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  • RedSwirl 3:26 pm on October 3, 2012 Permalink
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    Wait, did I ever talk about having finished Arx Fatalis here? I actually did that a while ago and wrote a little thing on it back on my page.

    Basically, like someone else already said, it felt like basically the last actual first person dungeon crawler until Legend of Grimrock came out 11 years later.

    In the sadly short GAF thread people started to get pissed off that this game was the last gasp of a promise – the promise of first person simulation RPGs being the future of gaming but dying because customers and the industry jimmied out. You got shit started by Ultima Underworld in the 90’s which continued through System Shock and Deus Ex and whatnot, and then after Arx in 2001 you had basically nothing until Bioshock came out in 2007 and blew console gamers’ minds. Today I sound like a snob when I tell people practically everything in that game was done 10 years ago on the PC.

    But hey, at least this console generation did indeed resurrect the first person simulation RPG, if only in a limited fashion.

    There was a moment in Arx when I found myself having sat down in front of a kitchen stove for 10 minutes frying chicken wings and thinking to myself “Yeah, I’m definitely enjoying this more than Call of Duty.

  • bowlisimo 7:49 pm on September 4, 2012 Permalink
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    @redswir1 Thanks for the Arx thoughts. The only thing I knew of that game was of a long haired lonely warrior standing in a sunlit doorway. That box is burned into my brain for no apparent reason. I also tend to confuse it with Nox and Anachronox, which occupy the same ignorant headspace.

    By the way, did you catch the news last weekend that the Black Mesa Half Life remake is being released unfinished in a few weeks? Soundtrack also released. They’ve been working on that thing for like 8 years, wonder why Valve never snatched them up.

    Also last weekend video of Metal Gear Solid: Zeroes was released, which contained 9 minutes of dramatic cutscene (was that kid Snake in the beginning?) and 2 minutes of moist Big Boss sneaking over rocks. Peace Walker references abound. The “Kojima Funtime Show” will return.

  • RedSwirl 5:18 pm on September 4, 2012 Permalink
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    @unmanneddrone @bluesforbuddha Yeah I guess that described the whole appeal for Halo to me. It actually stretches back to when I saw the very first screenshots of the game back in like 1998 in PC Gamer.

    From the very start the early screens of Halo looked cool because it resembled modern heavy military hardware, but with just the right tinge of sci-fi. One of the major “things” about the game from the beginning was hopping into that heavy-looking Warthog and driving around with another dude on the 50 cal. Bungie just nailed that feel down to the look and controls, which I think is the core of why Halo is popular.

    Compared to other shooters Halo’s campaigns even still managed to remain more open-ended and arena-like than the scripted corridors of Call of Duty. That open battlefield structure mixed with the aforementioned “feel” results in the perfectly illustrated narrative of you hopping into a tank and turning the tide of what looks like a real AI-driven fight. To be honest I don’t even like using Covenant weaponry. Doesn’t look nearly as cool to me outside of the energy blade.

    But anyway, I said earlier that Asura’s Wrath was basically an anime show rendered in Unreal Engine 3, right down to the commercial break transitions.

    Oh, and I finished Arx Fatalis over labor day weekend. Looking back that actually fits the description of a “shame” game very well. It was the first game from Dishonored developer Arkane Studios and from what I can tell the last “real” first person dungeon crawler until very recently. It basically tried to revisit the Ultima Underworld motif a decade later but ended up getting overshadowed by Morrowind.

    Full thoughts are on my wordpress page.

  • RedSwirl 1:43 am on August 22, 2012 Permalink
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    Seven hours into Arx Fatalis and shit has gotten real.

    I actually wasn’t too sure about this game for the first couple hours. Through the first few areas it actually feels like a pretty standard, even linear RPG. This felt true for the goblin prison, human fort, arx, and even the goblin kingdom.

    But then once I’m out of there I end up in one of those situations where one secret passages leads to another and another, until a couple hours later I’m pretty sure I’m someplace I don’t need to be. I decided to turn back and cash in when I ended up in a stone shrine where lamias threw spells at me that cut my HP in half. At that point I got legit Metroid vibes which is exactly what a dungeon crawler is supposed to do.

  • RedSwirl 3:07 pm on August 21, 2012 Permalink
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    @unmanneddrone The FUUUUCK?! I honestly had never heard of the Source mod until now but looks like something I’d always thought of – answering the question of how to make a medieval first person war game.

    Personally I still think melee combat is still an advantage of the Japanese, but that’s arcadey beat-em-up combat. It’s nice that more people are trying to not imitate that route and go with something that at least vaguely resembles operating both a sword and shield. Ironically, the one game to do this the best in my eyes has been Demon’s Souls.

    Other games did something similar earlier like the original Chivalry mod (which I will try out soon) and even Dark Messiah (which both run on Source actually), but Demon’s Souls was the first game I played that did it with precision. It took me less than 30 seconds to grasp that game’s combat system, and soon after I could appreciate the precise timing involved in the system. The best fights in that game are “human-shaped” bosses and invasions probably. I really hope Team Chivalry are looking at that game for reference.

    It would be kinda badass if I could go viking in this joint though. The video says raid objectives are basically just that – raiding shit. Recently I’ve been reading comics – both western and Japanese, about vikings and just how fucked-up they were. Why the fuck can’t I roll up in a long-ass boat with some berserkers and just start tearing up saxony?!

    The other thing I’m liking a lot right now is the move towards more realistic, or at least more authentic-looking medieval armor. To be perfectly honest the kind of armor you see in games like Elder Scrolls and Dragon Age are precisely what kept me away from western fantasy for so long – the art design just doesn’t look very interesting and is honestly a bit laughable, even in Skyrim. I know most Bethesda game mods basically amount to anime porn, but I’m seriously considering downloading this particular set of Skyrim armor: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/21228 I just love that look of having plates on top of plates on top of plates. I’d take medieval Iron Man over the Dragon Bone armor any day. At least Dark Souls takes just enough artistic influence from Kentaro Mirua to look unique, yet still tries to make armor and weapons look plausible, if a bit stylish at times.

    Lastly though, the reason I’m into Arx right now is purely for the dungeon-crawling, which I got back into for a bit. Maybe to get myself back in the mood for Dark Souls if some modder can fix the PC port. Either way I’ve already got Grimrock on deck. On the subject, is Ultima Underworld really that big a deal? People talk about it like it’s the greatest action dungeon crawler of all time. I think even Japanese RPG developers talk about that game. The screens on GOG look old as fuck though.

  • RedSwirl 11:18 pm on August 13, 2012 Permalink
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    @bluesforbuddha Yeah BlazBlue did the same thing – inject its story mode with a visual novel. Even Soul Calibur V kinda did this too but screwed up at it. I wouldn’t be down for it with any other set of characters.

    On the subject of visual novels, we have a western release date for the sequel to 999. Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward hits the 3DS and Vita in English on October 23rd.

    The reason I’ve been short of time to get into P4A though is because I decided to play through Dark Messiah Might and Magic over the last week and am preparing to barrel right into its predecessor – Arx Fatalis. The latest post on my page sums op what I thought about DM if you’re interested. Part of the reason I’m getting into Arx, other than investigating the back catalog of Arkane Studios before Dishonored comes out, is because I’m been in the mood for a dungeon crawler for a while – a DUNGEON CRAWLER if you know what I mean. I’ll probably install Grimrock after this.

    Oh, and anybody around here played a game called Mace Grifin: Bounty Hunter? Garnett just endorsed the game on Weekend Confirmed and I’m interested in the ability to seamlessly switch between shooting up dudes with guns and shooting up dudes with a spaceship.

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