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  • Shingro 9:12 pm on February 3, 2012 Permalink
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    @beige oh man, I was feeling kinda down today what with the sniffles, insurance worries and that cheered me right up, a great analysis of 4chan’s culture, and proding at some of the genuine humanity that exists under the film of it’s reputation (though there might be legitimate nutrition in a swamp, be cautious, ’cause there be crocs in dem hills too!) I wonder if in some unspecified date in the future 4chan will slaughter it’s own sacred cow of being the great unclean and create a sub society of selfless charitable impulses that are instrumental in hundreds of thousands of lives. (depending on your politics I suppose Anonymous might be a candidate for the first vestigial wriggling of that arm)

    In a way, 4chan is a set of subdivided confessionals staffed by people organized by fandom. Total anonymity lets people be cruel, but it also lets people be kind, helpful and/or sympathetic without the normal social fear of ‘outing themselves’ as a softie/hippy/furry (actually, forget that one, do not say you’re a furry on 4chan)/JRPGfan/P&P player/nerd/wuss/otaku/whatever. Additionally, the fact that there’s not just one dude behind the confessional screen but dozens also lets them announce who they are and tacitly ask for support while not impacting their normal lives (usually)

    I guess to answer @bowlisimo ‘s question, it means that to some extent, everything is worthwhile. After all, if you don’t consider the clientele, how different is the Squad from any forum board from 4chan? At very least we can be sure that what we feel for the Squad is mimiced by what other people feel for their own corners of the internet, whether that’s /d/ /a/ or /b/. Each ruled by their sort of ‘this is what we are’ social structure, but within that structure there’s support available.

    I gotta say, for someone who isn’t part of the culture, @beige pegged them pretty dead on, in the 4chan dictum I think that post would be followed with “… are you god?” or “… are you me?”

    Of course, some amount of its reputation is still earned, the punk kids who hang out in the alley down the street might be hurt and misunderstood somewhere inside, but you still have a good chance of getting the piss beat out of you if you just wander in there. With a social structure that doesn’t particularly vilify many behaviors you also get the worst of humanity showing their colors along with the best. It just depends… what is the nature of a few hundred random people at a time? =)

    Also: probably best to just do a second transmission then let it get lost in the shuffle. Looking forwards to part 2!

    Edit: What’s that? you’d rather listen to a Portal-themed Nightmare Before Christmas? Oh very well… :/ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZIVmKOdrBk)

  • Jeff Grubb 2:20 pm on November 18, 2010 Permalink
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    See, Pete, this is why we can’t ever truly be friends. Pretty cool guy is a 4Chan meme, but Reddit went ahead and claimed it as their own. I challenge you to an Internet-nerd-duel to settle this once and probably not for all.

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