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  • scribl 11:58 pm on November 30, 2010 Permalink
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    Me! I checked out the multiplayer over Thanksgiving and loved it.

  • scribl 7:39 am on November 3, 2010 Permalink  

    God I wish I had more time for StarCraft 2 (and posting on the Squawkbox!). I also wish I could run it on Ultra on my laptop without causing a nuclear reaction in its shiny unibody case.

  • scribl 7:37 am on November 3, 2010 Permalink

    @Red Man. Penumbra scared the shit out of me. I barely made it an hour in. If I go back to it, I’m playing with the lights on, damn it.

  • scribl 7:06 pm on October 21, 2010 Permalink

    I’m surprised people are so hot on Enslaved. It felt really janky in the demo. Does the finished game control better?

  • scribl 9:10 pm on October 2, 2010 Permalink  

    Wow, they’re getting those retail copies of MoH out early. When we were getting retail discs for review at my college newspaper, we’d only get them a day or two after the game came out, if we were lucky.

  • scribl 5:05 am on October 2, 2010 Permalink  

    People liked that Enslaved demo? It felt kinda early…

    Hey Jeff, how did you get a debug unit? I guess if my college newspaper cared about games, we could afford some, but……

  • scribl 9:01 pm on October 1, 2010 Permalink

    @RocGaude Well, I don’t think all videogames are sports, just like not all games are art. I want games to be taken seriously just as much as anyone, but the path to that future doesn’t begin with a defense of mindless multiplayer shooters that trivialize real war.

    @Jeff If you say so. The trailers didn’t give me much hope, but that’s just marketing I guess.

  • scribl 7:18 pm on October 1, 2010 Permalink

    I gotta side with the masses on this one. Playing as the Taliban in MoH multiplayer had no artistic value. It wasn’t meant to provoke thought or show you a different perspective. There’s nothing to defend, and no reason to stand up for it. It’s just kids playing with army toys.

    @zegolf Schindler’s List? Let’s be honest with ourselves here. MoH and CoD aren’t mature art. They’re mindless Michael-Bay blockbusters.

    Don’t blame the masses—they’re right to be offended. Blame EA and Activision for pumping out mindless bullshit when they have the power and money to do something far more interesting.

  • scribl 9:14 am on September 30, 2010 Permalink
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    @tolkoto You should try to finish Halo: CE (if you ever started it). Great ending that really brings the whole thing together—kinda like Half-Life 2.

    I think CE’s plot is far more coherent than Reach’s. I actually have a sense of where you’re going and why I’m going there most of the time (though, that might just be because I’ve played it so many times). In Reach, there’s a wholllle lot of “We gotta help these guys over here! Now we gotta go to this place and help those guys! Now we have to go back and help the others again!” I found it a little hard to follow since it didn’t feel like there was much continuity between some missions.

    Plus, CE has my favorite final level of any game ever.

    George would back me up if he posted here. 😉

  • scribl 5:40 am on September 22, 2010 Permalink

    Hey Red, of all those PSP SRPGs you mentioned, which one would you recommend over all of them?

  • scribl 4:58 am on September 22, 2010 Permalink

    I think Beige sold me on Mafia II. So, the full game doesn’t have as much bland cover-shooter blahhhh as the demo?

  • scribl 3:56 am on September 18, 2010 Permalink

    Just hit me up whenever you see me on Reach. PensiveMuffin, if you don’t have my ‘tag.

  • scribl 9:07 pm on September 17, 2010 Permalink

    I’ve loved strategy RPGs since the day I rented Tactics Ogre (N64) on a whim years and years ago.

    I’m not really interested in Peace Walker, but my brother is, so I’ll end up playing it eventually. Any of you guys play MGS Acid? I heard you can just go straight to the second one.

    Other games I’m looking at:

    Mega Man Powered Up
    Half-Minute Hero
    Holy Invasion Of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do To Deserve This?
    and maybe a Wipeout game

  • scribl 8:52 pm on September 17, 2010 Permalink

    Oh, I forgot to mention, the PSP doesn’t like my school network. It refuses to connect. I’ll probably have to download everything through my PS3 (assuming I can get that running on my school network — haven’t tried yet).

  • scribl 5:15 pm on September 17, 2010 Permalink

    So, I just got a PSP, and I’m sort of at a loss. Already, I can see I’m going to need to go buy a memory stick (thanks Sony). Basically, the only things in the box are the PSP and a charge cable. Anything else that’s missing from the base package?

    Memory sticks: Can I only use a Sony brand? Are 4 or 8 GBs enough if I’m going to be downloading games? Or should I spring for 16?

    I’ve already got a decent idea of games I want, but feel free to suggest some favorites. I’m not really interested in any ports or spin-offs from PS2/3 franchises.

    Oh, and am I going to have compatibility issues with my Macbook? I have Win7 on Boot Camp, so that wouldn’t be too annoying.

  • scribl 4:56 pm on September 17, 2010 Permalink
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    Lady Shepard is the correct Shepard. BroShep is off-gender.

  • scribl 4:49 pm on September 17, 2010 Permalink
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    Fuck yes. I played as Vanguard first time through and loved it.

    I started a new character in ME1 a few weeks ago, before school started, but I gave up after a few hours. It’s really hard to go back to after ME2.

  • scribl 7:57 pm on August 30, 2010 Permalink
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    Oh man, I’m totally picking up an Assault figure at PAX.

  • scribl 7:55 pm on August 30, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: Golden Sun,   

    I’m really enjoying Lara Croft. I played it co-op first, with my brother. It’s interesting how the game is so different in the two modes.

    I find the puzzles a lot more fun in co-op. Most of the time, where co-op would rely on having two players, the singleplayer mode will just add a boulder to roll onto a switch or whatever, which strikes me as pretty boring.

    I just love the interactions in co-op. Grappling onto each other to climb walls and swing across gaps, using Aztec Guy’s shield to cover Lara while she’s pulling a lever, etc. etc.

    Although, the combat is much easier in singleplayer. Especially since unlocking weapons is trivial compared to co-op (the ones where you need a certain amount of points in a level).

    @RedSwirl I don’t know… I was a huge fan of Golden Sun on the GBA, but the new one’s graphics look terrible. I wish they’d just stuck with the old hand-drawn, 2.5D art style. It was such a pleasant-looking game.

  • scribl 5:55 pm on August 27, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: Correct me if I'm wrong, Swordguy   

    Shame Night isn’t really anything like what the Squad does. It’s more like a less funny, live version of Broken Pixels. They play old, crappy games and laugh about them.

    “Join Scott Sharkey , Frank Cifaldi and an assorted cast of friends in their secret shame as they dig through 1UP’s extensive library and play through the weirdest and worst games they can find! Will they be overwhelmed with rage? Maybe! Will they discover a hidden classic? Probably not! Either way, it should be a good time.”

    @Red Yeah, but the 1UP blog community is also filled with perverts.

    The boards have changed lots. For one thing, the community is tiny now. Most of the NGR people finally made good on their threat to leave and make their own forum. What we’re left with is a few good people, a lot of dumb ones, and a core group of dudes who mostly stick to two or three threads where the idiots and fanboys don’t bother us.

    It’s a nice place.

  • scribl 5:47 pm on August 27, 2010 Permalink  

    @bdgb I’ll take double mark & execute over “never get detected,” thank you very much.

  • scribl 4:37 am on August 27, 2010 Permalink  

    I’d love to hop into some Conviction co-op if anyone wants to give it a shot. I’ve only played the first mission, in split-screen.

  • scribl 10:52 pm on August 26, 2010 Permalink

    I won’t be around tonight, but yeah, I had a blast last night. Glad we were able to get so many people on at once.

  • scribl 10:50 pm on August 26, 2010 Permalink  

    Oh my God. I thought ZRPG was going to be way more indie than that. (And by “indie,” I guess I mean low-budget graphics.) I mean, just look at their awful website.

  • scribl 12:11 am on August 26, 2010 Permalink

    By the way, Beige is in Toronto, so I’d assume that he meant east coast time.

  • scribl 11:51 pm on August 25, 2010 Permalink

    I’m hopping on MNC in 15-20 minutes if anyone wants to play. My GT is PensiveMuffin.

  • scribl 7:10 pm on August 25, 2010 Permalink  

    I have nothing against the secondhand market, but I do take issue with GameStop. People like to make the used car analogy, but it doesn’t really apply. GameStop is THE retailer in the game industry. They sell their used product inches away from the new, and they take every opportunity to sell used goods to a new buyer.

    The place that should be the content creators’ best friend instead tries to undermine them at every turn. Secondhand might be bad for publishers, but GameStop is bad for the entire medium.

  • scribl 10:02 pm on August 24, 2010 Permalink

    As for podcasts, I just started listening to NPR’s Planet Money. It’s layman economics with a sense of humor, and each episode is usually only 20 minutes long.

    If you want to check it out, I’d recommend the recent episode, #201, where the hosts play Monopoly with two PhDs and argue about the lessons it teaches kids about capitalism.

    OK, $2 for Plain Sight? I can’t say no. Now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t just spend the extra four bucks and gift it to a bunch of friends.

  • scribl 9:53 pm on August 24, 2010 Permalink

    Man, when it rains it pours on the Squawkbox.

    I can’t make it tonight for MNC, but I played yesterday, and God I love this game. You have so many tools at your disposal, there’s almost always a way to get out of a tight spot if you’re quick on your feet. Yesterday, I managed to take out two Supports, both using armor endorsements, and their upgraded firebases with clever use of my Assault’s grenade launcher and bombs.

    As of now, Wednesday and Thursday both work fine for me.

    I’d really like to see how the experience evolves when you’re actually communicating with your team.

  • scribl 4:24 pm on August 23, 2010 Permalink  

    I’m not really sure which day works for me. It depends on my brother. When he’s feeling better, we’re going to see Scott Pilgrim again.

    Have you guys ever used Doodle for this kind of scheduling stuff? I only heard of it when I was studying in Paris last semester. It’s pretty popular over there.

  • scribl 12:05 am on August 23, 2010 Permalink  

    @Red, See my comment to Sinfony RE: my feelings about MNC vs TF2.

    I don’t play TF2. It’s a little too frantic for me, and I never found a class I was really comfortable with.

  • scribl 7:04 am on August 22, 2010 Permalink

    Still playing MNC here. I’m really enjoying it, but I have complaints.

    1. It’s too hard to win. Evenly matched games shouldn’t always go into Overtime. On the other hand, when one team is dominating, they should be able to win before Overtime.

    The worst is being on a team that’s clearly far inferior, knowing that there’s no way to win, yet still having to play out the match until it hits OT, because the other team just can’t break through your turtle.

    I think part of the problem might be how close the spawn point is to the money ball. Or maybe the respawn timer should be longer. I don’t know.

    2. Some classes just don’t do well on certain maps, and by the time you realize this, you’ve already dumped over a thousand dollars into your skills. It’d be great if you could transfer your investment—or maybe just a part of it—when you switch classes.

    I guess this’ll get better once I learn the arenas, but it’s really frustrating to be pretty much confined to my base all game long because I made the mistake of choosing Gunner on a map that caters to Snipers.

    I have some minor, class-specific complaints (e.g., Assassin’s smoke bomb is almost useless), but those two are the biggies.

  • scribl 8:47 am on August 21, 2010 Permalink

    I started playing Monday Night Combat (online, with randoms) at 1:30am. It’s now almost 5am.

    Well, shit.

    PS: Would love to get on with some Squaddies some time.

    edit: Just scrolled down and realized you guys were talking about MNC too. Yay, I’m relevant!

    @sinfony, I get what you mean about TF2, but with MNC’s smaller teams, I feel like my contribution is a lot more apparent. It’s also less chaotic.

    Although, if you’d asked me after my first few games, I’d totally agree. I played Assassin and didn’t pay any attention to the greater battle. Assassins are pretty useless at assaulting the enemy base, so I just ran around stabbing people until one team won.

    Then I started playing around with different classes and gradually gained a better grasp on the ebb and flow of the matches. It helps to pay attention to the map when you’re respawning. It shows the locations of both teams’ bots and turrets, which is usually a good indication of who’s pushing the attack and who’s defending.

  • scribl 8:30 pm on August 19, 2010 Permalink  

    @sinfony I’m bookmarking your Dwarf Fortress post. Maybe some day, when I don’t have dozens of games on my plate, I’ll be able to get to DF.

  • scribl 8:01 pm on August 15, 2010 Permalink  

    Someone also posted a thread on the 1UP Boards, linking Pete’s blog and hailing the return of the Squadcast. He kind of copypasted the whole thing.

  • scribl 4:30 am on August 14, 2010 Permalink  


  • scribl 4:15 am on August 13, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: BioShock Infinity   

    I would totally play BioShock on the moon.

    Like Bowley, I was also expecting an MMO in the 5 seconds between seeing the name and the trailer starting.

    That said, is “Infinity” not the most videogamey subtitle ever? Why not just call it BioShock: Rise of Duty: The Reckoning?

    MAN. 2012??? What the hell. Why even bother announcing it if it’s not coming out for another two years? Ugh.

  • scribl 8:59 pm on August 11, 2010 Permalink

    I like everything about Alan Wake aside from the combat and the writing.

    Also, I don’t understand why they spent so much money on making this world so beautiful when 90% of the time it’s either too dark to see or you’re too freaked out to notice.

    Anyone else wish they’d taken out the guns and just made it a modern adventure game? God, I’d love to explore an open-world version of Alan Wake.

  • scribl 4:58 pm on August 10, 2010 Permalink

    I had no idea what it was until a few seconds ago. I like the art style. Looks like a cross between Ratchet & Clank and TF2.

  • scribl 12:04 am on August 10, 2010 Permalink  

    I’m listening to it now, Red. It’s quite good. Wish that more parents were so open-minded.

    Heck, my dad only started taking my hobby seriously when I decided I wanted a career in the industry.

  • scribl 6:18 pm on August 6, 2010 Permalink

    The Curfew crashed on me during the second part of the boy’s story. Haven’t tried it again since.

    Well, it does say “Beta” at the top.

  • scribl 9:14 pm on August 4, 2010 Permalink  

    My idea for a Way-of-the-Samurai-style escape-from-Baghdad photojournalist game morphed into a L4D-type open-world co-op game with classes. Translator, medic, soldier, journalist, diplomat, engineer, spy….

    I guess neither of those apply for Beige’s thing though. 🙂

  • scribl 8:17 am on August 4, 2010 Permalink

    @sinfony I’m not a Final Fantasy fan by any means. I’ve only played X, XI (I was young and stupid), X-2 (actually a very good game), and XII. Of those, I finished X.

    That said, I really loved what they did with XII’s combat. Even today, it’ll still feel innovative. My only problem with the game was its leveling system, which was too open-ended. It basically let you make every character the same.

    The sphere grid (FFX’s system) was better by leaps and bounds. It still offered you tough choices, but you were more constrained, and each character felt like he or she had a unique role. The character roles in FFXII are much more muddied.

    I got about 30 hours into FFXII before moving on. I’d like to finish it (or to have already finished it), but I just don’t really have time anymore for these massive JRPGs.

  • scribl 8:27 pm on August 3, 2010 Permalink

    My friend said that the easiest way to get that achievement (destroy 50 Protoss buildings) is to scan with the Orbital Command and then laser everything. Unfortunately, I didn’t have Orbital Command when I did that mission. I can’t remember if I had Vikings though. I’ll try that.

    I finished the campaign last night. Without spoiling, I think the “non-linear” structure is its biggest problem. Three of the four storylines just dead end. It’s like, why did I waste all this time helping colonists or doing Tosh’s missions if there’s no payoff at the end?

    Mass Effect 2 handled this better. It felt like all the time spent collecting teammates was worth it, because they all have different roles to play in the final mission. (I would’ve liked it if there were a few more choices to make in that department, but that’s a whole other discussion.)

    I’m still playing the challenges. They’re great fun. I managed to get perfect on the first Protoss one too. It took many, many tries. Tip: You can save during challenges, so you don’t need to reload the whole round if you screw up the end.

  • scribl 6:04 pm on August 2, 2010 Permalink  

    “Screw Ken Griffey Jr.”? You take that back, Red. Take it back.

  • scribl 8:04 pm on August 1, 2010 Permalink

    @mjpilon N64, you say? Man, there’s nothing like Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball. That game was a huge part of my childhood. That and Mario Tennis. (The N64 original, of course. Not the horrible GameCube sequel.)

  • scribl 5:26 am on July 30, 2010 Permalink

    I just had the most insane 3v3 game. We should not have won. My friends and I were laughing for a solid minute afterward.

    I can’t even describe it. It was like two separate games. One, where my friends were utterly crushed by mass marines and stalkers while I ignored them and banshee rushed. The other, where we’re all lifting off and hiding our new bases, and then my friend builds six BattleCruisers and wins.

    (That’s an SC2 replay file, so you need the game to watch it. Put it into your SC2 replay folder in My Documents after you download it.) I’m gonna try to get it on YouTube somehow.

  • scribl 10:02 pm on July 29, 2010 Permalink  

    @RedSwirl If you’re into old-school RTSes, there’s nothing better than Red Alert 2. Still one of my favorite games of all time. And it’s far better than the tiberium branch of the C&C series.

  • scribl 7:14 am on July 29, 2010 Permalink  

    You guys are overestimating the amount of time you need to spend outside of playing to enjoy an RTS. I watch replays and commentary because it’s fun, not because I’m trying to study.

    But if you’re just not interested in the genre to begin with, I’m not going to try to win you over. (Although, SC2’s singleplayer campaign really is quite good.)

    @UMD Oh man. Full Spectrum Warrior was one of my favorite Xbox games. Such a fantastic way to bring RTS to console.

  • scribl 6:13 pm on July 28, 2010 Permalink  

    @RocGaude Wow. I totally forgot that I own PixelJunk Shooter until I saw its sequel listed in that article. I should probably play that some time.

    @RedSwirl I think you’re overestimating the Squad’s collective technical know-how.

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