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  • bowlisimo 3:51 pm on November 22, 2011 Permalink
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    @Beige Yeah, I definitely don’t want Optimus Prime making mortgage payments, that’s obviously ridiculous. I guess it didn’t come across as such, but that paragraph I wrote was me thinking out loud at how weird it would be. I’ve already made my peace with Link and Nintendo. Like I said, go forth and enjoy, younger generations. How many times can you really go on that particular adventure, anyway?

    In theory, I do find it interesting when developers present old versions of main characters (Snake, Ezio, soon to be Max Payne) or even middle-aged Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Returns. Although, I haven’t played any of those games or read that graphic novel…yet.

    @unmanneddrone That’s funny, I was looking at my neglected Steam library the other day and thought about installing that game. Was Call of Pripyat too easy or something? You do get a ton of stuff in those games, but man, the zone is already a miserable shit hole, it’s almost crazy that people are modding it to be even worse. Still, I see the appeal, guess I’ll wait.

    @anyone Put the final stinger in Rex the other day. That old game still has some tricks up its sleeve. I’m not entirely sure how I made it 13 years without having the Psycho Mantis fight spoiled, but that was surprising. In fact, all of MGS’s fourth wall breaking stuff still stands out, even from a 2011 perspective. The quality of the sound and obviously the music are great as well, but I guess that’s because of the cd format.

    The controls were bad and the melodrama was often eye-rolling (“Snake, can love bloom on the battlefield?”), but it was still a fun ride, with it’s crazy genetic plot and nuclear terrorism and all. Codec banter was enjoyable. “Zanzibar…” might as well have been “Macho Grande.”

    Looking forward to nabbing that HD collection.

  • bowlisimo 8:04 pm on November 21, 2011 Permalink
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    @beige 80k for engineering? Didn’t you and your old man move boulders with your bare hands, wooden planks, and physics?

    @angryjedi I’m kind of having a similar feeling towards Zelda these days, though it’s mostly because of the existence of the Wii and the fact that I don’t care for it. It basically forced me to say “Indy, let it go…” to my nostalgia for Link, Mario, et al. Wind Waker was the last I played and probably my last real hurrah in Hyrule. Go forth and enjoy, younger generations, this nearly 30 year old man is maybe getting too old for that Never Never Land. *Goes and plays some other childish game*

    Not that I necessarily want this, but I wonder what Legend of Zelda would be like if it weren’t the good vs evil story it is always is, and is instead tailored to resonate with the average gamer which is apparently now 38 years old:

    Link has a Catherine-level existential crisis and gets dragged through the mud on a journey of failure and self discovery, through the commitment and career dungeons using shit like boomerangs and bombs that represent his own self-sabotage and missed opportunities, as he seeks the courage, the wisdom, and the power to tackle Ganon (a.k.a his looming middle-age) and ultimately come to terms with it. And then he learns that Zelda is pregnant…

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