I am still up for Squad Santa. Was awesome last year… especially in my case with @bowlisimo ‘s generosity 😉

Also, for my Canadian brethren, I want to mention that Double Fine just released their iOS game in our app store, Middle Manager of Justice. It is one of those free but with in-app transaction games but so far, I haven’t felt like you need to buy anything to enjoy the game yet.

Quick pitch: You are the manager of a superhero company branch. You manage, level up and motivate a staple of superheroes as you fight crime in the land. You select which heroes you send to combat each crime event. You can watch the fights in a action RPG system where you can provide extra support bonus/ directives or you can delegate ala Assassin’s creed assassins missions.

The game has a nice animated/ comic book style with the usual Double fine humor and wit – playing very strong on the office motif. Think it is worth a look