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    @unmanneddrone I think we’re fast reaching the point where treating “games” as a single medium is becoming a useless endeavour. Interactive entertainment in all its forms is so diverse that you absolutely cannot judge, say, a visual novel by the same criteria as a strategy game or a first person shooter, and as we’ve seen, not everyone likes everything.

    I think we’re probably doing everything content creators put out a great disservice by treating “games” like this. There’s an obvious difference between a game that has been designed as… well, a game — see: Dyad — and a game that has been designed as a vehicle for storytelling. And a game that has been designed for creative expression. Or… you get the idea. I’m not sure this blanket definition of “video games” as a medium is really all that helpful any more!

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    @unmanneddrone I’m so with you on that one, they all look like Warcraft 3 (for obvious reasons). Not that I’m a MOBA patron or anything. That format isn’t for me. Demigod was indeed cool, though.

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    @unmanneddrone @cgrajko @redswir1 Having just completed Hotline Miami this morning, I also would include it as one of my favourite games in 2012. Love the vibe this game has. The twitchy nature of the action, the graphic violence, the 80s neon lighting, the absolutely amazing synth soundtrack that accompanies it. Everything about this game screams 80s drug bender. Never completely approaches Super Meat Boy level of brutal difficulty/ repeated attempts but I could see it get there for some.

    I tended to stick to that mask as well @cgrajko – the fists of fury really helped keep things stealthy. I would also love to hear your theory – if only because the game can lead to interesting interpretations and I’m curious where yours went.

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    @unmanneddrone @redswir1 Hotline Miami is also one of my favorites of the year. I talk mush about it during the final segment of the most recent Squadcast that we recorded. I love how eventually you go from playing really timidly (because everything is ridiculously lethal) to just bursting through doors and slaughtering fools with your hands. I can’t remember the name of the mask, but the one that lets you kill stuff with your bare fists has become my favorite. (I also love the one that kills enemies by opening doors on them, but there’s something so beautiful about becoming a vortex of carnage with just your fists I can’t pass up.)

    I also have a theory that it’s impossible to discuss this game without coming off as completely misanthropic and sociopathic. As @unmanneddrone said to me when we were discussing the game over Steam, “this is the game that parents have been worried about their kids playing for years.”

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    @unmanneddrone My god, it’s full of stars…

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    @unmanneddrone I hear EYE has multiplayer. Want to hit that up with me some time? (Everyone else who has it is invited too, but I don’t know how many other people have it.)

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    @feenwager Don’t let them fool you, P4 still has the same grinding, easier or not. Tartarus is replaced with similarly bland dungeons, but the theme changes at least. Personally, I liked the characters/relationships better in that game, and murder mysteries are fun, but I think the overall plot (and ending) of P3 was my favorite of the two.

    Edit: Isn’t there an anime? I guess you could skip the grinding and watch that?

    @impynickers @unmanneddrone Yeah, they really do a horrible job of explaining ANYTHING in that game, so you run around saying “WTF am I doing” and “WhereTF am I going?” for a few hours.

    But man, I played Planetside 2 for an absurd amount of time this holiday weekend. I knew the only MMO that still had a chance to hook me was an FPSMMO, and well…here we are 30 something hours in.

    The battles are just incredible, every day in Esamir is like Hoth. *Holds on to dove* I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships flying into drop pod rain over Mani Biodome. I watched phalanx cannons glitter in the dark as two entire armies tore themselves apart. All these moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

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    @unmanneddrone True, those games never did quite get there. They may have, if the market didn’t die on the vine. The new Steel Battalion looked impressive, but apparently it was a shit game. Never did try the old one with that crazy controller.

    Wish I was old enough to jump into one of those Battletech pods back in the day. They did have a mech game at the local arcade, where you sat down in a semi-enclosed cabinet and had some controls to push, but I’ll be damned if I can remember the name.

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    @angryjedi @unmanneddrone I’d say Hawken is at least worth a try since the open beta just started. I’ve been in since the second alpha, and from my experience it’s basically Call of Duty in a mech suit. Well, in terms of structure anyway. There aren’t killstreaks or perks or anything like that, but the game structure felt kind of limited to me. Maybe there are more than two modes in the full game, I dunno.

    The whole thing is pretty much exactly what I expected it to be: use points to buy attachments and such for your mech, augmenting its abilities. I haven’t played Armored Core or Mech Warrior so I can’t talk about similarities. I’m just saying that it felt surprisingly similar to regular on-foot shooters, just you’re a mech instead of a person.

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    Holy shit, Star Citizen is nearing 6 mil. Not too surprised, there were a significant amount of 30+ year old backers sounding off in the “How old are you?” thread on their site. That’s a lot of old 90’s pilots, with disposable income in hand, desperately wanting to dust off their flight suits and get back in the cockpit again. To SPACE! You old farts! Getch yer goggles.

    @cptcarnage Awesome! You’re crazier than I am. Now I can dock my Hornet on your ship and walk around. God…if they deliver even half of what they’re promising…

    @angryjedi @unmanneddrone I could make a case for a buyer’s guide kind of review, like one of those “Is there value in getting this console right now? Yes/No” reviews, based on the price, the experience of using it, and the software available. But yeah, attaching a number is pretty fucking stupid. It’s not too dissimilar from the MMO review problem.

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    @unmanneddrone @angryjedi People’s views on the WiiU were decided way ahead of time – how long have we been hearing the “end of current cycle, not start of new cycle” line amongst enthusiasts – even before anyone actually played the damn thing? I don’t think WiiU had much of a chance in that context. The real joke of the cynicism is that people say they want something new but actually, all they want is for graphics to look shiner and EVEN MORE HD. All the new Xbox or Playstation has to do is up the resolution, keep everything else the exact same and I guarantee people will be ecstatic.

    As for the WiiU itself, I am interested overall but right now, I can’t justify buying a new console at the moment. The Giantbomb videos I’ve seen of some of the videos give me hope – parts of Nintendo Land seemed genuinely fun, ZombiU actually looked pretty cool and NSMBU is what it is. Probably next year but I have way too many games left to play on my current consoles to get through.

    Also, hardware reviews are just ridiculous at this point especially given that the primary function of the console is to play games works fine and realistically, the best of which won’t come out until developers get comfortable with the hardware so we won’t see the hardware’s real potential for a while. How smooth the OS works, how the online functions right now means nothing, especially given that we know things are missing and that patches are needed/coming. Just stick to reviewing the launch games people… if you want to review the hardware, at least give it a few weeks to allow for patches and initial server crunch to die down.

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    @unmanneddrone No, you know what? You’re exactly right. That is weird. We don’t see art critics reviewing the latest canvas and paintbrushes; music critics don’t review instruments; film critics don’t review cameras. They review how the artists (to use a general term applying to all content creators) leverage those things — and sometimes their limitations — to create works of art. Another argument in favour of more specialised press, perhaps — leave the hardware reviews to tech writers, so the games writers can focus on what is, after all, the important bit.

    (Also, I’m probably the only one in the world who feels like this but I probably wouldn’t have given a flying fuck if the Wii U didn’t have any online functionality. It’s lovely to have some peace sometimes.)

    But whatever, Wii U is worth 6.5 out of 10, whatever the fuck that means.

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    @unmanneddrone Okay, yeah, let’s talk about this, as it’s bugging me a bit.

    Every new console launch in the last few years (and by that, I mean 3DS, Vita and now Wii U) has been met by nothing but cynicism, snarkiness and what seems like a very genuine desire for the new systems to fail. And I’m not talking about fanboys here — I’m talking about the press.

    Some systems come out of this initial “gauntlet” better than others — you could argue the 3DS is in a relatively healthy place right now — but others don’t. I feel a big part of the Vita’s struggles can be attributed to the initial negativity over things like battery life (which hasn’t been an issue in my experience) and people not wanting to engage with it as a result.

    In Wii U’s case — no, in all of these cases, actually — “reviewing” a console at launch is a completely fruitless exercise. Putting a score on it is even more ridiculous. Systems, by their very nature, evolve and change over time, particularly now we’re in an age where you can patch your hardware as much as your software.

    I get where some of the criticisms are coming from. It’s frustrating to have to download a patch before all the functionality is in place. But you only have to do it once — and it’s not as if the most important part of the system, namely the ability to play games is inaccessible without the patch. If you’re going to review a console, surely you should talk about the everyday experience of it rather than just what happens the first time you turn it on.

    The reason why this is bugging me so much is that the press reaction is a complete inversion of the reaction from people I know who actually own one now. Granted, in the latter case there is probably an element of wanting to justify their own purchase, but so far I have seen very little but genuine affection for the new system. In the press’ case, they seem to be actively looking for things to nitpick — things that may not even be an issue for some users.

    I think I’m just tired of cynicism. People claim they’re fed up of the same old, same old, but as soon as something new and interesting shows up it’s responded to with negativity. A new console launch should be an exciting time!

    Just my take. Call me an idealist. I somehow doubt it will affect Wii U sales, but I’m sad to see Vita flagging and consistently derided, as it’s a wonderful piece of kit, and I far prefer it to my iOS devices for portable gaming.

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    @unmanneddrone Fear not, sir, the world would be a boring place if we all liked the same things! A love of Barkley somewhat depends on your fondness for the source material it’s lampooning. ‘Tis all a matter of taste in the end.

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    I am looking for some more writers for GamesAreEvil, specifically to write one 1,000-word column per week on a specific, focused gaming-related subject that is of interest to you.

    The chap who has up until now been writing our “The Vault” retro gaming column on Saturdays is unfortunately no longer able to fit that into his schedule, so I’d like it someone was able to take that on on a (probably) temporary basis until he’s able to rejoin the team. Here are his past entries if you want to take a look.

    I’d also like someone to take over the “FreePlay” column on the subject of free shit. This could be free-to-play games, mobile games, freeware games, free mods or whatever — anything, so long as it’s free for people to download and at least get started with. This column goes out on Thursdays, but you can submit it any time it is convenient to you, so long as it’s ready in time for Thursday.

    If anyone has any interest in other niche subjects and would like to write a weekly 1,000 word column on said subject, please get in touch. So far, we have the following niches covered:

    • Tactical Tuesday — bi-monthly strategy game musings by our own @unmanneddrone. Goes out on Wednesdays. Just kidding.
    • Swords & Zippers — weekly JRPG musings by me every Wednesday
    • FreePlay — weekly musings on free shit, currently by me but IT COULD BE YOU. Goes out on Thursdays.
    • Insert Coin — weekly arcade culture column. Goes out on Fridays.
    • READ.ME — weekly visual novel musings by me. Goes out on Sundays.

    The Vault previously went out on Saturdays, but again, you can submit at any time in the week so long as it’s ready in time. If you have a niche interest that’s not already covered and are interested in enthusing about it regularly, get in touch.

    If you’re interested in some more general writing such as news and reviews, also get in touch. Please check out the GrE Manifesto beforehand. Several Squaddies have already contributed on a number of occasions and I trust you guys to do good work that needs relatively minimal editing, so that’s why I’m coming here first.

    This is voluntary work so I can’t pay you. However, I can snag review copies for specific things you might like to cover that you don’t already own.

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    @unmanneddrone Thanks for the kind comment! Sorry I missed responding to it yesterday – got a little caught up in obsessing about election results/telling Mark “There’s loot over there. No, there. To the right!” in Dishonored. 🙂 (Two gamers + 1 television = lots and lots of backseat driving.)

    But review-writing is fun! I’m glad you found the result to be a decent read.

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    @unmanneddrone See, I still haven’t gotten anybody to actually tell me what the fuck Armored Core is or how to enter the franchise. I tried to rent ACV but only had like five minutes to play it and had no idea what the hell was going on.

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    On the subject of games @unmanneddrone fervently recommends that no one will ever play ( 😀 I kid, I kid), let’s talk AIRMECH, real quick.

    Never played Herzog Zwei, but it looks like the idea for Airmech is certainly rooted there. It’s a lighthearted, Western take on transforming mecha, mixed with some DOTA dna, along with some simple real-time resource and army building mechanics. Super easy to play, and kind of feels like opening up the toy box as a kid, and mashing Transformers and army tanks together, while making machine gun and explosion sounds.

    I’d categorize the game as a fun time waster, though it does have depth, and a ton of options for your specific Airmech/Pilot and what kind of army you field, but since it’s free to play, a lot of the good stuff is locked behind points. I’m also not really into competing online, so I’ll skirmish the AI when I feel like flying around. Get in, blow up the AI, get out. Fun, but that’s about it.

    Not really a hard sell, because it’s free to play (although still in beta). Do you think you’d like a stealth bomber that transforms into a mech with blade hands, or a flying saucer that turns into a War of the Worlds tripod? Howabout airdropping army tanks? Well, then you should take a look at Airmech.

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    @unmanneddrone: Yeah… though for the same engine I’m baffled by how casually buggy it can be sometimes, anytime I try to ‘donate’ items to my valkyrie the game hard crashes, the Warrior Maiden’s valhalla ability only reaches back 1 turn instead of 2 (like advertised) it’s kinda awkward but endearing. Hard to say!

    X-com storytime!

    Classic Ironman game, Second Wave options: Damage Roulette, Not Created Equal, New Economy. . Satalites are in all countries (don’t ask me how near that was), everything’s proceeding well. Alien base mission has dropped terror across the globe, the first Ghost armor has come off the production line and everyone’s already in Titan armors. Alien abduction mission, only 2 countries being attacked, the aliens have really let themselves go it seems. construction site, no biggie.

    The main players for this mission are my pair of col. Snipers

    Mary “Zero” Mckay from scotland, gifted sniper with a severe couterance, following eerily in the steps of The Lady Grey… So sure of herself that despite being the most senior of soldiers she only goes in with skeleton armor and raw guts.

    Holly “Lockdown” Hall, a blue eyed, blond haired bonny lass straight from the US of A. The team dotes on her regardless of her staggering kill count and she’s chosen to be the first to deploy with the new ghost armor. She’s their favorite support, always there with a wink and a smile, or a reaction sniper shot and a followup medkit. She likes being a healer.

    between the two of them doubletapping no mission has been too tough, no challenge too great.

    So Holly turns her invis on and skips her way off to high ground, she spots a berzerker, muton and 3 heavy floaters. Alright, my team advances to cover and puts enough fire into the berzerker to draw it out and drop it. the muton freaks out and backs into fog of war no biggie.

    Second turn my sniper pops the head off one of the floaters,they freak out but can’t do much for cover except fly, one down, two damaged severely (damage roulette really hammers me here) Assault uses Run and Gun and dashes underneath one of the floaters and puts a 2 and a 10 damage scatter laser into it’s underside, heavy lasers and a few well placed sniping shots put it away. Last one dashes back and cowers under the hail of plasma. additional moves reveal 2 more mutons and 1 berzerker. Berzerker goes down to the SHIV (19 damage crit!) and related fire.

    this is where things go bad though, the shot revealed my sniper, she’s behind boxed but the cowering heavy floater misses her (total cover behind partial cover!) However, the plasma melts the boxes to slag and suddenly she’s exposed. The muton that fled earlier comes back and the resulting crossfire and a lucky crit between the 3 active mutons ensures that Holly goes down and is bleeding out. Who had the only medkit? Oh right, it was her.

    3 turns until death

    Suddenly with the squad’s darling bleeding out they’re running recklessly into the darkness like rookies, the support, the heavy, everyone is suddenly heedless of consequence. one double tap rounds from Mary kills the offending Heavy Floater that started this mess and the followup shot takes a muton to 1. The coward muton is killed from a Bullet storm from the heavy’s laser gun, the SHIV skids forwards and finishes one of the crossfire mutons. My support takes his extra 3 squares to a wall and lofts an alien grenade to soften the remaining one and kill it’s cover. Assault moves over but can’t reach it.

    2 turns until death.

    My Assault shotguns the last visible muton in the face…. but the mission doesn’t end. Everyone takes full runs towards the last black spot on the map, time is running out, Holly’s rasping breaths echo loudly in their ears, even my protege Lady Grey is far more exposed then ever before in hopes of plying her psychic talents towards getting Holly out of there. The crew have taken some fire at this point from recklessness but the Titan armor is holding, there will surely be a few lengthy hospital stays after this

    1 turn until death.

    I still can’t see the last area, my Assault pops run and gun and does a full move into the heart of darkness. reveals a berzerker and a muton. The muton runs backwards to take cover against a wall, full cover, a serious pain, the berzerker comes straight up to my Assault and bellows in his face. Unfased he stands his ground as an alien grenade tags both the berzerker, the muton and more importantly, the muton’s full cover, as the berzerker charges the new source of pain the assault puts a double scatterlaser shot in his back, first misses, second nets 6 damage or so. Twin heavy laser shots take out the muton, it’s only the berzerker now, Mary steps out of cover and stands naked before the stars just to get line of sight to use a mental power…. 34%, berzerkers are too inflamed to care much about their brain sizzling all that much more… but it scores! 5 more damage down, another missed fire and then a SHIV shot, puts the berzerker, the last thing standing between everyone getting home to *2 points of life remaining*

    Last guy to move is my support, nicknamed “Missionary” he has moved into position last round, he’s got an 80+% chance but there can be no uncertainty… He runs directly up to the hulking berzerker with his light plasma rifle and places the gun directly against the back of it’s head intent on earning his namesake and delivering dear Holly from death’s door.

    he pulls the trigger at 100% to hit

    A single damage point.

    The round ends and the Berzerker’s brutal 13 point counterattack doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as the sound of Holly’s death rattle in the ears of her closest compatriots… they had struggled and risked everything to try to get her out alive. and now that risk was all for naught. There’s no going back. That was the deal for the Ironman. Everyone knew overconfidence was a risk, that new technology can be dangerous without the tactics to back it up. With everything going so well in the overall war how could they be defeated by this? It’s just hard to believe…

    the team casually ends the berzerker’s life and get onto the Skyranger… a regretful Ops man informs the team that operation that in retrospect had been ominously named “Cold Prophet” had been…. carried out

    No one would ever use the term “Success”

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    @unmanneddrone And the thing is, I get into this a while after having read the Antony Beevor book on Stalingrad, so I understand when I read that a squad has NKVD dudes in it restricting its ability to retreat but causing higher casualties.

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    @cgrajko Excellent. Excellent. Optimal conditions for the Amnesia experience. Feel the fear flow through you. Beige said this to me, and now I’m telling you: your nerves will steel themselves the farther you push yourself into that place. Keep going!

    @redswir1 @unmanneddrone I really like the look of that game. Heard about it a while ago. I don’t know why, but I haven’t been on a grognard kick for a long time, hell, I barely even touched Empire/Napoleon Total War or Civ V. WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?

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    I think @unmanneddrone may have mentioned the game once, but Unity of Command is a pretty cool thing and just ended its Steam debut sale. The game came out last fall but only just now showed up on Steam (and thus I only just now became aware of the game).

    It’s pretty much the most accessible classic-style wargame I’ve encountered. The closest thing to an operation-level wargame I’ve ever touched is Advanced Wars, and my experience with that actually helped me slide into Unity. There are huge differences of course but the basement movement and turn interface works the same way, and the game manages to be addictive in the same fashion. Even with Borderlands 2, Dishonored, and now Zerro Escape Virtue’s Last Reward on my plate, Unity still manages to cut an hour away from my time.

    On the accessibility angle, the game will also run on pretty damn much anything. If you have a 2GHz processor and a couple gigs of RAM you’re good to go, even on integrated graphics, and the game manages to look great due to pretty slick art direction. PC or Mac.

    At the very least keep an eye on this one for the fall Steam Sale.

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    @unmanneddrone Ugh, I want Nexus to succeed, but I can only back so many games. I’m in bed with Brian Fargo and Chris Avellone for starters. This week I doubled down on Chris Roberts riding a golden starship of hope. I AM BUT JUST ONE MAN. Seriously, bad timing Nexus 2.

    @beige 6 fucking pages? For FTL!? Eh, I guess I’m really not that surprised. 🙂

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    @bowlisimo @unmanneddrone Really? I thought people were all into Steampunk right about now. I’m honestly tired of it in most places. Well, this isn’t really steampunk but has the same fantastical 18th/19th century aesthetic. Personally I think that aesthetic is what give the setting and story an intrinsically “political” nature in my eyes. The fact that I’ll be attending imperial balls with the option to shiv people in the background is the game’s appeal for me.

    It could also be because Ubisoft didn’t set Assassin’s Creed III during the French Revolution like I wanted them too.

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    Also, I think it’s a little bit stupid and insulting that Ubisoft felt it necessary to censor a bunch of Continental soldiers getting the hatchet from Connor in the “US” version of the latest AC3 trailer. Is my country really THAT sensitive? What the fuck. Sorry, I just dislike getting censored versions of anything. I’m a big boy, I can take it.

    That trailer got me excited, otherwise. Love that theme.

    @unmanneddrone Thinking back on Homeworld, the story was simple, and there really wasn’t a ton of VO was there? Just ship banter and the Relic style image cutscene w/ narration. No characters that I remember, except First Officer guy. That was smart of them now that I think of it. Big bright spaces, fleets, and Samuel Barber.

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    @unmanneddrone Whoa. It took me waay too long to realize what that is. *10 minutes later* “OHHHH, Nexus!”

    Such a great game, really well designed, crazy amount of ship control, and beautiful too. It also had one of the most god awful derivative sci-fi stories ever. Just looking at the name of the sequel makes me mini-cringe. Still, the Angelwing *eye roll at name* was a cool ship.

    I’d love to see that get backed, but man, they really need to hire a writer. Doesn’t even have to be a great one, anything will be better than the plot of the original game.

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    @unmanneddrone My goodness, I’m liking what I see of RetroBlazer.

    I recently beat Sword & Sworcery, really loved the end bit of the game, such a beautiful game. Now I’m suffering to progress in Valhalla Knights, the first 15 hours or so have been fun, and I’ve spent the other 5 grinding to beat one other boss… something’s not right here. Played a bit of Daxter too, which is more fun than I expected so far.

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    Ugh, me too. I get that simulator sickness thing sporadically and it’s usually due to a low default FOV setting. Prime offenders: Duke Nukem 3D, Half-life 2, Minecraft. I also don’t think I would do well with one of those VR headsets the industry seems to be so into at the moment. Mind sees jumping + body feels not jumping = wtfvomit?

    @unmanneddrone Jebediah Kerman landed on the Mun last night, intact. Unfortunately, the top heavy munar lander tipped over upon touch down (after a nail biting few seconds of teetering) and rendered the ascent stage impossible. Whatever, achievement unlocked. Total cost in Kerbals? 50+? Worth it. Hopping around in low grav is a delight. Next time, rover mod. If only you could establish a forward base…

    That game really opens itself up once you understand how to achieve orbit and manipulate your orbit by burning at certain points in certain directions. Gravity does most of the work. Still, any results are mostly by accident. I feel like a chimpanzee trying to operate the large hadron collider sometimes.

    @cgrajko @beige @angryjedi Whenever you guys want to play Torchlight 2…

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    @unmanneddrone Yikes. That video gave me motion sickness after only about 20 seconds.

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    @unmanneddrone They updated KSP! Finally a tutorial! Recommence the ill advised bootstrap space exploration:

    RIP Feremy Kermin. First Kerbalnaut corpse to smash into Mun.

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    @unmanneddrone I really don’t understand the appeal of Shantae, tried the DSiware game and didn’t like it very much

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    @unmanneddrone I only liked Contra 4 and Aliens: Infestation from their works, not a big fan of their stuff, but I’m always open to give their games a try as long as they’re interesting

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    @unmanneddrone Go ahead and explain the Japanese pricing dilemna too. I understand that some PS3 games like a major Final Fantasy release cost as much as $100 over there. Though, that might be partly due to the strong yen.

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    @unmanneddrone Nice. Y’know, to me it finally seems like indie gaming is starting to evolve out of the era of 16-bit-style side scrollers, at least on PC anyway. I know this particular piece of software is a decade old, but one of the trends I like coming from Greenlight is that of 3D first person adventure games – something I’ve wanted to see for a long time. Now if we could just get stuff like this and Amnesia to show up on consoles where people would actually notice it…

    Also, it’s not everyday you see a game based on Korean horror, or really any storyteling specific to a culture. Hopefully modern indie gaming will bring out more of that cultural diversity.

    Edit: Huh. They’re asking for a premium account to download the game.

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    @unmanneddrone I know I bloody well would! Jesus H. Christ on a bike. What I’m finding utterly infuriating is how much praise it’s getting. But I shall resist ranting on the subject further. For now, anyway. Perhaps a cathartic blog post is in order later.

  • RedSwirl 4:42 pm on September 23, 2012 Permalink
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    @unmanneddrone The hell is this?! And how common is this?!

    Edit: Looked them up and got a list of risks and whatnot involved. VPN and spoofing requirements, key bannings, stores selling stolen keys, etc. I’d have to get some kind of serious confirmation on that one.

  • Mohammad AlHuraiz 3:14 pm on September 19, 2012 Permalink

    @unmanneddrone I will! I do have a few photos from last year’s on Google+, I’ll try to find them for you.

  • ckim 7:56 pm on September 18, 2012 Permalink  

    @unmanneddrone It was a pleasure as always to read your most recent column. It’s very easy to read and enjoy from the perspective of an outsider looking in, which I appreciate. Sometimes new genres seem impermeable for those who are not quite in the know, but you do a good job of making these games accessible without lowering the discourse. I’ve noted it every time I read one of your columns, and I want you to know that I appreciate it.

    @angryjedi It figures that they would go ahead and announce a kickstarter for another Quest for Glory now that we’ve completed our podcast. Jerks… 😉

    Speaking of the podcast, it is definitely a long one. I feel bad for Pete who has to put it all together.

    So… next Squad Mission…

    You all know that I’m always down for Alpha Protocol, but we’ve also had some good contenders over the years that didn’t quite make it. I know Gabriel Knight was optioned a few years ago and fell through. The same also happened with Vampire: Bloodlines.

  • Pete Davison 4:08 pm on September 18, 2012 Permalink

    Relevant to our interests.

    Also, you should check out @unmanneddrone‘s latest column, too. BAM.

  • RedSwirl 4:50 am on September 18, 2012 Permalink

    Oh God Damnit. Fall gaming season has officially begun. Looking at my chart I got shit coming out basically every week for the next month. Most of it’s rentals but still…

    My big problem right now is that Resident Evil 6 comes out in two weeks. I figure it at least deserves a rental, and maybe a future PC purchase if I enjoy it enough. The problem though is that I only just recently started RE2 for the first time in hopes of finishing it before 6 came out. Don’t know if that’s gonna happen.

    Rent First Decide Later List:
    Borderlands 2
    Dead or Alive 5 – haven’t actually played one since DOA2
    Dishonored – Only 99 percent sure on whether I’ll want this game.
    DOOM 3 BFG
    NFS Most Wanted
    Far Cry 3

    So far there are actually only three games on my “definite buy” this this fall, and two of them are 3DS games. They are Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, Assassin’s Creed III, and Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward. Nobody really gives a crap about the console Epic Mickey games, but the 3DS one is basically going to be the sequel to World of Illusion for the Genesis – evocative of the actual good Disney games, complete with Scrooge McDuck. Virtue’s Last Reward is basically “999 2”.

    The only other games I already know I’m buying this fall are actually HD ports. Jet St Radio comes out in two days. Okami comes out on PS3 next month, and Zone of the Enders HD is still scheduled for 2012 last I heard.

    @unmanneddrone Well from what we’ve heard Valve is making a bit more of an effort to court Japanese developers there… the ones who even make PC games in the first place. We’re started on the trail – some Ys games made it on Steam, it’s getting Half-Minute Hero, etc. They and From Software just need to get a taste of that Steam Sale cash this year and then we might see…

  • RedSwirl 4:27 am on September 18, 2012 Permalink
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    @unmanneddrone What’s Steam Japan like anyway? Are most of the people on it gaijin just living in Japan, or is there an actual sizable Japanese language Steam community?

    Anyway, holy crap 13 people on my friends list have already bought in. Crap. Oh, and Torchlight II comes out in two days. Once again we have loot-fest versus loot-fest… and I’m still broke.

  • Wrds 3:21 am on September 17, 2012 Permalink  

    I want to get around to Black Mesa eventually. I just have no time for games right now. Between work and my own creative endeavors, I have next to no time for anything else. God am I looking forward to it though.

    @unmanneddrone I wouldn’t count on it if I were you. If it can be done, they’ll find a way to shoehorn in DLC.

    @Redswirl1 It is possible to monetize single player experiences. Several games have proven so. It’s just easier to make money with Multiplayer games. They take less effort and money to make decent experiences. Giants like EA mistake this for single player being nonviable. Or maybe its not a mistake. Maybe they purposefully do that to squeeze the most amount of money out of players with the smallest amount of time and money invested.

  • ckim 5:26 pm on September 14, 2012 Permalink

    Oh god Pete. I just read the synopsis for that game. Please tell me that @unmanneddrone took the code for that… I want to read that SOOOO badly.

    @redswir1 Yeah, I agree with you about online functionality being the most important thing. I think the fact that the WiiU will have a lot of the stuff we’re not used to Nintendo offering is going to be a big thing and will require a lot of us to conceptualize their offering a bit differently. Right now, I still think of Nintendo as the company that had to send out new discs when one of their games didn’t perform properly on certain Wiis. I can’t remember which game it was off the top of my head, sadly. I remember Brawl had issues on some Wiis because the disc drive didn’t want to read dual layer discs, but I don’t think that’s what I’m thinking of.

    At any rate, being able to patch your software online on the WiiU would be a huge step forward for them, and allowing free patches (if they go that route) would also likely help them out with acquiring third party software. I don’t think we’ve received confirmation yet that the WiiU will support patching like we’ve grown accustomed to, but I feel like it will since they’ve made a lot of other good moves regarding online support.

    Speaking to the hardware of the other two, I heard a rumor (yesterday?) that Crytek was pushing for 8 gigs of ram… So, uh, yeah… I don’t know what to say about Crytek’s delusional shit, but that’s a thing that I heard. I’m sure a lot of us have 16 gigs or so in our home PCs, but from what I understand, console ram is way more expensive.

    Also, for anyone who’s interested, Obsidian revealed their Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/obsidian/project-eternity Fans of Baldur’s Gate II and such will be happy.

  • Mohammad AlHuraiz 8:01 pm on September 8, 2012 Permalink

    @unmanneddrone I too was a bit underwhelmed by Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but maybe because the first Deus Ex ran off with my heart a few months before HR’s release. The game is good, but I had really high expectations coming from the first game (gave the second one a pass because it just didn’t work on my machine at all).

  • bowlisimo 3:54 am on September 6, 2012 Permalink
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    @unmanneddrone You should be getting an extra copy too, I think you made the cut, right? http://www.unknownworlds.com/ns2/news/2012/9/natural_selection_2_pre_orders_on_steam

    @angryjedi All I can think of is that drawing of both of your characters on a motorcycle waving dildos. Saints Row: The Third in a nutshell. Although, for me it was probably performing wrestling moves on random citizens and purple cars full of purple ninjas piling into a street skirmish.

  • Pete Davison 10:10 pm on September 5, 2012 Permalink  

    @bowlisimo Saints Row The Third is good times. I had such a blast with it, and it also provided a rare opportunity for me to play an online game with our @unmanneddrone here — I have very fond memories of screeching to a halt in my Tron car to pick him up and then us hooning around the city on an absolute rampage of magnificent cooperative destruction.

    Also a great use of licensed music, particularly in the final mission.

    Walking Dead is sounding great. It’s actually sounding very visual novel-y from what everyone is saying, which pleases me. Were I not in the middle of My Girlfriend is the President (yes, that is a game that exists) I’d jump right on it. Interested to compare and contrast Eastern and Western approaches to narrative-centric games.

  • RedSwirl 5:18 pm on September 4, 2012 Permalink
    Tags: , ,   

    @unmanneddrone @bluesforbuddha Yeah I guess that described the whole appeal for Halo to me. It actually stretches back to when I saw the very first screenshots of the game back in like 1998 in PC Gamer.

    From the very start the early screens of Halo looked cool because it resembled modern heavy military hardware, but with just the right tinge of sci-fi. One of the major “things” about the game from the beginning was hopping into that heavy-looking Warthog and driving around with another dude on the 50 cal. Bungie just nailed that feel down to the look and controls, which I think is the core of why Halo is popular.

    Compared to other shooters Halo’s campaigns even still managed to remain more open-ended and arena-like than the scripted corridors of Call of Duty. That open battlefield structure mixed with the aforementioned “feel” results in the perfectly illustrated narrative of you hopping into a tank and turning the tide of what looks like a real AI-driven fight. To be honest I don’t even like using Covenant weaponry. Doesn’t look nearly as cool to me outside of the energy blade.

    But anyway, I said earlier that Asura’s Wrath was basically an anime show rendered in Unreal Engine 3, right down to the commercial break transitions.

    Oh, and I finished Arx Fatalis over labor day weekend. Looking back that actually fits the description of a “shame” game very well. It was the first game from Dishonored developer Arkane Studios and from what I can tell the last “real” first person dungeon crawler until very recently. It basically tried to revisit the Ultima Underworld motif a decade later but ended up getting overshadowed by Morrowind.

    Full thoughts are on my wordpress page.

  • Mohammad AlHuraiz 2:39 pm on September 4, 2012 Permalink

    @unmanneddrone really? lol I was hoping for something unexpectedly good, I was at a point in my life buying a bunch of random bargain bin games for review for my old site (Lochal Archade) hoping I’d find a few gems. I’ll get around trying it sooner or later but I got a massive list I need to go through before I play anything else.

  • bowlisimo 2:36 pm on September 4, 2012 Permalink

    I’m with @unmanneddrone‘s sentiment on the universe, design and aesthetics. I may be more of a quiet fan of Halo’s universe and story than the actual games themselves, but I enjoyed both Halo 1 & 2 and read the original Fall of Reach book, so I got a pretty good dose of lore.

    I personally always love the sci-fi premise of a fledgling deep spacefaring human race that spreads and prospers until it inevitably incurs the wrath of some ancient race, whether by misunderstanding, sheer malevolence, or reasons unknown, that systematically wipes the human race from the universe. I’m a sucker for last stands, long odds (UNSC needed 3:1 odds to even come close to victory), and sacrifice, sometimes for very little gain or just to be able to fight another day and be defiant until the bitter end. Halo has this in spades. See also: Mass Effect (Reapers/First Contact War), Babylon 5 (Battle of the Line), Space: Above & Beyond, Freespace 1 & 2.

    You’ve seen it a million times in sci-fi, but I’ve come to love Bungie’s take on the chunky, utilitarian space marine tech and ships (with awesome, pretentious names), their glossy and sleek Covenant armada, the exotic alien locales and Forerunner architecture they’ve crafted, including the Halo(s). As much as Master Chief has become the unintentional mascot of a younger generation of gamers that only play FPSes and “dudebros” who only care about Halo, Call of Duty, and Madden, I still think the Spartan II’s look and are fucking cool.

    Also, Marty O’Donnell brings it all together.

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