Fellows of the Squawk, may I just direct your attention this way for a moment. In a word, Teleglitch.

I’m reviewing this sucker at the moment, and it’s a corker. Imagine if Quake was a top-down survival horror shooter with roguelike sensibilities. And had a crafting-lite system. Teleglitch is essentially that. It’s a nice little piece of indie excellence and I highly recommend anyone who reckons the above sounds luvverly to dig in for the asking price of thirteen clams. A challenging, cold and satisfying thing.

It lacks a soundtrack, so augment your play with something interesting. I went with Stars of the Lid and it was phenomenally sad, watching my little bloke dismally try to find his way to the teleporter with rapidly depleting health…cobbling together nails and his old ration cans to make nailbombs (get behind something when these go off!), scratching around for shotgun ammunition and being cornered and slain by biological entities in this offworld base gone Island of Dr. Moreau. The crafting system, incidentally, is very slick. Combine tubing with plastic explosives to create a one-use Panzerfaust…hardware modules and pistol to create an SMG…rather spiffy.

Quite a tense and bleak experience. Might have to throw a little drum and bass at it for the next play session. Roni Size Reprazent…on Medusa 1-C. That’s well wikkid, innit.

Oh, and there’s a demo.