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  • mcstabwithlies 2:02 am on September 15, 2010 Permalink
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    And now Yakuza has Zombies – WTF?

  • mcstabwithlies 2:00 am on September 15, 2010 Permalink

    @unmanneddrone Your crazy shotgunner is ending me.

    And sweet, new SquadCast – I want my Japanese Happy Time. I can’t think of the next Japanese game I’m looking forward to. Case in point, Metroid was absolutely amazing – Super Metroid is easily one of the best games ever, but now they’ve made a story around it, and tried to show that Samus is human. Metroid was never about the person in the suit (The OMG! it’s a girl was just done because the creators thought it would be neat at the time) but it was all about the exploration and being alone.

    Actually I lie, AngryJedi just mentioned Phoenix Wright. I can’t wait for the next perfect prosecutor or that ghost trick game. They will be great.

  • mcstabwithlies 2:50 pm on September 11, 2010 Permalink
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    @unmanneddrone By Vic Davis? I’m probably in. Looking forward to the expansion pack for SI. Also, what happened to the last FS game? who won?

    Also, RPS has a FS tourney coming up. Might be a good idea to sign up for it.

  • mcstabwithlies 4:47 am on September 2, 2010 Permalink  

    @unmanneddrone 1 for 1. Dunno how the heck your rocket launcher made it…. Do you have a shaman on your team?

    SI is pretty pricey… which is hard to get behind… try out a demo and see if you like it. if you like the demo, at all the real deal against people is amazing. so many ways to get screwed over hahaahha

  • mcstabwithlies 12:09 am on September 2, 2010 Permalink  

    @unmanneddrone My FS signin is mcstabwithlies. Hope to hear from you soon. Also, do you have Solium Infernum? Check it out. And read http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2010/01/25/the-complete-gameboys-from-hell/ if you want to know more about it. It is the hottest shit thing ever if you get a good group of friends.

    The last pod cast was indeed awesome. Also, I’m pretty sure castle crashers has to rate pretty highly for cheap fu status. It looks amazing, if kinda old. Old Skool final fight mechanics and online group play? How can it lose?I know that most of the awesome squadies are getting Dungeon Defenders on PSN, but if anyone wants to get it on pc, I’m in.

  • mcstabwithlies 12:48 am on September 1, 2010 Permalink  

    @unmanneddrone guess what “play by email” game I’m buying now? Also, I’m buying shadow complex over buying Metroid: Other M, just because I know that I’ll prefer the old school version of a “Metroid” game, without the waggle/point at screen crud. Also, how do people think edited ROMs – like edits of Super Metroid, Super Mario World, etc – work on the Cheap Fu Scale? I remember getting a rom of Super Metroid that was sweet as… can’t remember what it was called though. Of course you need to have the original cartridge first though.

  • mcstabwithlies 11:08 pm on August 26, 2010 Permalink  

    You guys are making me seriously consider getting xbox gold and mnc. It sounds awesome.Next pay check…. Anyway I’m back in Boston from my consultancy stint in Maine, so if you want to hear an australian talk crud while shooting zombies in lfd1/2 or play tf2, my steam id is octacon100. And DD sounds rad. Also I’ll probs get frozen synapse after my next pay check – and if you haven’t already seen rps’ tourny around it, check out http://rockpapershotgun.com/rpsforum/topic.php?id=3076 Peace all.

  • mcstabwithlies 11:17 pm on August 24, 2010 Permalink  

    @unmanneddrone – I was in Perth, left for Boston in 2008. Did the move in January. Easily the worst time ever to move. Went from 40 C to 40 F. Was wearing thermals 24/7 for a month. Haven’t tried Frozen Synapse, if anyone wants a game I’ll probably buy it.

  • mcstabwithlies 10:58 pm on August 24, 2010 Permalink  

    #beige WOW, you were in Australia? I’m from there, currently living in Boston. You ever see “Enough Rope”? Andrew Denton does some great interviews there.

    RE: #thecurfew – yeah, they’ve fixed the bug – you can see the good endings now. What interested me, is how you get the good endings, considering it goes against what the game says the whole time. “Make sure the person you are talking to is not a government shrew”. It’s almost similar to Starcraft 2’s “No matter what decision you make, it’s the right one.”

    Also, if you are looking for good turn based games, frozen synapse and Solium Infernum are good choices

    Also, I hope this doesn’t make a huge title. How do I stop that?

  • mcstabwithlies 12:12 am on August 24, 2010 Permalink

    @RocGaude – Thanks! Pretty sure Days of Ruin has a small online MP mode – played a 1 vs 1 game of it once.

  • mcstabwithlies 11:59 pm on August 23, 2010 Permalink

    #thecurfew – Hi all, What did you guys think of the way that the ending was set up? Don’t want to say more cause it’s spoilers. Also, I’m down for Advance wars sometime, I’ve got DS and Days of Ruin. Anyway, just wanted to say I’m a fan. Keep up the good work!

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