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  • impynickers 4:20 pm on February 3, 2012 Permalink
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    @beige Our protagonist is a soft spoken fellow named Yu Narukami.

  • impynickers 5:58 am on February 3, 2012 Permalink
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    So I watched the first episode of the Persona 4 anime. I think we have a winner for most faithful translation from a video game ever. The show doesn’t miss a beat. Every scene is based around something that happens in the game in the order it happened. The show is even divided into days with the same transition graphics displaying the passage of time. The soundtrack is just as it was, awesome. There are tons of cues that will instantly remind you of the game. Its pretty much everything I imagined while reading the games text and watching the animations. I honestly do not kid when I say it would be pretty impossible to make this more faithful than it is.

  • Shingro 8:27 pm on November 2, 2011 Permalink
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    Just so folks know, Youmacon is this weekend, so if any of the squad is attending a michigan based anime convention, we should totally talk some old games. Look for the person who lacks enough shame to cosplay Vincent. He’ll be accompanied by both a K and a C -athrine and look like a goofball. =P Pics will probably be posted, to the possible ruination of my good name and temperant appearance. Can’t wait!

    As for Dark Souls, We should probably strike soon on that sidemission squadcast, while people are still involved and suchlike. Plus, I expect we could actually get a shout out on Weekend Confirmed if we brought the activity to Garnett’s attention considering the unfinished Dark Souls tales from Jeff/Garnett. It would also be an excellent lead in to encourage Jeff Cannata to weigh in with another Dark Souls story and form an excellent common base for them to discuss the weapon combat in Skyrim.

    That’d encourage us to look at somewhere between the 7th and 10th (they record friday yes?) I suppose I could bring a microphone to Youmacon and try to manage through hotel internet, but I don’t think that’s exactly a winning proposition >_>

    Naturally if we aren’t particularly needy of a new influx of Peoples or don’t want to inject into that particular WC discussion (which I expect Dark Souls will actually come out ahead considering the variance of the weapon combat styles, prereqs, custom move sets etc.) then we could do it afterwards and do our own comparisons, trouble is I don’t know what Skyrim penetration around the squad is so the discussion might be more limited. (I myself plan on maybe poking at a demo, but not being week 1 on it, got a limited game budget and DS sucked a fair piece of that away)

    Just a random train of thought, what do people think?

    Also: Quick Dark Souls update, Got past Four Kings and then Seath, finally acquired sorceries I’ll need to level some to use. Great fun! I guess now I get to see what’s past Ceaseless Discharge

  • unmanneddrone 4:38 am on May 28, 2011 Permalink
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    @RedSwirl What did you think of Oshii’s Avalon? Talk about anime direction upon live action. I found it beguiling, but it really bored the pants off a few folks I know.

    Yeah, mark me down as a Real Robot fan. Preferences and predilections for economy of design; the irrepressible Spartan utilitarian mindset that produces machine-machines.

    @sinfony Someone help this man out! Halvsies! Even-Steven! Note that each purchase nabs the PC & Mac versions per player.

  • unmanneddrone 1:14 pm on May 27, 2011 Permalink
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    @Shingro Yeah, I admire the old EVA machines, and you cannot deny Evangelion’s gigaton swathe it carves. I think what I like about machine-machines are their fallibility. There is nothing more romantic than a machine, sparking and broken, on its last legs and straining oil, coolant and hydraulic fluid. It’s why I love Lost Planet so much. Those VSs were, according to Kawano Takahiro, based on things like forklifts – plus he’s a tank nerd (close to my heart). Love that kind of inspiration. Combat forklifts.

    @beige “You’ve buttered your bread, now you’ll have to sleep in it.” – Porky Pig. I dunno, I think that’s very fitting of what I imagine the Witcher to be. Adult, pulls no punches, that’s how they roll. Time to knock boots like a beserker in an Elven bath.

  • Shingro 7:06 pm on May 25, 2011 Permalink
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    @unmanneddrone In this case I’m not the person to ask, fortunately beige has filled the gap =P As an anime buff my tastes run away from giant robots rather then towards, though like anyone in that fandom I know a significant group of people who love that sort of thing… Unfortunately when I went in there and admitted I hadn’t seen Patlabor, their response was basicly this

    Person1: W-what?
    Person2: How could you 😦
    Person3: … get out, run now while you live :<

    I didn't press the issue =P (Though that does speak well for it in some fashion)

    I will say I liked what I saw of PlanetES, it seemed like a fun take even if the astronomy student inside was freaking out about the probabilities of finding so much junk in such a high orbit. There is a VERY LARGE AMOUNT OF SPACE up there. =P

    Of course, I wouldn't be into anime if I let realism dictate my enjoyment of narratives =P Besides, it's POSSIBLE certainly, even if the surface of the earth would fill up first

  • RedSwirl 11:43 pm on May 24, 2011 Permalink
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    @unmanneddrone What brought on the Planetes/Patlabor talk?! Two of my favorite series as well. I can tell you that Planetes is well regarded by those who’ve actually heard of it, but Patlabor is a bit too old to be in the minds of most North American anime fans today. The 2nd movie is definitely one of the great underrated anime films.

    Currently I’m reading a thing called Vinland Saga by the creator of Planetes, and he manages to bring the same attention to detail to 11th century Danish-occupied England. I would certainly recommended it. The same goes to the rest of you guys in regards to Planetes. Look it up.

  • unmanneddrone 2:12 pm on May 24, 2011 Permalink
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    @Shingro I suppose you’re the man to ask; how’s Planetes regarded in the anime fan community? Outside a few niggling character issues, I goddamn love that series. That and the Patlabor movies/TV series are the old stalwarts…love ’em. Any show that breaks down mecha to ostensibly bipedal tractors and celebrates the lives of orbital garbage men (or trash collectors to you NA’ers) is a winner in my book.

    And this week is a good week! Brink finally unlocks for me on Steam – Thanks Gabe, because importing the physical copy to circumvent the Japanese release date, only to be met by two weeks of waiting is exactly what I wanted – as well as Frozen Synapse releasing (keys for the Steam version will be available for pre-order gentry, @angryjedi @beige and @bowlisimo), plus the terrific King Arthur Collection coming out today!

    Expect a little musing on King Arthur. Finally having all the DLC/expansions in one fell swoop will add a good few new dimensions. A dark fantasy take on the Arthurian climb to power, an RPG multi-character/general development aspect atop an empire builder with tactical Total War-esque combat. With text-based adventure quests within. And loot. With city management. Yes.

    All one needs now is time.

  • RedSwirl 11:40 pm on February 14, 2011 Permalink
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    @bowlisimo Whoah. Hold up. Anime again. Check out the first couple episodes of Moribito: Guardian of the Sacred Spirit and see what you think. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/video/11784/

    It’s from the same studio that did the Ghost in the Shell series and is based on a children’s fantasy novel about a spearwoman protecting a prince from royal assassins. One of my favorite shows in a while.

    @beige Okay yeah you’re on the right path to the true ending so far. Fuck up though (like I did) and you’ll end up getting probably the funniest ending of them all.

  • RedSwirl 5:39 pm on February 13, 2011 Permalink
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    @bowlisimo Eh. After much thought, going with Michiko to Hatchin wouldn’t be a bad decision. The problem is finding it outside of anime streaming sites. A 1080p torrent of the complete series went up not too long ago.

  • bowlisimo 4:57 pm on February 12, 2011 Permalink
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    @unmanneddrone If you go into the grand campaign expecting the A.I. to be mostly nonsensical (as if the Mahna Mahna muppet were giving them orders) and the diplomacy to be one sided (as in you have to adhere to it, they don’t) and useless, then you probably won’t be disappointed. Who knows, maybe it’ll be good. I mean, it’s always fun to see your enemies driven before you, bugs or no.

    @beige Baby steps, I guess. I remember pane conversations being especially egregious in the first game, and I think you also pointed out how dumb it was back then, too. Absolutely, it’s lazy and needs to go.

    @redswirl Anime is a once or twice a year thing for me, like a bacon double cheeseburger. I went through Full Metal Alchemist (not Brotherhood) last year and was pleasantly surprised, despite how it looked on the surface, which seems to be the usual for me. “Man, this looks retarded”, tends to turn into, “Wow, that was amazing!”. So, if I were to watch one series this year, are you saying it should be Michiko to Hatchin?

  • RedSwirl 3:28 am on February 12, 2011 Permalink
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    @beige @bowlisimo @unmanneddrone Also concerning Champloo, Manglobe – the studio responsible for that (part of which was responsible for Cowboy Bebop) went on to make what is in my opinion one of the most highly underrated Anime of the last couple years: Michiko to Hatchin. Great characters and animation, really fun show to watch. A lot of anime fans fawn over the stuff Studio Bones has been putting out since Bebop, but if you ask me, the storytelling talent of that show carried on with Manglobe. If I had to give you an elevator sell for Michiko, it would go something like “All-girl crime drama set in modern Brazil.” Look it up on anime streaming sites because sadly, it doesn’t look like it’s ever getting any official English release.

    Since we’re already about as deep as this board is ever gonna get into anime discussion, I also just finished catching up with another as-of-yet only-in-Japan thing – the manga Vinland Saga. Elevator pitch: “Revenge plot in Viking-controlled England circa 1013 A.D.” It has dramatizations that you would expect from a manga, but also a surprisingly thorough amount of research on and respect towards the setting. It’s from the same guy who created Planetes – a drama about space garbage men.

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