@impynickers Thanks for the thoughts on BG:EE, I wasn’t really sure what to expect from that thing.

It sounds weird to have that extremely old design sprinkled with modern accoutrements. Did they update the pathfinding? If there’s one thing that constantly annoyed me about that series, it’s telling the group to go one way, and having half the group take the longest most ridiculous route possible.

Anyway, going off of your experience, this version probably won’t give people who already played the game any real urgency to rebuy/replay it, but for anyone new that wants to see what this whole Baldur’s Gate thing is all about, this is probably the version to go with… unless you don’t mind dicking around with mods.

I still want to do a second playthrough with this GoG version I bought and haven’t used yet, I never did get to see how Tales of the Sword Coast ended. Damn you scratched cd!