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    @RedSwirl Yes, anything before Ultima VI is going to be probably impenetrable to modern gamers.

    Most critics will cite Ultima VII as the height of the series, from my view it is an excellent example of an early CRPG being ahead of its time in its attitude toward world manipulation and NPC’s having daily routines like in Skyrim. The difference is that this is 2D, old school clicking and questing. You could look at the general gameplay as being similar to a JRPG with a real time combat system, except you have an inventory and can pick up/craft objects if you want. There are also classic PC game dialogue options, which you choose to find out information you need to move forward. The story is not given to you freely, you have to question and explore.

    Ultima VIII and IX were both considered dissapointments by critics and fans, but they are probably the most accessible of any Ultima games.

    Ultima IX was very much ahead of its time in 3D open world RPG style, but it was practically unplayable at launch due too game breaking glitches and bugs, and some people could not get over the hilariously stiff dialogue. The game is still beautiful IMO, still very interesting, and does things that 3D RPG’s hadn’t begun to do till recently. The game is now perfectly playable with patches, and the GOG edition should play without problems.

    Ultima Underworld I think holds up pretty well, its sequel I think even better. They are a lot like recent first person dungeon crawls like Grimrock and Undercroft, except true to old school fashion there are some points where you might get lost trying to figure out what to do. Easily remedied if your are using a FAQ. I think though that these are historically some of the best examples of the genre, though I think the modern versions are a little more accessible.

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    @beige Im in Ottawa and the service is quite respectable. Only once have I had a game get held up through the companies processing. Was not a big deal. I would recommend this service to any Canadian in Ontario/Quebec. I heard service is spotty elsewhere.

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    So Steam’s ‘Big Picture Mode’ is some really slick stuff. Had my PC out in the living area and have been quite satisfied with the results.

    One of the things I have been most excited about is a rather small change in perspective, but has really made my living room setup feel complete. The latest update not only brings a less buggy ‘add non steam game’ functionality, you can now put banners on your non steam games so that they fit right in with your existing steam collection. I have even got DOSBOX games setup through steam.

    There is a gigantic archive of banners at http://steambanners.booru.org/index.php

    You can get banners for some really obscure classic games even. I have only had to make 1 banner myself, and I have added about 30 non-steam games to my collection.

    Now, with my terrabyte hard drive already packed with 140 steam games, and many more non-steam games that are being added….. you can imagine the wow factor going on in my living room. A couple of clicks take me on a ride through the history of PC gaming.

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    @bowlisimo Oddly enough pathfinding was not improved as far as I can tell. The PR spiel touts major engine improvements, but they forgot about that one. I will say the loading is instantaneous. Thats pretty nice. A quick load will immediately plop you where you were without so much as a thought. So there are some nice things going on underneath the hood, but its very rare that you will actually notice.

    One thing about this version is that it seems the developers are sctively going to be updating and improving the game over time. Not just with DLC (of course) but with actual improvements based on feedback.

    I was a little dissapointed that at launch the multiplayer is only Direct IP connect. I felt it was a missed opportunity. In the game though you see a message that indicates that you will eventually be able to browse active games through BeamDog.net. So there may yet be a revived multiplayer community, though I suspect it to be mostly a dedicated few.

    The extent to which the game is updated will determine, I think, whether this will be THE version of Baldur’s Gate. It is nice that people don’t have to root around through mods to get this experience. Im an anomaly in that I enjoy the convoluted task, but there are some worthwhile things here for fans that don’t enjoy doing that. The BG2 classes really do change the game substantially.

    Im currently lobbying on the forums for them to create class specific missions/guilds like in BG2. The community input apparently has been fairly substantial up to now, so hopefully there will be some great stuff coming for fans… I hope I hope.

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    So I have mixed feelings about Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition.
    Its not like you could suddenly make it a bad game, but some of the improvements aren’t that polished IMO.
    Basically all the major improvements were available through mods, such as widescreen HD, Baldur’s Gate 2 classes, bug fixes.

    The game does bring minor aesthetic changes that are unique to this release, such as UI elements being recolored. You can also zoom into the main game screen to make all that HD count for nothing. Also the journal is hella improved. Your available quests are immediately visible, and you can click on them for more info. Pretty standard for a modern RPG, but much improved over the original.
    The one new party member I have picked up is pretty interesting. One of the new missions I played ‘The Black Pit’ was not so much. All the voiced dialogue couldn’t hide that it was in fact an arena in which you fight waves of enemies. This has been done many times in many many other games.

    What I feel like is as though this release basically is a collaboration of fan made content, which I think is somewhat accurate. I think they hired some of the mod developers for the release. Many aspects of the game feel untouched, while others seem to have been given new dimensions. The new characters have fully voiced dialogue for instance, while the remainder of our memorable cast has only choice snippets of dialogue. So I can’t help but feel this is an inconsistent jumble of things based around a game I love to death.

    Now perhaps if you want to play the game on IPad, the pure novelty of that experience will overshadow any minor gripes I have with this release. I am however on PC, and something feels off about the whole thing.

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    Uncharacteristically I only bought 1 game, Cargo Commander, during the sales.
    I have however spent 20 bucks on Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition…. Should be released any time now *Looking at watch*

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    @bowlisimo Been playing Planetside as well. The scale of battle is pretty much unlike anything I have seen in a FPS. Its quite an overwhelming site at first. Where do I go? I started by running towards where the hundreds of ally indicators were pointing me. Soon the sounds of explosions and gunfire greeted me, telling me … yes… this was where the fight was. Now what? Mayhem.

    Dogfights above me. Tank fights infront of me. Oh god! My pee shooter was not going to take on a tank, let alone 10 tanks bombarding the base. So I stuck with other infantry, providing a solid resistance in buildings. It was here that I found a way to change my class. I had a rocket launcher at last. Lining up my shot on one of those tanks, I thankfully hit it from my hidden purch on the upper level of a building. It did not get destroyed however. No. It was a formidable beast. Tanks are best contested by other tanks it seems, but I did take a chunk out of him before he casually pointed his death chamber my way and the whole process started again as I found a new conflict to air drop into. Cool game.

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    @angryjedi A really spectacular thing your doing. Ive had many experiences with Social Anxiety and Depression that have completely altered the course of my life. Support of friends and family definitely kept me in check, and I think any support people can get is a fighting chance in a cruel condition.
    I am what one would consider a late bloomer. I didn’t really see a life outside of Mental Illness, and I was too afraid to try. Ill never forget how the value in my life was reduced to the next few video game releases I had to play. How unreliable that was. I couldn’t even talk to a cashier in a store without a panic. I was an awkward fellow for sure, just wanting the world to forget him.

    Today I am happy, and strong. Its not like I live a life without any sadness or anxiety, but its full of prospects. I am writing about things I care about in university, and write about other things I care about here. I found someone I can share my life with. I kinda decided that my life is in fact mine to enjoy, mine to discover, and life is too short. Move outta my way. lol.

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    This was like … the first in a line of good third person games. Third person was done before … but the character was usually right in the middle of the screen obscuring the action… and aiming was usually haphazard too. GTA III was basically as good as it got for third person action at that point. Not so good. Metal Gear didn’t even get into 3rd person till Snake Eater re-released as subsistence years after. The game that convinced people action games could be done really well with a 3D camera? Resident Evil 4.
    Also, I liked the feeling of being hunted and trapped in buildings with multiple ways in and dudes doing whatever they can to pitchfork you in the face. That seemed intense. There were just some isolated scenarios in that game that made you think about what you were doing when you have limited resources.
    I guess it probably seems outdated now, but I look on it as pretty innovative.

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    So Sleeping Dogs is 25 bucks on steam at the moment. Breaking News: Patience is a virtue.

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    @cgrajko I am amazed that they have been able to port so many games to Mac. I don’t own one, but the game library was certainly one of the factors that kept me on the PC side. They have been working hard. CD Projekt Red is also really good to their fans as well. Those mod tools look like a ton of fun. Wish they had of shown footage of Cyberpunk, but its clearly early in development. They did succeed in making me more excited for the game though.

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    @cgrajko Sweet. Watching now. Bizarre Polish humor intact.

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    @RedSwirl Yes, I do realize that. That fact doesn’t make me feel differently. They chose that style consciously. Im not saying ‘OMG they ripped off the art style’ but rather, couldn’t either the designers or Victor Antonov have striven for something that hadn’t already taken that aesthetic, and is well known for that aesthetic? Ill say that I like those strider-esque baddies, they are fun adversaries. However the architecture and vehicles are basically ripped from the same world Antanov imagined last time he was visual designer on a game. I would be less critical if it was just a similar style, but no… there are almost exact duplicates.
    Anyways, all that is overshadowed by how fun the game is.

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    Dishonored is done. About 16 hours worth of a casual first playthrough. What I find fascinating is how my 2nd playthrough is more interesting than my 1st. I am finding new hidden objectives, new paths, new uses for my powers, and am enjoying the higher difficulty setting more. The game also makes a large number of concessions for those who want to do a non-lethal run, which is a thrilling challenge.

    So the game is fun. Does it compare to its inspirations? I think that depends on what you are looking for. The story isn’t very developed. Your character, despite being a silent protagonist, is probably the most interesting of the bunch. Everyone else gets forced into quick and dirty character development often having characters come to some unprecedented conclusions and motivations. One mysterious character also was pretty much given very little explanation outside your random encounters with him. There seemed like a legit story there until it never materializes.

    Despite the buzz words being tossed around, this is not like Deus Ex or Bioshock. It doesn’t however need to be. This is a new breed in the genre. Each mission area is a tight meal with many delicious bites based on your hunger level. You can blow through a mission rather quickly if you so desire.This game divorces the unique gameplay aspects of other similar games from most of their inherent RPG and story elements. The result is a funhouse. ie:

    There is a call for you to master the world of dishonored by being a skilled and engaged player. Sure you can always find a way around doing that, but for people who want to exorcize their ‘skillz’ while blaring dubstep obnoxiously and downing energy drinks…. now you can. Its not just for the 1337 though. No, the rest of us can feel that in this game : gameplay matters. Dishonored gives you room to play around, and doesn’t really beat you over the head with it either. Its player directed behaviour with a lot of interesting outcomes.

    That said I am not sure whether I will fondly remember the world of ‘Dunwall’ the same way I have fondly remembered other game worlds. While the lore at times follows through beyond its influences (Bioshock, Half Life 2) it still seems a little too familiar. Awkwardly so when you discover assets that you cannot distinguish from those in Half Life 2. Really, I am not kidding. I give them props for merging a 19th century aesthetic in there, and the visuals do sometimes take on a charming hand painted vibe. (Sometimes)
    Overall however I felt like the world felt a little off to me. I suppose this is largely subjective though.
    A game with a similar aesthetic I did enjoy was Arcanum. I kept thinking back to that game actually, and really want to play it again.

    Despite all this, I think the game is pretty fresh in a lot of ways. It takes elements of games I love, and makes it its own thing. I can’t get the same satisfaction from playing other games in the genre. If I want the fast paced action/exploration/stealth this game is it.

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    @Redswirl Ive been taking the Dishonored plunge on PC.

    Ive played only a bit. Its a strange one. It feels like a bunch of games ive played, but is paced completely differently. The base story so far hasn’t grabbed me, but the world is interesting. The gameplay is smooth however. Platforming and sword play is a snappy well executed affair. The variety in accomplishing missions is nice. Its also rare that I will find a door in the main city that I cannot go into somehow and explore. Some side missions I have found to be pretty linear, but fun enough. The skills are interesting and useful for different play styles.

    There are many PC specific options for tweaking HUD, FOV and graphics, which are nice, but I feel like playing this game on a console would have been fine. There is a distinctly Bioshocky feel to the controls and UI, as well as the looting system.

    The parts that remind me specifically of thief would be the mission structure (There are specific missions that end with you returning to your home base) and the side objectives. The stealth… yeah, its thief-esque, but the absence of a light meter and any real ‘hide in shadows’ style mechanic changes the way you actually hide (You break line of sight). Its like stealth in assassins creed, they have a threat meter.

    So far I am enjoying it a bunch. I have yet to see whether it carries through on all the promises it makes. Hopefully so.

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    My god… my 11 year old self has just died via spontaneous head explosion. This looks just great.
    Shut up and take my money.

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    I am glad that you are taking to the genre. Certainly the one that kept me engaged throughout my youth, and the genre did kind of die a bit in the 2000’s. For all its popularity with it fans and the critics though, it was rarely so commercially successful to warrant a mass trend. I guess the late 80’s early 90’s first person rpg’s were the high point of influence, but certainly not as refined or innovative as the Warren Spector school of games.

    I get that whole PC snob thing. The history of console gamers and PC gamers were once distinct and seperate, but the 360 changed that. Now that there are all these old guard PC developers in the console space, we see a co-mingling of these histories. Its great because its new for the console gamer. They were not exposed to these design philosophies. I would say these philosophies effected the console space more than the console space effects the PC space. Indie game trends aside. So when you give a claim to knowledge in that space, there is this whole ‘cred’ thing going on. The whole ‘I played that before it was cool’ mentality. Which while true doesn’t necessarily discredit peoples modern experiences with a game.

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    Oooh mechs ahoy. New trend emerging.

    Speaking of which… Hawken. Its great. If this is what Free to Play is going to look like in the future, count me as optimistic.

    I enjoy Halo for what it is. It will never get me excited like Half Life or Bioshock, but it manages to be enjoyable for me. Colourful environments, varied enemies, slick weapons. And the multiplayer is well thought out and extremely customizable. Its like UT/Quake meets Goldeneye/Perfeck Dark. Not many games like that anymore.

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    According to http://kotaku.com/5947610/is-it-possible-to-be-addicted-to-games-and-yet-not-play-them
    the pile of shame is a commonly understood concept. I never heard of it prior to 1up. Had any of you? I would be interested in understanding the origins better, or if it did come from 1up I guess the impact they made is apparent.

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    So it looks like the new unofficial Thief 2 1.19 and System Shock 2 2.4 have made those games playable on modern systems without patching and tweaking the crap out of them. They also add wonderful things like 32 bit colour, HD resolutions, Surround Sound support, Widescreen support, quick load times and vast support for mod makers. I have to wonder whether this is the result of that Dark engine source code discovery last year. Im curious to see whether this fixes any of the multiplayer crashes I had been experiencing, and indeed whether multiplayer will be better or worse than it was with mods before the patch. As I remember it I needed a DirectPlay 8 wrapper just to get the thing through my router.

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    @bowlisimo lol. The heart wants what the heart wants.

    @wrdsmth I can see how the humor may not be to everyones taste. The thing I enjoy is that the game is at least light hearted. Maybe not Team Fortress 2 light hearted, but it doesn’t depress you. Which is nice.
    I actually do enjoy some of the dialogue in BL2. Its mostly in the background and doesn’t stop you to say ‘look at me!’ except for at the very beginning of the game.

    The game is pretty shootey. Well .. alot shootey. But its still one of the better co-op experiences out there. Lots of loot and quests and not dessert this time.

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    @beige You can be sure I have DL’ed the borderlands and am playing. Its funny that everyone I know who has bought it has done so for PC. Borderlands 1 I knew some people running it on various consoles, but this time around that is less the case. Maybe its because I tend to hang around PC friendly crowd, and everybody is tired of waiting for the next generation and has already upgraded their rig to some extent.

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    @bowlisimo Amen brother. Black Mesa is epic. A real landmark in my books.

    I will take the recent Halo:Anniversary as a comparison. That was a remake of a similarly revered game, but what struck me upon my rental playthrough was how much really stayed the same. Prettier sure, but the layout and structure of the geometry was pretty well the exact same.

    Black Mesa however was not content to copy. Every inch seems to represent a conscious design decision that is made to both evoke the original game while taking things to a more natural and realistic experience. The results seem to have brought the classic into this current generation, rather than painting an old game with pretty graphics.

    It helps that Half Life’s gameplay, and concept were so strong to begin with. I would say perhaps a great deal more than its sequel. (Though that is my opinion) I find that similar to the original Metal Gear Solid, there is something about having an isolated setting that allows a lot of creativity to jumble into one place in an awesome blaze of craziness. Think of Bioshock even. As the settings expand naturally into the rest of the world things become less condensed and you have to come up with more and more justifications for how things fit into the universe and the gameworld. They become very different games, and I feel Half Life 2 was very different from the original as a result. Still really cool mind you, but the pacing changes completely.

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    Playing Black Mesa. I was not prepared for the scope of this Half Life remake. I mean… I knew it was going to be awesome, but I didn’t expect it to feel brand new again. I would have paid money for this.

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    Eye is french made? So that crazy language that people speak in the game is…. made up. It all makes sense now… how bizarre.

    Been playing CS:GO. Its still counterstrike, though I do appreciate some of the extra touches.

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    @unmanneddrone Yes I would vouch for Ultima Underworlds validity. Both the first and Second are great. The first for its relevance in gaming history, second for its relevance as an actual Ultima game. That and Warren Spector had his god like hands all over the first game. Really great interfaces for their day, and the game played really well. Some aspects are still a little cryptic for modern gamers, but most games were like that back then. Totally worth checking out.

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    @RedSwirl I loved Arx Fatalis. It was the last game before Legend of Grimrock that I remember doing First Person Dungeon Crawling with a lot of polish and elegance. Never got around to Dark Messiah. Just got on the recommendation of Undercroft, and man does that game fit me like a glove. Portable gaming is usually hard for me to commit to, but this game finally had me jumping in whenever i had a pause. The missions are all straight forward, the exploration is easy with an effective map, and each mission doesn’t seem to take so long that I feel like I can blow through it on a lunch break or on a bus. Quite awesome really. I feel like a kid again pooring over a computer screen playing Might and Magic, only it now doesn’t take hours to do anything.

    So of course I am working through a few different games from the past steam sale. Picked up EYE:Devine Cybermancy. It seemed geared toward a Deus Exy crowd, and it definitely treads much of that territory in its gameplay. It is quite rough. Were talking about a Russian made game, so you know what to expect. Really cool ideas in a rough package. The game maintains a very dream like atmosphere, which I find really interesting. Each time you load the game up you start in a dream, and wake inside the current chapter you are on. You can play the whole game co-op which is pretty interesting. There are also a staggering array of class skills that you can develop. The main weakness I would say is the interface. There are just too many options to navigate quickly. Otherwise though it is quite satisfying in a lot of ways. The gunplay is surprisingly realistic. A bullet will kill an enemy quite easily, and you yourself are not a tank. (though you can get crazy abilities that keep you above the enemies) The Sci Fi atmosphere is actually quite unique here, if a bit confusing. The general aesthetic leans away from the Matrix and occasionally finds itself closer to Metropolis. The game isn’t a particularly beautiful one, though it does have a consistent and interesting aesthetic. If you can bring yourself to play Half Life or Deus Ex, you will probably not be too disturbed.
    So far so good, though other games may splinter my attention away from this game … it certainly seems like something I would want to come back to and share with people online.

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    Perhaps all the key developers have moved on to other projects, but is it not natural to be a bit curious what these folks will be poking at in the next few years?

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    Minecraft will have to wait unfortunately. The steam sale has kept me busy with countless games.

    Shogun 2 had become quite an obsession over the past while. It has been a long time since I have delved into a game of this kind, and I almost forgot the obsession it breeds in me. I also have Empire: Total War waiting for me at somepoint.

    Simultaneously I have begun Dungeons of Dredmor… after countless recommendations. Very enjoyable roguishness. Digging the light heartedness, and I am not intimidated due to my lack of rogue-like experience. Seems like there is a lot here to sink my teeth into for a sizable amount of time, we shall see if I stick with it.

    Also, Payday: The Heist – Better than I was expecting. Reviews kinda round ‘meh’ terrritory, but you cant underestimate the fun you can have in a co-op game with varied objectives and solid shooting fun. Perhaps it could have gone more the espionage route ala Oceans 11, and that may have been more original, but what is there is highly entertaining. It takes some cues from left 4 dead, and I would say if you enjoy that game you wouldn’t go wrong with this one.

    Got a brief bit of play time with an indie platformer known as ‘Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s leftovers’.
    The game is quirky. Humor somewhat reminds me of the show ‘Adventure TIme’, but with a more comic booky inspiration. They have some original elements in the gadgets, such as a cutting tool that can cut pretty most pieces of the environment to help create a path through a platforming challenge. The game looks really good, has a semi-cell shaded cartoony look. All indications that this is a game worth checking out if you feel like you arent getting enough 3D platformers in your diet.

    Ive completely left Diablo III behind. It was fun, I enjoyed it, but to me it will never be Diablo II. The experience just seems too straight forward to me now. The drops are also F’ed on boss runs. I don’t really care about the post game content as much as Blizzard wants me to. So despite waiting 10 years …. NEXT!

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    @cptcarnage …. envy… thats the word. Your machine looks like its ready for the next wave of high end games and beyond. Im going to need to upgrade my motherboard in the next couple years if im going to overclock, its currently not a supported feature. It was very cost effective though for a sandy bridge motherboard, 70$CAD made by ASRock I believe cant remember what its called.. The i5 2500k works well with it. Came recommended for a bare bones but well built motherboard for cheap builds. Videocard is HD 6970. The thing is bigger than my motherboard lol. Its not hard to make a system that will run modern games decently, but your system looks like it will tear those games apart. My hats off to you sir.

    Steam sales. Holy mother of god.

    Anyways. Got games to play.

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    So I decided to defy stereotypes and enter a relationship with a real person, and I am finding that the pool of games that are girlfriend friendly are smaller than I may have initially percieved. Ms.GF is a little inexperienced, though not opposed to learning. I sense that shooters are a little too shootey for this one. My attempts to finally play and validate my ideas surrounding the Syndicate remake were met with complete and utter disinterest. You should see me wringing my hands trying to figure out which games to expose her to first. We started with Little Big Planet 2. Worked like a charm. She was slapping me and dragging me into pits of spikes in no time.

    I think the first major step is to get her exposed to the 3D camera in most modern games. I don’t know where to start with that one. I feel that there are some serious game literacy lessons I want to impart, but I don’t want to come off as too preachy. Any suggestions?

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    Slipped into a summer vortex. Back now, and I return with my first ever used I-Phone 4. Had the 1st gen I-touch, but was deliberately held back in the stone age by apple when it came to apps and features. Now I can feel a little less stubborn and out of touch, and a little more hip. Picked up Ghost Trick for free apparently…. awesome!

    Have yet to re-end Mass Effect 3. Probably wont for some time. Its too soon for me to care honestly, good on them for doing something.

    Been Playing Max Payne 3. Loving it. Great game. Its in a different genre, but I feel that its about as polished as say Uncharted 2/3 in terms of cinematic presentation. Definitely hard to draw comparisons, but it feels right. The story hits original notes, takes me places I haven’t been before and amazes with some action scenes that feel on par with anything in your favorite action movies. While it does go over the top sometimes, I enjoyed that it has kept fairly grounded compared to call of duty. It doesn’t seem overly interested in explosions and buildings collapsing, and crap happening every 2 seconds. Its cool camera tricks, slow motion bullets, and very finely tweaked gunplay/dodging mechanics with your old pal Max dishing out the gnarled sarcastic quips every chance he gets. Im quite satisfied.

    Very interested in Spec Ops. It just sounds intruiging. That may be next.

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    @Lou I definitely was impressed with the remake. AGD has done great service to fans of Sierra adventures. I admit that I have yet to finish the AGD version, but I imagine if I play through QFG2 again that will be the way I do it. I love that game man. Also…. welcome.

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    @redswirl I guess I made a solid investment in my PC then. Its neat to see PC as a lead platform once again…. its been a long ass time.

    On Nintendo….. you have to do better. Im sorry. Wii U has neat features, but I am not convinced aside from the necessary ports that this will be the hardcore gaming console Nintendo wants it to be. Nor do I believe it to be the bridge between the casual market and the hardcore market. I dont think people developers will utilize it, I don’t think casuals will see why this is good for them. Things have gotten complicated.
    Prove me wrong Nintendo.

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    Star Wars 1313….. interesting actually. Granted its a cover shooter, but it looks like it will be quite a showcase. They apparently worked with ILM on all the effects, and it shows. I can get behind the whole ‘Mature Star Wars’ vibe. Its different.

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    Watch Dogs was a pretty excellent surprise. Im glad that this far into the current console generation we can see a game that looks that good, and appears that fresh. I am a little worried about the GTA like open world environments. The scene played out amazingly in a scripted way, but if you open things up you might get less tight more random experiences that wont seem nearly as compelling. I would like to see more of the direction they are taking this game. Ubisoft Montreal definitely has some talented people. I can pretty much tell this will be worth playing. I am digging that hacking mechanics are making a comeback from the deus ex days. Watch Dogs kind of makes me wish Syndicate had been closer to it in terms of pacing/tone. There were moments where I saw the Syndicate game I wanted suddenly appear in my minds eye as I was watching the trailer.

    The Last of Us of course has that level of polish and cinematic flair we all loved in Uncharted. There are subtle similarities I noticed in the way the characters point out things in the environment the way that Drake did in those games, but I have to give Naughty Dog credit for not relying on the old monkey man mechanics again (as far as I can tell). The game seems a lot more tense. A lot more brutal. Importantly the zombie like theme of the original trailer has been completely downplayed. There seems to be a lot going on in terms of the interaction between the two main characters. I wonder what triggers the combo attacks we have seen. How that works.

    One thing about both these games did exceptionally well was provide seamless and realistic animation. Not just in cutscenes, but in gameplay. Beyond also looks spectacular of course, and I am sure it will be similar. But the level of animation in these games is certainly pushing things forward leaps and bounds above where most of the industry is at currently. I imagine that as graphics hit a temporary plateau animation will be the new ‘oooooh’ factor.

  • impynickers 12:20 am on June 3, 2012 Permalink

    So my Diablo 3 account was hacked. My highest level characters items were stolen, and all of my gold taken… It was a fun game … but this is just too much.

  • impynickers 2:10 am on May 31, 2012 Permalink

    So CDProjekt Red’s new project is based off the Pen and Paper game ‘Cyberpunk’. Never got around to trying the source material, but this has all kinds of potential up in my face. This could be the next ‘OMG’ game just beyond the horizon I have been waiting for. So many stellar things have survived years of hype and been released already or are about to be released this year, I was starting to wonder what was worth waiting for in the future. Im sure the industry will provide. I am so curious to see what is out there just out of our awareness.

  • impynickers 3:34 pm on May 29, 2012 Permalink
    Tags: Snatcher   

    Just happened upon a Snatcher radio drama written by Suda 51 with music by Akira Yamoaka.
    It is in japanese of course, but a subtitled version can be found at sdatcher.net/
    I have been quite impressed with the production quality. Its not like any radio drama’s I have heard over here. Not that I hear many at all.

  • impynickers 12:02 am on May 23, 2012 Permalink  

    @pepperized Yeah… QFG5 is janky in a lot of places. Some redeeming qualities, sure, but it was that awkward 3D transition a lot of franchises attempted to go through. Some did better than others.

    Im still finding time to sit through QFG1 all the way honestly. Diablo III has made a whore out of me.
    That and the nice weather has had me doing all kinds of outdoorsy activities.

  • impynickers 7:30 pm on May 14, 2012 Permalink  

    @beige Im definitely in for Max Payne 3. The noir stylings of the series, while sometimes cheese laden, were always quite unique. Perhaps the gameplay was a one trick pony, and rarely got deeper than the slow mo bullet dodges it is known for. Overall though it played out as a bullet opera filled with revenge, lust, and character. Everything I have read on Max Payne 3 suggests that the gameplay has been tweaked to be deeper and more interesting, and the story seems to be a fine twist on the noir atmosphere that made the originals so compelling. Win Win. I will have to wait till after Diablo though.

  • impynickers 3:26 am on May 11, 2012 Permalink  

    @shingro it includes both EGA and VGA editions of the first game. QFG 2 didn’t get an official remake, but did get a fan remake (THAT IS AWESOME http://www.agdinteractive.com/games/qfg2/).

    @angryjedi Ive had my eye on Binary Domain. Looking forward to playing it.

    Feenwager Challenge is going to have to sit on the back burner eventually. Ive made good progress, but I am getting overwhelmed. Diablo 3, and my game access cue …. all needing to flood into my life. I want to play Fez. All kinds of stuff. Ill chip away at it… but some of those games are good but not easy to finish in a hurry.

  • impynickers 8:48 pm on May 10, 2012 Permalink

    Stop reading this and buy Quest for Glory 1-5 for 9.99 on GOG.
    Nerdgasms. You truly do not understand.

  • impynickers 6:01 pm on May 5, 2012 Permalink  

    @pepperized sorry mate, havent gone and bought sins yet. Added you on Steam and Hamachi, perhaps in the future some gameage will happen.

  • impynickers 5:24 pm on May 5, 2012 Permalink
    Tags: LAN   

    @pepperized oooh! LAN FTW.
    Back in the day I used to play a lot of Unreal Tournament, and Diablo II at LAN’s. Age of Empires sounds pretty great too, I haven’t played that in sooo long. Perhaps Neverwinter Nights for the RPG crowd.

  • impynickers 10:12 pm on May 4, 2012 Permalink
    Tags: ,   

    @pepperized STALKER is awesome, you are correct sir. Not too long ago @unmanneddrone convinced some of us to play through a mod of Call of Pripyat called Misery. It retained the basic missions from the main game but made the experience decidedly a hardcore survival based affair with limited resources and extremely deadly encounters. I was actually quite thrilled with the intensity of the experience, but still have yet to have finished that game. (Though if I remember correctly monsieur @bowlisimo found the ending of COP a little anticlimactic) I am all for a formal mission through Chernobyl, if there are some things people want to share about the experience. If you want to see more about our experiences with the misery mod click the tag above this post.

  • impynickers 8:14 pm on May 4, 2012 Permalink  

    @wrdsmth I … see. Well that is a missed opportunity. The lore and franchise is not enough to keep this MMO different IMO. Guess this wont be the MMO to get me back into MMO’s.

  • impynickers 7:38 pm on May 4, 2012 Permalink
    Tags: Dragon's Dogma,   

    I know nothing about Elder Scrolls Online, but if it plays in real time like the previous entries and offers a world half as fun to explore as Skyrim I am in. I have yet to have become cynical about Skyrim, it still draws me back on occasion. It didn’t get old the same way Oblivion did for me. To enjoy these adventures with real people sounds like a good time. Ill be one of those geeks on the RP server.

    Keeping an eye on Dragon’s Dogma as well. Sure, looks boring right? On inspection it seems quite deep. It has a lot of the Western RPG sensibilities, but its more than that. There are a lot of well thought out game play ideas, and a surprising amount of detail. I don’t suspect the story will touch the Witcher, but the game itself looks like a ton of fun. I also wonder what Dragon Age III is going to do. I feel in my element with this stuff.

    Also, Welcome to mr. @pepperized . I look forward to hearing more of your stories. I never played R-Type, but I did have a brutal battle with Ikaruga. It won in the end, but I feel like that game taught me many valuable lessons. It was my sensei in developing a mind-game meld where I was in the game …. but not OF the game. I removed the shackles of gameplay mechanics, and there I saw a spontaneous synchronization. It was poetry my friend. I had similar experiences with Contra 3&4 In those instances I was victorious however. Ikaruga still has much to teach me.

  • impynickers 6:26 pm on April 30, 2012 Permalink  

    Finished with the Rayman Origins and the Dead Island. Rayman was worth the hype. Really great, even fun in co-op. Dead Island had elements I liked, but I lost interest well before the finish. 2 more off my list. Might go retro again next.

    I consider my Baldur’s Gate co-op LAN a complete success, though it is stretching a lot longer than originally anticipated. There are so many minute party management details that one considers when in a group that may not have occured otherwise. The game has been enjoyable enough that our party of merry adventurers has committed to playing twice a week. A tall order for busy no nonsense types. Co-ordinating a boss fight was an extremely fun co-op experience. Buffing, Spell-casting, de-buffing, being de-buffed, de-de-buffing, minions vs. minions, and tales of heroism as our fighters beat incredible odds or run away in a fit of cowardliness. The game can be pretty damn tough, but rewarding when your co-ordination pays off. It definitely needs to be a shared experience where people can communicate and have input on the decisions being made.

  • impynickers 5:40 pm on April 27, 2012 Permalink  

    @beige Very interesting. If I distilled my taste into a sentence it would be: Interesting characters meet indepth inventory systems. I never quite know why I like inventories so much, but they have been in most of my favorite games. I don’t know how to classify that motivation though. ‘Equipment organization’ as a genre doesn’t quite capture what I love about the games I play with that feature.

    Perhaps its the way that inventories are tied to your character, and they become a means in which you can change your characters interaction with the world. +1 mace is a change to a characters effectiveness, The melting mug of grog is way to progress the characters story. Either way it seems caught up in the story I tell myself while I am playing a character, and becomes an element of growth and progression of the larger story of the game complimentary to the narrative.

    An interesting project for IOS I have found, that those starving for such projects may wish to lend a keen ear, is a new type of stealth game by Ryan Payton (You may or may not remember him as former journalist, Kojima Productions dude, and later Microsoft employee). Mr. Payton has quit Microsoft to start his own company, and is trying to make a go. Has some really neat ideas, but isn’t receiving the same attention as other projects on kickstarter. Take a look. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/486250632/republique-by-camouflaj-logan

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