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    If you don’t own Odin Sphere yet, it’s $5 on PSN. They fixed the framerate.

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    Maybe it’s because I haven’t played Thief yet but Jesus Christ Dishonored is the shit. Probably the best stealth game I’ve played this gen (the only other legit one being the first Crysis).

    Basically, Arkane found the solution for stealth games – short range teleportation. I’m just shocked at how well the blink ability fits. It fees like the first time I got the gravity gun, or a hookshot, or the portal gun. It’ simple, works somehow in most situations the game presents you with, and somehow still doesn’t break the game. It’s genius. So far Arkane has created an absolutely optimal stealth RPG.

    And it’s also one of the best cases of art-over-tech I’ve seen for a full retail game these days. It’s actually ironic that I’m playing this back-to-back with Borderlands 2, which is all cel shaded on the same engine. The production screenshots of Dishonored really do not do it justice. The attention to detail in the environments, with just enough fancy lighting and shaders to complete the look. The overall look of the game, especially the character proportions and relative level of surrealism remind me of Team Fortress 2 more than anything else. My only complaint is that the texture resolution is disappointing.

    The reason I’m gushing so much over this though is because this mix of stealth and exploration is pretty much the perfect style of game design for me. It’s like Arkane knew what I wanted in a game.

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    I can’t believe you guys with Dishonored man. I just decided to pull the trigger on the purchase, for really little reason other than the world of the game, which is basically City 17 200 years ago. I didn’t even really get started on the first mission of my rental copy before I decided this. It was around the time I got a sense of how deep I’d have to get into the environment before actually completing the first mission. That and everyone telling me how much of a real fucking stealth game it was, because that’s one thing I really can’t resist.

    That, and the people suggesting this game have convinced me to put installing my copy of Thief at the top of my backlog journey. I thought you loved Thief @bluesforbuddha.

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    I’m like an hour into Dishonored, just at the first “hub” really, and if nothing else the world has sucked my ass in. On top of all the other shit, we got Herman Melville style whaling all up in the lore as well. That’s a kind of thing that I’ve actually wanted to see incorporated into video games, even if it’s just the worlds.

    At this point it’s just a matter of whether I’ll be spending $60 on this game or some other price on a fall sale down the line.

    Most comments I’m reading basically describe this game as “The Real Thief 3” or something like that.

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    @bowlisimo @unmanneddrone Really? I thought people were all into Steampunk right about now. I’m honestly tired of it in most places. Well, this isn’t really steampunk but has the same fantastical 18th/19th century aesthetic. Personally I think that aesthetic is what give the setting and story an intrinsically “political” nature in my eyes. The fact that I’ll be attending imperial balls with the option to shiv people in the background is the game’s appeal for me.

    It could also be because Ubisoft didn’t set Assassin’s Creed III during the French Revolution like I wanted them too.

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    I think I’ve said before that Dishonored is on my “wait and see” list but my rental copy should be here either today or tomorrow. From reviews I’ve heard it’s looking more like their real successor to Arx Fatalis in some light, or at least from that same simulation RPG linage. I for one love the setting.

    On XCOM, I’m waiting until I’ve actually, y’know, played the entire original X-Com series I bought on Steam for $5 probably three years ago. I paid for them, I should play them.

    I’m in the same boat with @bowlisimo regarding AC3 though. That’s the one AAA game I know I’m going to buy this fall with some other stuff on my “rent first” list like Hitman. Also like bowls, my PC is nearing the end of its viability for AAA games. I’m seriously concerned that it won’t handle Far Cry 3 after hearing about it’s 4GB RAM minimum requirement. I’ll probably be able to handle some of the spring 2013 games as well, but I think it’s a bout time to make that system transition if I can afford it.

    Weirdly, outside of PC my main platform this fall is increasingly looking to be the 3DS. Another supposedly good game that comes out this week is Code of Princess which, despite being about a teenage girl wearing almost zero clothes wielding a sword twice her size, is apparently like a spiritual sequel to the Saturn classic Guardian Heroes or something. Gameplay looks good enough for a rental trial. The sequel to 999 comes out at the end of this month, and some time around there is also a spiritual sequel to the Genesis Mickey Mouse games from the guy who made Henry Hatsworth. Oh, and Nintendo also went and announced the sequel to Pushmo, which was the secret killer app of the 3DS’s eShop.

    As for the here and now, I resisted posting about Resident Evil 6 because I sensed no one here would give a shit, but that’s basically what I did over last weekend.

    Fans are pissed that this game basically completes the franchise’s transition into an action series but in my opinion they just mad. To be honest, RE6 at its core feels like a proper evolution of 4’s base mechanics. Flipping and dodging around half-man-half-spider hybrids that still shoot at you with guns, beating upside-down-bat chimeras to death with kung fu, and planting remote mines at the feet of zombies mid-slide is just fun as shit, plain and simple. The problem is that Capcom didn’t actually teach players how to do any of that shit in the game itself, so what you’re left with at face value is, well, Gears with anime-style mega-corporations as the enemy.

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    Wait, did I ever talk about having finished Arx Fatalis here? I actually did that a while ago and wrote a little thing on it back on my page.

    Basically, like someone else already said, it felt like basically the last actual first person dungeon crawler until Legend of Grimrock came out 11 years later.

    In the sadly short GAF thread people started to get pissed off that this game was the last gasp of a promise – the promise of first person simulation RPGs being the future of gaming but dying because customers and the industry jimmied out. You got shit started by Ultima Underworld in the 90’s which continued through System Shock and Deus Ex and whatnot, and then after Arx in 2001 you had basically nothing until Bioshock came out in 2007 and blew console gamers’ minds. Today I sound like a snob when I tell people practically everything in that game was done 10 years ago on the PC.

    But hey, at least this console generation did indeed resurrect the first person simulation RPG, if only in a limited fashion.

    There was a moment in Arx when I found myself having sat down in front of a kitchen stove for 10 minutes frying chicken wings and thinking to myself “Yeah, I’m definitely enjoying this more than Call of Duty.

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    @impynickers Yes… Hawken. We’ll see how many of us unload that game onto the Squawkbox once the NDA runs out.

    @bluesforbuddha Agreed on Persona 4 Arena and Last Story.

    I couldn’t afford P4A yet, but whenever I can I’ll be totally down for its visual novel storyline. With any other game (like BlazBlue) I wouldn’t even remotely give a shit, but since I’m actually invested in P4’s characters, I’m totally prepared to spend 40 hours reading a book on my 55″ HDTV. Speaking of visual novels, 999 2 comes out on the 23rd of this month.

    I actually finished Last Story within a rental a couple weeks back, and it felt like a good typical JRPG mashed into the structure of Mass Effect 3 – one central town, real time combat with somewhat scripted tactics, etc. The character designs were cool and you’ll really hear Uematso enter the scene during the final boss fights. Otherwise though, Xenoblade at least has me invested in terms of sheer amount of content and freedom of exploration.

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    Just got back from a trip but I guess there’s enough time in the weekend:

    Prospective Weekend Playlist
    I’ve still only finished one campaign in Resident Evil 2 so far – Leon A. Pretty good stuff so far, so I’ll be trying to do as much as possible before RE6 comes out. To be honest I actually liked the latest demo that showed up, and it sounds like the full game will actually have the content to warrant $60, but we’ll see.

    I’ll also be installing the Hawken alpha tonight. The thing has an NDA though. First time I’ve encountered one of those…

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    Too many of these small games these days don’t have demos.

    Tokyo Jungle
    Sound Shapes
    Hell Yeah

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    Introversion Software’s next game is a prison sim.

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    @unmanneddrone Go ahead and explain the Japanese pricing dilemna too. I understand that some PS3 games like a major Final Fantasy release cost as much as $100 over there. Though, that might be partly due to the strong yen.

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    @unmanneddrone Nice. Y’know, to me it finally seems like indie gaming is starting to evolve out of the era of 16-bit-style side scrollers, at least on PC anyway. I know this particular piece of software is a decade old, but one of the trends I like coming from Greenlight is that of 3D first person adventure games – something I’ve wanted to see for a long time. Now if we could just get stuff like this and Amnesia to show up on consoles where people would actually notice it…

    Also, it’s not everyday you see a game based on Korean horror, or really any storyteling specific to a culture. Hopefully modern indie gaming will bring out more of that cultural diversity.

    Edit: Huh. They’re asking for a premium account to download the game.

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    Looks like I got one of the last copies. Still didn’t get the scan of the box, just the code in order history. I’ll request one soon enough though.

    Won’t have a lot of time for B2 right now though. Next week I actually intend to get back in RE2 before 6 came out. Anybody else try out the latest demo? It’s been very polarizing but I honestly like it. Capcom basically threw their hands up here and said “If we’re making basically Gears with horror-themed enemies, then we’re not gonna fuck around with it, we’re just gonna do it”. I honestly don’t think they’ve done a bad job in that respect. Controls-wise it feels much more even than RE5.

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    So the main issue in the case of B2 (which is region-free) is figuring out how trustworthy the vendors are. I just read the fine print on CDKeyDeals and it says that they actually send you a photo of the retail box, so I guess that’s cool. Too bad they’re sold out now.

    Edit: This one seem trustworthy to you? http://cdkeyshere.com/borderlands-2-cd-key.html?tracking=4e4656fceacc7

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    @unmanneddrone The hell is this?! And how common is this?!

    Edit: Looked them up and got a list of risks and whatnot involved. VPN and spoofing requirements, key bannings, stores selling stolen keys, etc. I’d have to get some kind of serious confirmation on that one.

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    After checking out the demo I’m already much more invested in Torchlight II than I ever was in the first game. I’ll eventually buy it, I just don’t know at what price. But what’s the likelihood of co-op going on here? Borderlands 2 definitely seems to be the dominant loot game from my perspective.

    Edit: I’ve been able to get in like an hour of a rental copy of B2 and it feels… slow. In literally every other aspect it seems like a great loot game combined with a good shooter, but I don’t know about $59.99 great. I think the “slowness” however is just this being the first FPS I’ve attempted on a console in some time, especially since I just finished DOOM and DOOM II – slick games where your character runs at 40mph. There’s also no way a shooter could move at the pace of TII, which compared to B2 feels similar but more immediate.

    I dunno. In this short amount of time in B2 I’ve already got a handful of quests piled up so that shows I’m getting invested. Maybe I should have rolled assassin like I planned to do if I ever bought the game – definitely more my playstyle in shooters which would’ve made the genre combination more enjoyable for me.

    On the whole loot subject, for some reason I decided to start DeathSpank a couple weeks ago so I’ll probably be blazing through that before I decide to pull the trigger on TII. How much is there really to do in B2?

    Lemme put it this way: I’d probably pounce on B2 at the first sign of a sale, but how many of you guys would even be left to play co-op?

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    @bowlisimo The hell? Turtles in Time was definitely one of the games I played the most back in the day despite having beaten it several times. Played a shitload of Super Double Dragon as well.

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    In a week Castle Crashers will be on Steam. I understand most of you guys played this on XBLA five years ago. That’s why I’m cautious about jumping into it now.

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    Some of you guys might see me playing Borderlands 2 on Xbox. That’s just me checking out a rental copy and possibly buying it on PC later. No idea about Torchlight II unless there’s a demo.

    Also, my fear is that by the time I do decide to get Borderlands 2, everyone on my friends list playing it now will have either moved on to another game or gotten high level.

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    Oh God Damnit. Fall gaming season has officially begun. Looking at my chart I got shit coming out basically every week for the next month. Most of it’s rentals but still…

    My big problem right now is that Resident Evil 6 comes out in two weeks. I figure it at least deserves a rental, and maybe a future PC purchase if I enjoy it enough. The problem though is that I only just recently started RE2 for the first time in hopes of finishing it before 6 came out. Don’t know if that’s gonna happen.

    Rent First Decide Later List:
    Borderlands 2
    Dead or Alive 5 – haven’t actually played one since DOA2
    Dishonored – Only 99 percent sure on whether I’ll want this game.
    DOOM 3 BFG
    NFS Most Wanted
    Far Cry 3

    So far there are actually only three games on my “definite buy” this this fall, and two of them are 3DS games. They are Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, Assassin’s Creed III, and Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward. Nobody really gives a crap about the console Epic Mickey games, but the 3DS one is basically going to be the sequel to World of Illusion for the Genesis – evocative of the actual good Disney games, complete with Scrooge McDuck. Virtue’s Last Reward is basically “999 2”.

    The only other games I already know I’m buying this fall are actually HD ports. Jet St Radio comes out in two days. Okami comes out on PS3 next month, and Zone of the Enders HD is still scheduled for 2012 last I heard.

    @unmanneddrone Well from what we’ve heard Valve is making a bit more of an effort to court Japanese developers there… the ones who even make PC games in the first place. We’re started on the trail – some Ys games made it on Steam, it’s getting Half-Minute Hero, etc. They and From Software just need to get a taste of that Steam Sale cash this year and then we might see…

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    @unmanneddrone What’s Steam Japan like anyway? Are most of the people on it gaijin just living in Japan, or is there an actual sizable Japanese language Steam community?

    Anyway, holy crap 13 people on my friends list have already bought in. Crap. Oh, and Torchlight II comes out in two days. Once again we have loot-fest versus loot-fest… and I’m still broke.

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    @Shingro Wii U Thoughts: Nintendo’s problem is still in attracting the right developers – of which almost none have any working relationship with them. The tablet thing in my opinion has a lot of potential and I’m liking most of what I hear about the interface. I just don’t know if a lot of developers will give a shit. I also think many of the critics need to understand that Nintendo will probably never sell a beefed-up $500 console at a loss like Sony and Microsoft likely plan to. New Super Mario Bros. U, Wonderful 101, and Rayman look like they’re going to be incredible games.

    Borderlands: Didn’t buy the first one because I was already playing enough loot-driven games at the time. I’m going to rent the new one and see if ti can get its hooks in me in the first few hours. If so and if enough of you guys are playing it on Steam, I’ll grab a physical PC copy… eventually. Same goes for Dishonored, Far Cry 3, and Hitman.

    Finishing up on Last Story now. To me it feels like the Japanese Mass Effect 3. Nothing to do with the ending, but just structurally it resembles that game the most to me. One central town location, relatively linear main quest, easy combat with heavily scripted boss battles, and sparse side quests. Character designs are cool though. Really enjoyed pimping out each characters’ costumes individually.

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    Still ain’t played HL1. I bought it for 98 cents around the 10th anniversary and never got a chance to boot it up till now. I was kind of afraid that I wouldn’t be able to stand the old-ass graphics, but since then I’ve gone through quite a few first person games that old or older.

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    @angryjedi And then there’s of course EA’s comments about not green-lighting any more games unless they offer some kind of online component. What the hell’s gonna happen when they unplug the servers in two years? I guess you just can’t monetize the singular narrative experience anymore. Maybe if you made it episodic, but that’s all I can think of. Autolog might be a pretty good fit for /[Mirror’s Edge]/ with its time attack mode, but that’s pretty much it.

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    @angryjedi Finally read that piece about single player freemium games, and I have to admit they have a few points in there, a few. Plus they properly lay out the pitfalls as well.

    So far I’ve only actually played one freemium game. It was a singleplayer freemium game that I actually like – Jetpack Joyride. The only IAPs in that game as far as I know net you additional in-game money and cosmetic items. They just help you progress more quickly if you use them well. This might actually be a pretty good fit for RPGs, even single player ones which, as they described in that piece, are economical games. Tales of Vesperia on Xbox 360 already has “DLC” that literally just boosts you 10 levels for $10 (I think). So I’m gonna put that under “maybe” – if the game in question is very good with loot and progression.

    I also agree though that without those RPG elements (which seem to be appearing in every damn game these days) don’t work so well with freemium. Singular story-based games are finite properties which is why publishers like them less and less these days. I personally do like the idea of “first episode free” though. Basically every XBLA game already allows you to start the game through the trial for free, then buy the rest without losing any save data. I personally would love it if every game did this. I would definitely expose myself to a lot more games, and that’s what freemium is about – eliminating the financial barrier to entry.

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    @cgrajko That Crytek thing was a while ago. Square Enix asked for 8GB of RAM as well. Ain’t gon’ happen.
    Microsoft might go as high as 6GB but end up reserving 2GB of it for the OS. As far as the rumors say Sony is sitting a 2GB for the PS4 but might go up to 4GB.

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    @cgrajko I can’t really understand the current rumors we’re hearing. As of now I think the PS4 will have 2GB of total RAM (same as the Wii U) and the next Xbox might actually have as much as 6GB, with two of that being devoted to the OS. Remember, Epic was the reason they went with 512MB on the 360 instead of 256. They’re trying to get Sony to go to 4GB.

    It’s looking like one of the next gen machines might not have enough TeraFlops in its GPU (that’s the measuring unit we’ve got now) to support UE4 to its full extent. The Wii U is rumored to have like 0.6 TFLOPS, and PS4 something like 1.8 or whatever. For reference my current HD 6850 – a mid-range GPU from 2011, has 1.5 TFLOPS.

    I don’t know man. If you ask me the most important thing separating this console gen from the last isn’t even hardware, but the online services. This is the first time game consoles have had complex operating systems and social online services and whatnot. PS3 and 360 are almost at software parity, but people still flock to the 360 because they’re hooked on Live. I’ve stuck with the PC because I’m hooked on Steam. We don’t even know what really entails “next gen” yet.

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    @bowlisimo Nope. According to hardware rumors, if you build a good enough PC right now you’ll already be outperforming the new consoles when they do swing around. Basically, why wait for next gen when you can be there right now?

    For me the console will be just another box back there for first party games. It already is.

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    @bowlisimo That kid was probably Chico – a supporting character from Peace Walker and one of the people Snake was talking about in the trailer. Yeah, it seems like story-wise this game is the sequel to PW.

    Yes PW is available on PS3 and 360 now. It was on the HD Collection, and everything in that just recently got re-released individually on PSN and XBLA. Strangely, on PSN the PS3 version is $20 but the PSP one is still $30. Anyway, in my opinion one of the better Metal Gear games, especially now that it’s in 1080p, solid 60 frames per second, and an actual modern control system with two analog sticks. Definitely the most content-rich Metal Gear game, I’m talking 40-plus hours here. But yeah, those vehicle boss fights were definitely balanced for co-op.

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    @unmanneddrone @bluesforbuddha Yeah I guess that described the whole appeal for Halo to me. It actually stretches back to when I saw the very first screenshots of the game back in like 1998 in PC Gamer.

    From the very start the early screens of Halo looked cool because it resembled modern heavy military hardware, but with just the right tinge of sci-fi. One of the major “things” about the game from the beginning was hopping into that heavy-looking Warthog and driving around with another dude on the 50 cal. Bungie just nailed that feel down to the look and controls, which I think is the core of why Halo is popular.

    Compared to other shooters Halo’s campaigns even still managed to remain more open-ended and arena-like than the scripted corridors of Call of Duty. That open battlefield structure mixed with the aforementioned “feel” results in the perfectly illustrated narrative of you hopping into a tank and turning the tide of what looks like a real AI-driven fight. To be honest I don’t even like using Covenant weaponry. Doesn’t look nearly as cool to me outside of the energy blade.

    But anyway, I said earlier that Asura’s Wrath was basically an anime show rendered in Unreal Engine 3, right down to the commercial break transitions.

    Oh, and I finished Arx Fatalis over labor day weekend. Looking back that actually fits the description of a “shame” game very well. It was the first game from Dishonored developer Arkane Studios and from what I can tell the last “real” first person dungeon crawler until very recently. It basically tried to revisit the Ultima Underworld motif a decade later but ended up getting overshadowed by Morrowind.

    Full thoughts are on my wordpress page.

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    My relationship with Halo is adverse, mainly because I didn’t get to play any of the games until 2010. I played through all four previous Halo games right before Reach came out. Right now the only ones I own are Reach and Anniversary and I honestly think that’s enough. I’m not really interested in Halo 4 at all.

    I’m even less interested in the mythos. I really like certain parts of the setting – the way humanity’s futuristic military is depicted, and the feeling of fighting a war of attrition between entire advanced civilizations. I could give a damn about the halos, forerunners, and especially the flood. Plot-wise I like Reach the most because it cuts everything down to just “us versus the covenant”. I even like how in Reach you can’t understand covenant communication yet. The whole ting feels like “Black Hawk Down in Space.”

    I’ve read bits at what Halo 4 does to the canon, and I just don’t care anymore. I personally don’t think any Halo campaign has been able to live up to Combat Evolved.

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    On the subject, Super Crate Box is now free-to-play on Steam. Get it.

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    @angryjedi Honestly though, I do like Jetpack Joyride.

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    @unmanneddrone All the “hardcore” gamers are calling F2P and the current iOS ecosystem basically a bubble. I don’t know about that yet, but if it does indeed burst then it may drive home a belief that the core gamer is the only really reliable audience in the industry.

    One dev whose name I can’t remember actually complimented WiiWare by saying that the people who go there actually care about buying and playing games whereas iOS customers just want time wasters. That’s why people say that the potential audience for the Wii U has evaporated out of Nintendo’s hands. My problem with this assertion is that at some point, the industry has to rely on that mass audience if it wants to survival financially.

    I really am starting to believe that the audience that still plays “real games” is a stagnant one. It just hasn’t grown enough this generation to justify the exploding costs, so now publishers are trying to get more money out of relatively fewer customers.

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    @bluesforbuddha I’ll be honest in saying that I haven’t really played much of this F2P stuff yet because almost every game I see using the format looks horrible cheap. That doesn’t mean I think it’s impossible for there to be F2P games that look like, y’know, GAMES.

    Crytek seems dead-set on convincing people they can do this, and if they succeed, then more power to them. The first Crysis convinced me that they know how to design a game. While I still know jack shit about DOTA 2 (I honestly don’t even know what you do in the game), I’m interested in it – it seems like something a lot of people really enjoy and don’t mind being F2P. Same with League of Legends or Path of Exile. Next year I’m probably going to play the shit out of Phantasy Star Online 2 which will also be F2P.

    I just think that the “conventional” game developers that we all respect here are behind on the F2P train, and I can only hope that when they decide to jump on it, that they’ll show the new kids how shit is done, man.

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    Jesus H. Christ. Steam is on the verge of basically becoming Facebook for PC gamers. Opt into the new Community beta and see what I’m talking about. Now I’m starting to understand why so many people I know waste all their time on that blue website.

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    @pepperized I’ve been forced onto my backlog by being broke. Maybe this is just all my Steam purchases catching up to me.

    @asatiir Oh shit you played Solatorobo too? I got a little ways into it and it currently sits somewhere in my massive handheld RPG backlog. Great though. Seeing that game’s excellent art direction on the DS makes me really interested in what it would look like on more powerful hardware like the 3DS or even a console (given what CC2’s console games look like).

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    Seven hours into Arx Fatalis and shit has gotten real.

    I actually wasn’t too sure about this game for the first couple hours. Through the first few areas it actually feels like a pretty standard, even linear RPG. This felt true for the goblin prison, human fort, arx, and even the goblin kingdom.

    But then once I’m out of there I end up in one of those situations where one secret passages leads to another and another, until a couple hours later I’m pretty sure I’m someplace I don’t need to be. I decided to turn back and cash in when I ended up in a stone shrine where lamias threw spells at me that cut my HP in half. At that point I got legit Metroid vibes which is exactly what a dungeon crawler is supposed to do.

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    @bowlisimo I did indeed drop thoughts on Dark Messiah over at MultiPlatform last week.

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    @unmanneddrone The FUUUUCK?! I honestly had never heard of the Source mod until now but looks like something I’d always thought of – answering the question of how to make a medieval first person war game.

    Personally I still think melee combat is still an advantage of the Japanese, but that’s arcadey beat-em-up combat. It’s nice that more people are trying to not imitate that route and go with something that at least vaguely resembles operating both a sword and shield. Ironically, the one game to do this the best in my eyes has been Demon’s Souls.

    Other games did something similar earlier like the original Chivalry mod (which I will try out soon) and even Dark Messiah (which both run on Source actually), but Demon’s Souls was the first game I played that did it with precision. It took me less than 30 seconds to grasp that game’s combat system, and soon after I could appreciate the precise timing involved in the system. The best fights in that game are “human-shaped” bosses and invasions probably. I really hope Team Chivalry are looking at that game for reference.

    It would be kinda badass if I could go viking in this joint though. The video says raid objectives are basically just that – raiding shit. Recently I’ve been reading comics – both western and Japanese, about vikings and just how fucked-up they were. Why the fuck can’t I roll up in a long-ass boat with some berserkers and just start tearing up saxony?!

    The other thing I’m liking a lot right now is the move towards more realistic, or at least more authentic-looking medieval armor. To be perfectly honest the kind of armor you see in games like Elder Scrolls and Dragon Age are precisely what kept me away from western fantasy for so long – the art design just doesn’t look very interesting and is honestly a bit laughable, even in Skyrim. I know most Bethesda game mods basically amount to anime porn, but I’m seriously considering downloading this particular set of Skyrim armor: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/21228 I just love that look of having plates on top of plates on top of plates. I’d take medieval Iron Man over the Dragon Bone armor any day. At least Dark Souls takes just enough artistic influence from Kentaro Mirua to look unique, yet still tries to make armor and weapons look plausible, if a bit stylish at times.

    Lastly though, the reason I’m into Arx right now is purely for the dungeon-crawling, which I got back into for a bit. Maybe to get myself back in the mood for Dark Souls if some modder can fix the PC port. Either way I’ve already got Grimrock on deck. On the subject, is Ultima Underworld really that big a deal? People talk about it like it’s the greatest action dungeon crawler of all time. I think even Japanese RPG developers talk about that game. The screens on GOG look old as fuck though.

  • RedSwirl 5:15 pm on August 16, 2012 Permalink  

    There’s some new movie… thing of Wallander showing up on iTunes that apparently came out in English back in May. I don’t know if that’s a British film, American film, or what. But, I think it’s indicating that Euro crime drama might become the next foreign wellspring from which Hollywood adapts movies for five years ever since the East Asian horror bubble burst. Is it bad that a part of me wants this to happen?

  • RedSwirl 7:11 am on August 16, 2012 Permalink  

    On the Euro crime drama front, I think I’m gonna settle on Wallander for now. BBC series or books?

    Edit: @unmanneddrone Nice! The Eagle is on Netflix. It’s only a matter of time until I start seeing “European Police Procedurals” under Netflix suggestions right above “Southeast Asian Action Movies”. Only place I can find the Wallander BBC show is on Amazon Instant, $17 for season 1 in HD.

  • RedSwirl 3:38 am on August 16, 2012 Permalink

    Guys, I know the whole squad probably got over Castle Crashers like five years ago on the 360, but I still never got around to buying the game and apparently it’s coming out on Steam soon. So can we like, get on top of that one?

  • RedSwirl 3:02 am on August 15, 2012 Permalink
    Tags: Routine   

    Oh shit. Just caught a look at this new game announced at Gamescom called Routine.

    First person, horror, shit has gone wrong on a lunar base, you have no weapons, permadeath. I really fucking hope this ends up becoming Amnesia the Dark Descent in space.

  • RedSwirl 2:35 am on August 15, 2012 Permalink

    So what about these upcoming Steam Community things? Looking a little Facebook-esque but I like the idea of the Squad Steam Group having basically it’s own discussion forum in-app.

    Oh, and TF2 horde mode.

  • RedSwirl 10:30 pm on August 14, 2012 Permalink  

    @unmanneddrone If the Scandinavian ones are ANYTHING like Dragon Tattoo (Swedish or American version) I’m down.

    The only British ones I’ve seen so far are Luther and the first episode of Sherlock. These are pretty much the first police procedurals I’ve liked that weren’t Law & Order. I personally thought Law & Order UK was decent as well.

    I just don’t know how people can watch NCIS, CSI, and what have you.

  • RedSwirl 3:00 pm on August 14, 2012 Permalink

    @bluesforbuddha Oh man, “Infernal Affairs: the Game” is exactly what I was thinking when I first read EGM’s old article for “True Crime: Hong Kong”. I’ve been thinking about throwing this in the GameFly Que at least but I can’t afford much time or money-wise right now. I’m thinking Steam deal later on, especially after that preview video showing they actually give a damn a bout the PC version.

    In TV news… British police procedurals? Anyone?

  • RedSwirl 11:18 pm on August 13, 2012 Permalink
    Tags: , , , ,   

    @bluesforbuddha Yeah BlazBlue did the same thing – inject its story mode with a visual novel. Even Soul Calibur V kinda did this too but screwed up at it. I wouldn’t be down for it with any other set of characters.

    On the subject of visual novels, we have a western release date for the sequel to 999. Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward hits the 3DS and Vita in English on October 23rd.

    The reason I’ve been short of time to get into P4A though is because I decided to play through Dark Messiah Might and Magic over the last week and am preparing to barrel right into its predecessor – Arx Fatalis. The latest post on my page sums op what I thought about DM if you’re interested. Part of the reason I’m getting into Arx, other than investigating the back catalog of Arkane Studios before Dishonored comes out, is because I’m been in the mood for a dungeon crawler for a while – a DUNGEON CRAWLER if you know what I mean. I’ll probably install Grimrock after this.

    Oh, and anybody around here played a game called Mace Grifin: Bounty Hunter? Garnett just endorsed the game on Weekend Confirmed and I’m interested in the ability to seamlessly switch between shooting up dudes with guns and shooting up dudes with a spaceship.

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