So I have mixed feelings about Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition.
Its not like you could suddenly make it a bad game, but some of the improvements aren’t that polished IMO.
Basically all the major improvements were available through mods, such as widescreen HD, Baldur’s Gate 2 classes, bug fixes.

The game does bring minor aesthetic changes that are unique to this release, such as UI elements being recolored. You can also zoom into the main game screen to make all that HD count for nothing. Also the journal is hella improved. Your available quests are immediately visible, and you can click on them for more info. Pretty standard for a modern RPG, but much improved over the original.
The one new party member I have picked up is pretty interesting. One of the new missions I played ‘The Black Pit’ was not so much. All the voiced dialogue couldn’t hide that it was in fact an arena in which you fight waves of enemies. This has been done many times in many many other games.

What I feel like is as though this release basically is a collaboration of fan made content, which I think is somewhat accurate. I think they hired some of the mod developers for the release. Many aspects of the game feel untouched, while others seem to have been given new dimensions. The new characters have fully voiced dialogue for instance, while the remainder of our memorable cast has only choice snippets of dialogue. So I can’t help but feel this is an inconsistent jumble of things based around a game I love to death.

Now perhaps if you want to play the game on IPad, the pure novelty of that experience will overshadow any minor gripes I have with this release. I am however on PC, and something feels off about the whole thing.