel like I really want to any more, either. I know they’re good games and I enjoyed 1 and the 6-7 hours I played of 2, but I just can’t be arsed to run through all the rest.

    Sorry. Hate to be that guy. Actually, I totally don’t. 🙂 Hope you guys enjoy it when it does arrive, but I’ve officially dropped all pretense of thinking I’ll ever get through that series. I have plenty of other stuff that I do want to work through without feeling “obliged” to, if you get my meaning. Assassin’s Creed falls into the “I feel I should play this, but don’t really want to” category. The fact that ACII wasn’t something that the girlfriend enjoyed watching is, it has to be said, an important deciding factor in this, too.

    Instead, over the next few days/weeks/months/years, I will be catching up on all the PSP games I haven’t played. Which is many, given that I’ve owned a PSP for a long time and have barely played anything on it. I have just started on Corpse Party, which I’ll be blogging about on my site today blogging about soon, and intend to work through the three PSP Persona games. And when Persona 4: The Golden drops, you know I’m buying a Vita. Meanwhile, my girlfriend has expressed an interest in trying a Final Fantasy game for herself, so she may well be giving FFX or IX a go shortly on the Big TV.

    Also, Shadow Hearts. Beige’s enthusing about this series has convinced me to finally pick up a copy of the first two games now that they’re ludicrously expensive and difficult to find. But eh — I paid £80 for a copy of Space Channel 5 Part 2 a few years back, so £20 each for these doesn’t seem like such a bad deal. Reports to follow.

    And then Pandora’s Tower in April.

    Oh, and Journey sounds super-interesting.

    As you can see, I’ll be plenty busy, even ignoring the blockbusters. 🙂

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