Hey, have you guys seen Miasmata? It’s a weird little title recently greenlit on Steam. I’m going to pick it up and give a report back.

I can’t exactly tell 100% from the demo materials available, but it looks similar to that game I’m always yammering on about wanting to play in which a protagonist is “stranded somewhere” and as a consequence has to forage for survival materials Minecraft-style while exploring the wilderness, discovering things and learning about the capital-T Truth.

From what I’ve seen online, this is basically what Miasmata is. Your character is some kind of scientist on a mysterious island (NOT in space) foraging for a cure to some disease or other. He has to hunt and collect plants, wildlife and resources from various places around the island. There are survival elements, hunting and I believe fishing — also there’s some kind of dangerous beast haunting the island that you have to constantly sneak around from and/or hide from. Plants to seek out and collect, chemistry and crafting that happens back at Home Base. Sliding down mud hills into secret gullies, even (yes!) doing actual cartography to find your way around using things like map triangulation and local landforms as points of reference.

Anyway, no idea whether it’ll be great or just kind of indifferent, but I’ll let you know.

@UMD We spent some pleasant time with Cargo Commander over the weekend. Not sure exactly if it’s my kind of jam in a “long haul” sense but it has a charming aesthetic and it does what it does well. It’s great at being exactly what it is, which is being a randomly generated score-based loot grabber combined with a risk/reward system that tempts you to overextend and die. Maybe I haven’t given it quite enough time to blossom fully yet into maturity. I’ll go back and keep exploring later.

At the moment, I’m looking for something that scratches more narrative based appeal elements.